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KK Chat -- 28 June 2015
« on: June 28, 2015, 07:27:55 pm »
[07:09.11] * KK has joined channel #deryni_destinations
[07:09.15] <The_Bee> Hi KK
[07:09.16] <DesertRose> Hi KK!
[07:09.17] <jemler> hi kk, shiral
[07:09.25] <Aerlys> Hello KK
[07:09.30] <KK> Hello, all.
[07:09.54] <Evie> hi
[07:10.07] <Shiral> Hello KK
[07:10.08] <FriarJohn00> Hi KK.
[07:10.10] <DesertRose> KK, revanne says hi but she had to go to bed as she was falling asleep over her tablet or laptop or whatever she was using.
[07:10.16] <KK> What's everyone up to?
[07:10.21] <Evie> sorry, distracted by my new pretty
[07:10.27] <DesertRose> Just got home from a summer collegium (SCA event).
[07:10.34] <KK> What new pretty, Evie?
[07:10.37] <Shiral> Trying to set up my new printer. Old printer died an ugly death
[07:10.53] <KK> I hear you, Shiral.  Been there, done that.
[07:10.53] <Aerlys> gotta scoot soon to get my daughter
[07:11.02] <Evie> DH just bought me a book at a library sale about Cisterian Abbeys of Britain
[07:11.15] <jemler> i want to get a 3d printer. later.
[07:11.15] <Evie> *Cistercian, even
[07:11.19] <DesertRose> Shiral, my parents' photo-quality printer did that; it spit black toner all over the floor.  Fortunately the carpet in that room is scheduled for replacement soon anyway.
[07:11.23] * Aerlys has visions of red ink splatters all over the room
[07:11.40] <KK> Library sales are awesome.
[07:11.49] <Shiral> This was less dramatic--printer feed up and quit
[07:11.55] <DesertRose> And the dying printer did not spit on the bed, because my mother would have had a FIT over that bedding getting messed up with printer toner.
[07:12.04] <FriarJohn00> Evil, I envy your windfall.
[07:12.09] <The_Bee> I took Melantha for a scan a few days ago.  Definitely a growth inside her.
[07:12.10] <Evie> Oh my gosh, it has floor plans as well as color photos.  <3
[07:12.19] <Aerlys> LOL great typo
[07:12.19] <DesertRose> Oh no, Bee.
[07:12.25] <Shiral> Wouldn't feed paper in the regular or photo tray
[07:12.28] <jemler> bad news, bee
[07:12.29] <DesertRose> Can anything be done within your budget?
[07:12.34] <KK> Oh, Bee.  Do they know what it is?
[07:12.43] <Shiral> Poor Melantha! =o(
[07:12.44] <Aerlys> oh, poor kitty
[07:12.54] <Evie> Oh no, Bee!
[07:13.20] <The_Bee> It's a toss-up whether the biggest risk is surgery or no surgery.  At least she seems to be feeling better lately.
[07:13.27] * Dennis ( has joined channel #deryni_destinations
[07:13.28] <DesertRose> :'(
[07:13.31] <DesertRose> Hi Dennis.
[07:13.33] <jemler> hi dennis.
[07:13.37] <Shiral> Hello Mr. Married Man
[07:13.40] <DesertRose> How was the wedding, Dennis?
[07:13.59] <Aerlys> sadly, in the words of REO Speedwagon, it's time for me to fly!
[07:14.02] <FriarJohn00> Oh my.
[07:14.08] <jemler> nite aerlys
[07:14.09] <Dennis> The wedding was wonderful! And I'm still all married and stuff.
[07:14.09] <DesertRose> Okay, Aerlys.  Drive safely!
[07:14.13] <Dennis> Bye Aerlys!
[07:14.14] <Shiral> Bye, Aerlys
[07:14.16] <DesertRose> See you later. :)
[07:14.17] <FriarJohn00> Good by Aerlys
[07:14.19] <Aerlys> Congrats, Dennis! Bye all
[07:14.20] <KK> Sigh. At her age, it may be kindest to let her be as comfortable as possible, with as little stress as possible. 
[07:14.23] <Evie> Bye Aerlys.
[07:14.26] <KK> Bye, Aerlys.
[07:14.28] <Evie> Hi, Dennis!
