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KK Chat -- 23 August 2015
« on: August 23, 2015, 07:39:35 pm »
Aug 23 19:10:07 *   KK has joined
Aug 23 19:10:12 <Evie>   hi KK
Aug 23 19:10:12 <The_Bee>   Hi KK
Aug 23 19:10:20 <jemler>   it went ok. she kept me overnight. i have a genetic condition called Marfans. it's what caused the aneurysm. my dialysis fistula was close to another aneurysm. the doctorremoved an entire segment of the fistula.
Aug 23 19:10:22 <jemler>   hi kk.
Aug 23 19:10:34 <Shiral>   Hello Katherine
Aug 23 19:10:54 <KK>   Hi, all.  Jemler, glad to hear that you survived!
Aug 23 19:11:25 <Evie>   Yes, KK, he didn't want to miss chat. ;-)
Aug 23 19:11:39 <The_Bee>   Is the problem likely to recur?
Aug 23 19:12:53 <jemler>   one of the aides at the hospital might think otherwise! they had a board at the foot of my bed so they couls wriye their names. but i pointed out she disn't write her phone number! struck out! :(
Aug 23 19:13:47 <Evie>   .
Aug 23 19:14:35 <jemler>   maybe she was evie. i don't ask women questions like that!
Aug 23 19:15:06 <Shiral>   You do seem to have bounced back, Jemler
Aug 23 19:15:17 <jemler>   :)
Aug 23 19:15:33 *   cynicalmedic (Mibbit@4FC299.FE1F41.71FC3F.36BB1A) has joined
Aug 23 19:15:39 <The_Bee>   Hi CM
Aug 23 19:15:44 *   cynicalmedic has quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
Aug 23 19:15:47 *   Evie has quit (Ping timeout: 121 seconds)
Aug 23 19:15:52 <jemler>   discretion is the better part of a dental visit.
Aug 23 19:15:55 <jemler>   hi cm
Aug 23 19:16:00 <Shiral>   Hello CM
Aug 23 19:16:01 <The_Bee>   that was quick even for CM!
Aug 23 19:16:16 <Shiral>   Have you had an enjoyable week, KK?
Aug 23 19:16:17 <jemler>   did i embarass evie?
Aug 23 19:16:42 <Shiral>   She said her internet connection has been sporadic, today
Aug 23 19:17:01 <The_Bee>   All I saw her say was a dot.
Aug 23 19:17:12 <KK>   It sort of evaporated.  I did a lot of things, but don't really have the sense that I accomplished much.
Aug 23 19:17:24 <Shiral>   That sounds familiar
Aug 23 19:17:30 <The_Bee>   We all have weeks like that.
Aug 23 19:17:40 <KK>   Yep.
Aug 23 19:17:44 <jemler>   that's why a made that comment. i thought she was aking if the aide was on her period.
Aug 23 19:18:10 <Shiral>   We start with excellent intentions, and keep getting interrupted/distracted from our purpose by Other Stuff
Aug 23 19:18:39 <The_Bee>   "life is what happens while you're making other plans."
Aug 23 19:19:04 <jemler>   John Lennon.
Aug 23 19:19:29 <jemler>   frm the song Beautiful boy.
Aug 23 19:19:41 *   Evie ( has joined
Aug 23 19:19:48 *   derynibot gives channel operator status to Evie
Aug 23 19:19:49 <The_Bee>   rehi Evie
Aug 23 19:19:51 <jemler>   wb evie.
Aug 23 19:20:06 <Evie>   hi
Aug 23 19:20:37 <Evie>   Were you able to see what I was typing? On my end everything when totally silent after Jemler spoke at 06:13:40 my time
Aug 23 19:20:51 <The_Bee>   All I saw was a dot.
Aug 23 19:20:55 <Shiral>   Hello again, Evie.
Aug 23 19:20:58 <jemler>   all i saw was a .
Aug 23 19:21:00 <Evie>   Hi
Aug 23 19:21:17 <Shiral>   We decided you were dotty, but no harm done.
Aug 23 19:21:21 *   You are now known as DesertRose
Aug 23 19:21:23 <DesertRose>   Hi.
Aug 23 19:21:28 <Shiral>   Hi DR
Aug 23 19:21:33 <The_Bee>   Hi DR
Aug 23 19:22:06 <Evie>   Yes, I sent a dot twice to see if I was still connected, and those appeared on screen, so then I explained why I was posting dots and asked if anyone could see them, then nothing. Just crickets. :D
Aug 23 19:22:09 <jemler>   i thought you were asking if the aide was on her period. i said i don't ask women things about that.
