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KK Chat -- 9 August 2015
« on: August 09, 2015, 07:16:14 pm »
06:02.06] * KK ( has joined channel #deryni_destinations
[06:02.13] <The_Bee> Hi KK
[06:02.13] <jemler> hi kk
[06:02.26] <Evie> My MIL bought her house here in AL in part because it overlooks a railroad track, and since my FIL loved trains, it's a reminder of him.
[06:02.32] <Evie> hi KK
[06:02.39] <KK> Hello, all.
[06:02.52] <revanne> me thanks Shiral for yummy sandwiches but passes on the iced tes
[06:03.00] <~DesertRose> Hi KK1
[06:03.07] <~DesertRose> Hi KK!
[06:03.12] * TerryOBrien (~TerryOBrie@4CA975.2F9503.56F800.D7033B) has joined channel #deryni_destinations
[06:03.16] <revanne> Hi KK
[06:03.16] <~DesertRose> Hi TerryOBrien.
[06:03.17] <jemler> hi terry
[06:03.17] <The_Bee> hi terry
[06:03.21] <TerryOBrien> Good evening
[06:03.21] <Shiral> Hello Terry and KK
[06:03.25] <KK> So, how is everybody?
[06:03.26] <Evie> I'd take some iced tea except that DH brought home Strongbow cider
[06:03.35] <TerryOBrien> Did I get caught in the author trap, too?
[06:03.38] <jemler> i'm ok. you?
[06:03.41] * Shiral adds ice cream sundae fixings to the tea table.
[06:03.43] <KK> I think so.
[06:03.54] <~DesertRose> Doing all right.  How are you, KK?
[06:03.57] <TerryOBrien> And here I just ate dinner.
[06:04.01] <Shiral> Naturally, Terry. =lo)
[06:04.12] <Shiral> Virtual dessert has no calories
[06:04.12] <The_Bee> pretty well.  Melantha's recovering nicely from surgery.  The kidney was cancerous, but I hope they got it all.
[06:04.19] <Evie> I just realized I'll be seeing you in a month, KK
[06:04.37] <KK> I just sampled the potroast that's been crock-potting all afternoon.  Not bad at all.
[06:04.37] <revanne> iced tea doesn't go with the hot water bottle I'm tucked up in bed with
[06:04.43] <Evie> Sorry to hear that, Bee, but glad that they were able to remove it
[06:04.47] <TerryOBrien> I am doing all right, but my car was suffering a case if diarreha (leaky radiator)
[06:04.55] * Shiral snaps fingers and floats a virtual cup of hot tea to Revanne
[06:05.01] <KK> Poor Melantha.  But hopefully, they got all of it.
[06:05.22] <The_Bee> thanks, Terry.  We'll just have to cross our fingers that it doesn't return.
[06:05.23] <KK> Evie, I was going to ask.  Excellent.
[06:05.38] <jemler> terry, inn't that called pee-more-ia?
[06:05.42] * revanne thanks  Shiral kindly
[06:05.49] <Shiral> My cats are healthy, but since I had to replace my balcony off my bedroom, they're not too happy with me. Strangers with noisy power tools are NOT their thing
[06:06.06] * Healer (Mibbit@78A221.77DD4E.523F89.0B1A3D) has joined channel #deryni_destinations
[06:06.12] <Evie> hi Healer
[06:06.12] <jemler> hi healer
[06:06.12] <KK> Sorry about my absence last week, but I unexpectedly was interviewing a potential fosterer for the Bassets, out in Monterey, VA.  (She passed with flying colors!)
[06:06.15] <~DesertRose> Hi Healer.
[06:06.16] <Healer> hi
[06:06.23] <The_Bee> Of course not!  think of their sensitive ears.
[06:06.26] <revanne> Pot roast sounds good KK
[06:06.30] <The_Bee> Hi Healer
[06:06.30] <Evie> Glad to hear it, KK
[06:06.33] <Shiral> Can't leave the pups untended!
[06:06.44] <KK> So, is the balcony finished, Shiral?
[06:06.53] * cynicalmedic (Mibbit@4FC299.FE1F41.71FC3F.36BB1A) has joined channel #deryni_destinations
[06:06.55] <Shiral> Yes, it was amazingly fast
[06:06.57] <~DesertRose> Hi cynicalmedic
[06:06.58] <jemler> hi cm
[06:06.59] <Healer> just able to join for a shot while
[06:07.00] <The_Bee> Hi CM
[06:07.11] <cynicalmedic> Hello, all.
