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KK Chat - 29 June 2008
« on: June 29, 2008, 08:00:57 pm »
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[19:21] <&DeryniBot>  Hi there KK! Welcome to the chat.
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[19:21] <@DesertRose> It's KK!!
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[19:21] <@DesertRose> Hi KK!
[19:21] <@KK> Hi, guys.
[19:21] <@Bynw> hiyas KK!!!
[19:22] * deryni_guest1870 is now known as SHiral
[19:22] * SHiral is now known as Shiral
[19:22] <Festil> Hi KK!
[19:22] <Shiral> Hi all
[19:22] <the_Bee> Hello KK!.  Glad you made it.
[19:22] <@DesertRose> And a Shiral!
[19:22] <the_Bee> and hi shiral
[19:22] <Shiral> Wow, KK and I make it at the same time.
[19:22] <@Bynw> thats neato!
[19:22] <@DesertRose> The moon is in the right house this time Shiral. :D
[19:23] <Shiral> Wow, that's some planetary alignment. =o)
[19:23] <~RainbowDragon> Greetings, KK  :-)
[19:23] <the_Bee> Is Jupiter alligned with Mars?
[19:23] * ambush has joined #Deryni_Destinations
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[19:23] * RainbowDragon sets mode: +v Shiral
[19:23] <+Shiral> Is this the dawning of the age of Aquarius?
[19:23] * ambush Quit (Changing hosts)
[19:23] * ambush has joined #Deryni_Destinations
[19:23] <&DeryniBot>  The smell from Wrengl's kitchen draws ambush into the chat.
[19:23] <the_Bee> hi Ambush
[19:23] * @DesertRose begins to sing, "When the moon is in the seventh house..."
[19:23] * ambush pouncers KK
[19:23] <+Shiral> Oh, thanks, RD
[19:23] * ambush rebounds and pounces Bee, sam, and Shiral too
[19:24] <~RainbowDragon> Oh, I like that song, DesertRose
[19:24] <@DesertRose> I don't get pounced, ambush?
[19:24] * the_Bee tickle-pounces ambush.
[19:24] <+Shiral> Or me?
[19:24] <@DesertRose> I can actually sing it too.  It's in my range.
[19:24] <ambush> you get pounced on the weekdays, DR
[19:24] * +Shiral feels slighted and cries in the corner
[19:24] <ambush> :P
[19:24] <ambush> you got pounced, shiral
[19:24] <ambush>  pounces Bee, sam, and Shiral too
[19:24] <Samuel> hello everyone I have yet to say hi to
[19:24] <+Shiral> Oh whew!
[19:24] <ambush> :P
[19:24] <the_Bee> He DID ponce you , Shiral.
[19:24] <@DesertRose> I didn't get pounced!
[19:25] * +Shiral pounces on Ambush right back
[19:25] * ambush trips DR and pounces her from the floor
[19:25] <@DesertRose> LOL
[19:25] <ambush> :P
[19:25] <+Shiral> Hi Sam, haven't seen you for a while
[19:25] <+Shiral> Our GOH is quiet, today
[19:25] <@DesertRose> Speaking of people we haven't seen in a Sunday chat for a while, Festil is here!
[19:26] <@KK> I'm speechless at the regression to the 60's.
[19:26] * Festil grins
[19:26] <+Shiral> Hopefully without the interregnum
[19:26] <Festil> Yes, indeed, the Usurper is in attendance.
[19:26] <@DesertRose> I grew up on the music of the 60's; my mother was class of '66.
[19:26] <Samuel> regression?  You mean the 60's are over?
[19:26] <ambush> lol
[19:26] <+Shiral> Dang! Why wasn't I told they were over??
[19:26] <@DesertRose> And my mother is quite a Fifth Dimension fan.
[19:27] <the_Bee> high school or college, DR?  I was HS '61, college '66.
[19:27] <@KK> I did see a live performance of Hair in Hollywood.  It was...amazing.  Not really my kind of music, though.
[19:27] <@DesertRose> High school.  My mother sadly did not attend college.  I think she'd have done well as a history major as she loves the subject.
[19:28] <~RainbowDragon> What type of music do you enjoy, KK?
[19:28] <+Shiral> I only remember "The Age of Aquarius because I AM an Aquarius. My sibs insisted on singing it to me a lot
[19:28] <@DesertRose> I remember it because my mother played the record a lot, and sang it to me.
