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KK Chat -- 30 August 2015
« on: August 30, 2015, 07:00:41 pm »
Many thanks to Laurna and Aerlys, who helped me reconstruct the lost lines of chat from the two times when I got briefly disconnected. --Evie

[04:14.16] * KK ( has joined channel #deryni_destinations
[04:14.19] <DF64> slight sore throat for me
[04:14.20] <The_Bee> Hi KK
[04:14.21] <Jerusha> Hi KK
[04:14.22] <DF64> hi kk
[04:14.23] <Laurna> Hello KK
[04:14.29] <Evie> Hi KK
[04:14.31] <Jerusha> Hope you both feel better soon
[04:14.38] <KK> Hello, all.
[04:14.38] <The_Bee> How was your week, KK?
[04:14.56] <KK> And sore throats are not allowed, DF64!
[04:15.01] <revanne> Luckily it's only a human virus and computers etc should be free from it
[04:15.09] <KK> It was ok.  Busy.
[04:15.11] <DF64> but enjoying my new 32 inch flat screen TV
[04:15.13] <revanne> Hi KK
[04:15.21] <Demercia> Hi KK
[04:15.23] <Jerusha> Nice, DF64
[04:15.28] <KK> Woo-hoo!  Love big flat screen TV's.
[04:15.45] <Evie> I'll be seeing you in less than a week, KK
[04:15.54] <Demercia> Sounds great DF64
[04:15.55] <Evie> Though I'll miss your Friday panel, unfortunately.
[04:16.02] <DF64> received a $400 gift card for 25 years at my job
[04:16.21] <revanne> Nice
[04:16.22] <The_Bee> at which store, DF?
[04:16.26] <Jerusha> Sweet
[04:16.27] <Laurna> Congrats DF64
[04:16.29] <KK> Bummer, Evie.  Arriving late that night?
[04:16.35] <Evie> I don't think I'll be getting to Atlanta until late Friday night, since DD has already missed some days of school so she can't skip Friday, and I also will have to work that day
[04:16.37] <DF64> walmart
[04:16.53] <The_Bee> cool!
[04:17.09] <Laurna> Nice thing to get for yourself
[04:17.11] <revanne> that's a pain Evie
[04:17.19] <Evie> But DH plans to pick up our con badges for us, so hopefully I won't need to wait in line on Saturday to do that before I can start going to panels and what-not
[04:17.25] <Jerusha> Back in school already, Evie?
[04:17.31] <Evie> Nice, DF!
[04:17.41] <DF64> and some new clothes as well
[04:17.51] <Demercia> It looks as though I might get the offer of a nearly new second hand flat screen.  I was going to get one a couple of months ago and then vets bills got in the way !
[04:18.10] <Evie> Me or DD, Jerusha? Her classes started on August 10, IIRC.  Our university just started the fall term this past Monday.
[04:18.14] <Jerusha> Vet bills will do that, Demercia
[04:18.41] <Laurna> Can not believe summer is nearly over.
[04:19.10] <Jerusha> Well, I guess both, Evie. Our college/university student body started showing up the weekend.  School doesn't start until after Labour Day
[04:19.11] <Evie> weather is already cooling down here. We've had highs in the 80s and almost down to high 70s this week rather than 90s
[04:19.11] <The_Bee> My cat's vet bill was over $1000.
[04:19.15] <KK> Yeah, where did this summer go?
[04:19.25] <Evie> ouch, Bee!
[04:19.45] <revanne> Dad said at tea tonight that he thought it was about Easter time - he does get a bit confused but in fairness I think it was mainly because it hasn't been warm enough for summer
[04:19.49] <DF64> how's kitty doing
[04:19.49] <Jerusha> As near as I can tell, it went south, KK :)
[04:19.49] <Demercia> It hasn't come over the Pond that's for sure
[04:19.55] <The_Bee> cancerous kidney removed.
[04:19.57] <KK> We had a mild summer; probably the only place in the US that did.  Only one bout of high tempers, back in May/June.
[04:20.19] <KK> How's she doing, Bee?
[04:20.25] <The_Bee> very few heat waves here in Mass.
[04:20.34] <Demercia> Poor Kitty Bee.  Hope she is better
[04:20.43] <The_Bee> very well, still a finicky eater
[04:21.42] <The_Bee> If I leave food out, bugs get  into it.
[04:22.09] <Jerusha> Ick
[04:22.19] <DF64> ts storm Erika is heading towards florida
[04:22.45] <Evie> when is that supposed to hit land, DF?
[04:22.47] <Jerusha> Still west coast, DF64?
[04:23.34] <DF64> tomorrow and tuesday
[04:23.40] <DF64> west coast likely
[04:24.31] <Evie> OK. I hope next weekend is clear. I hate dashing from one hotel to the next in a downpour
[04:24.57] <KK> But Erica is now just a tropical storm, not a hurricane, isn't it?
[04:25.04] <Evie> I don't mind being outdoors in the heat for only a block or two, but I hate being outdoors in the wet
[04:25.09] * The_Bee ( Quit (Quit: ++,, ajax IRC Client)
[04:25.17] <Demercia> And we don't want mini Duncan losing anymore heads
[04:25.24] * mib_vg9akx ( has joined channel #deryni_destinations
[04:25.38] * mib_vg9akx is now known as The_Bee
[04:25.45] <Evie> LOL! He is going to stay snug and dry in his carry case unless he is somewhere where I can keep an eye on him at all times
[04:25.47] <revanne> Re hi
[04:25.57] <Jerusha> wb Bee
[04:26.04] <Evie> no more hitchhiking on the outside of my backpack
[04:26.12] <Demercia> is a tropical storm a downgraded hurricane ?
[04:26.12] <Evie> rehi
[04:26.13] <DF64> looks like just a lot of rain for the next few days
[04:26.21] <Laurna> Yes no losing your head in Atlanta this year please.
[04:26.30] <KK> Definitely wasn't the best idea, though it seemed like a good one at the time.
[04:26.33] <Evie> basically, Demercia, or one that never worked up to being a hurricane
[04:26.37] <revanne> Maybe mini Duncan thinks he needs a full immersion Baptism
[04:26.38] <Jerusha> We don't want him heading off in the wrong direction
[04:26.59] <Demercia> Thanks
[04:27.07] <Evie> I've done it for years and never had a problem, KK, though granted I was generally not pushing through crowds like we had at DragonCon
[04:27.36] <Demercia> I have a ginger monster here who would like to say hi
[04:27.44] <Evie> Hi Brandysnap
[04:27.46] <Jerusha> Hi Ginger Monster
[04:27.51] <The_Bee> Hi Ginger monster
[04:27.54] <Laurna> Hi Ginger Monster
[04:27.59] <revanne> Hi Monster mog
[04:28.40] <Evie> Ginger Monster sounds like it should be a character on Sesame Street
[04:28.46] <KK> Hi, Monster.
