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KK Chat -- 15 November 2015
« on: November 15, 2015, 07:04:19 pm »
Nov 15 19:13:57 *   KK has joined
Nov 15 19:14:01 <The_Bee>   hi KK
Nov 15 19:14:02 <Evie>   hi KK
Nov 15 19:14:02 <NavaWazr>   I've only been in heavy traffic..
Nov 15 19:14:07 <jemler>   hi kk
Nov 15 19:14:08 <bynw>   hiyas KK
Nov 15 19:14:09 <KK>   Wow, full house tonight.
Nov 15 19:14:11 <Laurna>   Hello KK
Nov 15 19:14:16 *   bynw could join the chat this week
Nov 15 19:14:17 <NavaWazr>   hey, the Shakar Pare worked! KK is here!
Nov 15 19:14:17 *   Aerlys ( has joined
Nov 15 19:14:20 *   bynw does a happy dance
Nov 15 19:14:21 <DomMelchior>   Hi KK
Nov 15 19:14:23 <Laurna>   Hello Aerlys
Nov 15 19:14:24 <jemler>   hi aerlys
Nov 15 19:14:27 <Mistyck>   Hi KK
Nov 15 19:14:27 <bynw>   hi Aerlys
Nov 15 19:14:32 <The_Bee>   hi Aerlys
Nov 15 19:14:32 <Evie>   hi Aerlys
Nov 15 19:14:37 <Shiral>   Hi Aerlys and KK
Nov 15 19:14:39 <Mistyck>   Hey the Shakar Pare worked
Nov 15 19:14:42 <Mistyck>   heehee
Nov 15 19:14:44 <bynw>   Laurna, you have a PM
Nov 15 19:14:49 <DR_busy_but_logging>   Hi KK and Aerlys.
Nov 15 19:15:29 <DR_busy_but_logging>   My daughter is visiting me, so chat does not have my full attention but I'll post the log tonight.
Nov 15 19:15:35 <Aerlys>   Thanks bynw. I'll check it out. Hello everyone. I only have about 15 min, but wanted to say hi
Nov 15 19:15:37 <Mistyck>   How are you doing today Katherine?
Nov 15 19:16:01 <Aerlys>   oh, sorry bynw...bay brain
Nov 15 19:16:05 <Aerlys>   baby brain
Nov 15 19:16:09 <Shiral>   Well, life is busy with a new baby in the house. =o)
Nov 15 19:16:15 <Laurna>   Bynw,  you are too funny  thank you
Nov 15 19:16:18 <Evie>   configuring new phone, so equally divided attention, but hi y'all
Nov 15 19:16:23 <Shiral>   Demanding little people, babies
Nov 15 19:16:37 <Evie>   hope you're managing to get some sleep, Aerlys
Nov 15 19:16:40 <Aerlys>   he's sleeping on my lap right now
Nov 15 19:16:42 <KK>   Comgrats, Aerlys.
Nov 15 19:16:48 <Aerlys>   Thank you, KK
Nov 15 19:16:50 <Mistyck>   Congrats!
Nov 15 19:16:52 <KK>   Congrats, too.
Nov 15 19:16:54 <Laurna>   Ahhhh Aerlys
Nov 15 19:16:55 <jemler>   congrats, aerlys!
Nov 15 19:17:05 <The_Bee>   remind me--what's his name?
Nov 15 19:17:05 <Annie>   brb Cats just reminded me I haven't given them supper yet!
Nov 15 19:17:05 <jemler>   number 8, right?
Nov 15 19:17:21 <Aerlys>   Yes, jemler
Nov 15 19:17:24 <KK>   Stats, please.  Name & DOB & weight & such.
Nov 15 19:17:38 <jemler>   you're running out of fingers!
Nov 15 19:17:41 <Laurna>   Yes wieght and length
Nov 15 19:18:05 <Aerlys>   Rhys Alexander Joseph, Oct. 13, 7 lbs 9 oz. 21 inches long
Nov 15 19:18:15 <Aerlys>   Still have toes, jemler
Nov 15 19:18:16 <Mistyck>   oh cool!
Nov 15 19:18:24 <The_Bee>   husky boy, isn't he?
