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KK Chat -- 26 July 2015
« on: July 26, 2015, 07:37:16 pm »
[07:17.43] * KK has joined channel #deryni_destinations
[07:17.45] <Alkari> Bah!  These days, I think a lot of health issues are people being TOO clean.
[07:17.48] <Evie> hi KK
[07:17.49] <jemler> hi kk
[07:17.49] <DesertRose> Like, what kind of harm can it cause?
[07:17.51] <DesertRose> hi KK!
[07:17.51] <The_Bee> to make you sick
[07:17.51] <Alkari> Hi KK
[07:17.56] <The_Bee> Hi KK!
[07:18.09] <KK> Hi, all.  Sorry I'm late.
[07:18.14] <DesertRose> No worries.
[07:18.18] <DesertRose> How's your week been?
[07:18.21] <Alkari> Preparing dinner?
[07:18.31] <jemler> you're just fashionable.
[07:18.50] <KK> OK.  I finally got my hands on the second draft of the Lammas script, and was going through it.
[07:18.56] <DesertRose> Oh, cool.
[07:19.13] <KK> A vast improvement over the first draft.  I like the new writer's input.
[07:19.20] <Alkari> Excellent
[07:19.22] <DesertRose> Excellent
[07:19.23] <Evie> good
[07:19.33] <DesertRose> LOL, now Alkari and I have the rapport going on.  :D
[07:19.37] <The_Bee> Are you re-writing it or reissuing?
[07:19.48] <Alkari> ;)
[07:20.05] <KK> This is the film script.
[07:20.23] <Aerlys> Most exciting!
[07:20.25] <DesertRose> Awesome!
[07:20.26] <Alkari> Have they had to do many changes
[07:20.48] <The_Bee> When will the film be out?
[07:20.55] <Alkari> Book to film is always an interesting issue
[07:21.00] <DesertRose> Yes, true.
[07:21.04] <Aerlys> So long as it's still recognizable
[07:21.16] <KK> Well, there are always changes between a book and its script; different media.  Characters dropped or consolidated. 
[07:21.23] <Alkari> Exactly
[07:21.33] <Aerlys> Of course
[07:21.44] <Alkari> And in a book, you can get inside a character's head in a way that is often difficult on film
[07:21.46] <DesertRose> Yes, and condensing a novel into a two-hour-or-so-long film takes some doing.
[07:21.49] <KK> The rumor I hear is that they hope to start filming next May.  We shall see.
[07:21.53] <DesertRose> Oh goodie!
[07:21.58] <Alkari> Yay!!
[07:22.04] <The_Bee> Deryni Rising vs Lamma Night, which has a better chance of making it to theaters?
[07:22.04] <Alkari> Cast?
[07:22.11] <Aerlys> Wow! It jus started POURING outside!
[07:22.18] <Aerlys> brb
[07:22.51] <KK> Well, Lammas Night, at this point, as it's in active pre-production.  DR is on hold.
[07:23.17] <Alkari> One movie I can add to my definite 'to see' list  :)
[07:23.50] <DesertRose> Who's producing it?
[07:24.10] <KK> Re cast, the only name familiar to me is Martina Sertis, from Star Trek: Next Gen, as Alix.
[07:24.17] <DesertRose> Oh nice!
[07:24.24] <Alkari> great
[07:24.27] <Evie> Oh cool!
[07:24.36] <The_Bee> Remind me--who was Alix?
[07:24.49] <DesertRose> The priestess/countess.
[07:24.55] <KK> I can see her as Alix.  She's the HPs.
[07:25.17] <Alkari> Do you have any say, or at least power of veto, over casting choices?
[07:25.48] <DesertRose> BRB
[07:25.50] <KK> Nope, though I hope they'll at least consider my input.
[07:26.17] <Alkari> Yes, you'd like to thik the author would know what her people should look like or 'be' !!
[07:26.24] <KK> Does anyone know whether she sactually has an accent, or if that was part of the character she played in ST?
[07:27.05] <Alkari> don't know, KK
[07:27.14] <The_Bee> me neither
[07:27.20] <Evie> I saw her in a play years ago with some of the other ST cast, but it wasn't anything to do with Trek, and I don't think she had an accent
[07:27.43] <The_Bee> where's she from?