[04:28.53] <KK> It does.
[04:29.09] <revanne> Believe me that cat can nearly talk
[04:29.21] <Demercia> I can't help feeling that all cats carry the Deryni gene
[04:29.37] <KK> Also, we hadn't reckoned on his head being on so precariously.  Someone must've had quite a start when they eventually found him/it.
[04:30.06] <Evie> Luke was helping me write while I was off fixing my lunch. Unfortunately AQAQAQAQ repeated for several lines doesn't make for great literature
[04:30.29] <Demercia> Yes it would give you a shock to turn a head out of your bag/pocket
[04:31.18] <Evie> His original head was on pretty securely, actually. I used to hold him upside down and give him a good shake to test it, and his head never came off during that treatment. I think what must have happened was someone brushed up against him, his head caught on their sleeve or something they were carrying, and got yanked off forcefully.
[04:31.41] <The_Bee> a bigger shock if it were an actual human head
[04:31.47] <Jerusha> That now sounds very awful, Evie!
[04:31.59] <revanne> Eughh Bee
[04:32.02] <DF64> poor mini Duncan
[04:32.07] <KK> Anf fortunately, you had a spare.  (Though was it with you, or back at home?)
[04:32.11] <Evie> Well, yes, there is that, but I think I'd have had a better chance of finding a severed human head. I'd have followed the blood trail and the screaming.
[04:32.19] <Evie> It was at home
[04:32.20] <Demercia> Is there a particular theme each years Dragoncon?
[04:32.27] <revanne> Sounds like the beheading of John the Baptist
[04:32.30] <Evie> No theme
[04:32.41] <Evie> I do have a tiny silver tray, revanne....
[04:32.46] <Laurna> Any going in costume?
[04:32.54] <Evie> no dancing girls in costume, though
[04:33.04] <revanne> and a dancing costume to go with it?
[04:33.17] <Evie> I didn't make any costumes this year, though I may throw something together out of bits and bobs I already have
[04:34.04] <Jerusha> There are those swimsuits
[04:34.07] <Evie> DragonCon is so huge, there isn't a single theme, there are whole tracks of programming that each follows some theme
[04:34.34] <Evie> that's true. I keep meaning to drag out our kiddy pool and take photos
[04:34.35] <KK> It's definitely huge.
[04:34.58] <Jerusha> I read that as kitty pool, Evie
[04:35.15] <Evie> that would be entertaining for about half a second, Jerusha
[04:35.25] <Laurna> lol
[04:35.34] <DF64> :D
[04:35.47] <revanne> after the last photo I'm sure Duncan will do something to jinx the camera
[04:36.08] <Evie> He's probably hoping I forget cameras exist
[04:36.34] <Jerusha> Or he will be holding up a paper mask of Morgan to hide behind
[04:36.44] <Evie> He says my next diorama build needs to be a confessional booth
[04:37.33] <Demercia> Life was a lot easier before cameras, unless you were wealthy you didn't keep being reminded that the picture of you you carry in your head is no longer true
[04:38.08] <Jerusha> Of course it's true - it's just a tad blurred
[04:38.16] <Demercia> Actually if you were wealthy and important you weren't either
[04:38.32] <Evie> And slightly faded (she says, looking at certain strands of hair)
[04:38.39] <revanne> A tad blurred and stretched sideways
[04:38.53] <KK> Building a confessional sounds like a great idea.
[04:39.04] <KK> Besides that, I sort of think your Littles need one.
[04:39.09] <Demercia> Lol, middle aged blurr sums it up nicely
[04:39.26] <Evie> There's actually an online tutorial on how someone built a 1:6 confessional, but I don't know where she got one of the items she used to build it
[04:39.30] <revanne> LOL - definitely
[04:39.39] <Laurna> lol
[04:39.50] <Laurna> Like that KK
[04:40.30] <Evie> ++,,
[04:40.33] * jemler ( has joined channel #deryni_destinations
[04:40.37] <Evie> hi jemler
[04:40.39] <jemler> hi folks
[04:40.41] <Jerusha> Hi Jemler
[04:40.43] <Demercia> You could do a high tech one like they have at Walsingham, green light over the door means the priest is free
[04:40.55] <Demercia> Hi Jemler
[04:41.11] <jemler> i thought next week was the first week of the month
[04:41.16] <Laurna> Hello Jemler
[04:41.25] <Evie> That pesky Sextus Arilan voice in my head just quipped "Red light over the door means there's a charge."
[04:41.41] <Jerusha> I thought the same thing as Sextus, Evie!
[04:41.46] <Demercia> For him there usually was:-)
[04:41.46] <Evie> It normally is, Jemler, but remember we changed it this month due to KK being away at DragonCon next week.
[04:41.51] <The_Bee> hi jemler
[04:42.11] <Laurna> That should be the oppisite from the Red light district Evie
[04:42.11] <Demercia> I was going to put available but thought better of it
[04:42.14] <jemler> how's everyone doing?
[04:42.29] <Evie> One would hope, Laurna. :D
[04:42.46] <Laurna> Oh dear me
[04:42.56] <revanne> Hi Jemler
[04:43.05] <Demercia> Good thanks, and having early chat this week has the added advantage that tomorrow is a Bank Holiday in England
[04:43.33] <Jerusha> Went to my niece's wedding yesterday.  It was lovely!
[04:43.47] <Evie> Nice!
[04:43.52] <Laurna> Congrats for your niece Jerusha
[04:43.57] <The_Bee> I had lunch with friends from church today.
[04:44.10] <KK> Evie, that's a cool tutorial.  What pieces couldn't you find?
[04:44.16] <Jerusha> It was an outdoors wedding - and it didn't rain!
[04:44.23] <Evie> the part used for the grille, I think it was
[04:44.24] <Laurna> Good
[04:44.58] <KK> I've seen potholders with grilles like that, I think.  For setting hot pots on.
[04:45.29] <Evie> Yes, that's what it is, but I've not seen any here
[04:46.23] <KK> I'll keep an eye out.  Dollar General or something like that, maybe.
