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KK Chat--13 September 2015
« on: September 13, 2015, 07:42:38 pm »
[06:07.49] * KK ( has joined channel #deryni_destinations
[06:07.50] <Evie> DR just got home and will join us later, she says
[06:07.54] <Evie> Hi, KK!
[06:07.56] <The_Bee> Hi KK!
[06:08.03] <Evie> We were just wondering where in the world everyone is!
[06:08.19] <KK> Hi, all.  Glad to see that Evie made it home safely.
[06:08.24] <Evie> DR just got home and says she'll be along soon, but I have no idea where everyone else is
[06:08.33] <Evie> Yes, I did. :-D
[06:08.54] <The_Bee> How was last week?
[06:09.01] <Evie> And got a package in the mail just after the con, so I have a new and better looking Mini-Nigel
[06:09.08] <Evie> It was a fun weekend, Bee
[06:09.18] <Evie> I have a thread on the forum that links to my photo album
[06:09.26] <KK> New head, or new body, or both?
[06:09.30] <Evie> including a few photos in there of KK's panels.
[06:09.52] <Evie> New head on Denis' original body.  (He got put on a new one a while back.)
[06:09.58] <Evie> Hang on, let me find links
[06:10.08] <KK> Link, please?
[06:11.02] * NavaWazr ( has joined channel #deryni_destinations
[06:11.14] <Evie> OK, the link to the action figure thread. The references to "Fr Devlin" are to a character in the 21st C. fanfic, but that head ended up becoming my replacement Nigel:  ++,844.msg13692.html#msg13692,,
[06:11.18] <Evie> Hi Nava!
[06:11.25] <The_Bee> Hi Nava1
[06:11.33] <NavaWazr> Hi everyone
[06:11.47] <Evie> Not sure where everyone else is, but come join our exclusive party! ;-)
[06:12.08] <Evie> I was just introducing KK and Bee to the new Mini-Nigel
[06:12.39] <NavaWazr> Hi KK and Bee
[06:12.46] <Evie> (Because I needed an excuse to bring a Henry Cavill look-alike into the Deryni universe. ;-) )
[06:13.30] <NavaWazr> agree as Fr Devlin.  Not gray enough for Nigel, in my opinion
[06:13.54] <Evie> I could add some gray to his hair, but I almost hate to.  :-D
[06:14.19] <The_Bee> Hey! Nigel's not THAT old.
[06:14.22] <Evie> Technically his eyes ought to be gray as well
[06:14.46] <Evie> My action figures live in 1136, Bee, so they're a little older than they were in the books
[06:14.59] <Evie> Nigel would be in his 50s I think
[06:15.14] <NavaWazr> so some silvering at the temples
[06:15.38] * The_Bee ( Quit (Quit: CGI:IRC)
[06:15.40] * CGI127 ( has joined channel #deryni_destinations
[06:15.55] * CGI127 ( Quit (Quit: CGI:IRC)
[06:15.56] <Evie> still, if I remember correctly, the Deryni RPG says that Deryni tend to have longer lifespans than humans, barring accidents, serious illnesses, or burnings at stakes, so maybe that also translates into looking youthful longer than the average human?
[06:16.01] * CGI838 ( has joined channel #deryni_destinations
[06:16.21] <Evie> Welcome to whoever just joined us
[06:16.23] * CGI838 is now known as The_Bee
[06:16.36] <Evie> ah, wb
[06:16.49] <The_Bee> Not sure what happened
[06:16.59] <Evie> You got mibbited
[06:17.23] <Evie> I just hope I don't disconnect, since DR and Bynw are both gone and so is jemler, and they usually get the back up log
[06:18.02] <KK> I like the new Nigel very much!
[06:18.17] <Evie> Have you seen the actor he's based on, KK?
[06:18.29] <KK> And where is Jemler?  No new health problems, I hope.
[06:18.34] <Evie> (If you've seen The Tudors, he played Charles Brandon)
[06:18.37] <KK> Yes.