[06:07.28] * Kelric (~IceChat9@32F4F9.AFCB16.CAC8DB.A93869) has joined channel #deryni_destinations
[06:07.34] <jemler> hi kelric
[06:07.34] <~DesertRose> Hi Kelric.
[06:07.34] <The_Bee> hi kelric
[06:07.36] <Shiral> They tore down the old one as I was leaving for work and by the time I got home around 9:15 pm. the new one was in place with primer coat on it.
[06:07.47] <Evie> Oh, that reminds me. KK, next "First Sunday" of a month happens to be Dragoncon weekend. So might another weekend work out better for early chat in September, or maybe we can scout out a location at the con that doesn't charge through the nose for wifi access?
[06:08.10] <Shiral> The next day, they came back and painted it. It's much improved over the old balcony, although the design is the same.
[06:08.25] <Shiral> Hi Kelric
[06:08.29] <~DesertRose> Oh crap.  I won't be online that weekend, myself, because it's Trimaris' 30th Year event.
[06:08.38] <revanne> That sounds good Shiral
[06:08.40] <Healer> KK i was just wondering if you cared if your healer badge got used for a business card
[06:08.49] <jemler> but soft, what light thru yonder window breaks?
[06:08.51] <Shiral> I think I had beginner's contractor luck. =o)
[06:08.52] <KK> Why don't e make it the <last> Sunday in August, 3which would bhe the 30th?
[06:09.08] <~DesertRose> Sounds good to me.  :)
[06:09.11] <The_Bee> Delaying a week might be easier that finding a wifi-friendly location
[06:09.15] <Shiral>  Not only did they finish quickly, they were also able to do the work a week ahead of schedule
[06:09.20] <jemler> a week early? ok.
[06:09.21] <Evie> Sounds good to me. We can put a notice on the Forum to let people know
[06:09.29] <~DesertRose> Yeah, I'll go do that after chat.
[06:09.45] <The_Bee> end of August is ok
[06:09.59] <revanne> That would be great for me because the next day is a bank holiday in the UK
[06:10.07] <Shiral> I'll be working that Sunday, but I'm sure you'll all manage just fine anyway. =o)
[06:10.18] <KK> Yes.  And Healer, I think it would be ok.  I assume it would be monochrome anyway.  That ok for you?
[06:10.22] <Evie> There's lots of wifi access in the con area, but most of the major hotels charge for it. Mine doesn't, but it's a bit of a hike from KK's hotel
[06:11.04] <KK> KK does not happily do long-distance hiking between hotels in Atlanta heat.  And she will remember to bring her fan (with sticks) this year.
[06:11.25] <~DesertRose> :)
[06:11.41] <Healer> thank you not sure if it will come to pass but i didn't want to step on toes and do things weith out permission
[06:12.11] <revanne> :working Sunday Shiral :s
[06:12.24] <KK> I appreciate that you asked.  :)
[06:12.40] <Evie> My hotel is about a block and a half from the one where KK usually stays. There is a way to get there that doesnt require going outside for more than a few feet, but it involves descending into the abyss of the subway station and back up the other side, down and up escalators that look like Mt Everest
[06:12.50] <Shiral> Yup, we all have to cover sundays on at least a 5 week rotation, Revanne. The 30th just happens to be my week.
[06:13.08] <~DesertRose> Don't you work in a library, Shiral?
[06:13.13] <Shiral> And that's when Duncan doesn't lose his  head. =o)
[06:13.16] <Healer> I try do do it if it is at all posable
[06:13.17] <Shiral> Yes, I do, DR
[06:13.21] <~DesertRose> I thought so.
[06:13.45] <Evie> Duncan is staying inside his carry case this time when he's not in a safe space to come outside in
[06:13.55] <Shiral> We're almost to the end of Summer Reading, so HOORAY
[06:14.08] <~DesertRose> Oh, all the procrastinators?
[06:14.18] <Shiral> Glad to hear he'll be traveling securely, Evie.
[06:14.39] <KK> I have good news on the book front.  Just signed a contract with Open Road Media to do e-editions of 12 of the books: 3 Heirs of St. Camber, 3 Histories of King Kelson, 3 Legends of Camber of Culdi, Legacy of Lehr, St. Patrick's Gargoyle, and Lammas Night.  I believe all of these will also be available via Print on Demand.
