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KK Chat -- 19 July 2015
« on: July 19, 2015, 07:21:20 pm »
[07:05.54] * KK has joined channel #deryni_destinations
[07:05.57] <Evie> That last quarter ought to do it,
[07:06.02] <Kildara> Wow - it worked
[07:06.04] <The_Bee> IT worked!!
[07:06.04] <DesertRose> Ah, it worked!  Hi KK!
[07:06.11] <The_Bee> Hi KK
[07:06.13] * jemler puts out strawberry shortcake
[07:06.14] <KK> Hi, guys.
[07:06.19] <jemler> hi kk
[07:06.19] <TerryOBrien> You should remember to close the circle before the summoning ... chocolate sauce will do the trick
[07:06.20] <Kildara> Hi, KK
[07:06.21] <Shiral> It must have been the mint chip ice cream for  St. Uriel! =o)
[07:06.23] <Evie> LOL! KK, Shiral just set out the ice cream at the quarters, and I knew the mint chip would work on you
[07:06.27] <DesertRose> :D
[07:06.32] <Shiral> Hello Katherine
[07:06.41] <The_Bee> Shiral had just finished calling the ice cream quarters.
[07:06.43] <KK> It did. :D
[07:07.00] <DesertRose> There are also virtual chocolate chip cookies available.
[07:07.04] * Shiral doesn't want to close the circle in case more chatters show up. =o)
[07:07.27] <The_Bee> How was the retreat?
[07:07.28] * Aerlys ( has joined channel #deryni_destinations
[07:07.35] <Evie> Well, let's hope the ice cream energies don't explode everywhere, then
[07:07.36] <DesertRose> There would be real chocolate chip cookies if I hadn't been lazy about cleaning up my kitchen and baking today.  :)
[07:07.37] <DesertRose> Hi Aerlys.
[07:07.38] <The_Bee> Hi Aerlys
[07:07.47] <Evie> hi Aerlys
[07:07.54] <Kildara> Hi, Aerlys
[07:07.55] <Shiral> Too warm to bake, today
[07:07.59] <Aerlys> Hi ho!
[07:08.00] <Shiral> Hi Aerlys
[07:08.11] <DesertRose> Well, I live in Florida, where a house is not a home without central A/C.  :)
[07:08.14] <Aerlys> It's at least 100 degrees here
[07:08.16] <jemler> hi aerlys
[07:08.38] <Shiral> Explosion of Ice Cream energies would be bad in what way? =o) We might get really sticky, but,....
[07:08.38] <KK> First, before I forget, I need some of you to send me those errors that crept into TKD re Donal and re the Arilan uncle, I think it was.  I need to make sure they caught those in NY.
[07:08.40] * jemler turns up the AC
[07:08.47] <DesertRose> So the outdoor temperature is hot and humid, yes, but I will bake cookies anyway and the temperature be damned.
[07:09.30] <DesertRose> Okay.  Let me go look at the thread on the forum and see what's there while it's on my brain.  BRB
[07:09.52] <Shiral> Did your mother enjoy her birthday?
[07:10.20] <The_Bee> and did you enjoy the Michaelines?
[07:10.42] <KK> She loved her birthday.  It was a great train ride, and wonderful fireworks, and everyone in the club car came over to wish her a happy birthday.
[07:10.50] <Evie> oh fun
[07:11.01] <Shiral> Good =o)
[07:11.05] <KK> Michaelines were good.  A much needed retreat.
[07:11.08] <jemler> kk. page 401 kindle, Jamyls uncle. page 500 kindle cinhil instead of donal.
[07:11.16] <DesertRose> Nobody actually responded to my call for errata references, KK, but I'll go through the other threads about TKD and see if the references are there, but I don't actually own a copy of TKD (waiting for the paperback edition to be published) so someone who actually owns a copy might need to go through it, pretty please with whipped cream and cherries on top.
[07:11.30] <DesertRose> Thank you, jemler.  :)
[07:12.47] <KK> That's great.  I'll hope they caught any actual typos.
[07:13.43] <Evie> My copy isn't where I thought it was, which is annoying. Let me check somewhere else
[07:13.46] <KK> Oh, and I've signed a contract for e-editions of Adepts 4 & 5, same publisher as Adept 1-3.  Should be out by Christmas, I should think.
[07:13.51] <jemler> kk. was sir se at jorians execution (murder)?
[07:13.58] <DesertRose> Awesome, yay, KK!  :)
[07:14.08] <Evie> Can we get the King Kelson Trilogy in Kindle, Pleeeeeeeaaassseee?
[07:14.13] <KK> I'd expect that he was, Jemler.
[07:14.13] <The_Bee> two new Adept books?
[07:14.18] <Evie> as well as the Camber books
[07:14.27] <jemler> i figure he killed jorian
[07:14.31] <KK> Just e-editions, Bee.
[07:14.42] <The_Bee> oh, ok
[07:14.54] <DesertRose> Evie, do you want to ask KK about the time zone thing?