[07:27.49] <Evie> though that was years ago, so I could have forgotten
[07:28.05] <jemler> sirtis from uk i believe
[07:28.12] <KK> I have no idea what else she's played.  Will have to google her.
[07:28.51] <The_Bee> An English accent would work for Alix.
[07:28.58] <jemler> go to
[07:29.22] <KK> Well, the character is English.  All of them are.
[07:29.51] <Alkari> You have a huge choice of real character actors there KK
[07:30.21] <jemler> 60 yo from london, eng. she's been on ncis, greys anat. withoput a trace
[07:30.21] <Evie> Born in London to Greek parents, according to her Wikipedia bio
[07:30.57] <Alkari> So she can probalby do a variety of accents
[07:31.23] <KK> That would make sense.  I suspect there will be few A-list actors, because of budget considerations.
[07:31.46] <The_Bee> Do you know the names of any others?
[07:31.47] <DesertRose> Okay, back.
[07:32.14] <DesertRose> That's okay.  The actors don't have to be super-famous, just good.  :D
[07:32.54] <KK> No.  This is all rumor rumblings, thus far.
[07:33.03] <DesertRose> That's still cool.
[07:33.04] <jemler> shame about DZR though.
[07:33.10] <Evie> Wikipedia says the accent belonged to her ST character and that her natural accent is English
[07:33.10] <jemler> DR, sorry.
[07:33.47] <KK> But one never knows....
[07:33.54] <jemler> nothing under lammas night in imdb.
[07:34.14] <DesertRose> If Lammas Night gets produced and turns out well, then maybe they'll do Deryni Rising.  :)
[07:34.43] <Aerlys> back. we even have thunder
[07:35.02] <Alkari> Look at all the wonderful British and Irish actors who have been drafted into Game of Thrones KK
[07:35.03] <KK> They're still in very early stages.  I understand there was a small presence at Balticon, and that there's a podcast somewhere, talking about the project.  They hope to drum up fan support--and funding.
[07:35.03] <DesertRose> Is that unusual for the area this time of year, Aerlys?
[07:35.11] <jemler> the Shannara Chronicles are coming to mtv.
[07:35.19] <Aerlys> It's unuusal to have thunder here ever.
[07:35.23] <DesertRose> Ah okay.
[07:35.40] <Aerlys> Shannara is?
[07:35.47] <DesertRose> I'm so used to the southeast that I'm like, "people are finding thunder in summer noteworthy?"  :D
[07:36.09] <jemler> they've been talking about it on fb. they are saying early next year.\
[07:36.14] <Aerlys> Washington weather is usually very very boring
[07:36.30] <DesertRose> But a few hours' drive south of me is central Florida, which is the lightning-strike capital of the planet.
[07:36.48] <KK> Really?  I wonder why.
[07:36.50] <Aerlys> I'd like to see Landover done
[07:37.13] <DesertRose> Why what, KK?
[07:37.25] <jemler> lightning.
[07:38.01] <The_Bee> because Zeus is throwing thunderbolts
[07:38.05] <DesertRose> Probably between hurricanes and our standard summer of afternoon thunderstorms almost every day, it just builds up.
[07:38.30] <DesertRose> And summer here starts in April and runs to about October, so we have a good while to get summer thunderboomers.  :)
[07:39.02] <Alkari> Zeus in a temper always sounds much more interesting than mere clashes of hot and cold air!
[07:39.11] <Evie> lol
[07:39.21] <DesertRose> LOL
[07:39.23] <KK> Lightning in central Florida.  I grew up in southern Florida, and I don't remember much thunder & lightning.  Thunderstorms, yes.  But rarely anything violent.
[07:39.33] <jemler> culd be thot you know.
[07:39.37] <jemler> thor
[07:39.50] <Alkari> Or Zeus and Thor having an argument  :D
[07:40.05] <Alkari> That's probably a tornado / cyclone though
[07:40.06] <jemler> zeus could get hammered
[07:40.28] <Alkari> Or else just a 'minor' marital argument
[07:40.29] <DesertRose> We don't get much that's too violent here in northeastern FL either, but we do get quite a fair few thunderstorms.