[06:14.40] <Shiral> The procrastinators do it on the 31st.  =o)
[06:14.49] <revanne> If Duncan 's not  hiding from the scary  swimwear  That is
[06:14.55] <Evie> not sure if I'm bringing the entire mini-miscreant brigade, but we shall see
[06:14.57] <TerryOBrien> !!!
[06:15.00] <Shiral> Wheeeee!
[06:15.06] <Evie> Yes!
[06:15.14] <Evie> how about in ebook format?
[06:15.24] <TerryOBrien> Glad to see Lammas Night become available again
[06:15.29] <KK> I;m going to see if I can get permission for some of you to do extra proof-reading, if that's possible.
[06:15.33] <cynicalmedic> Great news on the books.
[06:15.56] <KK> E-format = e-book
[06:16.24] <Healer> am doing a complete reread of all of them
[06:16.38] <Evie> Oh, KK! If it's not too late for sending in potential changes to TKD, can we add the first Sunday early chat times to the notice in the acknowledgements page of when we normally have chat?
[06:16.41] <jemler> i've never read lehr. can't find it around here.
[06:16.50] <Evie> Since we added the early chat days after that book came to print
[06:17.01] <Healer> i feel like i missed things over the years
[06:17.03] <revanne> Sounds great - do you  know if they will be available in the UK
[06:17.22] <KK> Evie, I won't be doing a reading session this year, I don't think.  But 4 or 5 panels on fantasy.
[06:17.40] <The_Bee> ?I thought ebooks were downloaded from the internet.
[06:17.40] * Evie turns cartwheels at the prospect of getting the Kelson trilogy and Camber books on Kindle
[06:17.44] <~DesertRose> :)
[06:18.03] <Evie> Sounds good. 
[06:18.41] <KK> I think TKD is probably in typesetting at this point, so if there's more we missed, we have to hope the Ace people found them.
[06:18.53] <Healer> i guess i just like the good old fasion feel of having a book in my hand
[06:18.57] <Evie> Essentially yes, Bee, but they are pay-to-download, if that is what you are asking
[06:19.24] <Shiral> You're not alone, Healer. Also a little hard to get an autographed copy of an e-book. =o)
[06:20.06] <Evie> I have most of them in hardback, paperback, ebook (when available) and audio. I might be a completist.... :D
[06:20.19] <revanne> And they're not downloadabl over this side of the pond
[06:20.23] <Shiral> Maybe so, Evie. =o)
[06:20.24] <Healer> that would be a dream come true for me but not any time soon i fear
[06:20.40] <Evie> but when I have an autographed copy, I'm reluctant to read it for fear of messing it up, so that becomes a keepsake shelf copy
[06:20.46] * Aerlys ( has joined channel #deryni_destinations
[06:20.51] <~DesertRose> Hi Aerlys
[06:20.52] <Shiral> However, I have all the books in HC that are available in HC
[06:20.54] <The_Bee> Hi Aerlys
[06:20.55] <Evie> hi Aerlys
[06:21.04] <KK> Revanne, I should think you can download via Amazon, once there are authorized editions out there.
[06:21.13] <Shiral> And they're all autographed except the Childe Morgan books
[06:21.14] <Aerlys> Hello!
[06:21.19] <jemler> hi aerlys
[06:21.19] <revanne> Hi Aerlys
[06:21.20] <Shiral> Hello Aerlys
[06:21.30] <KK> Hi, Aerlys.
[06:21.32] <Healer> hi
[06:21.56] <Shiral> My author copy of the Tales resides in a silk-lined velvet pouch. =o)
[06:22.00] <Evie> Not sure if there are restrictions where UK readers have to download from Amazon UK, which may or may not have the e-versions
[06:22.03] * cynicalmedic (Mibbit@4FC299.FE1F41.71FC3F.36BB1A) Quit (Quit: ++,, ajax IRC Client)
[06:22.06] <revanne> here's hoping KK
[06:22.08] <~DesertRose> BRB
[06:22.08] <Shiral> And yes, I have a reading copy as well
[06:22.52] <The_Bee> CM on the job?
[06:23.03] <Evie> ISTR Annie had to buy some of the titles as imports
[06:23.41] <revanne> We have to use Amazon UK which is reasonable enough
[06:23.46] <Healer> time for me to get back to work, enjoy chat all and thank you again KK.:(
[06:23.53] <Shiral> Bye, Healer
[06:23.58] <Healer> bye bye
[06:24.08] * Healer (Mibbit@78A221.77DD4E.523F89.0B1A3D) Quit (Quit: ++,, ajax IRC Client)
[06:24.08] <revanne> bye healer
[06:24.09] <KK> Bye, Healer.