Aug 23 19:22:22 <Evie>   :-P
Aug 23 19:22:29 <Shiral>   We thought maybe Luke was helping you out
Aug 23 19:22:49 <Evie>   no, I've exiled myself to another room since Luke wouldn't stop climbing me
Aug 23 19:23:06 <The_Bee>   He thinks you're a tree?
Aug 23 19:23:11 <Evie>   and it's way too hot for me to wear a large furry cat under my chin
Aug 23 19:23:14 <jemler>   the only problem i'm having is my lower armis a bit swollen, and tender.
Aug 23 19:23:19 <Shiral>   Clearly heknew what day and what time it was
Aug 23 19:23:23 <KK>   Maybe Mibbit doesn't lie dots.
Aug 23 19:23:29 <KK>   like
Aug 23 19:23:32 <Evie>   apparently.  His favorite place to rest when I'm on the recliner is on my chest
Aug 23 19:24:00 <The_Bee>   Mibbit rest on your chest?
Aug 23 19:24:13 <Evie>   KK, I can't leave my Mini-Deryni alone for a moment. I left them out overnight and this happened:,844.msg13552.html#msg13552
Aug 23 19:24:15 *   jemler pictures Evie with a beard. no thatg doesn't work at all!
Aug 23 19:24:22 <Evie>   Luke likes to rest on my chest, Bee.
Aug 23 19:25:00 <Evie>   I woke up to that scene (points at link above)
Aug 23 19:25:08 <jemler>   duncan is thinking "not another mattress!"
Aug 23 19:25:37 <KK>   Could your DD be responsible?
Aug 23 19:25:37 <The_Bee>   If that's Duncan, I hope the girl is Maryse.
Aug 23 19:25:43 <Shiral>   It's really a very compromising scene for both of them. =o)
Aug 23 19:26:01 <Evie>   Duncan is probably thinking "I hope those odd lumps under Helena's armpits aren't plague buboes, since Healers can't do much about those!"  :-D
Aug 23 19:26:31 <Evie>   Yes, DD said she found them and couldn't resist the urge to pose them somewhere where I'd find them
Aug 23 19:27:04 <Shiral>   Although perhaps they could explain they were practicing their synchronized swimming
Aug 23 19:27:12 <jemler>   i'd say DD is too big to play with dolls, but...
Aug 23 19:27:33 <Evie>   Yes, let's hope they're just practicing swimming...on my recliner....*skeptical look*
Aug 23 19:28:02 <Evie>   She's too big to play with dolls, but I'm not.  :-D
Aug 23 19:28:24 <jemler>   :) like mother like daughter.
Aug 23 19:29:06 <Evie>   too true
Aug 23 19:29:11 <Shiral>   Softer than the floor, isn't it? =o)
Aug 23 19:29:22 <Evie>   There is that, Shiral
Aug 23 19:29:42 <Shiral>   And a bit less dusty
Aug 23 19:29:43 <Evie>   I went to see the new The Man from UNCLE movie yesterday. That was fun
Aug 23 19:30:53 <Shiral>   I saw Mr. Holmes a few weeks ago.... It's a pleasant enough movie, but I didn't completely buy it
Aug 23 19:31:06 <Evie>   Haven't seen that one yet
Aug 23 19:31:15 <Shiral>   It's missable
Aug 23 19:31:42 <The_Bee>   I saw a play this afternoon.  Set mainly in an Irish pub, with songs.
Aug 23 19:31:47 <Evie>   I want to rent Kingsmen though now that it's in Redbox. DD said it was good
Aug 23 19:32:01 <The_Bee>   What didn't you buy, Shiral?
Aug 23 19:32:02 <Evie>   that sounds fun, Bee
Aug 23 19:32:08 <KK>   Haven't seen UNCLE yet, though I hope to.  I used to love the original series, corny though it was.  Had a crush on David McCalum, and glad to see him regularly in NCIS these days.
Aug 23 19:32:27 <Evie>   am just starting to discover NCIS, KK
Aug 23 19:32:33 <KK>   Mr. Holmes was interesting.
Aug 23 19:32:51 <KK>   Love NCIS, and used to love JAG, from which NCIS spun off.
Aug 23 19:33:59 <Evie>   I knew someone on a doll forum I used to belong to who was doing 1:6 customized figures of the original Man from UNCLE characters. She was doing a cute little apartment diorama decorated 1960s style, last I heard, for her Illya figure.
Aug 23 19:34:19 <jemler>   brb. dinner.