[07:41.02] <Alkari> We actually had a cold snap two weeks ago that gave us several inches of snow in the Blue Mts west of Sydney
[07:41.12] <KK> We get pretty impressive ones here in northern VA.  The dogs hate them, and cover under my desk.
[07:41.20] <DesertRose> It looked like it was going to storm a few hours ago, but it never really did here.  Might have done in other parts of the area, but not at my place.
[07:41.26] <DesertRose> Aw, poor puppy dogs.
[07:41.38] <KK> They're forecast for here, but nothing so far.
[07:41.50] <KK> cower
[07:42.19] <Alkari> It's fine and sunny, and 10C outside (they tell me) here at present.  Should get to around 16C later.
[07:42.19] <The_Bee> take cover
[07:42.28] <DesertRose> We had a cat years ago who was scared of thunderstorms when she was a kitten, but late in her first year of life, Hurricane Hugo rolled through.  She was terrified out of her mind during the hurricane (as were the humans of the household if we were honest), but after that, no summer thunderstorm could faze her.
[07:43.17] <jemler> 10c is 50f everywhere else.
[07:43.45] <DesertRose> No 50F is 10C everywhere else.  The US is about the only place that still uses Fahrenheit.  :D
[07:44.17] <DesertRose> Pretty much the entire rest of the world has gone to metric measurements and centigrade thermometers.
[07:44.29] <Alkari> LOL - I think in metric totally now, except for heights of people.  have tokeep reminding myself that 1.82m = 6 ft
[07:44.35] <DesertRose> LOL
[07:44.58] <Alkari> We have been metric totally for years and years - currency in 1966 then all the rest in the 70s.
[07:45.26] <DesertRose> I remember when I was a little kid in the late 1970s/early 1980s we tried to go metric and it never caught on.
[07:45.42] <Alkari> They gave us a simple list of words to remember rough temperatures - shivery singles, tingly teens, temperate twenties, thirsty thirties, and flaming forties
[07:45.48] <DesertRose> But I recall highway signs showing both miles and km.
[07:45.59] <DesertRose> I like that!
[07:46.02] <Alkari> Anything belo )c was 'snowy'or worse!!
[07:46.25] <DesertRose> Does anywhere in Australia ever get subfreezing?  I honestly don't know that much about the Australian climate.
[07:47.11] <The_Bee> ?I thought Australian winters weresupped to be worse than ours.
[07:47.23] <Alkari> Oh yes, Tasmania and Victoria get cold, as do the mountain areas.  In the western suburbs of Sydney, it can get to around -5C sometimes, but it never stays below )c during the day
[07:47.28] <Alkari> 0C
[07:47.56] <DesertRose> Okay, I thought maybe the southern parts got a bit cooler as they're closer to the Antarctic Circle and all, but I wasn't really too sure.
[07:48.55] <Alkari> The moutains have ski fields, but they aren't anything like your mountains - the highest peak is only around 3,500 metres.   (7,000 feet)
[07:49.04] <DesertRose> And I know Australia's a big place too, so there could be quite a variation in climate from one part to another.
[07:49.09] <Alkari> And none of the cities would stay below freezing during the day
[07:49.41] <The_Bee> Are your summers very hot?
[07:49.53] <Alkari> Depends on where you are!!
[07:50.13] <DesertRose> Sounds like the mountains on the eastern side of the USA.  The Rocky Mountains out west are quite high, but the Appalachian Mountains towards the east coast are not really.
[07:50.21] <Alkari> We all laugh when we hear of British heatwaves, which tend to mean that the thermometer has reached 25C
[07:50.47] <Alkari> We wait and hear actual temperatures before deciding whether it is genuinely hot
[07:50.47] <DesertRose> LOL, but they're not used to it.  It's all what you're used to and therefore equipped for.
[07:51.47] <Alkari> I find the hardest thing is dealing with the over-heating inside stores and commercial premises.  You have to have a winter coat for outside, but walk through the door and you need a T shirt only
[07:52.03] <The_Bee> When I went to England I was told to expect lots of rain.  It was sunny nearly every day.