[06:24.24] <KK> Whoops, not fast enough.
[06:24.25] <Shiral> Healer has mastered the quick exit
[06:25.21] <revanne> My phone keeps prompting me with Uzbekistan when ever I type  UK
[06:25.25] <Evie> Like CM, who dons her superhero cape and flies out
[06:25.47] <Evie> You didn't secretly relocate, did you?
[06:26.09] <KK> Uzbekistan, eh?
[06:26.14] <jemler> do they even have gravity in uzbekistan?
[06:26.15] <TerryOBrien> I prefer to take out the secret Trump of my office and use that to leave
[06:26.35] <revanne> don't think so unless I've inadvertently found  a long lost portal
[06:26.39] * Evie imagines a little Norman church and priest uprooted to Uzbekistan overnight
[06:26.56] <revanne> LoL
[06:27.30] <Shiral> Explanations could possibly be difficult, in that situation. =o)
[06:27.31] <jemler> that's not a portal. that's a black hole!\
[06:27.31] <TerryOBrien> The priest would still ask people if they wanted milk with their tea
[06:27.51] * Jerusha (Mibbit@4CA975.E72DF0.5E7A95.94A66D) has joined channel #deryni_destinations
[06:27.51] <KK> If so, it goes in furst.
[06:27.54] <Evie> With the tea, yes. In the wine, no.
[06:27.56] <jemler> did the normans drink tea?
[06:27.57] <The_Bee> hi jerusha
[06:27.59] <Shiral> Hi Jerusha
[06:28.00] <KK> first
[06:28.01] <jemler> hi jerusha
[06:28.08] <Evie> not unless they got lost in China, jemler
[06:28.13] <revanne> hi
[06:28.16] <Shiral> Or does it go in Furstan?
[06:28.17] <Evie> hi Jerusha
[06:28.45] <Jerusha> Hi from the end of the dock on my Muskoka chair
[06:29.30] <Evie> that sounds comfortable
[06:29.35] <revanne> 8am distracted wondering how far east of Torenth Uzbekistan would  be
[06:29.43] <Evie> LOL
[06:30.00] <Jerusha> Very comfortable and soothing
[06:30.01] <Evie> maybe close to Byzantyun. Watch out for Teymuraz
[06:30.19] <revanne> Sounds lovely Jerusha
[06:30.40] <KK> What is a Muskoka chair, Jerusha?
[06:30.47] <Jerusha> The lake is glass smooth tonight
[06:30.48] * revanne  takes cover
[06:30.51] <jemler> she's sitting on the dock of the bay, watching the tide roll away...
[06:31.05] <Evie> DD is home from the wild (i.e.,  camping)
[06:31.13] <KK> Is it like an Adirondak?
[06:31.20] <jemler> if you lokk upmuskoka it shows you a picture.
[06:31.46] <Jerusha> Just like an adirondack chair, just Canadian
[06:32.52] <KK> So I gathered, from the picture.
[06:33.34] <Jerusha> And the mosquitoes have gone away, finally
[06:33.40] <KK> We have several, but they're composite rather than wood, so they don't have to be painted.
[06:33.47] <Shiral> Which lake, Jerusha?
[06:33.53] <KK> Mosquitoes keep us from using ours much.
[06:34.05] <Jerusha> Tilden Lake
[06:34.26] <Evie> DH had a use-or-lose vacation weekend special, so he has booked us a beach trip to FL for Columbus Day weekend in October. A bit out of season, but since I hate super hot weather, and Destin is usually still warm in early October, I'm looking forward to an off season beach weekend
[06:35.06] <Shiral> Sounds pretty good to me, Evie
[06:35.07] <revanne> mosquitoes are supposed to be put off if you eat lots of marmite
[06:35.08] <Jerusha> Our chairs are plastic. Not traditional, but don't draw wasps
[06:35.39] <Evie> I didn't realize it until I stopped to think, but my last waterside vacation was when my kids were preschoolers, and my youngest is a senior in high school this year
[06:35.41] <Shiral> So might there be a royal vacation spot in Gwynedd, KK? =o)
[06:36.03] <KK> We have some of those sonic repellers that you wear.  THey seem to work pretty well when we go to concerts at the bandshell in the park.