Aug 23 19:34:30 <The_Bee>   There was a scene in NCIS where someone asked Gibbs what Duckie looked like when he was young.  Gibbs's reply: "Ilya Kuryakin."
Aug 23 19:34:49 <Evie>   LOL! I remember that line
Aug 23 19:35:00 <Shiral>   Sherlock HOlmes is struggling to recover his memory of a case he failed to solve in his earlier days, so he goes all the way to post WWII Japan to find an  herb that's supposed to help with memory loss, and the movie goes back and forth between Japan and England. But the earlier case doesn't seem all that important, for all his struggles to remember what actually happened
Aug 23 19:35:33 <jemler>   ashley-pitt from the great escape.
Aug 23 19:35:34 <KK>   LOL, I don't remember that, but it's wonderful.  And I would've expected Tony to say that.
Aug 23 19:35:42 <The_Bee>   IMHO nobody but Conan Doyle has ever got Holmes right.
Aug 23 19:36:03 <jemler>   basil rathbone?
Aug 23 19:37:10 <Evie>   The new UNCLE movie has some fun banter in it between the lead characters
Aug 23 19:37:22 <The_Bee>   Rathbone was okay, but they made Watson look like an idiot.  It was as if they were saying that anyone less intelligent than Holmes must be a numbskull.
Aug 23 19:37:58 <Shiral>   Ian McKellan does a good job in the role, but either the movie should have taken place in Japan where he was dealing with an issue with his interpreter which was happening to him in the present or it should have left that part out. As far as actors who have played SH, I've always liked Jeremy Brett best in the role.
Aug 23 19:38:19 <Shiral>   And his Watson was clearly no fool
Aug 23 19:38:25 <The_Bee>   He was good, yes.
Aug 23 19:38:42 <jemler>   i saw frank langella act him in a play once on hbo.
Aug 23 19:39:02 <Shiral>   Always trying to figure out what Holmes was thinking, and coming close, but never quite making the quantum leap
Aug 23 19:39:19 <The_Bee>   Do any of you watch Elementary on CBS?
Aug 23 19:39:29 <Shiral>   Nope
Aug 23 19:39:48 <The_Bee>   Watson is a woman, and it's ser in NYC.
Aug 23 19:39:52 <The_Bee>   set
Aug 23 19:40:11 <KK>   I don't care for it.
Aug 23 19:40:14 <jemler>   SHIRAL! nor shall thy sight be used for revolation, unless the others mind be freely offered!
Aug 23 19:40:24 *   Healer (Mibbit@78A221.77DD4E.0F9848.2EC62C) has joined
Aug 23 19:40:31 <jemler>   hi healer.
Aug 23 19:40:32 <The_Bee>   Hi Healer
Aug 23 19:40:34 <Evie>   hi Healer
Aug 23 19:40:59 <Healer>   hi all
Aug 23 19:42:05 <Healer>   am in for short break
Aug 23 19:42:14 <Evie>   glad you could make it
Aug 23 19:42:24 <The_Bee>   break from what?
Aug 23 19:42:46 <Healer>   i work every sun.
Aug 23 19:43:14 <jemler>   obviously s priest.
Aug 23 19:43:29 *   Shiral2 ( has joined
Aug 23 19:43:41 <The_Bee>   Hi Evil Twin!
Aug 23 19:43:42 <Evie>   Hi, Shiral's twin
Aug 23 19:43:43 <jemler>   or a football player.
Aug 23 19:43:45 <Healer>   no, massage therapist
Aug 23 19:43:49 <Shiral2>   Dang
Aug 23 19:43:54 *   Shiral has quit (Ping timeout: 121 seconds)
Aug 23 19:44:03 *   Shiral2 is now known as Shiral
Aug 23 19:44:05 <jemler>   right. priest.
Aug 23 19:44:18 <Shiral>   Stupid laptop hiccuped
Aug 23 19:44:42 <The_Bee>   Tell your laptop to breathe into a paper bag.
Aug 23 19:45:13 <jemler>   show it a picture of you using a Mac!
Aug 23 19:45:24 <Evie>   Our forum priests have both gone off to bed, it being past midnight in their part of the world. :-)
Aug 23 19:45:32 <Healer>   or hold it,s breath for the count of 10
Aug 23 19:45:58 <KK>   THeir days start early.