[07:52.09] <DesertRose> People in the northern parts of the US laugh at us in the south because we can't handle ice and snow, but we don't GET much ice and snow, so we don't have the equipment to deal with it, our roads are built for our heavy spring and summer rain which is exactly what you DON'T want for road structure with ice and snow, and nobody has the clothes for it either.
[07:52.18] <Alkari> Same here DR
[07:53.00] <Alkari> We have to deal with heavy rain, so when it snowed in the Blue Mts they closed roads for a few hours or even a day or so
[07:53.10] <DesertRose> But people in the south are boggled by the concept of no air conditioning in homes in the northern parts of the US.
[07:53.16] <Alkari> Some of that was not so much the snow as black ice, which is probably more treacherous
[07:53.20] <DesertRose> Yes, yikes!
[07:53.33] <Evie> yes, black ice is the problem we have here
[07:53.51] <The_Bee> and here
[07:54.01] <Evie> but if the temps are cold enough for snow, that means we almost always have black ice as well
[07:54.04] <Alkari> And one of the roads through the mts is very steep and winding, so ice would cause issues
[07:54.48] <Alkari> My little Ford Focus has a 'cold road' warning light.   
[07:55.03] <DesertRose> Whereas here in Florida, it snows so seldom that we don't know what to do with ourselves so we have to shut down everything non-essential.
[07:55.20] <Alkari> Had to laughgoing out to a dressage event a few weeks ago - really heavy fog, but going to be fine, yet the warning light was on and off for quite a while
[07:55.27] <DesertRose> Seriously, the last time it snowed and stuck to the ground here was 1989.
[07:55.37] <The_Bee> We have signs saying "Bridges Freeze First".
[07:55.43] <DesertRose> We've had a few flurries since then, but nothing that stuck.
[07:55.44] <Alkari> I don't recall it ever snowing in Sydney.
[07:56.37] <Alkari> The cold snap a few weeks ago brought really bitter winds, so the chill factor made it feel about 10 degrees colder
[07:57.05] <DesertRose> But as regards air conditioning, the a/c unit going down counts as a maintenance emergency.
[07:57.08] <Alkari> We were sitting in a car judging, and laughing that it was a wonder the horses didn't get blown off course
[07:57.13] <DesertRose> At least, here in my building it does.
[07:57.13] <KK> We have signs like that, too, Bee.
[07:57.17] * H (Mibbit@4CA975.E72DF0.1816C2.93856F) has joined channel #deryni_destinations
[07:57.21] <DesertRose> Hello H.
[07:57.25] <Evie> hi H
[07:57.27] <The_Bee> Hi, ***H
[07:57.30] <Alkari> Helloo H
[07:57.33] * H (Mibbit@4CA975.E72DF0.1816C2.93856F) Quit (Quit: +, ajax IRC Client)
[07:57.42] <jemler> my brother said floridians have no idea how to drive on snow.
[07:57.44] <Evie> Bye H
[07:57.47] <Evie> :)
[07:57.49] <DesertRose> Well, I was about to ask if that was HealingWaters.
[07:57.53] <KK> I can imagine the horses getting blown off course.
[07:57.53] <DesertRose> Of course we don't.
[07:58.07] <KK> No, they don't, Jemler.
[07:58.09] <DesertRose> Why would we need to know?
[07:58.24] * Jerusha (Mibbit@4CA975.E72DF0.1816C2.93856F) has joined channel #deryni_destinations
[07:58.28] <DesertRose> Hi Jerusha.
[07:58.30] <The_Bee> Hi Jerusha
[07:58.30] <jemler> hi jerusha
[07:58.31] <Evie> hi Jerusha
[07:58.33] <Alkari> About mid afternoon the wind dropped and we heaved a sigh of relief ... only to have it roar in evern stronger about 15 mins later
[07:58.38] <KK> Hi, Jerusha.
[07:58.39] <DesertRose> Oh dear, Alkari.
[07:58.44] <Alkari> Hi Jerusha
[07:58.58] <Jerusha> Hi Everyone!
[07:59.09] <Alkari> We laughed and said it just needed to find a new snowfield to come over!
[07:59.18] <DesertRose> Apparently so, Alkari,
[07:59.35] <DesertRose> Sorry, that last comma was meant to be a period/full stop.  Dratted typo.