[19:28] <@KK> Classical, operettas, G&S, baroque, celtic....I could go on and on.
[19:28] <@DesertRose> And yes, I am old enough to remember vinyl records.
[19:29] <+Shiral> Me too!
[19:29] <@KK> Me too.
[19:29] <the_Bee> Speaking of music, is anyone here planning to do some filking at derynicon?
[19:29] <@KK> Deryni filking could be interesting.
[19:29] <~RainbowDragon> There is another song I used to love but can't remember the title or artist. It had the lyrics, "You are a child of the universe with a right to be here."
[19:29] <@DesertRose> I used to know a master filk artist; I still have some of his lyrics to filks of Handel.
[19:29] <@KK> That's from the Desirata.
[19:30] <the_Bee> I've written some Caeriessean lullabies I'd love to hear performed by someone with a better voice than mine.
[19:30] <+Shiral> But in Valoret, The Church needs must be feared....
[19:30] <@KK> Or Desiriata, or something like that....
[19:30] <the_Bee> desiderata?
[19:30] <@KK> Festil, have we met?
[19:31] <@KK> <Well, that stopped conversation dead in its tracks.>
[19:31] <@DesertRose> LOL
[19:31] * the_Bee would love to take part in a Deryni filk singalong.
[19:31] <Festil> I think I might've been in here once before when you've stopped by. I'm somewhat star-struck, though. It's wonder to meet you :)
[19:31] <Festil> *wonderful
[19:31] * @DesertRose would do so too, but is not yet sure whether finances will permit her to attend DeryniCon.
[19:32] <+Shiral> Well.... Linda and I   wrote a Deryni Musical to Camelot tunes a number of years ago....
[19:32] <the_Bee> Is it at the Airsid site?
[19:32] <@KK> I remember that!  It was wonderful!  Can we organize a performance, at least a concert performance?
[19:32] <+Shiral> No, I don't think so, but Julianne put it in the last issue of DA the Zine
[19:32] <the_Bee> My Coronation of King Kelson is there, and someone parody of Into the Woods.
[19:33] * +Shiral looks at KK and coughts a little tiny bit
[19:33] <Kelric> ahoy kk
[19:33] <Festil> KK, I had a question about Healers..
[19:33] <@KK> Go, Festil.
[19:33] <+Shiral> Or maybe it was in the second to last
[19:34] <+Shiral> But I could try borrowing the score of Camelot
[19:34] <@KK> <I'm waiting for Julianne to send me the proposed material.>
[19:34] <+Shiral> And bringing it along
[19:34] <+Shiral> Ahah! =o)
[19:34] <the_Bee> Julianne has her hands full!
[19:34] <Festil> I'm rather puzzled because it seems that even Torenth is without Healers in the aftermath of the events of 917-918. Why is this? Are we to understand that there were no established Healers organized in Torenth and other lands?
[19:34] <+Shiral>  /me is pleased. Have sent her two stories
[19:34] * +Shiral is pleased, I mean
[19:34] <@KK> Yeah, I think so.  But she does want to get the next issue out before the con.  That means I've gotta read 'em all.
[19:35] <@DesertRose> Oh, that's an excellent question, Festil.
[19:35] * Elim-AFK is now known as Elim
[19:35] <the_Bee> i sent something, but I'm not sure I can remember all of it.  it was a year ortwo ago.
[19:36] <+Shiral> Well....     Marek has a Healer in tow in The Bastard Prince
[19:36] <+Shiral> That's in 928
[19:36] <Festil> That's true, that's true. I had forgotten about that.
[19:36] <the_Bee> My impression was that Torenthi Healers were pretty much under the crown's thumb.
[19:36] <ambush> mm....shrimp fried rice + soy sauce
[19:36] <@KK> There obviously have to be some Healers in Torenth--and we know that Alroy refused a Healer's services after his--ahem--accident.
[19:37] <the_Bee> the Regent's "pet Deryni."
[19:37] <+Shiral> I would think employing a Healer would be a definite Status Symbol
[19:37] <+Shiral> Wherever you lived
[19:37] <+Shiral> Ambush, don't make me hungry! =o)
[19:37] <@DesertRose> What about other lands, KK?  Or are we going to concern ourselves with Gwynedd and Torenth and not worry about the rest of the world.
[19:38] <@KK> They obviously have to be there, but perhaps not as organized as they were whyen the Gabrilites trained Healers in Gwynedd.