Nov 15 19:18:24 <Laurna>   Nice little one
Nov 15 19:18:32 <Aerlys>   Wanted Rhys Michael, but Alexander won out
Nov 15 19:18:42 *   Jerusha ( has joined
Nov 15 19:18:48 <jemler>   hi jerusha
Nov 15 19:18:49 <The_Bee>   hi jerusha
Nov 15 19:18:51 <bynw>   hi Jerusha
Nov 15 19:18:52 <Shiral>   Hi Jerusha
Nov 15 19:18:55 <Evie>   hi Jerusha
Nov 15 19:18:57 <Jerusha>   Hi Everyone!
Nov 15 19:19:02 <Aerlys>   Actually, he's still kinda skinny
Nov 15 19:19:11 <Mistyck>   I named my son Ryan Michael because I wanted to name him Rhys but I chickened out because it sounded too weird for the US lol
Nov 15 19:19:21 <jemler>   well, instead of calling him Rhysem, we can call him Rhysal!
Nov 15 19:19:43 <The_Bee>   Alexander hubby's choice?
Nov 15 19:20:35 <Aerlys>   yeah, he liked Alexander better
Nov 15 19:20:50 <Jerusha>   But doing well, Aerlys?
Nov 15 19:20:50 <NavaWazr>   Rhysal is good combo name
Nov 15 19:20:56 <Mistyck>   that's an awesome name Aerlys Congrats
Nov 15 19:21:07 <Aerlys>   sounds like diesel
Nov 15 19:21:08 <jemler>   Alexander sounds like a Great name. ;)
Nov 15 19:21:09 <NavaWazr>   the full name is beautiful
Nov 15 19:21:18 <Laurna>   Alexander is a big family name in my family.  I always wanted a child with that name
Nov 15 19:21:23 <Annie>   If DD had been a boy, she'd have been Rory Alexander.
Nov 15 19:22:01 <DR_busy_but_logging>   Hi Jerusha.
Nov 15 19:22:01 <jemler>   you could have given the name Alexandra.
Nov 15 19:22:07 <DR_busy_but_logging>   Sorry, distracted.
Nov 15 19:22:13 <Annie>   Could.
Nov 15 19:22:17 <Aerlys>   hishai is getting redder, too
Nov 15 19:22:20 <Jerusha>   Hi Dr
Nov 15 19:22:21 <Annie>   But she got Kathryn instead.
Nov 15 19:22:30 <Aerlys>   hair
Nov 15 19:22:32 <Jerusha>   Kathryn is good
Nov 15 19:22:44 <Aerlys>   one-handed typing
Nov 15 19:22:47 <Jerusha>   Red is excellent!
Nov 15 19:23:09 <jemler>   named after KK or Hepburn?
Nov 15 19:23:10 <The_Bee>   I was born a redhead, but it faded
Nov 15 19:23:25 <Aerlys>   we have three red heads (myself excluded). All boys
Nov 15 19:23:26 <Laurna>   Is Rhys Alexander becoming a redhead or a strawberry blond?
Nov 15 19:23:46 <Annie>   Neither. We both liked it, and my best friend way back was Kathryn (Kathy).
Nov 15 19:23:51 <Jerusha>   Me too, Bee.  I love my hair stylist. :)
Nov 15 19:23:56 <Aerlys>   hard to say right now, Laurna
Nov 15 19:24:08 <Annie>   Although it's a really unusual way to spell it over here, so she hates us.
Nov 15 19:24:17 <Annie>   No one can spell it right.
Nov 15 19:24:26 <The_Bee>   Kelson and Araxie's kids could be strawbery blone.
Nov 15 19:24:44 <KK>   There are about 5 ways to spell it.
Nov 15 19:24:45 <The_Bee>   blond too
Nov 15 19:24:49 <Jerusha>   I suspect they may favour the Haldane black, Bee
Nov 15 19:24:58 <jemler>   no, i think the haldane black would win out.
Nov 15 19:25:03 <DR_busy_but_logging>   I did the same to DD, spelled her name oddly.
Nov 15 19:25:03 <Evie>   It's less unusual here, Annie
Nov 15 19:25:05 <The_Bee>   I like "Kathryn"
Nov 15 19:25:11 <Annie>   There are loads, KK. All the permutations and then C or K.
Nov 15 19:25:24 <DR_busy_but_logging>   But she says that even though nobody ever spells her name correctly, she thinks her way fits.