[07:59.50] <Alkari> This lot was straight from Antarctica and it didn't get diverted by Tasmania!!
[07:59.55] <DesertRose> LOL
[08:00.28] <Jerusha> Bad weather, Alkari?
[08:00.54] <DesertRose> We're talking about winter weather, which jemler is laughing at me for not knowing how to handle.  :D
[08:01.21] <jemler> did you hear about indiana?
[08:01.26] <Alkari> Well, you and I come from places that just don't get ice and snow  :)
[08:01.28] <Jerusha> Winter I understand
[08:01.33] <The_Bee> Indiana?
[08:01.36] <DesertRose> Indeed, Alkari.
[08:01.39] <jemler> yrs.
[08:01.40] <DesertRose> What about Indiana?
[08:01.40] <Alkari> what happened?
[08:01.46] <jemler> yes, sorry.
[08:01.56] <jemler> It got so hot in Indiana, that an entire cornfield starting popping. A horse in the next field thought it was a snowstorm, and froze to death.
[08:02.09] <The_Bee> OUCH!
[08:02.16] * DesertRose rolls her eyes at jemler and throws a volley of goldfish at him.
[08:02.23] <KK> Where's my fish-launcher?
[08:02.24] <Jerusha> Pass the butter
[08:02.30] <Evie> Evie smacks Jemler upside the head with a mackerel
[08:02.31] <DesertRose> LOL, KK.
[08:02.34] <jemler> LOL!
[08:02.42] <KK> Actually, it's not bad imagery.
[08:03.02] <jemler> it's an old tall tale i heard years ago.
[08:03.28] <DesertRose> If it were set somewhere in the south, I'd think it was something out of Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Cafe.  :P
[08:03.48] * Aerlys ( Quit (Quit: CGI:IRC)
[08:03.50] * The_Bee ( Quit (Quit: +, ajax IRC Client)
[08:04.01] <DesertRose> Aw, shucks.  We lost Aerlys and Bee.
[08:04.07] <jemler> the storyu wasn't THAT bad, ladies!
[08:04.12] <Evie> which is just a few miles frim my house
[08:04.20] * KK ( Quit (Client closed the connection)
[08:04.20] * Alkari ( Quit (Client closed the connection)
[08:04.27] <DesertRose> That's right, it is set in the Birmingham area.
[08:04.28] <Evie> the actual Whistle Stop Cafe, that is
[08:04.45] <DesertRose> Did we have a netsplit?  What's going on here?
[08:04.46] * kermi ( has joined channel #deryni_destinations
[08:04.49] <jemler> are they that mad at me?
[08:04.50] <DesertRose> Hi Bee.
[08:04.50] * Alkari ( has joined channel #deryni_destinations
[08:04.55] * KK ( has joined channel #deryni_destinations
[08:04.56] <DesertRose> Rehi Alkari.
[08:04.58] * kermi is now known as The_Bee
[08:05.00] <DesertRose> Rehi KK
[08:05.05] <Alkari> All that talk of bad weather jinxedMibbit
[08:05.07] <Evie> rehi
[08:05.11] <Jerusha> The corn was as high as a mackeral's eye?
[08:05.15] <KK> Wow, something just kicked me out. 
[08:05.17] <jemler> are you guys that mad at me?
[08:05.30] <Alkari> did it kick others out too?
[08:05.31] <DesertRose> Yeah, I was wondering if we'd had some atypical sort of netsplit.
[08:05.34] <The_Bee> You  got mibbited too, KK?
[08:05.39] <KK> Yep.
[08:05.47] <DesertRose> Yes, we lost Aerlys, Bee, Alkari, and KK all within about two minutes.
[08:05.50] <KK> Doesn't happen all that often.
[08:06.16] <Jerusha> Bad mo bet
[08:06.24] <KK> Well, my internet connection has been squirrely all day.  Maybe omre people are online on SUndays.
[08:06.28] <DesertRose> Yes, naughty Mibbit.
[08:06.42] <KK> more people
[08:06.44] <DesertRose> If it happens again, I'll go through the diagnostic things bynw told me to do.
[08:06.48] <Jerusha> Mibbet , I meant
[08:07.05] <KK> I think that occasionally the internet just hiccups.
