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Message from Katherine--October 3, 2015
« on: October 03, 2015, 06:13:46 pm »
Hi, all! I got a message from KK earlier today saying that she will be unable to make it to early chat tomorrow or the one next week, so unfortunately we will be without her at Sunday chats for a little while longer.  "My mom came down with pneumonia on the 24th and was in the hospital until Wednesday; she's better now." They are still away from home and won't be heading back towards VA until the 13th. On the upside, the wedding went great, Cameron and Anna left on their honeymoon yesterday, and KK has a new laptop which she will pick up next week, so she hopes to have the treecat short story for the David Weber anthology started (or possibly even finished) by the time she gets home later this month.

So we are going to be missing our KK for another couple of weeks, though at least her mom seems to be on the mend. Of course, that doesn't mean folks shouldn't show up for the next two chats; it's always nice to spend some time with our UK folks even if KK can't be there.
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