[04:46.34] <revanne> sounds lovely Jerusha
[04:46.55] <Jerusha> And there was an amazing amount of food afterwards
[04:47.22] <Evie> The other problem is that I find I am hopeless at cutting straight edges in foamcore board, even when I use a metal ruler as a guide
[04:47.23] <The_Bee> why a bank holiday?
[04:47.58] <KK> It's sort of the equivalent to Labor Day, Bee.  But they have 5 or 6 of them in the UK & Ireland.
[04:48.09] <The_Bee> aaaaah, thanks
[04:48.41] <revanne> i think because when public holidays were started in Victorian times Banks had to shut by Law on those days and the name stuck
[04:48.48] <Demercia> And this is the late summer one
[04:49.26] <revanne> Not having an Independance day to celebrate...
[04:49.36] <Demercia> Or thanksgiving
[04:49.47] <jemler> out labor day is 7 sept.
[04:49.58] <KK> True.  But what you said sounds like what I was told, when we lived over there.
[04:50.54] <jemler> i just noticed something funny. this years labor day is my cousin yvonne's birthday. how fitting! :)
[04:51.12] <The_Bee> Why do we call it "Labor Day" when we celebrate it by not laboring?
[04:51.13] <Evie> My goddaughter was born on a Labor Day
[04:51.26] <Demercia> Nice to have a holiday on your birthday
[04:51.43] <revanne> Banks and public institutions still shut on bank holidays although these days a lot of shops are open
[04:52.02] <Demercia> Is it because it is to benefit those who labor? 
[04:52.07] <jemler>  whnat do you call her evie? DGD?
[04:52.08] <Evie> ues
[04:52.12] <Evie> yes, even
[04:52.23] <The_Bee> Yes.  I'm old enough to remember     the Sunday Blue Laws here in Mass.
[04:52.42] * Demercia fingers itch to type a u in labor
[04:52.45] <jemler> you could only wear blue?
[04:53.08] <Jerusha> Go for it, Demercia!
[04:53.12] <The_Bee> no, businesses were required by law to close on Sundays.
[04:53.18] <Evie> No, the laws apply to what things can't be sold on Sunday, or at least they do here
[04:53.46] <The_Bee> like liquor
[04:54.07] <jemler> in houston, tex, it was illegal to buy beer before noon on sunday. so my brother would buy a 30 pack the night before.
[04:54.17] <Jerusha> When I worked shift work, I used to hate it when I was off on a Sunday, and everything was closed.
[04:54.19] <Demercia> They still do here but less so.  My grandmother was prosecuted in 1930 something for selling half a pound of cheese
[04:55.19] <revanne> So this is how I find out about my shady family history
[04:55.27] <Evie> Here most shops are open, but a few things like alcohol aren't sold on Sundays
[04:55.30] <The_Bee> There was a guy who collected weird laws.  Like, you can't keep a donkey in a bathtub in Brooklyn.
[04:55.34] <Evie> LOL, revanne
[04:55.59] <Demercia> I've got the newspaper cutting somewhere Revanne
[04:56.01] <KK> When we first moved to Ireland in 1986, nothing was open on Sundays.  Then the big bookstore opened, and cinemas--and it went on from there.  A lot of small businesses still close here on Mondays, to make up for being open on Saturday.
[04:56.40] <Evie> LOL! What makes that funnier, Bee, is that that law is probably on the books because someone, somewhere in Brooklyn, probably tried to keep a donkey in a bathtub and that caused enough of a problem for someone that they decided to make a law against it.
[04:56.45] <Jerusha> I must go - dinner is about to come out of the oven.  Have a great week, everyone, and enjoy DragonCon Evie and KK
[04:56.57] <jemler> there's a guy on youtube, joe santagano, who post vids about stuff like that. if you don't mind the profanity.
[04:57.04] <The_Bee> bye jerusha. glad you came
[04:57.08] <revanne> Bye Jerusha
[04:57.10] * Jerusha ( Quit (Quit: ++,, ajax IRC Client)
[04:57.11] <Demercia> Bye Jerusha
[04:57.21] <jemler> night jerusha.
[04:57.23] <Laurna> sorry I was away for a moment.
[04:57.36] <revanne> A problem for the donkey I should have thought
[04:57.44] <Evie> Me too, revanne
[04:58.35] <Laurna> Cinderalla balls were on saterday night because they ended at midnight so people could be sure to get to service on sunday morning
[04:58.56] <The_Bee> That's ok, Laurna. Some of us are often on other planets.
[04:59.14] <revanne> Mince pies used to still be illegal in Britain as a hangover from Oliver Cromwell but I seem to think that in the 1990's they boringly repealed a lot of the old laws that no longer applied
[05:00.03] * Annie (Mibbit@BF1DC3.3B1D79.0E23C3.EA0EFB) has joined channel #deryni_destinations
[05:00.04] <Evie> There was a rumor going around in my university days (not sure if it's true or was just one of those urban myths) that there was a law in Alabama that five people barefoot on a bed in Alabama constituted an orgy and was therefore illegal. This led to students at my Baptist university taking "incriminating" photos of ourselves with our dormmates, fully clothed except for socks and shoes, and piled up on beds.
[05:00.18] <jemler> hi annie
[05:00.21] <Annie> Darnit. Forgot.
[05:00.26] <revanne> Lol Evie
[05:00.29] <Evie> hi Annie!
[05:00.31] <Annie> Even had it on the calendar. Still forgot.
[05:00.31] <revanne> Hi Annie
[05:00.31] <Demercia> Hi Annie
[05:00.38] <Annie> hey, all. :)
[05:00.49] <Evie> I meant to send you a reminder email, Annie, but I forgot. :(
[05:00.50] <The_Bee> My favorite absurd law stated, "When two trains meet at a crossing, each shall stop, and neither shall proceed until the other has passed."
[05:00.51] <Laurna> Hi Annie, silly lawwEvie
[05:01.04] <Evie> LOL, Bee!
[05:01.05] <Laurna> lol
[05:01.09] <Demercia> Hope you didn't break any beds Evie
[05:01.13] <revanne> How did DD doe in her exams Annie?
[05:01.20] <revanne> or even do
[05:01.33] <Annie> Not as well as we'd hoped, but well enough that Manchester took her.
[05:01.49] <The_Bee> Was that her first choice?
[05:01.54] <Annie> And we're appealing a couple of marks which just look plain wrong.