[07:15.10] <Evie> Oh, that's what I was forgetting. :D
[07:15.32] <DesertRose> It just registered on me and I was about to ask but you're here and it's for your fanfic, so I thought I'd just poke you about it.  :)
[07:15.43] <KK> Time zone thing?
[07:15.47] <Evie> We were wondering if Gwynedd would be under one single time zone or at least two, since by my best guess it's 600 or so milles across judging by the key on the poster map
[07:16.15] <The_Bee> Did they even have time zones then?
[07:16.27] <jemler> no clocks.
[07:16.29] <DesertRose> No, but Evie's working on a fanfic set in the 21st C.
[07:16.38] <The_Bee> Ah.
[07:16.38] <Evie> Probably not, Bee, but I'm writing a story that's in this century
[07:16.41] <KK> Given the state of time-keeping in a medieval society, I don't think they've even thought about time zones.
[07:16.45] <DesertRose> So it might matter for Evie's story.
[07:17.03] <Evie> It might matter in a medieval society with Portals too
[07:17.06] <DesertRose> True.
[07:17.32] <DesertRose> Actually, it might matter for what the characters told me last night for the 1366 Great Fire story.  :)
[07:17.47] <Evie> since they may not have official timezones, but if one goes from the Ile d'Orsal to Rhemuth, you can bet the locals won't be looking at the time of day being the same
[07:17.47] <KK> Even in modern Gwynedd, I doubt they'd bother with time zones.  Though there might be a change between Gwynedd and Torenth, I suppose.
[07:17.49] <The_Bee> Can you portal far enough to notice a major difference in the sun's position?
[07:18.21] <DesertRose> That was what I was thinking, KK, that Torenth might be an hour off from Gwynedd.
[07:18.33] <KK> Probably.  But when time is mostly governed by church bells....
[07:18.37] <Evie> Since noon tends to be reckoned as when the sun is highest in the sky, I can't imagine they wouldn't have local times, though, even if not official time zone boundaries
[07:18.41] <jemler> from rhemuth to beldour perhaps.
[07:18.47] <DesertRose> That's a good question, Bee.  Is there a distance limit on Portal travel?
[07:19.15] <Evie> so a person jumping from Torenth to Rhemuth is going to find the sun in a very different location in the sky, if it's still up at all, on the other side of the jump
[07:19.53] <Evie> I would think it would be something a Deryni would keep in mind if they are going to do jumps across long distances
[07:20.11] <The_Bee> Yes, if you jump just before sunrise
[07:20.23] <jemler> i would imagine on;ly east-west for example. north to south might not be so obvious.
[07:20.25] <KK> I'm sure there must be absolute limits, but I doubt they'd make much difference in a relatively confined area like Gwynedd and Torenth--though ability would certainly be a factor.
[07:20.33] <Evie> we know you can jump from Letald's palace to Rhemuth
[07:20.34] <Shiral> Well it might affect whether somebody they wanted to see at the far end of their jump would be awake yet/still  up
[07:21.02] <The_Bee> and you were sure you weren't heading for a trap portal.
[07:21.03] <jemler> barrett jumped from rhmane to the council chamber.
[07:21.05] <Evie> and that's got to be at least 700 miles according to the mileage key
[07:21.40] * Dennis ( has joined channel #deryni_destinations
[07:21.46] <DesertRose> Hi Dennis.
[07:21.47] <The_Bee> Hi Dennis
[07:21.53] <Evie> yes, it wouldn't be the same problem for north/south jumps
[07:21.54] <jemler> hi dennis
[07:21.55] <Dennis> Hi!
[07:21.56] <Evie> hi Dennis
[07:21.57] <Shiral> Hello Dennis
[07:22.15] <Aerlys> hello dennis
[07:22.18] <Evie> I'm mainly thinking of east/west
[07:22.49] <Shiral> Wonder if it's possible to get "portal lag"
[07:23.11] <DesertRose> Probably, Shiral, LOL.
[07:23.14] <Aerlys> it does require energy to use a portal
[07:23.24] <Evie> If a Deryni in Rhemuth tries to use a Portal to go to Coroth in time to intervene in someone's execution that is scheduled for noon, where the sun is in the sky in Coroth relative to where it is in Rhemuth just might matter. :D
[07:23.47] <Shiral> And the longer the jump, the more the energy.  Although several short jumps are also exhausting
[07:23.53] <DesertRose> Evie, the state of Texas is over 700 miles across and almost all of it is in Central, so I don't suppose it passes belief that all of Gwynedd would be in the same time zone.
[07:24.03] <Evie> Probably not
[07:24.20] <Evie> Central time zone is very wide
[07:24.20] <DesertRose> I think the very southwestern bit of Texas is in Mountain, though, and I know New Mexico is in Mountain.
[07:24.22] <DesertRose> Yes.
[07:24.23] <KK> Good point, Desert Rose.
[07:24.34] <The_Bee> But Florida is in 2 time zones, and it's smaller than Texas.
[07:24.43] <DesertRose> Florida is also very oddly shaped.  :)
[07:24.54] <TerryOBrien> Texas, being Texas, has its own time zone
[07:25.03] <DesertRose> LOL, TerryOBrien.