Nov 15 19:25:27 <Shiral>   well, if Araxie could buck the trend, perhaps at least one of her children will, also
Nov 15 19:25:47 <jemler>   ok, dr. let me get this straight, you named your daughter Oddly?
Nov 15 19:25:56 <Aerlys>   we have a Siobhan, but she loves her name
Nov 15 19:26:00 *   DR_busy_but_logging throws a shark at jemler.
Nov 15 19:26:03 <Jerusha>   :D
Nov 15 19:26:03 <DR_busy_but_logging>   Her name is Stephani.
Nov 15 19:26:06 <jemler>   is her middle name Enough?
Nov 15 19:26:26 <The_Bee>   Don't forget, Jehanna gave Kelso nthe potential to sire red-haired children That could mix with Araxie's blonde hair.
Nov 15 19:26:31 <Laurna>   LOL
Nov 15 19:26:38 *   DR_busy_but_logging brandishes a swordfish threateningly.
Nov 15 19:26:41 <Annie>   Yes, Evie. She never found pencils and so on with her name on here. She was overjoyed in the US and went on a personalised stationery spree!
Nov 15 19:27:02 <KK>   Sioban would have a hard time over here, getting her name spelled correctly, or pronounced properly.
Nov 15 19:27:17 <Jerusha>   She would be fine, here
Nov 15 19:27:22 <DR_busy_but_logging>   LOL, Annie, I feel her pain.  My name itself (Nora) is not commonly used in my generation.
Nov 15 19:27:23 <jemler>   whatever happened to Betty?
Nov 15 19:27:31 <Laurna>   Ok what is the pronounciation.
Nov 15 19:27:32 <jemler>   such asimple name.
Nov 15 19:27:39 <NavaWazr>   I knew a Siobhan thirty years ago, lovely woman with blond hair
Nov 15 19:27:50 <KK>   Shivaun.
Nov 15 19:27:57 <Jerusha>   I want to channel Nora Charles
Nov 15 19:27:57 <The_Bee>   I have a grend-niece called Nora.
Nov 15 19:28:03 <Aerlys>   Shuh- VAHN]
Nov 15 19:28:10 <KK>   Nora Charles.  Cool character.
Nov 15 19:28:11 <Laurna>   Ahh thankyou  I did not get that right.
Nov 15 19:28:22 <DR_busy_but_logging>   Festil and I used to make that joke because his given name is Nicholas, commonly called Nick.
Nov 15 19:28:26 <Laurna>   I seem to miss prounounce alot of names
Nov 15 19:28:38 <DR_busy_but_logging>   About the Charleses of Thin Man fame, that is.
Nov 15 19:28:40 <Aerlys>   her uncle calls her Soybean
Nov 15 19:28:41 <Jerusha>   DS1
Nov 15 19:28:48 <KK>   LOL
Nov 15 19:29:01 <Jerusha>   's name is Nich - no influence there at all.
Nov 15 19:29:05 <Evie>   lol
Nov 15 19:29:25 <jemler>   if she studies martial arts, would it be To Fu?
Nov 15 19:29:26 <The_Bee>   My grandnievce is Eleanor Cady Kepler.  for Eleanor Roosevelt, Elizabeth Cady Stanton.  Called Nora for Nora Charles
Nov 15 19:29:30 <Annie>   DD came to me before she went to uni and said "One of my flatmates is called Aine, and I have no idea how to say her name."
Nov 15 19:29:44 <Shiral>   I still mispronounce a lot of names.  For the longest time I took a little mental hop over the name Ciard, becuse, with my limited experience with Celtic names not being pronounced the way they look, I had NO idea what it would sound like spoken aloud
Nov 15 19:30:04 <The_Bee>   not sure. anya maybe?
Nov 15 19:30:06 <DR_busy_but_logging>   Well, Celtic spelling looks a bit odd to English speakers.
Nov 15 19:30:08 <Evie>   It's pronounced something like Anya, isn't it?  Or Aynia?
Nov 15 19:30:08 <Annie>   But I'd come across Aine and Aiofe and Siobhan and Niamh and so on.
Nov 15 19:30:15 <Annie>   Similar, yes.
Nov 15 19:30:20 <Jerusha>   What does it sound like?
Nov 15 19:30:27 <Evie>   Aiofe is like Eva, isn't it?