[05:01.59] <Annie> Yes :)
[05:01.59] <revanne> That's good though I hope she's not too disappointed
[05:02.01] <Evie> BTW, Annie, the new 21st Century Deryni story is going live now. I just posted Chapter 5 on Friday
[05:02.09] <Annie> Cool, Evie.
[05:02.22] <Evie> So she got in? That's good! I was hoping she would.
[05:02.36] <Annie> Well, she was just going to leave the marks, working on the principle that she'd got her first choice anyway.
[05:02.56] <Demercia> The principle is important though
[05:03.18] <Annie> But they really do look badly wrong. Wrong enough to have affected her final grade, so it's worth a shot.
[05:03.27] <Laurna> what is her study going to be?
[05:03.29] <Demercia> I mean the principle that wrong marks are challenged
[05:03.35] <Annie> Yeah.
[05:03.38] <The_Bee> what subject?
[05:03.42] <Annie> She is doing a music degree.
[05:03.56] <Laurna> Good  for her
[05:04.01] <jemler> worked for freddy mercury.
[05:04.02] <Annie> Manchester is one of the top music departments in the country.
[05:04.11] <Laurna> Nice
[05:04.27] <The_Bee> vocal, instrumental, or composing?
[05:04.35] <Annie> It's normally top 5, often top 3, and sometimes gets the top spot.
[05:04.35] <Demercia> Does she get to live in her first year?
[05:05.15] <Annie> The first year they do 1/3 performance, 1/3 composition, and 1/3 academic stuff. Then after that they can tailor it to their own interests.
[05:05.26] <Annie> And she's studying violin.
[05:05.38] <The_Bee> ah, good for her
[05:05.48] <Annie> Yes, she gets a place in hall in her first year. She's in a maisonette.
[05:06.10] <KK> I'll bet she's excited.  I'll bet you are, too.
[05:06.20] <Annie> 4 boys and 4 girls, with the boys on the top floor, girls on the lower floor, a bathroom on each floor, and shared kitchen and living space.
[05:06.30] <Annie> Yes, she's really excited, KK.
[05:06.42] <revanne> We went to the proms a couple of weeks back with DD2 and looking down on the orchestra made me realise just how talented violinists are
[05:06.43] <Annie> She's been talking to some of her new flatmates on Facebook.
[05:07.03] <Annie> Yeah. It's supposed to be the hardest instrument to master.
[05:07.15] <Evie> Did she know any of them already, or is she just getting to know them?
[05:07.16] <The_Bee> We had a violin soloist in church today.
[05:07.33] <revanne> And has to carry so much of the mood of the piece of music
[05:07.40] <Annie> No, she's just getting to know them. They are all doing different subjects.
[05:08.06] <Annie> Someone she did work experience with is also going to Manchester, but a different hall and doing geology.
[05:08.36] <Annie> But music is such a community that there will be people who know people, I'm sure.
[05:08.46] <The_Bee> You must be proud of her.
[05:09.02] <Annie> She sometimes plays viola, but she much prefers violin as she likes carrying the melody.
[05:09.32] <revanne> Have you done the shop for all her cooking things yet?
[05:09.47] <Annie> But viola players are rarer and always in demand for string quartets, so we encouraged her to learn.
[05:09.59] <jemler> the only musical instrument i play is a radio.
[05:10.22] <Annie> yes. We don't know how much is provided, but we did the IKEA run, along with probably every other 18 year old in the country!
[05:10.30] <Evie> I used to play the cassette recorder, but they've gone out of style
[05:10.41] <Annie> Actually, people joke about throwing their kids out when they hit 18.
[05:10.47] <revanne> LOL
[05:10.52] <The_Bee> I play the flute.
[05:10.53] <Annie> she has her 18th birthday and then goes to uni the next day.
[05:11.00] <Annie> So we managed that pretty well!
[05:11.01] <Evie> LOL!
[05:11.19] <KK> Big adventure for both of you!
[05:11.28] <jemler> brb. dinner.
[05:11.30] <Annie> Yes.
[05:11.32] <Laurna> She is going to love it.
[05:11.34] <Annie> She is so ready, though.
[05:11.39] <revanne> It's a fabulous experience for her
[05:11.52] <Annie> The house will be quiet, but she so needs this next step.
[05:11.56] * DF64 ( Quit (Quit: ++,, ajax IRC Client)
[05:12.53] <Evie> A quiet house will just mean more time for you to write and work on your crafts stuff, until holidays come around, or DD's weekends home if she does that
[05:13.06] <Annie> yup
[05:13.17] <Annie> She's not planning on doing weekends home.
[05:13.20] * Demercia ( Quit (Quit: ++,, ajax IRC Client)
[05:13.39] <revanne> DD2 is hopefully going to Nepal next year to run a marathon and do some development stuff
[05:13.41] <Annie> And I never did, either, although I was far enough away that it wasn't really feasible.
[05:13.47] <The_Bee> Are people jumping or being mibbitted?
[05:13.48] <Laurna> She will be back often enough. I went home a lot that first year in college
[05:13.48] * Demercia ( has joined channel #deryni_destinations
[05:13.49] <Evie> We don't see DS home for many, though he pops in every now and then. Granted, he's also less than an hour away, so it's easy enough to pop in
[05:13.52] * Aerlys ( has joined channel #deryni_destinations
[05:13.53] <Annie> Oh, cool, revanne.
[05:13.57] <The_Bee> wb demercia
[05:14.08] <revanne> Yes she's very excited
[05:14.09] <The_Bee> Hi Aerlys
[05:14.14] <Evie> Cool, revanne
[05:14.16] <Demercia> Thanks.  Mibbited
[05:14.16] <Laurna> Hi Aerlys
[05:14.18] <Evie> hi Aerlys
[05:14.19] <revanne> hi Aerlys
[05:14.25] <Annie> I went home for the vacations, but never at weekends.
[05:14.30] <Aerlys> Hello!
[05:14.39] <Demercia> Hi Aerlys
[05:14.50] <KK> Hi, Aerlys.
[05:14.54] <Aerlys> Just got home.
[05:15.06] <Evie> welcome home then
[05:15.41] <revanne> How was church - assuming that's where you have been
[05:16.26] <Aerlys> It was fine. We have a new pastor, so we had a welcome luncheon for him
[05:16.45] <The_Bee> Did he make a good first impression?
[05:16.45] <Laurna> That's nice
[05:17.55] <revanne> Do Church lunches your way always involve quiche like they seem to over here?