[07:14.32] * Aerlys ( Quit (Quit: CGI:IRC)
[07:14.33] <FriarJohn00> Congrats Fennis.
[07:14.42] <KK> Congrats, Dennis!
[07:14.44] <The_Bee> Whatever it is, it's completely engulfed her right kidney.  They were ging to consult with a vetinary surgeon. Hopefully I'll learn more this week.
[07:14.50] <DesertRose> Good, Dennis; I'm glad y'all had a good time.
[07:14.57] <DesertRose> Oh no, Bee.  Poor Melantha-kitty.
[07:14.59] <Shiral> Yes. When Panther got sick, I just couldn't find it in my heart to put him through chemo at age 16
[07:15.08] <The_Bee> welcome back, Dennis
[07:15.20] <jemler> kitty chemo?
[07:15.27] <Shiral> Sorry to hear of her health woes, Bee
[07:15.29] <DesertRose> Keep us posted, Bee, when you find out what if anything can be done for the kitty.
[07:15.35] <Shiral> yes, Jemler. Kitty Chemo is a thing.
[07:15.39] <KK> Well, maybe they can just remove that kidney.  I assume that kitties, like humans, can get by ok with only one.
[07:15.43] <DesertRose> Yes, jemler.  If they can do it for human medicine, they can do it for animals.
[07:15.58] <The_Bee> They've been a bit vague, but they do say everything else seems to be working okay. 
[07:16.15] <DesertRose> In fact, they often have done it on animals first to test it for relative safety before going to trials in humans.
[07:16.24] <The_Bee> If they don't operate, it could rupture, but surgery is also risky.
[07:16.34] <KK> Of course, kitty kidney function starts to diminish around 12-15, so I don't know if one kidney would work well enough.
[07:16.40] <jemler> same with me.
[07:16.58] <The_Bee> she'll be 9 in August.
[07:17.08] <DesertRose> Oh, she's not all that old then.  Poor kitty.
[07:17.13] <KK> Speaking of kidneys, Jemler, are you official on the list yet?
[07:17.16] * Jerushamib_8jljs5 (Mibbit@4CA975.E72DF0.5E7A95.DF1F0C) has joined channel #deryni_destinations
[07:17.21] <DesertRose> Hi Jerushamib_8jljs5.
[07:17.25] <jemler> hi jerusha
[07:17.26] <Evie> hi Jerusha
[07:17.29] <Shiral> Hi Jerusha
[07:17.36] <KK> Ah, then she isn't that old for surgery, unless the surgery is particularly risky.
[07:17.37] <The_Bee> I just wish I could get a straight answer:  benign, malignant, or don't know.
[07:17.40] <FriarJohn00> Hi Jerusha.
[07:17.47] <DesertRose> We haven't seen you in a bit.  Welcome back.  :)
[07:17.52] <FriarJohn00> They may not know.
[07:17.52] <DesertRose> Yes, that would be nice, Bee.
[07:18.07] <KK> Going in may be the only way to find out.
[07:18.21] <The_Bee> The SEEMED to be say non-malignant, but I just n\don't know.
[07:18.39] <The_Bee> Whatever it is, there's a lot of fluid.
[07:18.56] <jemler> not yet. i have to see infection control on the 6th. i'm allergic to about 10 antibiotics, which is a problem. but my fistula may be aneurystic, so they're goinr to operate on thur.
[07:18.58] <KK> Even non-malignant growths can kill you if they rupture.  I wonder if the fluid could be aspirated.
[07:19.01] <Jerushamib_8jljs5> On my iPhone. Somewhat challenged.
[07:19.23] <Shiral> I tried chatting on my iphone once....Erk!
[07:19.43] <FriarJohn00> I'm on my iPad.
[07:19.53] <The_Bee> I asked about that, KK.  They said it would be better to get it all at once.
[07:20.10] <Shiral> The iPad is workable, but my typo rate becomes astronomical
[07:20.13] <The_Bee> They said the fluid woud just come back.
[07:20.14] <jemler> i don't text, except on here. i talk faster than i type. less typos that way! :)
[07:20.28] <KK> It sounds like surgery may be her best chance, then.  They can do amazing things, these days.
[07:20.31] <Jerushamib_8jljs5> I apologize for all typos in advancey
[07:21.00] <jemler> no problemy :)
[07:21.10] <The_Bee> No worries, Jerusha.  Some of our biggestlaughs have come from typos.