Nov 15 19:30:27 <Annie>   Tends towards Onya.
Nov 15 19:30:36 <Shiral>   I had the same problem trying to pronoune Aoife phonetically
Nov 15 19:30:47 <Shiral>   TOO many vowels!
Nov 15 19:30:50 <Annie>   Yes again, Evie.
Nov 15 19:31:35 <Annie>   What about Ieuan? That's Welsh, rather than Irish, though.
Nov 15 19:31:42 <Laurna>   Ok so let me ask.  if Rhys is Rice or Rizz
Nov 15 19:31:45 <The_Bee>   Lucy is the phonetic speling of Luiseagh or something like that.
Nov 15 19:31:52 <Shiral>   I'm not even going to attempt Ieuan
Nov 15 19:31:53 <jemler>   i have a program that speaks in different lang. in Welsh Aine is pronounced Eye-ann.
Nov 15 19:31:55 <Evie>   And I think Niamh is "Neeve", or at least that's how the Irish priest at St Andrews pronounced his daughter's name
Nov 15 19:32:01 <KK>   Euan
Nov 15 19:32:13 <KK>   Yes, Nieve
Nov 15 19:32:19 <Annie>   Rhys can be Rice or Reece.
Nov 15 19:32:26 <The_Bee>   I knew a Rhys who pronounced it Reese.
Nov 15 19:32:38 <KK>   That's how I hear it.
Nov 15 19:32:40 <Annie>   But Ieuan is sort of Y-eye-an.
Nov 15 19:32:46 <Mistyck>   I think Reese sounds better
Nov 15 19:32:54 <Aerlys>   we say "Reese"
Nov 15 19:32:56 <Evie>   I've heard it pronounced as Reese most frequently
Nov 15 19:33:04 <jemler>   ap Rhys (son of Rhys) is pronounced as Price now.
Nov 15 19:33:11 <Evie>   although I know someone who named her son that and pronounces it Rice
Nov 15 19:33:11 <Laurna>   Oh good  I always said Reese but Johe Rhys Davies is  Rice
Nov 15 19:33:26 <Shiral>   All right, I've been wondering about this one. How do you pronounce "Ceinwen"?
Nov 15 19:33:33 <KK>   ap Rhys as Price tends to support a Rice pronunciation.
Nov 15 19:33:57 <The_Bee>   The correct pronunciation of anyone name is whatever its owner prefers.
Nov 15 19:34:04 <KK>   Keen-wyn?
Nov 15 19:34:11 <KK>   Exactly.
Nov 15 19:34:20 <Aerlys>   I love the Gaelic form of Josephine, but wouldn't inflict that spelling on one of my daughters
Nov 15 19:34:32 <Laurna>   Is that close to Cynfyn
Nov 15 19:34:37 <KK>   And people should be called what they want to be called; no uninvited diminutives.
Nov 15 19:35:03 <jemler>   try this:
Nov 15 19:35:03 <KK>   What's the Gaelic Josephine?
Nov 15 19:35:04 <Shiral>   I agree with that, as one of my early nicknames was "Moose"
Nov 15 19:35:20 <Jerusha>   Eek
Nov 15 19:35:30 <Laurna>   LOL Shiral  too cute
Nov 15 19:35:40 <Laurna>   I once called a puppy moose
Nov 15 19:35:46 <Annie>   Mine was so boring, I had to lengthen it. ;)
Nov 15 19:35:48 <Shiral>   Well yes, but not a nick name I want to revisit.
Nov 15 19:35:54 <bynw>   Moose :)
Nov 15 19:36:10 <jemler>
Nov 15 19:36:12 <Shiral>   Careful, I might grow Antlers. =o)
Nov 15 19:36:18 <Jerusha>   How do you lengthen Annie?
Nov 15 19:36:29 <Mistyck>   Cynfyn sounds a lot like Sinn Fenn, the political arm of the Irish Republican Army in the 70s lol
Nov 15 19:36:32 <Annie>   Annie is the lengthened version.
Nov 15 19:36:47 <Jerusha>   Oh
Nov 15 19:36:48 <Laurna>   A shihTzu puppy about 4 pounds when he went to a forever new home I said bye bye moose and the people laughed
Nov 15 19:37:33 <Jerusha>   Hard to make a nickname out of a one syllable name
Nov 15 19:37:36 <Annie>   Oh Sinn Fein is still on the go, and winning the odd seat in Parliament, even.