[19:38] <the_Bee> Alroy's accident?  I thought that was Rhys Michael.
[19:38] <ambush> 5 packets of soy sauce on top of it :)
[19:38] <@DesertRose> EW.  Too much salt!
[19:38] <ambush> just enough forme
[19:38] <+Shiral> Alroy Arion. In Kelson's Time, Bee
[19:38] <the_Bee> ah, ok
[19:38] <@DesertRose> Ugh.  No.  Too much salt.
[19:38] <@KK> But we do know that some Healers escaped--and they probably got back together, wherever it was they went.  And they probably still train Healers.  But I'm sure they'd keep a low profile after what happened in Gwynedd.
[19:39] <the_Bee> I used to drink seawater.
[19:39] <+Elim> That much salt would kill me.
[19:39] <+Shiral> I would  also think that Healers would have a high status in society through their very rarity and the value of their gift.
[19:39] <Festil> Yes. Torenthi society, at least.
[19:39] <@DesertRose> Well, yes, that makes sense, KK.  But the Anvillers obviously kept some of the Michaeline traditions alive, so where are what's left of the Gabrilites?  Dom Emrys died helping as many escape the slaughter as possible.
[19:40] <~RainbowDragon> Do you think the healers, if they did indeed regroup, will ever hook up with Richenda's schola?
[19:40] <ambush> but what about what seems to be a further tolerance of deryni, especially healers, in Gwynedd, KK? wouldnt they at least try to approach Alaric, Duncan, and Dhugal secretly?
[19:40] <@KK> It's frankly something that I hadn't thought about that much, when I started the series.  Now I'm having to retro-explain them.  One of the few potential glitches that snuck past me as things developed.
[19:41] <@DesertRose> LOL, okay.  As a writer myself, I hear ya on that.
[19:41] <Festil> I sense a fan-fiction opportunity!
[19:41] <ambush> lol
[19:41] <the_Bee> I doubt it's possible to write an ongoing series without a few contradiction.
[19:41] <@DesertRose> I've never tried my hand at Deryni fanfiction.  I have written a bit of fanfic in the Harry Potter world.
[19:41] <+Shiral> Oooooo....heavens why would you think that? =o)
[19:42] <@KK> I think there are a lot of secrets buried in the desert sands with the Anvilers--and we might discover a few of them in the current book.  I know that Se figures in this story.  (Can't make his accent here.)
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[19:42] <@DesertRose> Perhaps I should come up with a story to explain what the heck happened to the escaped Gabrilites.
[19:42] <ambush> since it seems that the Michaelines fled to the East, to the deserts, would it make sense that Gabrilites fled in the same direction?
[19:42] <+Shiral> Or about Torenthi Healers? =o)
[19:42] * +Shiral is happy to know more about Se Trelawney
[19:43] <@KK> Quite likely, they did.  I'm sure they had a lot more interaction than I've shown thus far, both orders being specialits in their fields.
[19:43] <@KK> specialists
[19:43] <@DesertRose> Well, we know the Gabrilites had a connection to some older group, possibly the Airsid.
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[19:44] <@DesertRose> Some older and even more esoteric group at that, from Dom Queron's revelations in The Harrowing of Gwynedd.
[19:44] <@DesertRose> What I'd like to see is the Annales Queroni.
[19:45] <+Shiral> But with a Deryni Royal family, one would think Healers would flourish in Torenth, insofar as they flourished anywhere
[19:45] <@DesertRose> One would think, Shiral.
[19:45] <the_Bee> KK, do you ever regret setting a character's death date and wish you didn't have to make it hapen?  I'm thinking of Javan.
[19:46] <@DesertRose> Javan makes me sad.  He tried so damn hard to be a good king, and those (expletive deleted) Regents!!!!!
[19:46] * @DesertRose gets very emotionally involved with books she likes.
[19:46] <+Shiral> I'd love to see/hear a conversation between Javan and Kelson ;)
[19:46] <Festil> Javan was without a doubt my favorite Haldane King.
[19:46] <ambush> lolol
[19:46] <@KK> Ah, but those constraints forced me to come up with really good story lines to support them.  It's occasionally been annoying at the time, but I've always risen to the challenge.
[19:46] <@DesertRose> I think Kelson got to be the king Javan was trying to be.