[05:18.03] <Evie> brb, it somehow went dark in here when I wasn't looking. :D
[05:18.21] <Aerlys> Actually, this was his second or third weekend, but the first one when we could offically welcome him. He's newly ordained.
[05:18.28] <revanne> The nights are drawing in
[05:18.40] <Evie> and revanne, in the US South they always seem to involve fried chicken, but almost never any quiche
[05:19.04] <revanne> I'd take fried chicken over soggy quiche any day
[05:19.08] <Aerlys> Not so much quiche here, though I know at my mom's parish people like to bring a lot of egg casseroles
[05:19.15] <Annie> Quick random question. Do you American folks call those long deckchair things that you sunbathe on 'loungers' or something else?
[05:19.47] <KK> We got a welcome quiche when we moved here, so I guess it's sometimes a southern thing, too.
[05:19.49] <Evie> "Keesh" is too fancy fer th' likes of us. We'd call it "qwitchy" or something. ;-)
[05:19.59] <Annie> :)
[05:20.03] <Aerlys> brb. need a hot drink
[05:20.52] <Evie> Probably depends on the region, Annie, but I think you are talking about what I'd call a lounge chair
[05:20.53] <Demercia> We had lunch after the service today, it is easy to tell that I am now in a posher place, in my last parish there would have been black pudding. Here it was salmon
[05:20.59] <Laurna> I think we call them lounge chairs not loungers
[05:21.02] <Annie> okay
[05:21.05] <Annie> thanks :)
[05:21.27] <Demercia> Trying to think what we call them Annie !
[05:21.31] <The_Bee> or chaise lounges
[05:21.40] <revanne> I'm thinking that egg casserole might be the same sort of thing as Quiche given that casserole your side of the pond is something you cut up as opposed to here where it's a posh word for stew
[05:21.58] <KK> I discovered orzo at a church luncheon.  Though it was some kind of ride I'd never seen, and asked one of the church ladies.  Now, it's my preferred item to go with beef stroganoff instead of ride or noodles.
[05:22.00] <Annie> Hmmmm black pudding.
[05:22.07] <revanne> sun loungers - being eternally hopeful
[05:22.38] <Evie> Yes, orzo is good. I first tried it after picking some up by accident.
[05:22.51] <Demercia> What is it?
[05:22.57] <revanne> Black pudding is yummy but best not to enquire too much into its ingredients
[05:22.57] <Evie> rice-shaped pasta
[05:23.01] <KK> It's a pasta.
[05:23.03] <Evie> slightly bigger than rice grains
[05:23.35] <Demercia> Sounds good.  I wonder if we can get it here
[05:23.42] <KK> And if you cook it al dente, has a nicer "tooth" to it than rice.
[05:24.06] <KK> You should be able to find it in the pasta aisle; comes in a box or bag.
[05:24.25] <revanne> yes - it comes in one of those posh boxes
[05:24.34] <Demercia> Rice, in my experience, goes from hard to mushy in a nano second
[05:25.05] <Evie> Might have to do with your water to rice proportions, at random guess
[05:25.12] <Laurna> Never use as much water as they say on the box
[05:25.21] <Demercia> I'm sure Waitrose will have it
[05:26.04] <Evie> I use 1 and 1/4 cup (or other measure) water for 1 cup of rice, since that's how my Filipina mother makes hers
[05:26.11] <KK> I bought a small rice cooker, beloved of students, and it makes good rice.  The proportion I use is 1 cup of water to half a cup of rice, or adjust accordingly.  And the rice cooker shuts off when it's done.  Hard to go wrong.
[05:27.02] <KK> All the water is absorbed in that proportion.  That's the secret.  YOu don't just boil it in a lot of water and then pour the water off.  The water has all the goodness in it.
[05:27.05] <Evie> My rice cooker just died, but with mine I didn't have to measure, I just added water up to the line inside the metal pot that corresponded with how many cups of rice I'd put in
[05:27.10] <Demercia> That's a good idea, thanks KK.
[05:27.11] <Aerlys>  back. No, egg casseroles, revanne, ususally have eggs, potatoesor bread, cheese, and some sort of meat. Not the yummy crust of a quiche
[05:27.23] <Annie> I do 2:1, too.
[05:27.44] <Demercia> Though it sometimes seems like I take hard to go wrong as a challenge:-)
[05:28.26] <Annie> Bring the water to the boil, let it boil a couple of minutes, then turn the heat off.
[05:28.26] <KK> And rice cookers aren't expensive.  You can get one for around $20 in Walmart or equivalent.
[05:28.26] <Laurna> I do 1cup rice to 1 3/4cup water.  that way it is not mushy
[05:28.26] <The_Bee> and cover it?
[05:28.26] <Demercia> And then just wait for the water to absorb?
[05:28.26] <Annie> Again, all the water absorbs perfectly, no risk of burning, and it turns out nice and fluffy.
[05:28.26] <Annie> Yes.
[05:28.31] <Annie> Leave the lid on the whole time. It just absorbs.
[05:28.39] <Demercia> Fab
[05:28.43] <revanne> Thanks Aerlys - tho I have to say that a lot of the quiches I have experience have given up their yummy crusts for Lent
[05:28.53] <Aerlys> I love my rice cooker. No more burnt rice or messy overflows
*** Evie [] has quit [Ping timeout: 121 seconds]
<jemler> back
<revanne> We had one for our caravan - wonder where it went?

[05:29.45] <Evie> Hello?
[05:29.47] <The_Bee> rehi evie
[05:29.50] <jemler> hi evie
[05:29.55] <Demercia> It's probably in your cellar
[05:29.58] <revanne> Greetings O mibbitted one
[05:30.11] <revanne> or attic
[05:30.18] <Demercia> Rehi Evie
[05:30.39] <jemler> or storage closet. or garage. or storage facility.
[05:30.58] <Evie> OK, if anyone said anything from Aerlys's comment at 05:28:53 to now, can you send it to me via PM so I can add it to the chat log when I post it?
[05:31.41] <revanne> Ok
[05:31.43] <Evie> I don't think I was gone long enough to miss more than a couple of lines, but I'd hate to miss any in the transcript
[05:31.43] <Laurna> When you get mibbitted you do not lose the whole transcript before?
[05:31.48] <Evie> I don't
[05:32.00] <The_Bee> Revanne said the had a rice coker for her caravan, Evie
[05:32.01] <Evie> I'm on Icechat, so it automatically logs chat
[05:32.08] <The_Bee> cooker too
[05:32.11] <jemler> i use mirc.