[07:25.08] <KK> Time zones are very arbitrary, though, for the (in)convenience of those who live in the between areas.
[07:25.14] <DesertRose> True, KK.  :)
[07:25.14] <Kildara> But that's because the east coast of FL is very near the western edge of the time zone.
[07:25.23] <Evie> So Modern Gwynedd might be all on one zone now, but in the Middle Ages when everyone went by local time, then it would actually matter more in some cases like the exampleI gave above
[07:26.00] <Aerlys> a discussion only a fan could love. :)
[07:26.05] <DesertRose> LOL, Aerlys.
[07:26.08] <The_Bee> That's why some time zones wiggle, to keep all of an island group together.
[07:26.24] <Kildara> Very true KK - one good example is that Indiana is in the Eastern time zone - except for Gary, which is in the Central, because economically Gary is tied to Chicago.
[07:26.27] <Evie> DH just offered me a taste of my MIL's back yard. :-D  (Honey produced by his bees who live there, that is, but that's how he phrased it.)
[07:26.38] <DesertRose> LOL, Evie.
[07:26.49] <DesertRose> I bought some local wildflower honey recently, and it is SOOOOOO good.
[07:27.09] <Kildara> I used to buy lavender honey when I lived in WA state
[07:27.10] <TerryOBrien> It used to be that Indiana was split down the middle between Eastern and Central
[07:27.14] * Jerusha (Mibbit@4CA975.E72DF0.1CA2CF.3CB22C) has joined channel #deryni_destinations
[07:27.16] <DesertRose> Hi Jerusha.
[07:27.20] <The_Bee> hi jerusha
[07:27.21] <Shiral> Hi Jerusha
[07:27.25] <Dennis> And then weh nyou throw in Daylight Savings... whee!
[07:27.26] <Evie> hi Jerusha
[07:27.34] <Kildara> Didn't know that Terry
[07:27.39] <jemler> hi jerusha
[07:27.42] <KK> Yum!  And wild honey from a particular area tends to give somewhat immunity to allergens in that area, or so they say
[07:27.49] <Shiral> And leap year. =o)
[07:27.49] <DesertRose> Daylight Savings/Summer time is a pain in the neck, or at least time changes are.
[07:27.51] <Jerusha> Hi everyone
[07:27.52] <The_Bee> In Australia they have 1/2 hour time zones.
[07:28.04] <TerryOBrien> It was a long time ago ... maybe 50 years? I just remember seeing old maps with the time zone denoted
[07:28.04] <DesertRose> That's what I've heard, too, KK.  :)
[07:28.11] <Kildara> All of China is one time zone
[07:28.13] <KK> Now, <that> could be confusing.
[07:28.36] <KK> Really, Kildara?  Does that work for them?
[07:28.54] <DesertRose> China's a fairly large place.  Wow.  I didn't know it was all one time zone.
[07:29.03] <TerryOBrien> And DST? Please ... our previous governor pushed getting Indiana on DST and now our 4th fireworks go off around 10:00 at night
[07:29.25] <Aerlys> Not a fan of DST myself
[07:29.29] <Kildara> I guess so - it's for the convenience of the government - but people in Western China are getting up when it's still pitch dark, when it's sunrise in Beijing
[07:29.32] <DesertRose> LOL, yes, TerryOBrien.  Arizona doesn't do DST except the reservations, so if you
[07:29.40] <The_Bee> That's when they go off in Boston, Terry.
[07:29.45] <Evie> I guess if you get used to thinking of time as an arbitrary number instead of in an agricultural sense and expecting the sun to be in a certain area of sky at certain points, the arbitrary assignment of time zone doesn't matter
[07:30.15] <Evie> that's got to be inconvenient for Western China
[07:30.23] <DesertRose> you're driving through an area where the only radio station is a reservation station, the time is going to throw you for a loop if you compare what time the radio announcer says it is to what time the clock in your car or on your phone or watch says it is.  :D
[07:30.26] <Kildara> I would think so, Evie
[07:30.29] <The_Bee> When I lived in Michigan, they didn't observe DST
[07:30.39] <Kildara> When was that Bee?
[07:30.58] <Evie> I could see it working out better if the time zone was at least determined by local noon in a central location
[07:31.00] <The_Bee> Is it mostly agricultural areas that don't like DST?
[07:31.04] <Evie> '
[07:31.18] <The_Bee> 1968-1971
[07:31.20] <DesertRose> Arizona's justification is that they get enough daylight without any help from DST.  :D
[07:31.44] <Evie> sorry, that was Gigi's addition to the conversation. She's not much of a talker, so she just wanted to add her apostrophe
[07:32.02] <DesertRose> Arizona isn't really all that agricultural (too dry by far), but that's the justification I always heard.
[07:32.19] <Jerusha> Nice to hear from her anyway
[07:32.24] <The_Bee> IIRC the federal law is, DST is optional, but all states that do observe it have to change on the same night.
[07:32.24] <DesertRose> Hi Gigi.  :D
[07:32.51] <Shiral> That's a distinguished little apostrophe
[07:32.54] <Evie> She's sitting here impersonating an Egyptian cat statue
[07:32.55] * EPCarpenter ( has joined channel #deryni_destinations
[07:33.00] <jemler> hi epc
[07:33.02] <DesertRose> Hi EPCarpenter.