Aug 23 19:46:04 <Evie>   Feed it a teaspoon of sugar. That one works for me almost every time
Aug 23 19:46:39 <Shiral>   My mother and I went to the Apple Store yesterday to get her a new mouse since her old one died. Now Mom wants me to get a Mac, although that would involve converting my software over to mac. I did drool over the new iPads, though. I got Mom and iPad mini for her birthday. Which she hasn't yet taken out of the box.
Aug 23 19:47:41 *   NavaWazrr ( has joined
Aug 23 19:47:48 <Evie>   Hi, Nava!
Aug 23 19:47:51 <jemler>   did youi see the video about a daughter getting her father an ipad. he used it as a cutting board!
Aug 23 19:47:53 <Shiral>   Hi Nava
Aug 23 19:47:55 <Healer>   hi
Aug 23 19:47:58 <jemler>   hi nava
Aug 23 19:48:02 <NavaWazrr>   hi everyone
Aug 23 19:48:03 <The_Bee>   hi NavaWazrr
Aug 23 19:48:08 <KK>   I dislike Macs intensely.  Give me a PC any day.  (And has anyone installed the new Windows yet?  If so, how is it?)
Aug 23 19:48:09 <Evie>   ack, jemler!
Aug 23 19:48:11 <Shiral>   I've seen that, yes. Makes me wince everytime!
Aug 23 19:48:32 <Healer>   yes i have
Aug 23 19:48:44 <jemler>   i have. so far so good. i'll have to update my antivirus, but...
Aug 23 19:48:51 <NavaWazrr>   I like my Windows machines, no Macs at my house
Aug 23 19:48:54 <The_Bee>   I'm a Mac-o-phobe.
Aug 23 19:48:54 <Shiral>   I haven't yet. Wondering if that will force me to update all my software, also
Aug 23 19:49:32 *   The_Bee has quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
Aug 23 19:49:37 <Shiral>   I haven't used a Mac since my tiny old macintosh of a 1990 vintage died
Aug 23 19:49:39 <Healer>   though not being a techie probly not getteing the most out of it
Aug 23 19:49:58 <Evie>   Given a choice, I would still be on Windows 7, which I loved, but since this laptop has a touch screen, I had to get it with Win 8.1
Aug 23 19:50:28 <jemler>   i d/l home/pro 32/64 bit versions. i can installed as many as are needed. thry ARE free.
Aug 23 19:50:48 *   skippydippy ( has joined
Aug 23 19:51:05 <jemler>   wb bee
Aug 23 19:51:08 <Evie>, is this Bee?
Aug 23 19:51:21 *   skippydippy is now known as The_Bee
Aug 23 19:51:26 <Evie>   LOL
Aug 23 19:51:35 <Evie>   That's my favorite new name for you, Bee
Aug 23 19:51:45 <The_Bee>   That's better than some of the names mibbit has called me.
Aug 23 19:52:09 <KK>   Good name!
Aug 23 19:52:16 <Evie>   Apparently it thinks I am the Queen of England, since it keeps suggesting Lilibet for me
Aug 23 19:52:21 <Healer>   i always change it
Aug 23 19:53:52 <Healer>   opps time to go for me, back to work.
Aug 23 19:54:01 <Evie>   Glad you could stop by
Aug 23 19:54:07 <The_Bee>   bye healer. Glad you could come
Aug 23 19:54:17 <Healer>   bye bye.:)
Aug 23 19:54:18 <jemler>   nite healer.
Aug 23 19:54:22 <Shiral>   Bye, Healer
Aug 23 19:54:32 <KK>   Bye, Healer.
Aug 23 19:54:33 *   Healer has quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
Aug 23 19:54:38 *   Jerusha (Mibbit@4CA975.E72DF0.1CA2CF.F1F0E7) has joined
Aug 23 19:54:52 <The_Bee>   Hi Jerusha
Aug 23 19:54:52 <Shiral>   Hello Jerusha
Aug 23 19:55:07 <Jerusha>   Hi everyone
Aug 23 19:55:07 <Evie>   Hi Jerusha
Aug 23 19:55:17 <jemler>   hi jerusha
Aug 23 19:55:50 <The_Bee>   brb
Aug 23 19:55:56 <Evie>   KK, here's a link to the Man from UNCLE movie trailer, though it's a 5 minute trailer so I suggest waiting until after chat to watch it:
/>Aug 23 19:56:25 <KK>   Thanks, I will.
Aug 23 19:56:36 <Jerusha>   Sorry to be late; too many dishes after suppe
Aug 23 19:56:52 <Evie>   DIshes can wait an hour without melting in the sink, Jerusha. ;-)
Aug 23 19:56:55 <The_Bee>   eating ort washing?