[19:47] <ambush> that would be interesting
[19:47] <@DesertRose> Did it make you sad to write Krispin's death or was it at all hard to write?
[19:47] <@DesertRose> I would think that would be emotionally tough to write.
[19:47] <+Shiral> "You're kidding! You mean  your father told you your clubfoot was God's punishment??"
[19:47] <@DesertRose> LOL, Shiral
[19:47] <@KK> It was more a matter of deciding how to do it.  Javan's death was harder.
[19:48] <@KK> Much harder.
[19:48] <@DesertRose> Yeah, I don't expectg Javan's death was fun to write.
[19:48] <@DesertRose> -g
[19:48] <+Shiral> We got more attached to Javan
[19:48] <@KK> Oddly, Rhys's death didn't bother me nearly as much.
[19:48] <ambush> Tavis was one of my favorite characters
[19:48] <+Shiral> Rhys redeemed himself for me in TBP
[19:48] <@DesertRose> Oh, Rhys' death made me so mad when I first read it.
[19:48] <+Shiral> At the end of Javan's Year I really wanted to smack him!
[19:48] <ambush> i loved javan, but tavis was my second favorite healer
[19:48] <@DesertRose> I'm talking of Rhys Thuryn, not Rhys Haldane.
[19:48] <@KK> I had to wait until Scott was out of the house before I wrote that scene--Javan's death. 
[19:49] <ambush> i loved Rhys Thuryn. His death made me sad.
[19:49] <the_Bee> What I meant, Katherine, is that you told us when javan would die several years before King Javan's Year was published.  Did you feel you *had8 to kill him when you said?
[19:49] <+Shiral> But I did feel sad for Rhys Michael. ANd for Michaela
[19:49] <Festil> It was the fashion in which Rhys died that bothered me.
[19:49] <@DesertRose> I felt sad for Rhysem and Michaela, but Rhys Thuryn's death made me mad.
[19:49] <@DesertRose> I wanted to throw the book because he was too good to die like that.
[19:49] <@KK> It was already in the genealogy.  I knew he had to die then.  The challenge was to make his death mean something--which it certainly did.
[19:50] <+Shiral> It was more a feeling of "But but She CAN'T kill Rhys!!!"
[19:51] <ambush> I thought you were gonna keep Rhys (Thuryn) alive at first, KK, but it kinda made me sad and a little upset when he died. But the aftermath was bittersweet.
[19:52] <+Shiral> On the other hand, I was quite chuffed when all the Regents died nasty deaths. =o)
[19:52] <ambush> lol
[19:52] <Festil> Oh, I cheered as each wretched one of them died.
[19:52] <@DesertRose> Yes, although Hubert got a better death than he deserved.
[19:52] <@DesertRose> Hubert should have died the way Istelyn did.
[19:52] <+Shiral> Oh definitely
[19:52] <+Shiral> Or at least been toasted at the stake
[19:53] <the_Bee> french toasted
[19:53] <@DesertRose> Battered in egg and milk and cinnamon and vanilla?
[19:53] <+Shiral> Jeez, bee that would have taken a LOT of eggs
[19:53] <the_Bee> yuup
[19:54] <the_Bee> and you'd need a griddle, not a stake
[19:54] <@KK> Rhys Thuryn's death was necessary--and sometimes, accidents do kill perfectly lovely people.
[19:54] <@KK> The Regents, however, did get their just desserts, for the most part.
[19:54] <+Shiral> I was particularly pleased by Murdoch's.
[19:55] <the_Bee> bake them into a chocolate cake?
[19:55] <@Bynw> all of then should have been mind-ripped in the most grusome manner but thats just my evil side showing through
[19:55] * +Shiral must be feeling bloodthirsty
[19:55] <ambush> Forgive me if my brain is a little off, but wasnt Evaine pregnant when she found out that Rhys died?
[19:55] <Festil> I believe she was
[19:55] <@KK> It was sad to kill off Istelyn, but that death was necessary to show how far the rebels, civilian and clergy, were willing to go.
[19:55] <the_Bee> shewent into labor soon after.
[19:55] <@DesertRose> Yes, she was pregnant with Jerusha.
[19:55] <@KK> But at least he got to be a saint.
[19:55] <+Shiral> But he didn't really get to ENJOY sainthood. =o)
[19:55] <Festil> Yes, but do they ever? :p
[19:55] <the_Bee> Few people do.