[07:33.03] <The_Bee> Hi EPC
[07:33.06] <Evie> hi EPC
[07:33.14] <Shiral> Hello EPC
[07:33.18] <Kildara> Hi EPC
[07:33.20] <Jerusha> Hi epc.
[07:33.28] <DesertRose> LOL about Gigi the cat statue, Evie.  :)
[07:33.43] <EPCarpenter> Hiya everyone
[07:33.51] <Evie> She's settled into more of a Sphinx position now
[07:33.53] <DesertRose> LOL
[07:34.13] <TerryOBrien> She's not a cat statue, she's a figurine of Bast awaiting your adoration and tribute
[07:34.18] <Jerusha> Who was the cat goddess?  B something
[07:34.19] <Aerlys> hi EPC
[07:34.23] <Evie> and treats
[07:34.27] <Shiral> Dmitri does a good job of cat-statue impersonation. Usually he decides to do it in front of the TV
[07:34.31] <Shiral> Bast
[07:34.32] <DesertRose> Bast or Bastet, Jerusha.
[07:34.45] <Shiral> "Good day, have you accepted Bast into your heart?"
[07:34.50] <DesertRose> Then you get to tell him his daddy was not a glassmaker, Shiral.  :)
[07:34.54] <EPCarpenter> Tried to stop in 1/2 an hour ago- The laptop went into a scheduled hard disk check when I turned it on- Aaargh.,..
[07:35.02] <DesertRose> Oh, how aggravating, EPCarpenter.
[07:35.09] <Jerusha> Bastet is what I almost remembered
[07:35.19] <Shiral> That's how he started getting the idea that his full name was "DmitriMove!"
[07:35.23] <EPCarpenter> The price of digital efficiency...
[07:35.38] <Evie> I've called Luke something that begins with "Bast" and is generally preceded by "Furry Little", but generally only when he's hacked up a hairball on my favorite chair
[07:35.44] <DesertRose> Same goddess, depends on which Egyptologist you ask whether the name is Bast or Bastet.
[07:35.48] <DesertRose> LOL, Evie.
[07:36.11] <Kildara> LOL Shiral
[07:36.21] <Jerusha> A little gift for you
[07:36.32] <Shiral> Francesca did the same thing in my desk chair this past week.  I found about it after sitting down. Unfortunately, I was wearing a new pair of pants for the first time.
[07:36.39] <DesertRose> OH no, Shiral.
[07:36.48] <The_Bee> yuck!
[07:36.51] <Evie> Yes, that's always fun, Shiral
[07:36.57] <Jerusha> Ack
[07:37.01] <Aerlys> feeling peckish. brb
[07:37.01] <DesertRose> I hope you had some stain remover around so you could treat the stain at least.
[07:37.04] <KK> Speaking of things Egyptian, Spike has a 3-part mini-series starting tonight at 9 PM, called Tut.  Looks like it could interesting--or not.
[07:37.11] <Shiral> Luckily it was laundry day anyway.  And that's what I said too, Bee. But in less polite terminology
[07:37.37] <Jerusha> At the cottage - no tv
[07:37.40] <DesertRose> Oh, well, that's not as bad as it could be, Shiral.  At least you were able to wash it quickly.
[07:37.46] <Shiral> Yes, the stain is gone, and the pants AND the chair are clean.
[07:37.50] <DesertRose> Ah, good.
[07:37.50] <EPCarpenter> My bird isn't speaking to me... We went on a road trip for a week, PA down to GA to pick up a cargo trailer from the factory and back up. The birds were boarded for the week. The little one is apparently harboring a grudge over it.
[07:38.07] <Evie> awwww
[07:38.09] <DesertRose> Oh dear, EPCarpenter.  I've known cats to hold grudges about their people taking trips, but never a bird.
[07:38.22] <DesertRose> Of course, I've never kept birds, so I really wouldn't know anyway.
[07:38.25] <KK> What kinds of birds, EPCarpenter?
[07:38.28] <Evie> Gigi gets mad if we leave her for a weekend
[07:38.52] <EPCarpenter> Parrots are quite intelligent and have personalities. Trust be, they have mood swings.
[07:38.52] <Evie> and now that DS has left home, she gives him the cold shoulder for a few minutes whenever he comes by to visit
[07:38.54] <The_Bee> Melantha his under my neighbor's bed when I came home from surgery and rehab.
[07:39.03] <DesertRose> One of my SCA friends keeps macaws, though.
[07:39.13] <The_Bee> hid, not his
[07:39.31] <DesertRose> Oh, I know.  My SCA friend that has the birds has one that's an absolute sweetheart and one that's mean as hell.
[07:39.33] <EPCarpenter> One Budgerigar (English Budgie) and one African Gray.
[07:39.42] <Evie> Was Melantha with the neighbor whose cat likes to visit you from time to time?