Aug 23 19:57:04 <Jerusha>   With an "r"
Aug 23 19:57:05 <The_Bee>   sorrry
Aug 23 19:57:32 <Jerusha>   Not with whippets
Aug 23 19:57:55 <KK>   Do they get up on counters?
Aug 23 19:58:05 <Jerusha>   Sneaky, they are
Aug 23 19:58:25 <KK>   Counter-surfing?  Bassets do that.
Aug 23 19:58:29 <Jerusha>   At every opportunity, KK
Aug 23 19:58:32 <jemler>   let it whipp, whippett all night.
Aug 23 19:58:46 <Shiral>   I wouldn't think Bassets were that er...Springy, KK =o)
Aug 23 19:58:55 <Jerusha>   Too true, Jemler
Aug 23 19:59:21 <KK>   But they can be very tall.  I lost several pieces of toast off the breakfast table until I realized how agile Warner is.
Aug 23 19:59:33 <Evie>   lol
Aug 23 19:59:34 <DesertRose>   LOL
Aug 23 19:59:39 <The_Bee>   LOL
Aug 23 19:59:50 <Jerusha>   Too true
Aug 23 19:59:51 <Shiral>   Well Yes, they're long in body
Aug 23 20:00:13 <jemler>   you ever watch Up in Smoke?
Aug 23 20:00:20 <Jerusha>   And such sweet expressions
Aug 23 20:01:14 <KK>   No, Jemler.  Does it have Bassets?
Aug 23 20:02:23 <jemler>   no but the guy mentioned labradors. he had his pot on the counter, and the dog ate it. he said i had to follow him around for 3 days before i got it back!
Aug 23 20:02:42 <Evie>   Ew
Aug 23 20:02:55 <Jerusha>   Ack!
Aug 23 20:03:06 <jemler>   he rolled a joint the size of a hot dag!
Aug 23 20:03:15 <Shiral>   At that point, It would be a write-off, for me!
Aug 23 20:03:17 <DesertRose>   My ex husband told a story about a friend of his whose cat ate her marijuana plant.  Poor kitty was stoned out of its mind.
Aug 23 20:03:32 <Shiral>   ANYTHING the dog ate would be a write-off, for that matter
Aug 23 20:03:42 <DesertRose>   Indeed, Shiral.
Aug 23 20:03:52 <Evie>   Cats get Crazy Kitteh Time even without the benefit of herbal enhancements
Aug 23 20:04:07 <The_Bee>   Was the cat ok afterward?
Aug 23 20:04:08 <DesertRose>   This cat was just staring into space and attempting without much success to walk.
Aug 23 20:04:18 <DesertRose>   Yes, after the high wore off, the cat was fine.
Aug 23 20:04:19 <jemler>   sadi!
Aug 23 20:04:21 <DesertRose>   Just really stoned.
Aug 23 20:04:26 <Jerusha>   Not good
Aug 23 20:04:29 <DesertRose>   For a bit.
Aug 23 20:04:49 <Shiral>   I got Dmitri and Francesca a ball that's made of compressed cork and catnip. I hear Dmitri batting it around the diningroom floor, every now and then. That's the only mood enhancer he needs
Aug 23 20:05:14 <The_Bee>   Melantha ignores catnip
Aug 23 20:05:26 <NavaWazrr>   our cat prefers to nap under the bed or on top of whatever book or keyboard I am using
Aug 23 20:05:38 <Evie>   Luke can take or leave catnip, but he goes crazy for peas. Gigi likes catnip, though.
Aug 23 20:05:49 <DesertRose>   Luke is just crazy, period.  :D
Aug 23 20:05:55 <Shiral>   I got him a catnip sausage a few weeks ago. Once the novelty wore off it, he ignores it. He's a cat-toddler. =o)
Aug 23 20:05:57 <Evie>   This is true, DR
Aug 23 20:06:01 <DesertRose>   LOL
Aug 23 20:06:05 <The_Bee>   My neighbor's cat adores catnip
Aug 23 20:06:19 <KK>   Some cats just don't react to catnip.  It's a physiology thing.
Aug 23 20:06:30 <DesertRose>   PJ can take or leave catnip.  Merlin gets very lazy when he's had some.
Aug 23 20:06:37 <Jerusha>   When we had our first house, we had no furniture in the family room .  so alcoholic drinks were sitting on the floor.  Poor golden retriever puppy decided to sample
Aug 23 20:06:44 <The_Bee>   genetic, someone said
Aug 23 20:06:58 <KK>   Some of them, though, go bat-shit.  We used to have a sausage-shaped thing that drugged out our cats something fierce.