Nov 15 19:37:42 <Shiral>   It's the ShihTzu-Moose hybrid, clearly.  You get either very small moose, or a really big ShihTzu
Nov 15 19:37:44 <KK>   It's still the political arm, Mistyck.
Nov 15 19:37:52 <The_Bee>   I once saw the Actress Siobhan McKenna perform
Nov 15 19:38:18 <Aerlys>   Sorry. Seosaimhin
Nov 15 19:38:20 <Mistyck>   wasn't sure..thanks..I used to be quite the supporter as a teenager lol
Nov 15 19:38:24 <Jerusha>   Jerusha picutures a Christmas shih Tzu with antlers
Nov 15 19:38:27 <The_Bee>   John is Johnny or Jack
Nov 15 19:38:35 <Laurna>   lol
Nov 15 19:38:56 <Shiral>   Picture Santa's Sleigh with eight tiny.....ShihTzu with antlers
Nov 15 19:39:01 <bynw>   never understood how one gets Jack out of John, or Bob out of Robert, or Dick out of Richard
Nov 15 19:39:01 <Shiral>   It's the economy model.
Nov 15 19:39:05 <KK>   I saw a dog at an event recently that must have been Red Bone Hound and Great Dane; HUGE dog, and just as sweet as could be.
Nov 15 19:39:21 <Jerusha>   Tiny sleigh
Nov 15 19:39:33 <Shiral>   You'd hope a dog that big had a good disposition. =o)
Nov 15 19:39:51 <DomMelchior>   Or Peg out of Margaret.  There are some very odd permutations out there.
Nov 15 19:39:56 <KK>   Very well-mannered and friendly.
Nov 15 19:39:59 *   NavaWazr exits room to snort with laughter, literally fell off chair at thought of that sleigh...
Nov 15 19:40:08 <Aerlys>   Rats, I need to scoot. Need to eat, change clothes and head out to a business meeting. Not sure if I will be here next week.
Nov 15 19:40:09 <The_Bee>   I believ Jack came from the Durch Jankin,  "little John."
Nov 15 19:40:12 <Laurna>   lol
Nov 15 19:40:30 <The_Bee>   glad you came tonight, Aerlys.
Nov 15 19:40:31 <Laurna>   Good to have you here Aerlys
Nov 15 19:40:33 <Jerusha>   Glad you could come, Aerlys
Nov 15 19:40:35 <Shiral>   Good to see you Aerlys. GOod luck with the little Guy
Nov 15 19:40:37 <Laurna>   Take care this week
Nov 15 19:40:50 <Jerusha>   Give Rhys a hug for us
Nov 15 19:40:53 <jemler>   nite aerlys
Nov 15 19:41:00 <Evie>   good to see you
Nov 15 19:41:01 <KK>   Bye, Aerlys.  Get enough sleep!
Nov 15 19:41:05 <bynw>   cya Aerlys
Nov 15 19:41:09 <NavaWazr>   bye Aerlys
Nov 15 19:41:12 <Aerlys>   Thanks, all/ Still need to get pics of the baby up to DR.
Nov 15 19:41:16 <Jerusha>   Nite, Aerlys
Nov 15 19:41:20 <Aerlys>   Sleep? What's that?
Nov 15 19:41:29 <Jerusha>   It's an illusion
Nov 15 19:41:36 <bynw>   something parents of young children dream about
Nov 15 19:41:38 <Aerlys>   "night al!
Nov 15 19:41:39 <Shiral>   It's what you used to do, at night
Nov 15 19:41:42 <Laurna>   i posted a baby puppy picture under furkids on the forum
Nov 15 19:41:52 *   Aerlys has quit (Quit: CGI:IRC)
Nov 15 19:42:02 <Laurna>   They are 21 days old today
Nov 15 19:42:47 <Jerusha>   Puppies and babies - all are too cute
Nov 15 19:42:58 <Laurna>   Such a bundle of five warm fuzzies
Nov 15 19:43:00 <Jerusha>   Grandbaby is 6 months old this week
Nov 15 19:43:02 <bynw>   cute baby puppies
Nov 15 19:43:11 <Shiral>   That ensures their survival
Nov 15 19:43:22 <Laurna>   lol  so true Shiral
Nov 15 19:43:27 <jemler>   i finally met my new nephew yesterday, but the little dude was asleep.