[08:07.05] * DesertRose throws a swordfish at Mibbit for bouncing KK and everybody else.
[08:07.12] <Alkari> My computer is OK.
[08:07.22] <Alkari> AND  ... I achieved a technical marvel.
[08:07.23] <DesertRose> That's possible, KK.
[08:07.26] <The_Bee> I have CGI:IRC as an alternative connection.
[08:07.27] <DesertRose> What's that, Alkari.
[08:07.40] <DesertRose> ?
[08:08.21] <Alkari> I ditched my old iPhone, bought a Windows phone, and now my PC calendar and phone sync perfectly.  AND ... having seen what the tech guru did, I tweaked my ipad mini and it now syncs properly too, whether or not connected to iTunes.
[08:08.33] <DesertRose> Excellent, Alkari.
[08:08.51] <The_Bee> I envy you.
[08:09.06] <Alkari> The Apple "genius" guys are worse than useless if you ask them about integrating Apple stuff with PCs, so I decided I didn't need an iPhone at all
[08:09.19] <DesertRose> I finally got an Android phone as I use a lot of Google products, and Android's app store is better in the US than the Windows-phone app store is.
[08:09.26] <DesertRose> Oh dear, Alkari.
[08:09.27] <jemler> the big bang theory.
[08:09.30] <The_Bee> I'm an Apple-phobe.
[08:09.48] <KK> My Firefox just updated, and I now have a calendar feature that I didn't have before.  Sometimes, though, the "improvements" they install all by themselves are no improvement at all.
[08:09.48] <Alkari> I don't need all the apps.  I just want a basic phone, which does a few other things
[08:09.58] <DesertRose> Indeed, KK.
[08:10.09] <Alkari> Oh you have to watch what elese can get installed for free
[08:10.16] <DesertRose> There are a few I find extremely useful that are not available in decent form for Windows phone.
[08:10.18] <The_Bee> a few things like receiving phone calls
[08:10.27] <Alkari> Often they try to install free anti-virus checks like McAfee etc
[08:10.35] <DesertRose> I had a Windows phone that completely died on me a few months back (like, you couldn't turn it on at all).
[08:10.39] <Alkari> I always read things and un-tick those boxes
[08:10.44] <DesertRose> Oh yes, me too, Alkari.
[08:10.51] <jemler> same here.
[08:11.04] <KK> Oh, yeah, especially with phones.  I had to take my Android to the AT&T store to delete some free features that turned out not to be features.
[08:11.06] <Jerusha> Ditto
[08:11.39] <The_Bee> yes.  I have so many anti-virus programs my computer downloads via snail mail.  But I don't know which ones to get rid of.
[08:11.40] <KK> They're always very patient with me, though.
[08:11.58] <jemler> how do you d/l via snail mail?
[08:12.13] <Alkari> Get rid of all but one, Bee.  They can cause issues and slow everything down if you run multiples
[08:12.21] <The_Bee> I WAit.  and Wait.  and Wait.
[08:12.26] <DesertRose> Bee, do you have anyone who's good with computers around you?
[08:12.44] <KK> My computer tech son says that AVG is the best value, and it's free.  Just don't get sucked into installing their 1-time features that clean registers and the like.
[08:12.55] <DesertRose> You might want to have someone who's good with computers take a look and remove everything that you don't need/want.
[08:12.56] <Alkari> I run AVG too.
[08:13.10] <The_Bee> I have a guy who's fixed mine in the past. Problem is, he changed my home page and deleted my photos.
[08:13.13] <Alkari> And a program called C CLeaner that my computer guru swears by - also free
[08:13.13] <jemler> i use norton.
[08:13.20] <DesertRose> Oh, no, Bee.
[08:13.29] <jemler> i have that too. as well as spybot
[08:13.37] <DesertRose> Do you have any nephews/nieces or cousins or anything like that who can help you out?
[08:13.38] <Alkari> Haven't used spybot
[08:14.11] <KK> I used to use Norton, but that was before AVG existed.  Saved me more than once, though.