[19:56] <ambush> yeah, that's what i thought. And Tieg (?) found out he could heal at the same time didnt he?
[19:56] <@KK> I'm not sure most Deryni would condone using mind-ripping as a form of execution for their own kind.
[19:56] <+Shiral> Oh I suppose not. After all, Camber doesn't enjoy it.
[19:56] <@DesertRose> I'd like to see what sorts of miracles St. Henry Istelyn would do.  St. Camber certainly makes himself felt.
[19:56] <@Bynw> not the ethical ones
[19:56] <@KK> Camber did--sort of.  At least he got to witness his own canonization.
[19:56] <ambush> LOL
[19:56] <Festil> I equate mind-ripping with procedures like lobotomies..
[19:56] <@Bynw> but i wouldnt be ethical :-)
[19:56] <@Bynw> for the regents
[19:57] <+Shiral> Well true. But as I recall, it also made him feel rather self-conscious, KK. =o)
[19:57] <the_Bee> you wouldn't?
[19:57] <+Shiral> :p
[19:57] <@KK> The Custodes were fond of forcing it to be done.  nasty folk.
[19:57] <+Shiral> Eep, Gosh Darn. Have to go be a good employee, again
[19:57] <+Shiral> Happy Fourth of July, all
[19:57] <@KK> Argh.  Bye, Shiral.
[19:58] <@DesertRose> Bye Shiral!
[19:58] <the_Bee> afternoon, Melissa
[19:58] * +Shiral steps onto her portal, and disappears in a burst of gold and white sparklies
[19:58] <+Shiral> BYE All!
[19:58] * +Shiral has left #Deryni_Destinations
[19:59] <@KK> Festil, lobotomies are a good image for mind-ripping.
[19:59] <the_Bee> Mind-ripping sounds more painful.
[20:00] <@KK> True.  It's a more violent image--and was meant to be. 
[20:01] <@Bynw> mind-ripping is by far the most unethical and violent way of removing a foe
[20:01] <@KK> Talk about total violation....
[20:01] <ambush> also dangerous to the self
[20:02] <@DesertRose> Yes, but I think Paulin deserved it.  Dirty so and so.
[20:02] <~RainbowDragon> Bynw would make a good king according to the Camberian Council. He has the proper amount of ruthlessness  :-)
[20:02] <ambush> lol
[20:02] <@KK> Me too.
[20:04] <ambush> look at Teymuraz, ya know. I personally think that he went nuts from ripping Morag.
[20:04] <the_Bee> KK< are you me-tooing DR or RD?
[20:04] <@KK> RD
[20:05] <@DesertRose> Teymuraz is a dirty (expletive deleted) too.
[20:05] <@KK> I think Teymuraz was already a bit whack--which is why he was able to mind-rip Morag without a qualm.  I think he went there planning to do her in--and enjoyed it.
[20:06] <@KK> But I sure didn't know that was his plan ahead of time--not until they started talking, shortly before she knew.  Talk about characters sometimes sort of taking over....
[20:06] <ambush> It seemed like it to me, too, KK.
[20:06] <@Bynw> yeah he's such a nice guy i like him ... as a GM of course to use him as a model for other bad guys
[20:07] <@DesertRose> He does make a good bad guy.
[20:07] <the_Bee> GM?? They had cars back then?
[20:07] <@DesertRose> Game Master, for role playing games.
[20:07] <ambush> Thinking of KKB, the ritual for Liam Lajos with the moving wards was nothing short of brilliant, KK. I loved it.
[20:08] <@KK> Smarmy BOB.  He really did have things all planned out for the three princes.  Fortunately, the good guys have managed to do damage control--so far.
[20:08] <@DesertRose> KK, are all your names real names or do you make some up?
[20:08] * Samuel has left #Deryni_Destinations (Leaving)
[20:08] <@DesertRose> I was thinking of Teymuraz especially.
[20:09] <@KK> Probably 95% of the names are real.  Teymuraz was Rob Reginald's name, when he was filling in background details for some of the genealogies.  I changed some, kept a few.
[20:09] <the_Bee> You said once you got many from baby name books.
[20:09] <@KK> He had access to Hungarian and other Eastern European name books that I didn't have at the time.
[20:10] <@DesertRose> Okay, I know you explained that Kelson is a real name that someone couldn't use as an SCA name in one of the author Q&As.