Aug 23 20:06:59 <DesertRose>   There's a photo of my childhood neighbor's dog sipping the neighbor's beer.
Aug 23 20:08:16 <The_Bee>   I knew a dog who did that.  I tried to shut him in his owner's apartment, but he kept getting out, trying to climb the stairs, and rolling down.
Aug 23 20:08:24 <DesertRose>   Yeah, my family had a cat years ago who LOVED catnip.  Mom bought a catnip "sock" (basically a big cloth cylindrical-shaped toy) and was going to put it in the cat's Christmas stocking (yes the cats get Christmas stockings), but the cat found the toy (hidden on the top shelf of Mom's closet) and ripped it out of the packaging.
Aug 23 20:08:41 <Evie>   lol
Aug 23 20:08:58 <Jerusha>   Oops
Aug 23 20:09:01 <DesertRose>   Catarina loved her catnip.  She'd beat the heck out of that sock to get at the catnip.
Aug 23 20:09:05 <Shiral>   Dmitri ACTS like he likes catnip for a while... but soon loses interest in the toy
Aug 23 20:09:19 <DesertRose>   Maybe Dmitri only likes fresh catnip?
Aug 23 20:09:23 <Shiral>   Maybe
Aug 23 20:09:52 <Shiral>   He's the household Czar of Everything, so he demands a constant fresh supply
Aug 23 20:09:55 <DesertRose>   LOL
Aug 23 20:09:56 <Evie>   My grandmother had catnip growing wild in her garden, along with some spearmint and peppermint
Aug 23 20:10:07 <Evie>   and the cats seemed to like them all
Aug 23 20:10:18 <DesertRose>   Catnip is a member of the same plant family as mint.
Aug 23 20:10:26 <Evie>   yes
Aug 23 20:10:33 <The_Bee>   Melantha likes peanut butter.
Aug 23 20:10:47 <DesertRose>   LOL, I've heard of dogs that like peanut butter but never a cat.
Aug 23 20:10:47 <KK>   I have pictures somewhere of our Irish cats digging their presents out of shopping bags on Christmas eve and ripping them open.  That was our last Christmas in Ireland, when we were living in a friend's cottage--which had chinks in the living room walls, and mice used to come out and scamper along the back of the couch--which drove the cats crazy!
Aug 23 20:11:08 <DesertRose>   Oh, I bet those pics are great, KK.
Aug 23 20:11:09 <Evie>   Under the catnip or mint was a favorite place for her outdoor kitties to lie down
Aug 23 20:11:42 <Jerusha>   That would drive me crazy too, KK
Aug 23 20:11:55 <KK>   One of the bags was even from a store called Sasha, and our Sasha seemed to know that bag was his.
Aug 23 20:12:03 <Evie>   LOL
Aug 23 20:12:26 <DesertRose>   LOL
Aug 23 20:13:33 <The_Bee>   Did the cats catch any mice?
Aug 23 20:13:36 <Shiral>   Smart cat
Aug 23 20:13:36 <Jerusha>   Was it hard to come back from Ireland, KK?
Aug 23 20:14:04 <KK>   Not in the cottage, I don't think.  But they'd catch them outside and bring them in.
Aug 23 20:14:29 <The_Bee>   dead or alive?
Aug 23 20:14:39 <Shiral>   The gift of love, which we never appreciate
Aug 23 20:14:58 <Evie>   Luke gave DH the Gift of Love of a live mouse in his shoe
Aug 23 20:15:11 <KK>   Yes and no, Jerusha.  We loved our gothic revival house, but once we'd restored and sold it, we couldn't find anything to compare.  Besides that, the economy was tanking.  We got out in the nick of time.
Aug 23 20:15:14 <The_Bee>   One theory is, they're trying to teach us how to hunt.
Aug 23 20:15:18 <Evie>   Fortunately it was alive enough to get out of the shoe before Luke caught it again and finished it off
Aug 23 20:15:45 <DesertRose>   That, or cats think we're really stupid, really big, furless kittens.  :D
Aug 23 20:15:49 <KK>   Both dead and alive, Bee.
Aug 23 20:15:58 <Shiral>   I think it's the latter with my two, DR
Aug 23 20:16:01 <DesertRose>   LOL
Aug 23 20:16:16 <Shiral>   They're deeply unimpressed with my pouncing skills
Aug 23 20:16:21 <DesertRose>   LOL
Aug 23 20:16:46 <DesertRose>   Well, adult cats don't actually meow at each other.  Adult cats meow at kittens and humans.