[06:18.52] <Evie> Jemler was on Facebook an hour ago asking where everyone was
[06:18.59] <Evie> and I told him he was an hour early for chat
[06:19.00] <KK> And I agree that in the lower light shot, he does look very real.
[06:19.03] <Evie> so not sure where he is now
[06:19.20] <Evie> He's also the new Napoleon Solo
[06:19.22] <The_Bee> I hope he'll show.
[06:19.34] <Evie> Henry, that is, not jemler. ;-)
[06:21.16] <Evie> Anyway, Bee, the DragonCon weekend was surprisingly relaxing for me, since I decided not to rush from panel to panel or do anything I didn't want to do, so it became more of a Relaxacon.
[06:21.24] * jasper ( has joined channel #deryni_destinations
[06:21.38] <The_Bee> Good  for you.
[06:21.42] <The_Bee> Hi Jasper
[06:21.43] <Evie> and we rented a condo this year across from the main hotel, so that helped, since we could fix our own meals instead of blowing our budget eating out all the time
[06:21.46] <Evie> hi Jasper
[06:21.59] <jasper> Hello :) this is my first chat.
[06:22.09] <KK> Welcome.
[06:22.25] <jasper> What happens here? 
[06:22.29] <The_Bee> Welcome!  who's your favorite KK character?
[06:23.07] <Evie> Usually we just hang out with Katherine ("KK") for an hour or so, or until she has to leave
[06:23.07] <jasper> Peregrine
[06:23.20] <Evie> and there's normally a lot more people than this, but I guess they all had other plans tonight
[06:23.23] <The_Bee> We talk, ask KK how her latest book is coming, share how our week was.
[06:23.36] <Evie> We are sometimes on topic, but more often we just chat about whatever
[06:23.38] <The_Bee> I like Peregrine too.
[06:24.07] <Evie> Have you read the Deryni series too, or mostly the Adept books?
[06:24.14] <jasper> Ok.  My week was very fun.  I got a Senior Editor job and have been having a blast.
[06:24.40] <The_Bee> which publication?
[06:24.46] <Evie> Oh, cool!
[06:24.48] <jasper> Just Adept.  I started the Deryni but got busy and have not returned to them.
[06:25.30] <Evie> They should be easier to get back to now that more are coming out in ebook form, at least if you have an ebook reader
[06:25.46] <jasper> It is for a table top game company in Britain
[06:25.48] <The_Bee> There was talk about a new Adept novel, sort of a sequel or prequel to Lammas Night.
[06:26.05] <Evie> Duncan McLain is my favorite in the Deryni universe. I haven't read the Adept books in ages, so can't recall who my favorite was in those
[06:26.10] <jasper> I'm strictly a paper book guy
[06:26.11] <Evie> Oh, that sounds fun!
[06:26.51] <Evie> We have several members in the UK, but most aren't able to stay up long enough for Sunday chat except for the first Sunday of the month when we have it 2 hours earlier
[06:27.02] <The_Bee> NIgel and Javan for the Deryni books, Peregrine for the Adept series.
[06:27.04] <Evie> So keep the time change in mind on first Sundays
[06:27.09] <jasper> Pay it lousy.  Zero dollars but editor/ Senior Editor credit.  I need to pad my CV so I said yes.
[06:27.45] <Evie> that helps
[06:27.52] <jasper> It looks like the game may take off in a big way.  Plus, I like playing with words so it is fun
[06:28.20] <Evie> I haven't played a table top game in years since most of my gaming friends have moved away
[06:28.45] * Jerusha ( has joined channel #deryni_destinations
[06:28.51] <The_Bee> Is Scrabble a table top game?
[06:28.53] <Evie> I own the Deryni Adventures RPG but have never actually played it. I mainly use it as a writing resource for fanfic
[06:28.59] <Evie> hi Jerusha
[06:28.59] <The_Bee> Hi Jerusha
[06:29.07] <Jerusha> Hi Everyone!