[07:39.53] <Shiral> My cats always hide when the cleaning ladies come. One day, I had the cleaning ladies AND  a new piece of furniture delivered at the same time.  I don't think Dmitri has recovered from the trauma, yet.
[07:40.02] <The_Bee> African Greys are the super=stars of the bird world.
[07:40.02] <DesertRose> LOL, poor Dmitri.
[07:40.18] <Jerusha> The whippets don't eat when boarded .  Not a good thing.
[07:40.20] <The_Bee> Yes, Evie
[07:40.45] <Shiral> He didn't come downstairs all yesterday when I had my sister and my dad over for lunch
[07:40.46] <EPCarpenter> Mozzie the gray is smart as a whip, but it's surprising how close behind her the little Budgies are in the smarts dept.
[07:40.59] <DesertRose> The one time my family tried boarding the cats, they came home with fleas, so now they get a cat-sitter (or I cat-sit) when they go out of town.
[07:41.04] <KK> We have a house-sitter, so that the animals aren't disturbed.  THey like him.
[07:41.10] <DesertRose> The cats came home with fleas, mind, not my family.  :)
[07:41.25] <Evie> LOL, DR
[07:41.27] <Shiral> I always get a cat sitter to minimize the anxiety for them.  That way, they can at least be in a familiar place
[07:41.28] <DesertRose> :D
[07:41.36] <The_Bee> I've read the greys can mimic a sound so closely you think it the real thing.
[07:41.41] <Shiral> So hard to get human flea collars
[07:42.01] <DesertRose> The family is going out of town early next month, so I get to cat-sit for about ten days and work from their house instead of mine.
[07:42.10] <Jerusha> I had a house sitter, but she wasn't making enough money and quit.
[07:42.20] <DesertRose> Not particularly looking forward to it, because Merlin dislikes me so.
[07:42.20] <Aerlys> back
[07:42.24] <DesertRose> WB, Aerlys.
[07:42.36] <Shiral> Friends  had a parrot that could mimic one end of a phone conversation. The phone would ring and they'd answer and hold out the receiver to the parrot who would say "Hello?"
[07:42.40] <The_Bee> Did she just leave the dogs wwith nobody?
[07:43.01] <Dennis> Missy says, "Meow."
[07:43.03] <DesertRose> BRB myself.
[07:43.07] <DesertRose> Hi Missy-cat.  :)
[07:43.08] <DesertRose> BRB
[07:43.14] <Jerusha> Hi missy
[07:43.21] <The_Bee> Hi, Missy
[07:43.26] <EPCarpenter> Mozz does that. Her Facebook DadUnk tone is perfect- Can't tell the difference.
[07:43.58] <Dennis> We usually leave Miss home if we're leaving for less than 72 hours, because she hates Hates HATES the car.
[07:44.02] <Aerlys> all I can think about now is this: +
/>[07:45.18] <jemler> try this one +
/>[07:45.18] <Evie> qqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqq
[07:45.25] <Evie> That was Luke
[07:45.40] <Shiral> The day I adopted Dmitri, he screamed to be rescued all the way home
[07:45.58] <Evie> LOL
[07:46.09] <jemler> he should have pressed 4
[07:46.13] <Jerusha> Hi lukeeeeeeeee
[07:46.15] <Shiral> "Today's episode was brought to you by the letter Q"
[07:46.23] <Dennis> Hi, Luke!
[07:46.28] <DesertRose> Hi Luke.  :)
[07:46.31] <Evie> Mine are OK in the car, if a bit nervous since that normally means they're on their way to get rabies shots or something else unpleasant
[07:47.19] <KK> Didn't Dimitri realize you were rescuing him?
[07:47.20] <Evie> Luke's head is blocking the view of the entire left side of my screen now
[07:47.21] <Shiral> The day I moved, I got out of bed early, and before Dmitri had had anytime to think about it, I got him into his cat carrier before I even got dressed
[07:47.33] <Shiral> Logic is not his strong suit, KK =o)
[07:47.52] <The_Bee> "Do you Qualify for Quantities of Questionable Quartzites"
[07:48.00] <Shiral> He just knew he was in the car and wanted to register his complaints with SOMEBODY
[07:48.05] <KK> I do that when I have to take Sasha to the vet.  He tends to do a Houdini if he sees the carrier.
[07:48.26] <The_Bee> Melantha tries that too.
[07:48.46] <jemler> he's afraid of what he'll lose next! :)
[07:48.48] <Shiral> Fortunately, I'd brought in the carriers a few days before, and so he forgot to be wary. Also, he was asleep when I picked him up and stuffed him in
[07:48.49] <The_Bee> fewer places to hide in an apartment
[07:49.11] <Evie> Gigi hides under the kitchen table, which is against a wall and near the pantry shelves, and she goes to the corner I can't reach unless I crawl completely under there
[07:49.28] <DesertRose> They are clever about hiding just where you can't reach them.  :)
[07:49.47] <Shiral> Francesca used to hide in the box springs under my mattress. She REALLY hates her carrier
[07:49.54] <Evie> she lurks just out of reach, but where she can see if I come back with treats
[07:49.58] <Jerusha> I have car harnesses for the whippets. They are finally getting used to them.