Aug 23 20:16:55 <Jerusha>   Glad it worked out, kk
Aug 23 20:17:10 <DesertRose>   So to them, we're clearly really big kittens who can't figure out how to be cats.
Aug 23 20:17:20 <DesertRose>   :D
Aug 23 20:17:44 <The_Bee>   Yet we call ourselves kitty's mama
Aug 23 20:17:59 <DesertRose>   Yeah, we all know that the house is run for the convenience of the cat(s).
Aug 23 20:18:01 <DesertRose>   :D
Aug 23 20:18:07 <Shiral>   I think my cats look at me, shake their heads and sigh and say "She can't jump for toffee, either. Lucky she can fill our bowls
Aug 23 20:18:34 <Evie>   :-)
Aug 23 20:18:34 <The_Bee>   toffee?
Aug 23 20:18:48 <DesertRose>   I misread that and thought you said, "can't jump for coffee" and I was wondering who has the energy to jump before the morning caffeine.  :D
Aug 23 20:19:26 <Jerusha>   Only after,Dr 😀
Aug 23 20:19:45 <KK>   Isn't that one of those figures of speech, maybe a polite substitute for "can't jump for s**t"?
Aug 23 20:19:52 <DesertRose>   LOL, maybe so.
Aug 23 20:20:16 <Evie>   Personally, given a choice, I'd rather jump for toffee.  :-D
Aug 23 20:20:23 <The_Bee>   Do cats actually like toffee?
Aug 23 20:20:37 <Jerusha>   Brb moving from dock to campfire
Aug 23 20:20:41 <DesertRose>   I shouldn't think so.  They don't generally have much of a sweet tooth. :)
Aug 23 20:21:08 <Shiral>   Well yes, I was trying to be G-rated in chat, KK. =o)
Aug 23 20:21:23 <DesertRose>   LOL
Aug 23 20:21:24 <DesertRose>   BRB
Aug 23 20:21:37 <Evie>   the only time mine show an interest in sweets is if I'm eating them, but then they lose interest once they actually take a sniff test
Aug 23 20:21:38 <KK>   Attagirl!
Aug 23 20:22:18 <Shiral>   Dmitri likes ice cream
Aug 23 20:22:33 <KK>   I think most cats like ice cream.
Aug 23 20:22:40 <The_Bee>   If you want to hear unprintable language, listen to a red squirrel expressing its opinion.
Aug 23 20:22:44 <KK>   Ours certainly do.  So do the dogs.
Aug 23 20:22:56 <Evie>   Gigi likes to sniff the bowl, but she goes much crazier over ranch dip or yogurt
Aug 23 20:23:02 <Shiral>   If I break off a bit of cookie and offer it to him, he'll slobber on it, then leave it
Aug 23 20:23:27 <Jerusha>   Whippets love cheese
Aug 23 20:23:47 <The_Bee>   so do many catsand dogs.
Aug 23 20:24:22 <Jerusha>   But our female can only have goat cheese
Aug 23 20:24:49 <The_Bee>   allergies?
Aug 23 20:25:20 <DesertRose>   Okay, back.
Aug 23 20:25:27 <Evie>   wb
Aug 23 20:25:29 <Jerusha>   Canine irritable bowel syndrome
Aug 23 20:25:46 <The_Bee>   Some humans can tolerate goat's milk but not cow's milk.
Aug 23 20:26:06 <Jerusha>   She's on a limited ingredient diet
Aug 23 20:26:43 <Jerusha>   But wants everyb
Aug 23 20:27:11 <Jerusha>   Everything, I meant
Aug 23 20:27:27 <Jerusha>   iPhone issues
Aug 23 20:28:12 <Shiral>   Gotta go folks. PHone call from Mom saying "Let's go out to dinner
Aug 23 20:28:24 <Evie>   have fun
Aug 23 20:28:31 <The_Bee>   Bye Shiral! Enjoy dinner with Mom.
Aug 23 20:28:44 *   Shiral waves farewell, steps onto her portal and disappears in a cloud of blue steam
Aug 23 20:28:48 <Shiral>   BYE!
Aug 23 20:28:52 <Jerusha>   Can't turn that down Shiral
Aug 23 20:28:54 *   Shiral has quit (Quit: )
Aug 23 20:28:56 <Evie>   How is the treecat story, KK?
Aug 23 20:29:33 <KK>   Didn't have a chance to work on it this week.  Like I said, the week evaporated. 