[06:29.20] <Evie> It's a board game, Bee, but in this sense we're talking about the old style role-playing games like D&D
[06:29.27] <jasper> I would love a new Adept Novel.  I was thinking of writing a trifecta for it and seeing if Mrs. K would be interested, but then I thought that I could just make it a stand alone not in her universe.
[06:29.31] <jasper> Hello.
[06:29.49] <jasper> Yes. 
[06:29.49] <Jerusha> Hi Jasper
[06:29.56] <Evie> as opposed to the online versions and videogames that have come out since then.  (Though there are still tabletop RPGs also)
[06:30.12] <jasper> If you are interested in table top games you can check out this game convention.,,
[06:30.16] <Evie> Hi Jerusha! We have a newcomer. :-)
[06:30.20] <jasper> It is based in Texas
[06:30.35] <Jerusha> Newcomers are always welcome!
[06:30.46] <Evie> I'm in AL, so that's a fair bit away, though I just got back from Dragoncon in Atlanta a few days ago
[06:30.48] <The_Bee> Katherine's right here, Jasper.  why not ask her now?
[06:30.57] <jasper> Yes the Table top game convention
[06:31.10] <Evie> I suspect KK's got distracted by the link I posted earlier. :D
[06:31.22] <Jerusha> Link to what, Evie?
[06:31.28] <jasper> what link?  I want to be distracted too :(
[06:31.29] <Evie> My Dragoncon album
[06:31.31] <KK> Haven't heard of Texicon, but I'm not really much of a gamer.
[06:31.39] <Evie> ++,,
[06:31.45] <Jerusha> Great pictures.  Do you always stay in that condo?
[06:32.00] <Evie> No, this was our first year, but we want to stay there again
[06:32.14] <Evie> So much more convenient not to have to eat out all the time at Atlanta prices!
[06:32.16] <Jerusha> A very "New York" theme to the decot
[06:32.20] <Jerusha> décor, I meant
[06:32.44] <Evie> not to mention it's roomier than a hotel room, and not much more expensive.  The savings in food more than made up the difference, I think.
[06:33.02] <The_Bee> My only RPG games are in an online forum.
[06:33.21] <jasper> How would I go about sending a proposal to KK or whomever about my idea?
[06:34.00] <Evie> Well, she's here in chat, if we can get her attention again.  ;-)
[06:34.58] <Evie> Either she's still looking at photos or Gus is sitting on the keyboard
[06:35.02] <jasper> Table Top games are great.  Community building, educational, life saving, etc.
[06:35.13] <Evie> (Most of us have pets, jasper, including some who love to "help" with chat.)
[06:35.16] <Jerusha> Or both
[06:35.31] <jasper> I have a pet rock!
[06:35.43] <Evie> LOL! Well, they're low maintenance, I hear
[06:35.47] <Jerusha> Do you take it for granite?
[06:35.48] * The_Bee taps KK on the shoulder. "Jasper wants to ask you something."
[06:35.59] <Evie> I hope it's spayed or you'll have gravel everywhere
[06:36.30] <Evie> hopefully she's just distracted and not Mibbited
[06:36.38] <jasper> Yep!  Haven't fed him (yes it is a him) in three years.  But, he is not house trained.  He tends to leave little bits of dust behind, and I have to clean up after him.
[06:36.42] <Evie> (Our chat server can be temperamental at times.)
[06:36.44] <The_Bee> Her name's still here.
[06:37.06] <Evie> Yes, but my name has been here before but I couldn't see what people were saying.
[06:37.16] <Evie> That's what happened to me last week
[06:37.24] <Evie> Two weeks ago, that is
[06:37.28] <jasper> Don't bug her.  She is probably busy.
[06:37.36] <KK> I'm here.  Got distracted a second time by the Dragoncon photos.  Dang, I hadn't realized that my hair stylist <really> got my hair shorter than I like.  Fortunately, hair grows.
[06:37.55] <Evie> LOL! I thought it looked fine, but we tend to be our own worst critics.