[08:14.27] <jemler> the photos, they were the ones from Chippendales? :)
[08:14.28] <Evie> It's helpful against spyware and other malware that antivirus programs don't always catch
[08:14.33] <Evie> Spybot, that is
[08:14.39] <The_Bee> I have C Cleaner. Superantispyware and AVG and IObit
[08:14.41] <Alkari> OK, will look into it
[08:14.50] * DesertRose dispenses with the fish and just hauls off and smacks jemler.
[08:15.12] <Alkari> About 6 years ago I lucked into finding this computer guy who comesand deals with problems for me
[08:15.17] <The_Bee> My problem is, I've paid for some, and I don't think I can get my money back.
[08:15.33] <Alkari> He totally set up my new PC a few years ago, and the wireless network
[08:15.38] <DesertRose> I have my neighbor who is going to school for network security who helps me with anything I can't sort out myself.
[08:15.43] <The_Bee> no, koda disposable
[08:15.57] <The_Bee> kodak
[08:16.50] <Alkari> My hard drive had major issues about 2 weeks after getting home last year - he came up, but said it needed a re0-build, and sent me to a local firm that did a brilliant job.   He says they are the best he's come across and sends a lot of people there.
[08:16.56] <Jerusha> I turn mine over to DH and say "fix it"
[08:16.58] <DesertRose> CCleaner is good, AVG is good, and Spybot is good.  Uninstall everything else that is anti-malware.
[08:16.58] <KK> I had one of those in Ireland.  He also took care of Anne McCaffrey's computers.  He only charged us for actual parts he needed.  His services were free, because we wrote books he liked.
[08:17.09] <DesertRose> LOL, KK, that's awesome.
[08:17.17] <Alkari> LOL.  Great deal KK  :)
[08:17.28] <The_Bee> I think I've been scammed by antivirus salesmen.  Twice.
[08:17.30] <Evie> :D
[08:17.47] <Jerusha> Great deal, KK
[08:17.54] <Alkari> These guys were actually quite surprised that I had system backup disks and all that stuff
[08:18.00] <DesertRose> Well, if he wants you to be able to continue to write books he likes, it's in his interest to make sure you have a functioning computer on which to write.
[08:18.29] <Alkari> Otherwise you have to go back to an old fashioned typewriter - remember those things?!
[08:18.33] <DesertRose> Bee, perhaps you can get in touch with your local Better Business Bureau about that?
[08:18.44] <The_Bee> Yeah, but do you really expect him to come all the way from Ireland?
[08:19.02] <DesertRose> Yes, I learned to type on an actual typewriter and did a lot of my early typing on one of the earliest electric typewriters.  That sucker weighed a LOT.
[08:19.09] <Alkari> I was laughing and saying that if I couldn't get my PC calendar to link to my phone, I'd have to go ack to a paper diary!
[08:19.14] <Jerusha> Promise him cookies
[08:19.20] <The_Bee> I tried to get money back from my Credit cartd, but no luck.
[08:19.22] <DesertRose> Well, no, Bee, but that was a good deal when KK was in Ireland.
[08:19.30] <DesertRose> Call the BBB, Bee.
[08:20.25] <The_Bee> Problem is, I'm not sure  can  was scammed.  Lesson: Don't buy stuff via phone.
[08:20.39] <The_Bee> can prove I was scammed.
[08:20.46] <Alkari> No.  Only buy stuff you actually KNOW you want
[08:20.54] <DesertRose> As regards computers or typewriters, at least KK doesn't have to go back to writing longhand with a pencil/pen and paper.  :D
[08:20.59] <Alkari> And have had a chance to research
[08:21.06] <DesertRose> Yes, what Alkari said.
[08:21.11] <Alkari> Or on parchment using a quill!
[08:21.18] <DesertRose> I do that, sort of.
[08:21.30] <DesertRose> I do calligraphy using a dip pen and oak gall ink, but that's for the SCA.  :D
[08:21.46] <Alkari> you can write neat notes to stick on your fridge  :)
[08:22.10] <The_Bee> IObit keeps asking me to buy what i 've already bought and paid for.
[08:22.11] <DesertRose> Yes.  Or do your Christmas cards up all pretty, which I do when I remember to do cards at all during the winter holidays.  :)
[08:22.17] <DesertRose> Ditch it.
[08:22.23] <DesertRose> Uninstall it, Bee.