[06:36.05] <Evie> I'd be put off by eating lots of marmite, revanne. ;)
[06:36.11] <Jerusha> I would be put off if I ate lots of marmite 😀
[06:36.22] <Evie> yes, KK, where would the vacation spots be in Gwynedd? 
[06:36.28] <Evie> Maybe the beaches of Carthmoor?
[06:36.36] <KK> Marmite is fine in moderation, on hot buttered toast.
[06:36.47] <revanne> LoL
[06:36.49] <The_Bee> what's marmite?
[06:36.58] <KK> I doubt they much have the idea of vacations per se.
[06:37.01] <Shiral> It's.....mildly deadly
[06:37.21] <Shiral> No, but sometimes, the King MUST want to "Get away from it all."
[06:37.26] <Evie> Maybe not in the 12th Century, but surely modern Gwyneddans would
[06:37.37] <Shiral> Say, a newly married King wanting a well-earned rest?
[06:37.39] <KK> It's a yeast extract, dark brown and salty, very strong taste--that has to be acquired.
[06:37.40] <Evie> and a King might have a summer palace somewhere
[06:37.43] <revanne> marmite is a spread made mainly of yeast
[06:38.01] <Jerusha> Could go to the beaches at Coroth
[06:38.04] <Evie> especially given how moveable medieval courts often were
[06:38.07] <The_Bee> sounds healthy but repulsive
[06:38.12] <TerryOBrien> Acquired by whom is still up for discussion
[06:38.32] <Jerusha> Not by me
[06:38.34] <revanne> It's advertised with the slogan -love it or hate it
[06:38.36] <KK> Like I said, in moderation.  Sometimes one wants that salty flavor.
[06:39.27] <Jerusha> I'll have a pretzel instead
[06:39.42] <Shiral> If a mere Orsal can have a summer palace, surely a Haldane can have one. =o)
[06:39.47] <Evie> Luke has decided that August the 8th is a perfect day for me to wear a live fur collar
[06:39.49] <revanne> My DH loves it with lettuce in a sandwich
[06:40.24] <Jerusha> Hi Luke
[06:40.34] <~DesertRose> Well, I had a Haldane build one up the Eirian in about 1271, with regard to summer palaces.
[06:40.37] <~DesertRose> Hi Luke.
[06:40.47] <The_Bee> today's the 9th, Luke.
[06:40.54] <jemler> marmite? isn't that like vegamite?
[06:40.58] <Evie> so it is, Bee
[06:41.33] <Shiral> Wow, that's a persistent fur collar. =o)
[06:41.41] <~DesertRose> Luke's a persistent cat.
[06:41.46] <Evie> Very
[06:41.53] <Jerusha> Cats have their own way of telling time
[06:41.54] <Shiral> Dmitri and I fight over possession of the bed  pillows, though.
[06:42.01] <~DesertRose> Or should that be pest-sistent?  :)
[06:42.16] <Evie> No, I read the timestamp wrong earlier. I just wish it were the 8th because that would mean an extra day off work
[06:42.18] <revanne> Just caught sight of the time. Night  all
[06:42.27] <~DesertRose> Night, revanne
[06:42.30] <Evie> Goodnight, revanne
[06:42.34] <Shiral> Night Revanne
[06:42.38] <Jerusha> Jerusha throws a rock bass at DR
[06:42.42] <~DesertRose> LOL
[06:42.54] <jemler> nite revanne
[06:43.07] <Jerusha> Night Revanne
[06:43.20] <jemler> was that my fish, jerusha?
[06:43.41] <The_Bee> bye revanne
[06:43.55] * revanne (Mibbit@3EB374.4D1A20.47A385.7C0C5D) Quit (Quit: ++,, ajax IRC Client)
[06:43.58] <Jerusha> I thought it would be good to share
[06:44.00] <KK> I think that palace where Alyce and Marie came before going on to Rhemuth and then to Arc-en-Ciel would probably qualify as a summer palace.
[06:44.20] <TerryOBrien> Was that the Rock Bass of Impact, the cousin of the Poached Salmon of Wisdom?
[06:44.48] <Jerusha> In the Lendour mountains?
[06:44.51] <Evie> Need to go back and re-read that scene. 
[06:44.57] <The_Bee> Salmon's not so wise if it gets poached.
[06:45.00] <KK> We could fling a Monkfish of Reflection....