[06:38.09] <Jerusha> I thought it looked fine, too, KK
[06:38.30] <Evie> And Mini-Duncan likes that your hairstyle is similar to his.  ;-)
[06:38.32] <KK> (And I do have a Gus on my lap, adding to the distractions, though at least he's being quiet tonight.)
[06:38.34] <jasper> I lucked out and don't have to worry about stuff like that.  I'm a guy.  Plus, retired
[06:39.20] <KK> So, where do you live, Jasper?
[06:39.22] <Evie> Retirement would be nice. I have six more months before I'm eligible, though I will probably retire from that job just to turn around and find one that pays better
[06:39.47] <Jerusha> Retirement would be nice.
[06:40.01] <jasper> Although, when I was teaching at the University, I still didn't worry.  Drove the admin nuts.  "We have a bum teaching, they would say."
[06:40.06] <jasper> Texas
[06:40.13] <Evie> LOL!
[06:40.18] <Evie> Which university?
[06:40.25] <Evie> My folks live in McAllen, btw
[06:40.31] <jasper> Are you going to FenCon KK?
[06:40.48] <KK> Ah.  Scott and I are supposed to be guests at a big con in Texas, next year.  Not sure of the name or when it is, at this point.  We got asked at Dragoncon.
[06:40.59] <jasper> I am.  But then on Sunday I have to rush off to Mississippi to hear a Neko Case concert.
[06:41.08] <jasper> UTA
[06:41.22] <Jerusha> UTA?
[06:41.25] <KK> I think ours is in Dallas.
[06:41.41] <jasper> University of Texas at Arlington
[06:41.48] <Jerusha> Ah, thanks
[06:42.10] <Jerusha> I'm a little north of there
[06:42.16] <jasper> The students secretly called me the grinder. 
[06:42.26] <jasper> Canada?
[06:42.26] <Evie> Just a tad, Jerusha
[06:42.43] <Jerusha> Yes, Jasper. Northern Ontario
[06:43.00] <Jerusha> What did you teach, Jasper?
[06:43.34] <jasper> Ha! I knew it.  I taught Critical Thinking, Composition, Written Argument theory. 
[06:43.44] <The_Bee> My sister lives in Caledon, Ontario.  not sure how far north that is.
[06:43.59] <Jerusha> South of me, but still north, Bee
[06:44.00] <Evie> Cool! We need more critical thinking ability these days
[06:44.03] <jasper> I had my Freshmen reading Focualt, etc.  The heavy hitters
[06:44.42] <KK> Yep, that's heavy-duty, all right.
[06:45.19] <KK> Would've kept your brain in gear.  Do you miss teaching?
[06:45.20] <The_Bee> Is that the guy with the pendulum?
[06:45.47] <jasper> I love the heavy stuff.  I like to work theory into my writing.  But subtle. I have a short story anthology that I am about to pass around to publishers to see if they want it.  It is loaded with theory.
[06:46.15] <The_Bee> fiction or nonfiction?
[06:46.53] <jasper> Teaching for me is like breathing.  It is life.  But, I decided that being a stay at home dad was more important.  So, at 46 with a three year old, I became a stay at home dad.
[06:47.16] <jasper> So is writing, word smithing.  It is also like breathing.
[06:47.29] <The_Bee> good for you! son or daughter?
[06:47.29] <Evie> That's quite a shift, but well worth it, I imagine
[06:47.30] <jasper> My anthology is fiction.
[06:47.36] <jasper> Son. 
[06:47.53] <The_Bee> I bet he's a handful at that age.
[06:48.12] <jasper> I chased my high school sweetheart and finally caught her three years ago.  We have a kid, planned.
[06:48.21] <jasper> You know it!
[06:48.24] <KK> Three-year-olds are magic.
[06:48.37] <Evie> That's a fun age. And sometimes challenging.
[06:48.51] <jasper> She has MS but I though 20years... I will take it. 
[06:48.58] <The_Bee> They can run faster than you at that age.
[06:49.01] <Evie> My "baby" will turn 18 this week, and my older child is 20.