[07:49.58] <Shiral> Or else, she really hates the vet
[07:50.13] <DesertRose> Merlin has gotten so bad about the vet that they're going to have to start sedating him to take care of his dumb butt.
[07:50.45] <Evie> It's his other end I'd worry about, DR.
[07:50.46] <Evie> :D
[07:51.04] <DesertRose> The vet and the vet techs had already requested that he get the "bad kitty" sticker on his file.
[07:51.08] <The_Bee> My brother has a cat that hides in the upholstery
[07:51.31] <DesertRose> Yeah, no, both ends are problematic when he's at the vet.  He panics and loses bowel and bladder control.
[07:51.46] <Jerusha> I know
[07:51.47] <Shiral> The late Isadora managed to hide  under my barcalounger.
[07:52.07] <Evie> oh, not good! Yes, it definitely sounds like sedation would be welcome by him as well as them
[07:52.26] <DesertRose> And he'll bite the daylights out of anyone who tries to get near him, so my mom is going to have to hold his food the night before his vet visit so the sedative doesn't nauseate him too badly.
[07:53.02] <Shiral> And here I thought I had a problematic pussycat =o)
[07:53.04] <Jerusha> Oh dear
[07:53.05] <DesertRose> He's got a major attitude.
[07:53.17] <The_Bee> I was told not to feed Melantha the morning of her vet check-up
[07:53.38] <Shiral> Nina used to try to climb the wall by the vet's examining table hind legs first
[07:53.43] <Jerusha> He needs a kitty psychiatrist
[07:53.52] <DesertRose> He's a Manx, and apparently it's a Manx trait to not like anybody who doesn't live with them, and I got the double whammy of "you don't live with me so I don't like you" plus "you were cat-sitting me when I had to be neutered."
[07:53.56] <EPCarpenter> I remember my Russian Blue, Thomas. He would come back from being boarded via a wash and groom on the last day. Beautifully washed, trimmed, smelled wonderful, with a little bow on his head as an accent, and the most pissed off look on his face!
[07:54.05] <DesertRose> Two black marks on my column.
[07:54.21] <Shiral> So YOU were the one who got his trouble nuggets snipped!
[07:54.25] <Shiral> =o)
[07:54.29] <DesertRose> He does need Jackson Galaxy or somebody, yes.  :)
[07:54.41] <DesertRose> Yup.  So he REALLY hates me.
[07:55.02] <Shiral> You ruined his sex life, clearly =o)
[07:55.27] <Jerusha> Sounds like he holds a grudge
[07:55.35] <DesertRose> When I go cat sit in a couple of weeks, I'm probably going to have to hold him off with the broom just so I can get close enough to his food bowl to put food in it, because otherwise he'll chew my hands up.
[07:55.35] <The_Bee> but nobody needs a home filled with tomcat stench.
[07:56.01] <DesertRose> Yes, he does hold a grudge, but he was going to be neutered regardless.  He just got a UTI while I was cat-sitting so it happened on my watch.
[07:56.06] <Aerlys> is this a cat or a tazmanian devil?
[07:56.12] <DesertRose> Theoretically a cat.
[07:56.14] <Jerusha> Egad, DR
[07:56.54] <DesertRose> My family was NOT going to leave him intact, for the tomcat-stench reason above, but I wound up being the hand that put him in the carrier to go to the vet to be snipped.
[07:57.02] <Shiral> I suggest fencing gauntlets, DR
[07:57.17] <KK> Wow, I hadn't heard that about Manxes.
[07:57.21] <DesertRose> That, or I could go get my stepdad's heavy duty work gloves out of the garage before I feed the fuzzball.
[07:57.30] <DesertRose> Their other cat, PJ, is much easier to deal with.
[07:57.31] <Evie> Get an SCA friend to lend you metal gauntlets
[07:57.33] <Jerusha> And a fencing mask
[07:57.38] <EPCarpenter> Winter facket and leather gardners gloves are sufficient.
[07:57.44] <jemler> do what my family did.
[07:57.47] <EPCarpenter> jacket
[07:57.49] <Shiral> Mail gauntlets might also be a good idea! And don't forget the rapier
[07:57.59] <DesertRose> Her biggest problem is that she won't meow when she's hungry.  She just stands there by her food bowl until you see her looking pitiful.
[07:58.31] <Evie> Gigi likes to sit on her plate when it's feeding time
[07:58.32] <DesertRose> Yeah, I might have to ask some of my fencing friends if they have metal gauntlets I could borrow for ten days or so.  :)
[07:58.55] <Evie> that's her way of saying "Look, it's empty! It's so empty I can sit here!"
[07:58.57] <Shiral> "Are you taking fencing?" "No,  just taking care of a cat who doesn't like me."
[07:59.02] <DesertRose> LOL, yes.
[07:59.31] <DesertRose> I was learning to fence for a while there, but I ran up against the not-enough-money-and-time-to-do-all-the-things-that-interest-me problem.
[08:00.01] <Shiral> Those darn 24 hours a day limits. Not to mention the need to pay your rent
[08:00.07] <Jerusha> I would love to try fencing
[08:00.11] <EPCarpenter> Money isn't my problem with Fencing- I love the sport, but it hates my bad knees.