Nov 15 19:43:42 <Jerusha>   How old is he, Jemler?
Nov 15 19:43:42 <Laurna>   aww Jemler
Nov 15 19:43:43 <Shiral>   We put up with lost sleep when the ones who wake us up are cute and appealing
Nov 15 19:43:50 <jemler>   almost a month.
Nov 15 19:44:00 <Jerusha>   Awesome
Nov 15 19:44:50 *   You are now known as DesertRose
Nov 15 19:44:57 <The_Bee>   wb dr
Nov 15 19:45:01 <DesertRose>   Okay, the podchild has gone home, so you have my attention now.  :)
Nov 15 19:45:34 <jemler>   did you put down the swordfish?
Nov 15 19:45:37 <Laurna>   Once they have a home of their own  can they still be called a Podchild
Nov 15 19:45:56 <bynw>   hers? yes
Nov 15 19:45:58 <Jerusha>   So long as they still come for dinner, definitely
Nov 15 19:46:07 <Laurna>   lol
Nov 15 19:46:09 <bynw>   :D
Nov 15 19:46:25 <bynw>   Laurna, more lyrics for you in PM
Nov 15 19:47:10 <Evie>   OK, have now set individualized phone ringtones. Muahaha
Nov 15 19:47:19 <DesertRose>   LOL
Nov 15 19:47:43 <DesertRose>   And ty, Bee.
Nov 15 19:48:02 <Laurna>   So Evie I can not believe you are really going to retire  good for you.
Nov 15 19:48:03 <Evie>   Oh, btw, for anyone who has my work address, it is about to become obsolete as of Dec 4, so fair warning. If you need to mail me anything after that time, PM me and I'll give you my home address if you don't already have it
Nov 15 19:48:09 <Shiral>   Hi DR. We were WAITING for you to pay attention to us... =o)
Nov 15 19:48:10 <jemler>   knock, knock, knock, Evie? knock, knock, knock, Evie? knock, knock, knock, Evie?
Nov 15 19:48:25 <DesertRose>   LOL, Shiral.
Nov 15 19:48:27 <Jerusha>   I am so jealous, Evie
Nov 15 19:48:33 <Evie>   LOL, jemler! Some of the ringtones were just about that bad
Nov 15 19:48:36 <Laurna>   Me too
Nov 15 19:48:37 <Jerusha>   Three.more.years
Nov 15 19:48:48 <Shiral>   One of those ring tones must be the sound of Virtual Fish landing on Jemler
Nov 15 19:48:57 <Laurna>   lol
Nov 15 19:48:59 <Evie>   Don't be too jealous. Retirement doesn't mean no more work, unfortunately. It just means no more having to go to THIS job every day
Nov 15 19:49:05 <Laurna>   Shisshhhh
Nov 15 19:49:05 <jemler>   the way you said mwa ha ha, reminded me of sheldon.
Nov 15 19:49:28 <Jerusha>   Not necessarily a bad thing, though
Nov 15 19:49:32 <DomMelchior>   My Andy retires next March too.  Seems there's a rash of that retiring thing going around.
Nov 15 19:49:47 <Evie>   True. I'll hopefully be able to find something close to home and possibly part time
Nov 15 19:49:55 <Jerusha>   Where do I sign up for the rash?
Nov 15 19:50:02 <Evie>   LOL Jerusha
Nov 15 19:50:12 <jemler>   you WANT a rash?
Nov 15 19:50:14 <Evie>   Three years is much closer than ten
Nov 15 19:50:17 <Jerusha>   Is DH still working away from home, Evie?
Nov 15 19:50:17 <Evie>   or 13
Nov 15 19:50:21 <Laurna>   I have to be at least 55 so a year or more to go
Nov 15 19:50:34 <DomMelchior>   You have to find someone in the contagious stage and kiss them
Nov 15 19:50:38 <The_Bee>   I was siabled until age 65.  ow 'm retired.
Nov 15 19:50:41 <Jerusha>   Just 55? :)
Nov 15 19:50:45 <The_Bee>   disabled
Nov 15 19:50:50 <Evie>   No, that business folded, or at least the half that he worked for did, so he's looking again. :-(  Another reason why my retirement won't be permanent
Nov 15 19:51:16 <jemler>   DH doesn't commute anymore?