[05:32.34] <Aerlys> haven't tried Icechat yet
[05:32.36] <revanne> which has mysteriously disappeared
[05:32.45] <Evie> It's saved on my hard drive, so even if I can't see it on the screen above, I still have a copy saved
[05:32.49] <KK> What is icechat?
[05:32.56] <Aerlys> My pressure cooker mysteriously disappeared
[05:33.06] <Evie> It's an IRC client, similar to mIRC
[05:33.23] <KK> Pressure cooker and rice cooker are not the same....
[05:33.34] <revanne> There's a black hole somewhere where all these things are to be found
[05:33.35] <Aerlys> No, definitely not!
[05:33.39] <Evie> software you download and install in order to do IRC chat. I had too many problems with the web based version of Mibbit, so I started using Icechat a few years ago
[05:34.04] <revanne> Only the same in their propensity to disappear
[05:34.27] <Aerlys> I did pick up an electric pressure cooker, though. It doesn't need to be watched like a regular one, bu it's smaller than my AWOL modell and I can't can with it
[05:34.30] <KK> Small appliances have a propensity to do that.
[05:35.06] <revanne> Especially with daughters who return home and "borrow" things
[05:35.11] <The_Bee>     i once lost my crockpot's pot.
[05:35.41] <Demercia> One of the things I hate about having moved house is that I can't remember so easily where I put things
[05:35.41] <Laurna> I lose the lids. they are useless without the lid
[05:35.59] <The_Bee> me too, Laurna
[05:36.17] <Laurna> I am not a good cook
[05:36.21] <The_Bee> jar lids for me
[05:36.21] <revanne> Canning things sounds very clever Aerlys
[05:36.31] <Aerlys> my small appliances just seem to die sudden agonizing deaths
[05:36.38] <Evie> LOL!
[05:36.42] <Evie> Sounds like my rice cooker
[05:36.49] <revanne> Anything that isn't actually attached to my person for me
[05:37.00] <Laurna> The kids forgot to tell you they used them for that school project.
[05:37.03] <Aerlys> I like to can and make jams, but haven't taken the time the last couple of years
[05:37.07] <Evie> which worked fine for years, until I tried to use it this week and it developed an annoying habit of not staying switched on
[05:37.09] <The_Bee> I have two dead coffee-makers and one live one.
[05:37.43] <jemler> so that's what happened to juan valdez! :O
[05:37.49] <KK> They don't revive, Bee.  YOu can throw out the dead ones.  :D
[05:37.54] <Evie> and then when it seemed to be working fine, it shut itself off before finishing my rice, so I had half-cooked rice in a swamp that had to be finished on the stovetop
[05:38.11] <Aerlys> ugh, what a pain
[05:38.19] <Laurna> yuck
[05:39.02] <KK> Evie, sometimes (for some unknown reason), the switch won't stay pushed down, and that makes it shut off.  My old one was like that.  Sometimes, if you keep pushing it down, it will finally catch and the rice canfinish cooking.
[05:39.03] <revanne> You need to tell that to my DH KK, he hides dead electric kettles in the cellar
[05:39.12] <Demercia> Things that pretend to work are worse than things that are properly broken
[05:39.18] <The_Bee> Yes, Jemler, Juan Valdez is now the skeleton in my closet.
[05:39.27] <jemler> :)
[05:39.28] <KK> Yes, Demercia!
[05:39.29] <Evie> and then when I was trying to switch the half cooked rice to a regular pot to finish cooking it, I managed to turn over the can of hot oil from the hamburger steak I'd just finished draining
[05:39.48] <Demercia> Ouch
[05:39.49] <revanne> Ow
[05:39.56] <Aerlys> Sounds like my kind of day, Evie
[05:39.58] <KK> Don't do that!
[05:40.02] <The_Bee> did you burn yourself badly?
[05:40.09] <Evie> I tried that, KK, but the mechanism was completely dead. It refused to catch at all after I managed it that first time
[05:40.23] <KK> So, time to chuck it and get a new one.
[05:40.44] <Evie> No, fortunately it only sloshed out a bit of oil onto the two back burners, which were cool, so no grease fires erupted
[05:40.57] <Laurna> Time to go back to the medieval way of cooking. Iron pot over a flame.
[05:41.03] <Evie> I have a glass top stove, so I was worried it would flow onto the hot burner, but it didn't
[05:41.15] <revanne> But no coffee Laurna
[05:41.33] <Laurna> As long was there is tea I am good
[05:41.33] <Evie> You go right ahead, Laurna. In the US South, I'll take a stove, or better yet, my microwave in summer. :D
[05:41.44] <Aerlys> I'm the only person I know of who got their hand caught in the beaters of an older handmixer. Really cut it up badly. Thought it was unplugedd, but it wasn't and when I went to remove them...
[05:41.58] <The_Bee> OUCH!
[05:41.59] <Evie> Ow!!!
[05:42.02] <jemler> you don't like to grill on the patio, evie?
[05:42.05] <Laurna> Yicks
[05:42.11] <Evie> I get DH to do that, Jemler
[05:42.18] <revanne> Ouch
[05:42.19] <Demercia> Yow
[05:42.35] <jemler> aerlys, it's a good thing you weren't licking the beaters!
[05:42.39] <Evie> and even he thinks the tradition of grilling outdoors on July 4 was created by a sadist
[05:42.49] <Aerlys> I am rather mechanically declined
[05:42.58] <Aerlys> lol jemler
[05:43.06] <jemler> so you use a computer?
[05:43.32] <Laurna> Next weekend is the last weekend to grill. officialy
[05:43.35] <Aerlys> A mac. Only ones that don't freak on me
[05:44.02] <Aerlys> plus I classify them as tech, not mech
[05:44.03] <Evie> It's just now starting to get cool enough to consider grilling again
[05:44.07] <Demercia> Computers don't have attachments with psychotic tendencies
[05:44.11] <Evie> LOL
[05:44.34] <Aerlys> except for my printer..
[05:44.37] <revanne> so you don't have the British tradition of barbecuing in the cold and the rain then Laurna
[05:44.50] <Aerlys> We do!
[05:44.52] <revanne> Demercia you haven't met my computer
[05:45.01] <Demercia> I have
[05:45.12] <Evie> I think that computer attachment is named "revanne"
[05:45.17] <Laurna> I can not recall the last time i baarbecued anything outdoors.