[06:49.04] <Jerusha> every age is challenging - just in different ways
[06:49.08] <jasper> Doctors say that is about how long it will take before the MS gets her.
[06:49.44] <KK> May those 20 years be magical for all three of you!
[06:49.51] <jasper> I wrote her a great poem.  I think that is what finally caught her.
[06:49.55] <jasper> They are so far.
[06:50.17] <jasper> Life is just simply pure magic.  I'm getting a Master Naturalist Cert.
[06:50.29] <The_Bee> do you know which type of MS?  I understand there are several varieties.
[06:50.30] <Jerusha> Good poetry does that, Jasper
[06:50.54] <Evie> And life can be full of surprises too. We had a friend at our old church who wasn't expected to make it to age 6, but he grew up, married, and had a son older than that before he finally succumbed to his illness.
[06:50.55] <jasper> I am not sure.
[06:51.36] <The_Bee> You've probably heard the saying, MS does whatever it wants to do.
[06:52.48] <jasper> I look around at the world and see simple beauty.  Then, I touch a leaf, and I see.  There is more to life than what can be had.  But the mystery of it all astounds.  I am filled to the brim with living.  Again and again.  Joy of living a life at the edge of everything. 
[06:53.05] <Evie> brb, I hear a cat getting into something s/he probably doesn't need to get into
[06:53.16] <jasper> So is my boy!!!
[06:53.18] <jasper> LOL
[06:53.46] <The_Bee> Deep thoughts indeed.
[06:54.04] <jasper> Thank you KK, just saw your post.
[06:54.36] <KK> Jasper, I think all of us have (mostly) cats and/or dogs in this chat.  Some of them make regular contributions.
[06:54.46] <Evie> OK, am back
[06:54.57] <KK> Luke, or Gigi?
[06:55.03] <Evie> Luke
[06:55.05] <Jerusha> Cats safe?
[06:55.19] <KK> Why am I not surprised?
[06:55.21] <Evie> Yes. He was helping me rearrange craft stuff
[06:55.37] <The_Bee> Has Gigi stolen anything lately?
[06:55.42] <Jerusha> Did he find any extra heads?
[06:55.50] <jasper> KK I have a question.  How would I go about proposing a three book OR at least a One book add on to your Adept series?  Is something like that possible?
[06:55.56] <Evie> No, KleptoKitty has been behaving
[06:56.42] <jasper> If not, that is okay too.  It can also stand on its own.
[06:56.59] <jasper> I just thought it would be fun to extend the Adept series.
[06:57.05] <KK> It wouldn't be possible to add to the existing series, using those characters.  But you could always do something similar, and maybe allude to some of the characters, or to events.
[06:57.32] <KK> DTH and I are actually talking about what we'd like to do next with those characters and that universe.
[06:58.05] <Evie> I was just about to ask you if you were going to mention the plan you told me about at DCon
[06:58.17] <jasper> I was thinking of having one or two of the existing character appear in a minor way so as to tie the books to the Adept universe, but then have the overall structure independent from the characters that have already been written.
[06:58.24] <The_Bee> When one author's character makes a cameo in another author's book, it's called an Easter Egg.
[06:59.44] <jasper> I am thinking more along the lines of Thieves World, where the characters are up for grabs AS LONG AS they are not altered or changed in any way by the author borrowing them.
[07:00.19] <jasper> It worked very well for Robert Asprin.
[07:00.40] <Evie> We also have a fanfic board on the Forum, and no stories in the Adept Series fanfic section of the board.  The Deryni Archives 'zine is also getting a reboot to downloadable PDF format, I think. KK, did the DA 'zine accept Adept fanfic or just Deryni stories? The last issue came out before my time here.
[07:01.33] <jasper> I don't know why more authors don't collaborate.  The readers love the universe.  So, why not open it up to other authors. 
[07:01.35] <KK> I know about the Thieves' World books, but have never read any of them.  Don't think I'd want my characters playing in someone else's worlds.  Easter eggs, though--there's a thought.