Nov 15 19:51:18 <Jerusha>   Oh dear.  Hope he finds something good
Nov 15 19:51:35 <Evie>   No, he's permanently underfoot now. ;-)
Nov 15 19:51:41 <Laurna>   May be you both could set up some business togeather
Nov 15 19:51:44 <DomMelchior>   125 miles a day for me
Nov 15 19:51:46 <KK>   Oh, no!  I thought DH's position had better stability that that.
Nov 15 19:52:08 <KK>   Can't believe Andy is nearly ready to retire.
Nov 15 19:52:12 <DomMelchior>   opps, read that wrong.
Nov 15 19:52:15 <Evie>   Actually he's away this weekend. He just sold the RV he had been living in when he was commuting, so he's gone to deliver it to the woman who bought it
Nov 15 19:52:33 <NavaWazr>   125 miles round trip?
Nov 15 19:52:38 <Jerusha>   At least you are both in one spot, now
Nov 15 19:52:39 <Laurna>   Glad he sold it.
Nov 15 19:52:51 <DomMelchior>   He's with the county. KK, so can retire at 60.  then he's going to try writing
Nov 15 19:53:18 <KK>   Ah.  Good luck to him!
Nov 15 19:53:21 <DomMelchior>   Yes, NW.
Nov 15 19:53:22 <The_Bee>   good for him! 
Nov 15 19:53:22 <NavaWazr>   I just finished a project, 84 miles round trip for the last year, was so happy to end that!
Nov 15 19:53:37 <DomMelchior>   He says "hi!" by the way, KK
Nov 15 19:54:09 <Evie>   KK, if his boss had actually listened to his business developer (the position DH was in), the business might have stayed afloat, but the owner tried to expand it far too fast and too soon, and couldn't afford to keep everything running, so he finally had to decide which half of the business to focus on and let the other half go
Nov 15 19:54:19 <DomMelchior>   NW, I've been doing it for 19 years now, so I'm used to it
Nov 15 19:54:26 <NavaWazr>   I'm home until the end of the year (at which point i will look for work), luxuriating in cleaning up/ decluttering and catching up on reading
Nov 15 19:54:51 <Jerusha>   That is too common a theme, Evie
Nov 15 19:55:03 <Jerusha>   Too much, too fast
Nov 15 19:55:09 <Evie>   Nava, that sounds like my plan for the month of December
Nov 15 19:55:30 <Laurna>   I have two weeks off in dec to do all that.
Nov 15 19:55:46 <The_Bee>   start small and give it room to grow.
Nov 15 19:55:55 <Laurna>   But I will likely spend the whole time playing with puppies
Nov 15 19:56:01 <Jerusha>   I have one week off in December (need to clean fridge, oven....)
Nov 15 19:56:25 <Jerusha>   I volunteer to help play with puppies!
Nov 15 19:56:28 <DesertRose>   I've been slowly getting my house tidied up.  I didn't really realize how messy my house was.
Nov 15 19:56:35 <Evie>   Surely you can squeeze in something fun between all that, Jerusha!
Nov 15 19:56:37 <Shiral>   I need to buy a new dishwasher as my old one quit
Nov 15 19:56:41 *   DesertRose raises her hand to volunteer to play with puppies, too.
Nov 15 19:56:42 <NavaWazr>   clean up must be done before Dec 1 actually, as Dec is some travel and lots of reading
Nov 15 19:57:03 <Laurna>   My refrig died.  i bought a new one.  oh so very clean it is.
Nov 15 19:57:07 <Shiral>   Before the Big Turkey Feed, as I'll be the hostess
Nov 15 19:57:10 <Evie>   My house is utter chaos right now.  It needs a Clean Sweep team coming in here, tossing out my clutter, and reorganizing.
Nov 15 19:57:13 <jemler>   how much do you pay per hour?
Nov 15 19:57:17 <Jerusha>   Maybe, Evie, maybe....
Nov 15 19:57:20 <NavaWazr>   I want to curl up in a corner, pot of tea and a few cucumber sandwiches, and just read all day
Nov 15 19:57:22 <Shiral>   And I'm sure my refrigerator could use a bath.