[05:45.30] <Laurna> I am too lazy for that
[05:45.43] <revanne> :/
[05:45.48] <Aerlys> I let DH BBQ if he fels like it. Keeps the kitchen cleaner
[05:46.08] <Evie> I have a grill pan for when I want to grill something without baking myself in the hot sun. Granted, it's not quite the same, but then again, I don't half die of sunstroke either
[05:46.37] <jemler> folks, i'm gonna take off early. my arm is making me worry.
[05:46.42] <Aerlys> When we were first married we had an electric grill. Wasn't too bad
[05:46.47] <Demercia> In defence of the British summer I got sunburnt a bit at the cricket yesterday
[05:46.56] <Aerlys> What's wrong with your arm?
[05:46.57] <Evie> Or I give it to DH and he grills it with manly he-man pyromaniac grunts
[05:46.57] <Laurna> Worry? you ok Jemler?
[05:47.09] <revanne> ok Jemler, hope you feel a bit better
[05:47.10] <Demercia> Sorry to hear that Jemler.  Take good care
[05:47.13] <The_Bee> that surgery you had?
[05:47.15] <KK> We don't grill outside.  Neither I nor DH can figure out why some men think they have to grill outside to prove their manliness.
[05:47.27] <Evie> take care, jemler. I read that as you were going to take your arm off at first, and tha was making *me* worry
[05:47.39] <Aerlys> Doesn't it get too smoky to grill inside?
[05:47.53] <KK> Good luck with the arm, Jemler.
[05:47.55] <jemler> i had surgery a week ago. now my asrm is swollen, from just above the elbow, down to my hand. i'm a little concerned about it.
[05:48.12] <Aerlys> Ooh, ow. prayers that it gets better soon
[05:48.17] <The_Bee> You should be.
[05:48.23] <Laurna> Go see someone about it. then
[05:48.27] <jemler> i'll call the doctor tomorrow.
[05:48.34] <Evie> Sounds like something to get looked at
[05:48.34] <Demercia> Sounds like a trip to the doctor
[05:48.46] <jemler> i go to see her next wed, the 9th.
[05:48.59] <KK> Maybe will need to go sooner.
[05:49.00] <The_Bee> Don't wait that long.
[05:49.07] * Demercia ( Quit (Quit: ++,, ajax IRC Client)
[05:49.07] <Laurna> That is to far away call tommarrow
[05:49.12] <Evie> Yes, the 9th is two weeks from now, not this week
[05:49.13] <KK> After all, you need that arm!
[05:49.29] * Demercia ( has joined channel #deryni_destinations
[05:49.35] <jemler> maybe i'll go to the local hospital on tues, after dialysis.
[05:49.37] <The_Bee> rehi demercia
[05:49.44] <Aerlys> good idea
[05:49.50] <Evie> wb Dementia ;-)
[05:49.54] <jemler> nite all.
[05:49.57] <Aerlys> rehi!
[05:50.00] <Annie> mibbit is being a pain tonight.
[05:50.02] <KK> Nite, Jemler.
[05:50.02] <Laurna> Take care Jemler
[05:50.06] <revanne> Yes - swollen limbs ar enot good
[05:50.06] <Evie> Yes it is
[05:50.08] <Demercia> Not only did Mibbit throw me out it wanted to call me Frogzilla
[05:50.12] <Evie> LOL
[05:50.19] * jemler ( Quit (Quit: )
[05:50.27] <Evie> It keeps thinking I'm your Queen and wanting to call me Lilibet
[05:50.31] <Laurna> I love the name frogzilla,  i got that one once.
[05:50.38] <KK> Mibbit does come  up with some interesting names.
[05:50.54] * revanne makes note of name for future reference
[05:51.04] <Laurna> Oh no
[05:51.14] <Evie> oh no?
[05:51.17] <The_Bee> I was Shmoo.
[05:51.27] <Aerlys> Dang. I'm hungry but nothing sounds good.
[05:51.53] <Demercia> I usually get a random combination of letters
[05:51.54] <Aerlys>  I only have about 6 or 7 weeks left, BTW
[05:51.55] <Laurna> having Icecream cravings here
[05:51.56] <revanne> So on September 9th Evie you become the longest reigning British monarch
[05:52.00] <KK> What sounds good doesn't matter. It's what you have in the fridge and the pantry.
[05:52.14] <Laurna> Wonderfull Aerlys
[05:52.15] <Evie> Not much longer, Aerlys
[05:52.33] <KK> NOt much longer until what?
[05:52.33] <Demercia> Do you have names yet
[05:52.34] <Aerlys> Nope. :)
[05:52.43] <revanne> Hope you keep well
[05:52.47] <Aerlys> Oh, nope on length of time
[05:52.53] <Laurna> I thought you had a list of names
[05:53.05] <Aerlys> Rhys is still a frontrunner, but we'll see
[05:53.15] <Laurna> Love that name
[05:53.31] <KK> Yike, I had totally forgotten.  Mea culpa!
[05:53.46] <Evie> I'm thinking Frogzilla Lilibet might have worked, but since IIRC it's a boy, maybe a different middle name will need to be considered. How about Frogzilla Lilibert?
[05:54.01] <revanne> Are the rest of the family excited?
[05:54.11] <Aerlys> LOL, we'll add it to the list. The very BOTTOM of the list...
[05:54.17] <Evie> LOL
[05:54.18] <Laurna> LOL
[05:54.21] <Aerlys> The kids are thrilled.
[05:54.22] <revanne> on the next page
[05:54.40] <Aerlys> Mini Mister loves patting my tummy and giving his baby brother kisses
[05:54.48] <revanne> mini mister will have to have a new name
[05:54.48] <Evie> awww
[05:54.51] <KK> A++www.,,
[05:55.01] <Laurna> mini kisses
[05:55.07] <Aerlys> And thinks its funny when baby "kicks" him
[05:55.39] <Laurna> Active little one?  keeping you up at night?
[05:55.44] <Evie> DS's first interaction with DH was a kick to the face. DH was trying to listen for a heartbeat and got kicked in the cheek instead
[05:55.46] <Aerlys> He never gets hiccups, though! I'm disappointed since the kids ususally find it really funny
[05:56.25] <Aerlys> yeah, he's a wiggle worm, but I'm pretty used to it
[05:57.24] <Aerlys> I'm not very big, which is weird for me
[05:57.30] <Evie> My DS was more active than DD
[05:58.09] <Laurna> You still have 6-7 weeks to go, just wait
[05:58.25] <Evie> With DS I was the size of a barge. With DD, I was told I didn't look pregnant from behind even in the final weeks, but I certainly showed from the sides and front
[05:58.37] <Aerlys> I'm usually huge by now. Not complaining, though
[05:59.02] <Aerlys> I actually haven't gained any weight, either
[05:59.43] <Evie> It's all going to baby instead?