[20:11] <+Elim> You aren't allowed to use certain names in the SCA?
[20:11] <@DesertRose> If it's too readily associated with fantasy fiction, the College of Heralds won't pass it.
[20:11] <@KK> It's a real first name; there have been several Kelsons in the SCA.  There was no specific historical Kelson that would make it unacceptable to use it--except that I've made the name mine in literature; just like it would be hard to get away with using Elric, after all the stories about him.
[20:12] <+Elim> Ah, so no Drizzt would be allowed.
[20:12] <ambush> LOl
[20:12] <@DesertRose> No, it has to be a documentable historical name.
[20:12] <@DesertRose> Mine is Katherine la Vynour, a mid 14th-C London vintner.
[20:12] <@KK> Not of a specific person, but of a name that was used historically.
[20:13] <the_Bee> but you have to demonstrate that there was a real person with your chosen name in your chosen time period?
[20:13] <@DesertRose> Katherine was an extremely common woman's name of the time, and I chose it because of KK and Lady Katherine Swynford, who fascinates me.
[20:13] <@KK> That people named their babies that name, yes.
[20:13] <@DesertRose> No, you have to choose a name that could realistically have belonged to someone in that time period and place.
[20:13] <the_Bee> anyone ever year of a real person name Eobard?  I know of a few fictional ones.
[20:14] <@KK> Did you read the novel, Katherine, about Swynford?  She fascinated me, too. 
[20:14] <the_Bee> what's the title?
[20:14] <@KK> Eobard would probably be ok.
[20:14] <@KK> Katherine.
[20:14] <@DesertRose> Yes, I actually have two copies because one is falling apart and my mother loves me enough to have bought me another copy when she ran across it in the used book store.
[20:14] <@KK> I found mine in a used book store, too.
[20:14] <@DesertRose> By Anya Seton, published originally in 1952 but it's been reissued recently.
[20:15] <the_Bee> title please
[20:15] <@KK> Katherine
[20:15] <@DesertRose> The book is called Katherine; the author is Anya Seton.
[20:15] <the_Bee> oh, ok
[20:15] <the_Bee> thanks
[20:15] <@DesertRose> Excellent read; Ms. Seton did an excellent job of research and used historical fact where it's known.
[20:16] <@KK> I agree.
[20:16] <@DesertRose> It was recommended to me by my Shakespeare professor.
[20:16] <@DesertRose> While we were reading Richard II.
[20:17] <Festil> Ironically, after first reading Camber's tales about 5 years ago at the age of 15...I'm just now progressing into other, similar works. I've fallen in love with MZB's Mists of Avalon...
[20:17] <@DesertRose> I think once I finish Childe Morgan (which I was too broke to buy until recently) I shall re-read Katherine. :D
[20:17] <Festil> I'm nearing the end of The High Queen
[20:17] <@DesertRose> KK, did you know it's your fault I joined the SCA? :D
[20:18] <@KK> Probably guilty as charged.  ;-)
[20:18] <the_Bee> Mercedes Lackey has some books set in Elazabethan england
[20:18] <~RainbowDragon> Now it's time to say goodbye to all our company. MIC - see you next week. KEY - why? because we like you! M-o-u-s-eeeeeee!
[20:18] * ~RainbowDragon Quit (Quit: * RainbowDragon disappears in an explosion of Skittles *)
[20:18] <@DesertRose> I joined because you mentioned it in your dedication of Camber of Culdi.
[20:18] <+Elim> I am going to string that boy up by his toenails.
[20:18] <@DesertRose> Which is why, aside from Katherine Swynford, I named myself Katherine in the SCA.
[20:19] <@DesertRose> Whom? RainbowDragon?
[20:19] <+Elim> Ja.
[20:19] <+Elim> "bye" *poof*
[20:19] <@DesertRose> Or at least, I went to my first shire meeting because of the dedication of Camber of Culdi.
[20:20] <@DesertRose> I joined because there were people who  went, "You've been doing calligraphy for 20 years?  Please, come here.  We love you.
[20:21] <+Elim> Hmm I just realized that I now have a vehicle capable of getting me to SCA events economically.
[20:21] <@DesertRose> Yes, you have.
[20:21] <@KK> Calligraphers are always appreciated.
[20:22] <@DesertRose> Yes, it seems calligraphers are a bit more thin on the ground than illuminators so we have all these pretty scroll blanks with nothing written on them, and the Trimaris College of Scribes does all original scrolls because we're such a small kingdom.