[06:45.47] <Shiral> Do Monkfish long for an underwater Abbey?
[06:45.47] <Jerusha> A trout of tranquility
[06:46.54] <The_Bee> a perch of peace
[06:47.00] <KK> Probably.  They really taste good, but they are uglimopotamuses of fishes.  Don't see them over here as much as in Europe.
[06:47.36] <Evie> That's going in my vocabulary from now on. Uglimopotamuses. :D
[06:47.43] * Shiral giggles at "uglimopotamuses"
[06:48.11] <Evie> You could get a pet monkfish and name her Abbey
[06:48.12] <KK> (I just made that up. :))
[06:48.21] <The_Bee> I wonder if Words With Friencds would accept it.
[06:48.27] <jemler> if you say grace over a monkfish, does it count as a double blessing?
[06:48.48] <KK> I should think so, Jemler.  Not sure why they're called monkfish.
[06:48.54] <Jerusha> Only if you are not fish food
[06:49.05] <Evie> Can they swim in a habit?
[06:49.16] <Evie> and is eating them habit-formiing?
[06:49.34] <KK> ++,,
[06:49.39] <Shiral> We recommend removing the habit before cooking--it's a bit fibrous
[06:49.58] <Jerusha> Jerusha eases a monkfish into the catapult
[06:50.00] <jemler> and why do they call it grace? what's wrong with beth, or lucy, or cindy?
[06:50.57] <Jerusha> His Lucy of Corwyn?
[06:51.05] <The_Bee> just don't call it late for dinner
[06:51.21] <Evie> I'm not sure if that looks like roadkill, a bedroom slipper that's  been dragged through the mud by a rabid hound, or what, but I think the technical term for that fish is fugly.
[06:51.49] <The_Bee> I've only seen it fileted
[06:51.52] <Jerusha> 😃
[06:51.53] * Dennis ( has joined channel #deryni_destinations
[06:51.59] <jemler> hi dennis
[06:51.59] <The_Bee> hi dennis
[06:52.01] <Evie> hi Dennis
[06:52.05] <Jerusha> Hi Dennis
[06:52.07] <KK> Makes yo wonder how hungry you'd have to be, to try eating one.  Like lobsters, or shrimp.  Who first thought of that?!
[06:52.10] <~DesertRose> Hi Dennis.
[06:52.15] <Dennis> Hi! I feel like the White Rabbit.
[06:52.23] <~DesertRose> Yeah, I think that qualifies as one fugly fish.
[06:52.24] <Shiral> Hi  Dennis
[06:52.39] <KK> Hi, Dennis.  We're talking about monkfish.
[06:53.25] <Dennis> Do they take vows of ugliness?
[06:53.39] <Shiral> Wouldn't be surprise
[06:53.44] <Shiral> Surprised
[06:54.12] <Evie> LOL
[06:54.27] <Evie> that's one way to ensure perpetual chastity, I suppose
[06:54.39] <TerryOBrien> Do monkfish abjure meat on Fridays and eat only fish, or is it the other way around?
[06:55.00] <jemler> reminds me of a dirty joke.
[06:55.04] <KK> I believe they have no scales, and cartilagenous skeletons.
[06:55.06] <Evie> They abjure being fish on Fridays and turn into THAT
[06:55.10] <Dennis> Were Torenthi monkfish infiltrating Gwynnedd's rivers in the 11th and early 12th centuries?
[06:55.20] <KK> Sometimes called the poor man's lobster.
[06:55.28] <TerryOBrien> Two monkfish swim into a bar ...
[06:55.38] <Dennis> OUCH!
[06:56.15] <Shiral> Would monkfish be more allied with Loris, or with Bradene?
[06:56.21] <Dennis> They don't serve them whole like lobsters, do they? Cos that would be appalling.
[06:56.44] <KK> They're sea fish, so not in rivers.  Very mild flavor.  I rally like them!
[06:56.44] <Shiral> I think only the tail is edible, but I could be misremembering
[06:56.45] <Jerusha> Must be Loris
[06:56.49] <Dennis> I think DeNore had a cadre of monkfish.
[06:57.03] <TerryOBrien> ... and call for two drinks on the rocks, then they stiff the bartender and leave him high and dry.
[06:57.15] <KK> That sounds about right, Shiral.
[06:57.46] <jemler> terry, i sais a dirty joke, not a bad one!