[05:59.53] <revanne> I lost weight with DD2 although I was perfectly healthy and she weighed 8lb 12 oz. Best diet I've ever been on
[06:00.14] <Aerlys> Pretty much. I certainly had enough to spare, and since baby is growing, the OB isn't worried
[06:00.55] <Laurna> Sounds good. My sister-in law- lost 5 lbs. but she was heavy to start with
[06:00.57] <Evie> 8 lbs 12 oz was not an undersized baby, to be sure!
[06:01.30] <revanne> No - but then all three of mine were over 8 lbs
[06:02.10] <Demercia> I well remember carrying her to the top of Glastonbury Tor :-)
[06:02.16] <Evie> DD was only 6 lbs 9 oz, which I thought was extremely petite until she entered the Newborn Intensive Care Unit due to her heart defect, and I saw her next to the premies. Then she looked gigantic.
[06:02.38] <Demercia> :-)
[06:03.03] <Aerlys> A pound or two does make a difference in newborns
[06:03.46] <Evie> In this case it was more like a pound or three or four. There were babies there who were literally half her size
[06:03.57] <Aerlys> I believe it
[06:03.58] <Laurna> Big difference. i saw a newborn 14 lb boy in NICU once.  Summo wrestler big.
[06:03.59] * Demercia ( Quit (Quit: ++,, ajax IRC Client)
[06:04.16] <Aerlys> That's BIG!
[06:04.20] <revanne> ow
[06:04.25] * Demercia ( has joined channel #deryni_destinations
[06:04.27] <Evie> 14 lb newborn. Wow. I'd have been begging for a stork delivery!
[06:04.54] <Laurna> And momma was a tiny thing. don't want to know  how she dillivered.
[06:04.55] <Evie> You're generally supposed to give birth before they hit first grade
[06:05.05] <Laurna> lol
[06:05.51] <KK> Must've been a C-section.  Can't imagine delivering 14 lbs.the regular way.
[06:06.07] <Evie> At 14 lbs, I'd be expecting him to show up with a shaving kit
[06:06.16] <Aerlys> I had a friend who had a 14 lb baby AT HOME!
[06:06.26] <Evie> OUCH!
[06:06.27] <Laurna> No it was a regular birth. and only 3 hours before I scanned the little man.
[06:06.29] <KK> Poor lady.
[06:07.00] <Laurna> ouch aerlys
[06:07.11] <KK> Talk about labor....
[06:08.03] <Laurna> cone heads only but all was fine with him as I recall.
[06:08.29] <Aerlys> lol
[06:08.31] <Evie> My epidural didn't take effect until about a minute before DD entered the world, and even with her small size I was already giving my husband additional names my MIL never dreamed of calling him and suggesting that every woman who had ever given birth before the days of modern anesthesia must have been effing insane. Although I don't recall censoring myself at the time. :-D
[06:08.59] <Aerlys> Did you grab his lower lip, too?
[06:09.22] <Evie> and pull it over his head? No, but only since he had the good sense not to stand close enough. ;-)
[06:09.53] <Annie> Okay, having been late in, I'm going to have to disappear.
[06:10.02] <Evie> Goodnight, Annie!
[06:10.05] <Annie> I'll try not to be such a stranger.
[06:10.05] <revanne> Ok night
[06:10.06] <Laurna> Good night Annie
[06:10.11] <Evie> glad you could make it
[06:10.14] <Aerlys> Goodnight, Annie
[06:10.22] <Laurna> Enjoy the house to yourself
[06:10.29] <Annie> I won't have to worry so much about getting a child out to school on Monday mornings in future. :D
[06:10.34] <Evie> true
[06:10.40] <The_Bee> nighters, Annie congrats to your daughter
[06:10.43] <Annie> See y'all.
[06:10.46] <Annie> Thank you. :D
[06:10.53] <revanne> I'm going to add to the British Exodus - and take my cold to bed
[06:11.04] <Evie> Goodnight, revanne
[06:11.05] <Laurna> Get well
[06:11.07] * Annie (Mibbit@BF1DC3.3B1D79.0E23C3.EA0EFB) Quit (Quit: ++,, ajax IRC Client)
[06:11.09] <Aerlys> nighters, revanne
[06:11.13] <Evie> have some chicken soup tomorrow
[06:11.25] <revanne> Its been a lovely long chat - thanks again for the early chat.
[06:11.31] <Demercia> Yes it's the witching hour here, I'm going to go too before I fall asleep on the settee and wake up at 3am frozen with a crick in my neck
[06:11.35] <The_Bee> goodnight, Revanne.  Hope you feel better tomorrow
[06:11.40] <Evie> no, don't do that
[06:11.52] <Aerlys> leep tight, Demercia
[06:11.55] <Evie> it might be a giant ginger cat on your neck instead
[06:11.56] <The_Bee> nighters, demercia
[06:12.01] <Aerlys> sleep
[06:12.02] <revanne> Hope Dragon Con goes well KK
[06:12.12] <KK> I'm going to start the Virginia exodus, as I have much to do.  My mom is having sinus surgery tomorrow AM, so I have to gear up for that.  0730 checkin.
[06:12.21] <Evie> oh dear
[06:12.27] <Evie> I hope all goes well
[06:12.38] <Laurna> KK have a great Dragon con. If Evie remembers can you sign a book mark for me and give to Evie. I would love to put in my book.
16:12   Demercia   If you don't hear from Revanne again you will know she called me Frogzilla
16:12   Laurna   lol
16:12   Aerlys   hope all goes well, KK.
16:12      KK steps onto her Portal, waves goodnight, and disappears in a shower of green sparkles.
16:13   The_Bee   nighters, KK glad you came, and I hope your mom's surgery goes well.
16:13   revanne   night KK
16:13   Demercia   Enjoy DragonCon, looking forward to hearing about it.
16:13   KK   See you in 2 weeks--except for Evie, who I'll see on Saturday.
16:13   Laurna   wishing everyone a healthy week
16:13      *** revanne quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
16:13      *** KK quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
"In necessariis unitas, in non-necessariis libertas, in utrisque caritas."

I have a vocabulary in excess of 75,000 words, and I'm not afraid to use it!


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