Nov 15 19:57:43 <Shiral>   But I'm in the middle of Nanowrimo so tough. =o)
Nov 15 19:57:48 <Evie>   lol
Nov 15 19:57:49 <DesertRose>   LOL, Shiral.
Nov 15 19:57:54 <Jerusha>   Surely the little will help, won't they, Evie?
Nov 15 19:58:06 <Jerusha>   littles
Nov 15 19:58:20 <NavaWazr>   me procrastinates so my novel will be written in December
Nov 15 19:58:20 <Shiral>   But only in very small areas.
Nov 15 19:58:22 <Annie>   My NaNoWriMo has been scuppered by the release of Fallout 4 and my co-writer being a Fallout addict.
Nov 15 19:58:28 <Laurna>   Write on Shiral  are you 25000 words in.  since we are half way through the month
Nov 15 19:58:29 <Evie>   The littles are no help at all.  Half the clutter is THEIR crap!  LOL!
Nov 15 19:58:43 <KK>   I suspect the Littles have added to the clutter, and aren't very good about helping clean up.
Nov 15 19:58:47 <NavaWazr>   don't your littles have servants?
Nov 15 19:58:50 *   bynw only writes blog posts and gaming stuff
Nov 15 19:58:51 <Annie>   He is spending all his free time wandering around post-apocalyptic Boston shooting mutants.
Nov 15 19:59:01 <Evie>   Yes, they have one servant....ME!!!
Nov 15 19:59:03 <The_Bee>   yes, NW: Evie
Nov 15 19:59:04 <Shiral>   My word count is now at 26,018
Nov 15 19:59:08 <Jerusha>   Mini-Alaric says "hey, not my stuff!"
Nov 15 19:59:20 <Evie>   LOL Annie
Nov 15 19:59:44 <Jerusha>   DS3 is playing that, too
Nov 15 19:59:49 <Shiral>   Our family trip to Florida last week got me behind. For me, writing and conviviality pretty much cancel one another out
Nov 15 19:59:53 <jemler>   The Librarians!
Nov 15 20:00:14 <Laurna>   Good to all you writers
Nov 15 20:00:14 <Evie>   My phone has a great camera that will let me select which object on the screen to focus on, so that will help a lot with the doll photography
Nov 15 20:00:37 <Annie>   He's got me playing Fallout New Vegas (my PC won't run 4, I don't think) and I can see how it would be addictive.
Nov 15 20:00:37 <Shiral>   What kind did you get, Evie?
Nov 15 20:00:51 <Evie>   Samsung Galaxy S6
Nov 15 20:00:55 <Shiral>   Ah
Nov 15 20:01:11 <KK>   Once Upon a Time!  Gotta go!
Nov 15 20:01:18 <Shiral>   Bye, KK
Nov 15 20:01:19 <Evie>   Goodnight KK
Nov 15 20:01:21 <Shiral>   See you next week
Nov 15 20:01:23 <DomMelchior>   G'night KK
Nov 15 20:01:23 <Laurna>   Have a great night KK
Nov 15 20:01:23 <DesertRose>   Okay, night, KK!  Thanks for coming to see us.  Have a good week.
Nov 15 20:01:24 <NavaWazr>   night KK, thank you for being here
Nov 15 20:01:28 <DesertRose>   Will we see you next week, KK?
Nov 15 20:01:29 <Jerusha>   Night, KK.  Have a good week
Nov 15 20:01:34 *   KK steps onto her Portal, waves goodnight, and disappears in a shower of green sparkles.
Nov 15 20:01:36 <Annie>   Night KK.
Nov 15 20:01:41 <KK>   Should be here next week.
Nov 15 20:01:50 <DesertRose>   Okay, great!  Have a good one!
Nov 15 20:01:51 <KK>   Nighters, all.
Nov 15 20:01:53 <DesertRose>   Night!
Nov 15 20:01:58 <DomMelchior>   And I need to bug out too.  Mr. The Dog wants his supper!
Nov 15 20:02:00 *   KK has quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
"If having a soul means being able to feel love, loyalty, and gratitude, then animals are better off than a lot of humans."

James Herriot (James Alfred "Alfie" Wight), when a human client asked him if animals have souls.  (I don't remember in which book the story originally appeared.)


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