[07:01.48] <jasper> That is a general comment not one aimed at KK
[07:01.51] <The_Bee> Is a new issue of the 'zine coming out?
[07:02.01] <Evie> Though I think Thieves World was planned as a shared world from the start. There are some authors who do that sort of collaborative work on Kindle Worlds, though.
[07:02.54] <Evie> Bee, we've been discussing taking the old issues and scanning them into PDF format, and producing the new issue electronically
[07:03.12] <KK> I think it was planned from the start.  I've only ever done collaborations with DTH; she's an ideal collaborator.  The bottom line, though, is that someone has to be the senior author, with final say about what goes into a story or not, and how it goes.
[07:03.13] <The_Bee> Ah, good.
[07:03.30] <jasper> So True
[07:03.44] <Evie> Julianne still has the submissions but feels overwhelmed in putting it together by herself, so DR and I have offered to help, and Bynw can host the copies on the server.
[07:04.09] <The_Bee> Marion Zimmer Bradley eventually had to ban others from playing in her Darkoveverse.
[07:05.06] <jasper> I think people should get permission before they go taking liberties with someone's characters, worlds, etc.
[07:05.08] <KK> I think that's going to work well.  And I ought to figure out how to download some of the fanfic onto my tablet so I can take it with me to CA.  Jasper, my son is getting married on the 26th, and we'll be out there for about 12 days.  Lots of reading time on planes.
[07:05.29] <Evie> Yes, and Anne McCaffrey nearly put a ban on writers creating stories in hers after some people abused the privilege. I was a fanzine editor shortly after that happened, and the rules were very strict about what was and wasn't allowed in order to avoid being shut down.
[07:06.14] <KK> Yep, I knew both ladies well, and totally understand why they were gun-shy.  Fortunately, my fans have always been very respectful of my work.
[07:06.23] <Evie> We try to be.
[07:06.30] <Jerusha> Always
[07:06.54] <Evie> Has Julianne managed to send you any of the DA submissions to look over yet, KK?
[07:07.04] <jasper> Oh, I haven't even written it yet.  It is just a concept at this point.  I was going to aim it one way if you (or whomever does that sort of thing) yes.  And a different way if you said no.  But, I'm a hobby writer so it takes me ages to get anything done.  However, I can ramp it up if needed.
[07:07.06] <Evie> I know she was busy last weekend too
[07:07.29] <The_Bee> I wonder how handles the issue.  some fanfic authors just put in a disclaimer, saying the character aren't theirs.
[07:07.42] <KK> Nope.  And I wouldn't have time anyway.
[07:08.15] <Evie> On FFN some authors have given express instructions not to allow fanfic in their worlds, and the FFN website enforces that and will remove it if it's posted. That can also get you banned from FFN.
[07:08.35] <jasper> I am, as I am seeking permission as should everyone before doing something naughty.  Honestly, I don't know why they are naughty.  They are writers and should have plenty of imagination.  Thus, they should be able to write their own stuff.
[07:08.50] <Evie> But most authors allow fanfic as long as no one profits from use of their characters.
[07:09.34] <jasper> I am not sure what the def of fanfic is.
[07:09.38] <KK> And I don't have a laptop right now, so can't access stuff that way when I'm away from my desk.  I know there are ways to get stuff from desktop computer to tablet, but I am technologically challenged.  Call me a Luddite, Jasper.
[07:09.39] <The_Bee> Will one of your characters be a mischievous three-year-old boy?
[07:09.56] <Evie> I know several professional writers who started off writing fanfic to hone the craft skills before starting on original fiction. We have at least one published author on our forum who cut her writing teeth writing Deryni fanfic.
[07:10.01] <jasper> Luddite!
[07:10.17] <jasper> HA!  minor character maybe.
[07:11.05] <KK> Fifty Shades would not exist, had the author not written Twilight fanfic first, and then transmogrified it.
[07:11.12] <The_Bee> Fanfic is stories written by amateurs about their favorite fictional characters.