[08:00.14] <DesertRose> Yeah, and my car insurance and buy groceries and and and...
[08:00.23] <Shiral> Etc etc
[08:00.26] <jemler> plus the cops frown on it.
[08:00.26] <Evie> ROFL! They're both beside me right now, and Gigi was grooming Luke's head.  Luke evidently got tired of it, because suddenly he lifted his paw and put it on her forehead to stop her, but the way he did it looked like he ought to add "Bless you, my child"
[08:00.33] <DesertRose> LOL, Evie.
[08:00.50] <DesertRose> Luke has a bow tie.  Now he needs a clerical collar.  :D
[08:01.06] <Kildara> DR, PJ sounds like my grandmother - she'd be in her chair in a dark room and I'd ask her if she'd like me to turn on the light. She'd say "No, I'll just sit in the dark," in that lamenting tone of voice. She had Alzheimer's so she got a pass on that
[08:01.16] <Shiral> Francesca came down and decided it was HER night to sit in my lap while I watched TV last night. Usually Dmitri  does that
[08:01.38] <DesertRose> Yes, that's how PJ is.  If she'd just meow and let us know the food bowl is empty, we'd fix the problem faster.
[08:01.40] <Shiral> He's clearly channeling Duncan, Evie
[08:01.50] <Evie> LOL
[08:02.10] <Jerusha> Clever cat
[08:02.16] <DesertRose> But she's very quiet and doesn't meow unless she's in real distress, like someone has stepped on her tail.
[08:02.22] <Shiral> I get Francesca walking over me in the morning, and Dmitri likes to knock things off my bedside table.
[08:02.43] <Kildara> I had a cat who used to "bless" me when she wanted me to get up in the morning and feed her
[08:02.48] <Evie> that's like Gigi. She rarely meows, and when she does it's usually very quiet or almost inaudible
[08:02.48] <Jerusha> Brb
[08:03.10] <DesertRose> Merlin, on the other hand, will hold a conversation, he's so mouthy.
[08:03.54] <Kildara> Anyone seen this? +
/>[08:04.00] <DesertRose> I think DD has the notion of teaching him to meow on cue.
[08:04.07] <The_Bee> Melantha licks my face at 4am, then nips me if I don't respond by feeding her
[08:05.04] <Aerlys> My sister had a very furry himilayan that hated collars. One time our great aunt was visiting her. Auntie went to my sis and said. "Your cat is grinning at me." My sis tolder her just to ignore the cat. Later, our aunt said, "Your cat is still grinning at me." Again, my sister brushed it off. After a couple more times, she investigatd. The cat had tried to remove his collar, but got it stuck in his mouth, but was so furry he looked like h
[08:05.24] <DesertRose> Yes, I have seen that, Kildara.  That is too cute. :)
[08:05.30] * Jerusha (Mibbit@4CA975.E72DF0.1CA2CF.3CB22C) Quit (Quit: +, ajax IRC Client)
[08:05.40] <jemler> bye jerusha
[08:05.55] <DesertRose> Maybe Jerusha will pop back in here in a bit.
[08:06.24] <Evie> trying to type around a cat tail
[08:06.29] <EPCarpenter> We had one when I was a kid that never got used to collars. We found her once with one paw through the collar trying to get it off, half dead from strangulation. We stopped with the collar after that...
[08:06.40] <DesertRose> There's another video that I've seen online of someone singing "If You're Happy And You Know It" with their cat, with the lyric, "If you're happy and you know it, say meow" and then the cat meows on cue.
[08:07.14] <Kildara> Cats have a lot more going on than people not owned by cats think
[08:07.43] <DesertRose> Yeah, PJ and Merlin don't have collars, and I didn't much bother with collars for Tessa and Sweetie Pie either, although Sweetie Pie wore one for a bit.
[08:07.50] <DesertRose> LOL, yes, Kildara.
[08:08.17] <jemler> i'll stay with dogs.
[08:08.28] <Evie> Mine won't keep a safety collar on, and I don't trust them not to strangle themselves on something with the regular sort
[08:08.31] <KK> We don't do collars on our cats.  Too much chance of them getting tangled in them.
[08:08.41] <The_Bee> Melanta has a collar to hold her tags.
[08:08.55] <DesertRose> If I get a pet, it will be a cat, because I am NOT going to take a dog outside to do its business in all weather down fourteen floors.  I'd rather scoop a litter box.
[08:09.04] <Evie> Luke has his cute shirt collar and bow tie, but it was attached by Velcro and he could remove it if he needed to
[08:09.36] <The_Bee> Melantha's collar is designed to come apart if it gets caught on something
[08:09.49] <Kildara> Just remember, though, DR, that if you are going to companion a cat, you have to be willing to be humble servant of the same
[08:10.25] <DesertRose> I have no problem with being a cat's staff.  Done it many times in my life.  I love kittehs.  I just don't presently have the budget for a pet of any sort.
[08:10.32] <Shiral> You will be the cook, the waiter the masseuse and the manicure/pedicure lady
[08:10.37] <DesertRose> Yup.