[20:22] <+Elim> I weave maille, though I have to be honest, not as much as I should lately.
[20:23] <@DesertRose> People will love you for that too.
[20:23] <@DesertRose> Especially if you're willing to teach it.
[20:23] <@DesertRose> I've taught beginning calligraphy.
[20:23] <+Elim> At this point I would not call my maille weaving anywhere near reliable for turnover time.
[20:24] <@DesertRose> Practice makes perfect. :D
[20:25] <+Elim> Perfection is not the problem my dear, more doing the work.
[20:25] <@DesertRose> Ah.
[20:26] <+Elim> KK, your husband was a herald correct?
[20:26] <@KK> Yes, but not an SCA herald; a real one, for the Republic of Ireland.
[20:26] <@DesertRose> Anyway, KK, I've mentioned to a couple of people that you were here last week, and inquiring minds want to know how goes Childe Morgan?
[20:26] <@DesertRose> Childe Morgan 3 that should be.
[20:27] <@KK> Childe III progresses but slowly.  Getting the beginning of any new book always takes time, setting things up just right.
[20:27] <@DesertRose> I hear that! :D
[20:28] <+Elim> Could you tell me if there are any restrictions if a person wanted to design their own coat of arms or signet?
[20:28] <the_Bee> Do you ever have an aha! moment, when you know you'e getting it right?
[20:31] <@KK> Yes, Bee.  And Elim--remember that a coat of arms is like a name, and you wouldn't use someone else's name.  (This is according to strict laws of heraldry.)  But if you, say, bought a signet ring in an antique shop, and it had a coat of arms already on it, the heraldry police probably woudn't come after you if you wore it, as long as you didn't pretend to be that person.  Scott can go on and on about this.  If you want a "real" coat
[20:32] <Festil> It was the Histories of King Kelson that inspired me to become acquainted with heraldic law; I need to refresh myself
[20:34] <+Elim> KK, it is my intent would be to design my own, and use it for the common uses. And no, I would not want to seal my letters with someone else's signet.
[20:35] <@KK> It would cost a few bucks, but you could apply for arms in a legitimate college of arms and have something that would be yours alone, and could be passed on to your descendants.
[20:35] <+Elim> That is absolutely lovely.
[20:37] <@KK> Have you got any Irish ancestors?  That would be the logical place to start, if you do, since we have the "in" with the Irish office of arms.
[20:37] <+Elim> I do.
[20:37] <ambush> oh, KK, my little lobster (Effin Lethargic, my sister) is getting a copy of Deryni Rising soon :)
[20:38] <@KK> Excellent.  Write to Scott.  he'll be delighted to advise you.  He loves it when people come to him who are serious about real-world heraldry.  Use (edited per KK's authorization)
[20:39] <@KK> Good, Ambush.
[20:39] <ambush> told her she'd like the entire series, the next one,the standalone, and the previous one, too.
[20:39] <ambush> :)
[20:42] <@DesertRose> KK, do you want me to edit Scott's email addy out of the posted chat?
[20:42] <@KK> Well, I'd better sign off for tonight; it's getting late, and I've got things to do.  Won't be here next week, as we'll be on our way back from West-By-God-Virginia, where we're attending a Morgan Car meet.
[20:43] <the_Bee> nighters, KK
[20:43] <@DesertRose> Okay, thanks for coming for a visit with us! :D
[20:43] <@KK> Probably a good idea, DR.  Thanks.  I tend to forget.  Wouldn't want a spambot to latch onto it.
[20:43] <@DesertRose> Okay, shall do when I post the chat.
[20:43] <@KK> Y'all have a great July 4th.
[20:44] <@DesertRose> You too.  I just hope it doesn't storm on us like it likes to in Florida in the summer! :D
[20:44] <+Elim> Have fun KK, thanks a lot.
[20:44] * @KK steps onto her Portal, waves goodnight, and disappears in a shower of green sparkles.
[20:44] <ambush> ttyl kk
[20:44] <@DesertRose> G'night KK!
[20:44] * @KK Quit (Quit: )
"If having a soul means being able to feel love, loyalty, and gratitude, then animals are better off than a lot of humans."

James Herriot (James Alfred "Alfie" Wight), when a human client asked him if animals have souls.  (I don't remember in which book the story originally appeared.)


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