[07:11.22] <Evie> Fan fiction, jasper.  Fiction written in another author's world using their characters, and not professionally published (since to be published it would have to be an official collaboration and/or licensed use of the characters).
[07:11.31] <KK> Whatever one might think of Fifty Shades, it's made its author a boatload of cash.
[07:11.32] <jasper> transmogrified?  Are you a calvin and hobbs fan?
[07:12.16] <Evie> The first Vorkosigan series book by Lois Bujold started off as a Star Trek fanfiction story that got massively rewritten
[07:12.25] <KK> No, I just talk that way.  (Actually, I am a C&H fan, but I've always known that word.)
[07:12.47] <KK> Really, Evie?  I didn't know that.  Who would've thought?
[07:12.47] <jasper> :)
[07:12.55] <KK> I love those books!
[07:13.12] <Evie> Yes, Shards of Honor, I think it was. Whichever one introduced Cordelia and Aral
[07:13.13] <The_Bee> I'vew just started on David Eddings' Balgariad.
[07:13.37] <The_Bee> Belgariad
[07:13.38] <Evie> Aral started off as a Klingon officer (classic Star Trek sort) and Cordelia was a Starfleet captain, IIRC
[07:14.02] <KK> I knew Shards of Honor came first in the series.  I had no idea.
[07:14.03] <Evie> I read the Belgariad years ago. I don't recall the storyline anymore, though I recall I liked the books at the time.
[07:14.21] <Evie> yes, when Lois filed the barcode off, she did it really well. :D
[07:14.34] <KK> She sure did.
[07:14.55] <The_Bee> Belgariad: seven gods, one of them evil.
[07:15.10] <Evie> I love Lois' work. One of those authors who can make you laugh on one page, cry on the next, and think throughout the story.
[07:15.26] <The_Bee> I'll have to try her.
[07:15.51] <Evie> The Vorkosigan series is my favorite of hers, though her Chalion fantasy series are good too
[07:15.52] <jasper> So, should I scrap my idea?  and just write a stand alone universe?  It would be for publication not fanfic.
[07:17.02] <KK> I'd go it for a stand-alone, Jasper.  The field always needs good, new stuff.
[07:17.13] <jasper> Okay :)
[07:18.03] <Evie> Also, tie-ins to other work tend to work best if the stories come out at roughly the same time, so you get the attention of the same readership.
[07:18.35] <jasper> My current book is Animal Bedtime Stories.  A book about two badgers and a plucky mole.  My son dictates my reading schedule.
[07:18.49] <The_Bee> LOL!
[07:19.39] <Jerusha> Alas, I must go.  The piles of laundry downstairs are threatening to revolt
[07:19.41] <jasper> Although, winnie pooh is a close second
[07:19.51] <KK> Books for 3-yr-olds are some of the best!
[07:19.58] <Evie> There's also a reading audience for non-published fan fiction, although due to the legal issues involved, fanfic by definition is nearly always free (the sole exception that comes to mind is if it's publshed with the original author's permission in a 'zine or some such for just enough to defray publication costs).
[07:20.09] <The_Bee> I grew up on Winnie the Poh.
[07:20.12] <Jerusha> Night everyone!
[07:20.15] <jasper> I am loving every minute.  Psssst... Don't tell the adults.
[07:20.16] * Jerusha ( Quit (Quit: ++,, ajax IRC Client)
[07:20.17] <Evie> and therefore not for-profit writing like publishing original stories would be
[07:20.20] <jasper> Good night
[07:20.47] <Evie> I'm not an adult yet, so I'll keep your secret. ;-)
[07:20.57] <KK> And I've just looked at the time, too.  Packing to do, as we want to send our main suitcases of wedding attire ahead, so we don't have to schlep them at airports.  And my mom is coming along, so I need to travel light for my own stuff.
[07:21.12] <jasper> There is a friends of the library place in Midland TX.  It has some of the greatest out of print and old books
[07:21.13] <Evie> Have a good trip, KK!
[07:21.20] <Evie> When will you be back?