[06:57.48] <Shiral> Poor monkfishies....their backsides are their most attractive part!
[06:58.22] <jemler> i know a couple of women like that! :)
[06:58.39] <KK> Vicky, turn your back on meeeee......
[06:58.58] <Dennis> I'll be over here while jemler gets bludgeoned to death with fish.
[06:59.04] <Shiral> Our normal fish flingers are slow to release the trebuchets, today
[06:59.05] <Jerusha> Jerusha throws a bucket of monkfish at memory
[06:59.14] <KK> Showing my age here.  Does anyone remember the Limelighters?
[06:59.21] <Dennis> Sadly, no.
[06:59.28] <The_Bee> sort of folksingers?
[06:59.28] <TerryOBrien> Barely ...
[06:59.29] <Shiral> Umm........doesn't ring any bells
[06:59.44] <KK> Yes.
[07:00.00] <Jerusha> I meant Jemler Dratted autocorrect
[07:00.03] <The_Bee> thought so.  I'm older than you, KK.
[07:00.04] <KK> Popular in the 60's.
[07:00.29] <The_Bee> Mu sister had one of their records, IIRC
[07:00.39] <Jerusha> I have heard the name, KK
[07:00.48] <KK> I saw them once in concert.  Very funny.
[07:00.58] <Aerlys> We had the Smothers Brothers
[07:01.01] <TerryOBrien> I know the name only through mentions by other folk groups
[07:01.07] <KK> About the same vintage.
[07:02.22] <Jerusha> Chad Mitchell trio
[07:02.35] <The_Bee> Brothers Four
[07:02.55] <The_Bee> Peter, Paul and Mary
[07:03.50] <Shiral> I remember Peter Paul and Mary. "I'm In Love With a Big Blue Frog" was my all time favorite of their songs
[07:03.59] <The_Bee> If you want funnym try Homer and Jethro.
[07:04.18] <jemler> ray stevens
[07:04.32] <Jerusha> I remember them
[07:04.43] <KK> The Vicky of the song must have been the Kim Kardashian of her day.
[07:04.47] <The_Bee> Peter and Paul are still around, or were recently.
[07:04.47] <~DesertRose> Ray Stevens is just silly.
[07:06.07] <Jerusha> BRB need a jacket
[07:06.24] <Evie> luke is making right arm fall asleep
[07:06.29] <~DesertRose> Silly cat.
[07:06.33] <KK> Well, I see that it's getting late, and that pot roast is calling my name.
[07:06.43] <~DesertRose> Okay, night, KK.  See you next week?
[07:06.46] <Shiral> Night, KK
[07:06.51] <TerryOBrien> Good night Katherine
[07:06.54] <KK> See you guys next week.
[07:06.58] <~DesertRose> Thanks for coming to see us!
[07:07.05] <Shiral> See you next week. Here I was thinking you'd have Monkfish for Supper.... =o)
[07:07.06] <jemler> nite kk
[07:07.06] <Evie> goodnight KK
[07:07.17] * KK steps onto her Portal, waves goodnight, and disappears in a shower of green sparkles.
[07:07.18] <Shiral> Have a good week
[07:07.22] <The_Bee> A local radio station used to have a folksong hour Sunday evenings.  I'd lie on my bed in thedark and listen
[07:07.25] <~DesertRose> Enjoy your week!
[07:07.33] <The_Bee> bye kk thanks for coming
[07:07.40] <Dennis> Night, KK! Have a great week!
[07:08.03] <KK> Haven't seen monkfish around here, and don't know whether I'd be brave enough to try to cook it.  Wouldn't want to mess it up.
[07:08.19] <Shiral> Best to stick with Pot Roast, then. =o)
[07:08.20] <jemler> just talked to my sister. my brother will be taking me to dialysis.
[07:08.26] <The_Bee> let the restaurant chef cook it.
[07:08.29] <KK> Ta to all.  Have a good week too.
[07:08.34] <KK> Yes, Bee.
[07:08.34] <~DesertRose> Well, good, at least you've got a way to get there, jemler.
[07:08.38] * Jerusha (Mibbit@4CA975.E72DF0.5E7A95.94A66D) Quit (Quit: ++,, ajax IRC Client)
[07:08.47] * KK ( Quit (Quit: ++,, ajax IRC Client)
"In necessariis unitas, in non-necessariis libertas, in utrisque caritas."

I have a vocabulary in excess of 75,000 words, and I'm not afraid to use it!


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