Aug 23 20:29:45 <KK>   Hopefully, this week will be better.
Aug 23 20:29:47 <Evie>   They do that
Aug 23 20:30:09 <The_Bee>   Is there a deadline?
Aug 23 20:30:16 <Jerusha>   Brb
Aug 23 20:30:27 <Evie>   If last Friday was an indicator, this upcoming week will be a very busy one at work. *sigh*
Aug 23 20:30:41 <KK>   And on that note, so that I can finish clearing the decks for action, I'd better get going.  (No deadline, Bee.  But the sooner I write it and turn it in, the sooner I get paid.  Great incentive!)
Aug 23 20:30:51 <The_Bee>   Yup
Aug 23 20:31:09 *   KK steps onto her Portal, waves goodnight, and disappears in a shower of green sparkles.
Aug 23 20:31:15 <Evie>   Check out the movie trailer when you get a chance, KK
Aug 23 20:31:16 <DesertRose>   See you, KK.  Thanks for coming to see us!
Aug 23 20:31:22 <The_Bee>   Thanks for coming, KK. Have a good week.
Aug 23 20:31:22 <Evie>   See you in a few weeks
Aug 23 20:31:36 <DesertRose>   Next week is early chat!
Aug 23 20:31:37 <Evie>   Oh, early chat next week!
Aug 23 20:31:44 <Evie>   LOL, DR, rapport again
Aug 23 20:31:49 <DesertRose>   LOL, yes.
Aug 23 20:32:07 <DesertRose>   I won't be here next week, but Evie or Bynw should be capturing the log.
Aug 23 20:32:09 <The_Bee>   Next weeks's early chat, isn't it? Because Sept Sunday is a busy day for many
Aug 23 20:32:32 <DesertRose>   I'm going to a baby shower for my cousin in South Carolina, so I'll actually probably be on the road home during chat time.
Aug 23 20:32:33 <KK>   Yes, early chat next week!
Aug 23 20:32:36 <Evie>   Yes, it's next week because KK will be at DragonCon during the first Sunday of Sept
Aug 23 20:32:55 <Jerusha>   Wish I was
Aug 23 20:33:12 <The_Bee>   Some remind aour across-the=pond folks.
Aug 23 20:33:14 <Evie>   I wish you'd be there too, Jerusha
Aug 23 20:33:23 <The_Bee>   someone
Aug 23 20:33:32 <DesertRose>   I put it on the main page of the forum, Bee.
Aug 23 20:33:36 <Evie>   We will, though I think they are already aware of it
Aug 23 20:33:40 <The_Bee>   Good!
Aug 23 20:33:48 <Evie>   They tend to really look forward to it
Aug 23 20:34:04 <DesertRose>   Well, short of a bank holiday, it's the only chance they get to come and talk with KK.
Aug 23 20:34:11 <DesertRose>   So I can see why it's a big deal.  :)
Aug 23 20:34:17 <Jerusha>   Aw, thanks , Evie
Aug 23 20:34:23 <Evie>   and even on a bank holiday, staying awake can be a problem
Aug 23 20:34:31 <DesertRose>   Yes.
Aug 23 20:34:57 <Evie>   Someone else needs to come to DragonCon to help me keep an eye on KK and her DairyQueen addiction. ;-)
Aug 23 20:35:12 <The_Bee>   KK knows what that's like.
Aug 23 20:35:33 <DesertRose>   Sorry, won't be me.  Trimaris' 30th Year is that weekend, and I've already reserved for myself and DD.
Aug 23 20:36:02 <Jerusha>   Dairy Queen chocolate. Count me in
Aug 23 20:36:11 <Evie>   I guess it will just be me and the Mini-Deryni again, then. Hopefully Duncan won't lose his head with the stress of it.
Aug 23 20:36:11 <The_Bee>   midnight chat's that is.
Aug 23 20:36:34 <DesertRose>   Yes, all the time she was in Ireland she was chatting with us at Stupid O'Clock her time.  :)
Aug 23 20:37:03 <Jerusha>   Mini Alaric will keep a closer eye on him this time
Aug 23 20:37:17 <KK>   Nighters, all.
Aug 23 20:37:25 <The_Bee>   sbye KK
Aug 23 20:37:27 <DesertRose>   Night, KK!
Aug 23 20:37:29 *   KK has quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
"If having a soul means being able to feel love, loyalty, and gratitude, then animals are better off than a lot of humans."

James Herriot (James Alfred "Alfie" Wight), when a human client asked him if animals have souls.  (I don't remember in which book the story originally appeared.)


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