[08:10.43] <Kildara> Oh - I really love kittens, too. Wish that stage lasted longer
[08:11.11] <DesertRose> I actually am not a huge fan of the kitten stage.  If I do get a pet, I'll likely go to the shelter and adopt a young adult.
[08:11.35] <The_Bee> Melantha was a year old when I adopted her.
[08:11.50] <DesertRose> Somewhere between 1-3 years old would be good.
[08:12.30] <DesertRose> The only thing I really like about kittens (besides them being super cute) is that you can train them to tolerate things like nail clipping a little better than you can an older cat.
[08:13.09] <Evie> Luke was 9 months old when we got him, so sort of like a teenager in cat terms
[08:13.32] <Kildara> I've never gotten a kitten either - but had some that were home- made as it were
[08:13.40] <Evie> Very active, bu mostly adult in most ways
[08:13.48] <Kildara> Didn't get to the vet soon enough
[08:13.52] <DesertRose> I used to have a black cat named Cyrano whom I got when he was about 3 months old, and I had him trained to sit quite still while I trimmed his claws and brushed him, because he sorted out fairly quickly that after I groomed him, I'd give him treats and he figured out that if he held still and let me do what I was doing, he'd get his treats that much faster.
[08:14.13] <The_Bee> We had home-made kittens when I was 14.
[08:14.22] <Shiral> Francesca was a teenager, Izzy, Pan and Dmitri were kittens when I got them, and Nina was a home-made surprise
[08:15.05] <DesertRose> PJ and Merlin were both foundlings.  My daugher found PJ dirty as anything and badly injured in the road, and Merlin's mama had him and his littermates in the neighbor's lawn shed.
[08:15.05] <Shiral> I  just can't resist the kitten stage, though
[08:15.14] <DesertRose> Kittens are super cute.
[08:15.29] <Shiral> The little blighters melt me every time
[08:15.51] <Shiral> Don't dare go to kitten adoption fairs for fear of what I might do
[08:16.35] <Shiral> Looks like we've lost some of our chatters, though
[08:16.39] <DesertRose> I get my kitten fix by watching the Foster Kitten Cam, although I can't pet them.
[08:16.52] <DesertRose> It has gone quiet, yes.
[08:17.02] <Evie> fighting sleep
[08:17.07] <jemler> just high-stepping over the kitty litter.
[08:17.18] <Shiral> Not enough talk about matters Deryni perhaps
[08:17.20] <KK> You haven't lost me, but you're about to.  Need to get some supper.
[08:17.33] <DesertRose> Okay, KK, go feed yourself and your hubby.  :D
[08:17.43] <The_Bee> My 10-y-o sister's cat had one kitten, then walked  off and left.  Mom gave it  2 am feeding with a doll's baby bottle. Next day momcat heard the kitten crying, went in an h  4 more.
[08:17.44] <Shiral> Enjoy dinner and thanks for stopping by
[08:17.45] <Dennis> Have a good night!
[08:17.48] * KK steps onto her Portal, waves goodnight, and disappears in a shower of green sparkles.
[08:17.49] <Evie> I should probably do something about supper, but effort
[08:17.52] <DesertRose> Thanks for coming to see us!  Will we see you next week?"
[08:17.52] <jemler> nite kk
[08:17.56] * Dennis ( Quit (Quit: +, ajax IRC Client)
[08:17.57] <Shiral> Have a good productive week, KK
[08:17.59] <The_Bee> bye KK, Thanks for coming and have a good week.
[08:18.04] <jemler> nite all
[08:18.07] <DesertRose> Forgive the stray quote marks, there. Typo.
[08:18.18] * TerryOBrien (~TerryOBrie@4CA975.D94A1D.044B04.DC569E) Quit (Quit: )
[08:18.19] <DesertRose> Night, jemler
[08:18.25] <The_Bee> byejemler
[08:18.29] <Evie> see you later, KK
[08:18.40] <Kildara> I'm going to go in search of some ice-cream I think. Good night all.
[08:18.46] <DesertRose> Night Kildara.
[08:18.50] <KK> Actually, hubby has gone to see Double Indemnity a the cinema.  I could've gone with him, but I told him I needed to drop in on chat, since I missed the last 2 weeks.  I should be here next week.
[08:18.53] <Shiral> Night Kildara
[08:18.59] <The_Bee> bye kildara
[08:19.02] <KK> Nighters, all.
[08:19.02] <DesertRose> Okay, see you next week then.
[08:19.06] <DesertRose> Enjoy your supper.  :)
[08:19.08] <Evie> OK, Goodnight
[08:19.12] * Kildara ( Quit (Quit: +, ajax IRC Client)
[08:19.14] <DesertRose> Thanks for coming to see us!
[08:19.20] * KK Quit (Quit: +, ajax IRC Client)
"If having a soul means being able to feel love, loyalty, and gratitude, then animals are better off than a lot of humans."

James Herriot (James Alfred "Alfie" Wight), when a human client asked him if animals have souls.  (I don't remember in which book the story originally appeared.)


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