[07:21.28] <jasper> Wishing you well.
[07:21.39] <KK> Won't be here for the next 2 Sundays, as we return on the 29th.  So next KK chat will be at 5 PM on the 4th, is it?
[07:21.52] <Evie> Yes, that sounds about right
[07:21.54] <jasper> I will go to.  Editing and crafting to do on the game boook
[07:22.05] <jasper> too.
[07:22.12] <Evie> have fun with that, jasper. It sounds fun anyway
[07:22.22] <jasper> Thank you all for the lovely conversation. 
[07:22.27] <Evie> Do you freelance edit?
[07:22.33] <The_Bee> Many or all Comic-book publishers tell their writers not to read fan fiction, to avoid being accused of stealing someone's idea.
[07:22.34] <jasper> yes.
[07:22.40] <KK> Great meeting you, Jasper.  And do come back again.  And perhaps we'll meet at that Dallas con next year?  I
[07:22.51] <KK> ll post more info as it becomes available.
[07:22.53] <jasper> I have a M.A. in Rhetoric/English
[07:23.05] <Evie> I would love to learn more about how to do freelance writing/editing, since I would prefer to do more work from home once I retire from my current job
[07:23.18] <jasper> I will and I look forward to that day.
[07:23.38] <jasper> Just reduce your needs and you can retire now.
[07:23.38] <Evie> I have a BA in English and an MAE in Secondary Educ
[07:23.48] <KK> Ta-ta for now.
[07:23.49] <jasper> What is MAE
[07:23.53] <jasper> bye
[07:24.06] * KK steps onto her Portal, waves goodnight, and disappears in a shower of green sparkles.
[07:24.10] <Evie> Well, no, one of my needs is half-price college tuition, which I only get if I stay with the university or retire when I'm eligible
[07:24.16] <Evie> Master of Arts in Education
[07:24.22] <jasper> Oh. 
[07:24.26] <The_Bee> bye KK! thanks for coming and have a good week.
[07:24.37] <Evie> Bye KK!
[07:24.41] <Evie> See you in two weeks
[07:24.49] <jasper> It was a Gigantic Struggle but I paid for all of my college myself.  No loans.
[07:24.54] * Shiral ( has joined channel #deryni_destinations
[07:25.01] <KK> I didn't know that, Evie.  Or, knew what an MAE is, but not that you have one.
[07:25.04] <The_Bee> Hi Shiral!
[07:25.16] * Shiral pops into chat with a champagne cork sound effect
[07:25.29] <jasper> HEY! I thought you were gone in  a shower of green sparkles
[07:25.32] <Evie> I managed to make it all the way to senior year with no loans and only took out a small one at the end. My son is at UAB now and hasn't had any loans yet, and hopefully won't have any
[07:25.32] <jasper> lol
[07:25.37] <The_Bee> Are you still a safe distance from the fires?
[07:25.42] <Shiral> That's when I exit
[07:25.53] <Evie> yes, I'm not teaching now, but that's my degree field
[07:25.57] <Shiral> Yes, Bee.
[07:26.08] <jasper> I think KK is secretly going out there to done her fire fighting suit
[07:26.18] <KK> Hi, Shiral.  Just on my way out.  But talk to Jasper, our new chatter.  A cool guy with an awesome 3-yr-old.
[07:26.31] <KK> Nighters for real, this time.
[07:26.34] <jasper> Thank you for the compliment
[07:26.38] <Shiral> But if anyone would like to do a little sympathetic magic like Ariella did with the map of Gwynedd, we'd be okay with that
[07:26.39] <jasper> Poof!
[07:26.42] <Evie> But my son is putting himself through school, and the only way he can afford that is by paying half price tuition due to my educational benefits from working there
[07:27.01] * KK ( Quit (Quit: ++,, ajax IRC Client)
"In necessariis unitas, in non-necessariis libertas, in utrisque caritas."

I have a vocabulary in excess of 75,000 words, and I'm not afraid to use it!


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