[08:22.24] <Alkari> My fridge has one side for notes and takeaway menus
[08:22.32] <jemler> HEATHENS! BLASPHEMY!
[08:22.35] <Alkari> Yes Bee.
[08:22.53] <DesertRose> What?  jemler, you've got me totally confused.
[08:23.01] <Alkari> Why are we heathens?
[08:23.21] <DesertRose> Or at least, WHO'S a blaspheming heathen?
[08:23.24] <KK> What is IObit, Bee?
[08:23.45] <Alkari> KK, the other side of my fridge has all the pretty picture fridge magnets, including about three from Virginia
[08:23.48] <jemler> read this: +,
[08:23.58] <The_Bee> a malware fighter, among other things.
[08:24.16] <Alkari> You need to update the Wiki then.
[08:24.34] <DesertRose> The no-longer-widely-read part?
[08:24.40] <jemler> yes!
[08:24.56] <Alkari> I am surprised at the number of people who know the Deryni books
[08:25.26] <DesertRose> :)
[08:25.26] <The_Bee> How many copoies has TKD sole so far?
[08:25.30] <DesertRose> No idea.
[08:25.53] * Jerusha (Mibbit@4CA975.E72DF0.1816C2.93856F) Quit (Quit: +, ajax IRC Client)
[08:25.55] <jemler> that article is just wrong.
[08:25.57] <DesertRose> Yes.
[08:26.21] <KK> No idea either, though the paperback will be out soon.  Can someone fix the article?
[08:26.26] <DesertRose> Well, I don't have an account with Wikipedia, and I don't particularly have the time to go fix it, but if someone else does, that would be awesome.
[08:26.30] <Alkari> Well, perhaps we need to update Wikipedia!
[08:26.36] <The_Bee> but seriously, do we know how many besides us chatter read them?
[08:26.39] <DesertRose> Good, as regards the paperback edition of TKD.
[08:26.42] <jemler> i'll give it a try.
[08:26.56] <Alkari> My brother has had fun updating some things over the year
[08:27.00] <Alkari> * years
[08:27.06] <The_Bee> They may ask you to cite your sources, Jemler.
[08:27.20] <Alkari> Wikipedia is good, but it does have its limitations!!
[08:27.26] <DesertRose> I have the rest of the CM trilogy in paperback, so I've been waiting for the paperback edition of TKD to come out so I can have the set all the same.
[08:27.33] <Alkari> Sources = author herself  :)
[08:27.45] <Evie> A fair few, though we need to attract younger readers now.  Older fans are still faithful when they know a new book is out, but the ones I know didn't know about the new books until I told them
[08:27.56] <The_Bee> Some articles are marked citation sought.
[08:28.03] <DesertRose> Yes, new readers are always good.
[08:28.34] <Alkari> brb - coffee
[08:28.53] <The_Bee> I gave DR to my grandniece for Christmas a few years ago.  Her mom said she couldn't get into it.  She's more a Doctor Who fan.
[08:28.58] <DesertRose> Coffee = Elixir of Wakefulness.
[08:29.22] <DesertRose> I've been meaning to get my daughter reading the Deryni series.  She likes fantasy in general.
[08:29.24] <The_Bee> It's morning for Alkari
[08:29.33] <DesertRose> That's true, Bee.
[08:29.37] <KK> BRB
[08:30.16] <DesertRose> BRB myself
[08:30.57] <Alkari> coffee + cracker with cheese and tomato chutney
[08:32.11] <Alkari> two of those = breakfast
[08:33.45] <KK> I'm back, but must go.  I hadn't realized it was so late.  See you next week at out scheduled earlier time of 5 PM EDT.  (It's Lammas plus One.)
[08:33.58] <Evie> goodnight, KK
[08:34.20] * KK steps onto her Portal, waves goodnight, and disappears in a shower of green sparkles.
[08:34.47] <KK> Nighters.
[08:34.53] * KK Quit (Quit: +, ajax IRC Client)
"If having a soul means being able to feel love, loyalty, and gratitude, then animals are better off than a lot of humans."

James Herriot (James Alfred "Alfie" Wight), when a human client asked him if animals have souls.  (I don't remember in which book the story originally appeared.)


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