[07:21.27] <Evie> I'm pretty fluent in Typonese
[07:21.39] <jemler> and friarjohn has experienced my jokes.
[07:21.53] <DesertRose> LOL, Jerushamib_8jljs5.  Typos happen.  It's a fact of internet life.  :)
[07:21.57] <Jerushamib_8jljs5> I'm typhonical
[07:22.14] <jemler> brb
[07:23.33] <Shiral> When I took my new printer out of the box, Dmitri immediately had to investigate it
[07:23.42] <Evie> the printer or the box?
[07:23.44] <Shiral> The box, that is. Not the printer
[07:23.44] <Jerushamib_8jljs5> Drops a pin
[07:23.50] <DesertRose> Silly cat, Dmitri.
[07:23.56] <KK> Of course.  That's a cat's job.  What kind of printer did you get?
[07:24.15] <The_Bee> Any box is a new residance for a cat.
[07:24.46] <jemler> my best printer was a Star NX-1000 Dot Matrix.
[07:25.05] <jemler> i still mis it.
[07:25.23] <Jerushamib_8jljs5> Is Boxing Day a holiday for cats?
[07:25.30] <Shiral> An HP Officejet Pro 276
[07:25.37] <Shiral> And it's NOT printing anything
[07:25.37] <KK> Every day is boxing day for cats.
[07:25.40] <Shiral>  =o\
[07:26.27] <Shiral> AH, now it's making a noise
[07:26.46] <jemler> plug it in.
[07:26.48] <FriarJohn00> If they fits they sits. Mine is curled up in an Amazon box.
[07:27.05] <Jerushamib_8jljs5> Is it a good noise?
[07:27.12] <KK> Sounds similar to my latest, which is an HP Officejet Pro 8610.  It replaced my color laser printer, that got persnickety about generic toner cartridges, and it was cheaper to buy a new one than try to fix the old one.
[07:27.15] * Shiral swats Jemler with a fist
[07:27.19] <Shiral> Fish, I mean
[07:27.23] <jemler> please. you could fit a full grown cougar in an Amazon box!
[07:27.37] <DesertRose> Depends on what was in the Amazon box.
[07:27.52] <FriarJohn00> Depends on the box.
[07:28.16] <KK> I'm finding that I don't do as much printing as I used to, in these days of electronic everything, so an ink jet seemed the reasonable choice.
[07:28.44] <jemler> no it doesnt. you could order a thumb drive and it would come in a box you could use as a garage!
[07:29.02] <Shiral> I was nice to myself, and bought the better of the printer choices
[07:29.05] <Jerushamib_8jljs5> At least until the next book. KK?
[07:29.14] <DesertRose> LOL, I just changed my Facebook profile photo to one of me in SCA garb and one of my friends asked me if my wimple and veil meant I'd converted to Islam and started wearing hijab.  Um, no.  :P
[07:29.17] <Shiral> Since I do some printing of artwork, as well as text
[07:29.56] <FriarJohn00> Lol
[07:29.57] <jemler> dr, don't squeeze the Charmin.
[07:29.59] <KK> Even with the new book, I'll never have to print out a final copy to snail-mail to the publisher; it's all electronic now.
[07:30.21] <DesertRose> Oh wow, that's awesome, KK.
[07:30.24] <DesertRose> Saves paper and postage.
[07:30.41] <Shiral> Which is nice. And fast, and you don't have to worry if it got lost in the mail
[07:31.01] <Evie> It's cool, although I still prefer doing a final proofread on hardcopy when possible. Eyes miss fewer errors on paper.
[07:31.18] <Jerushamib_8jljs5> Just if it fell out of the big bucket
[07:31.28] <KK> True.  I also prefer proofing on paper, but they don't do that anymore, either.
[07:31.47] <Shiral> Yes. And I like to print things out and read them aloud at the editing stage
[07:32.03] <The_Bee> but on a computer you can enlarge the type so it's easier to read if your eyesigh is bad.
[07:32.14] <Shiral> I catch a lot more when I hear it being read than when I just read it silently
[07:32.16] <FriarJohn00> I can't edit as well on the screen.
[07:32.41] <Jerushamib_8jljs5> I have to proof from rt. period.p
[07:32.48] <Shiral> And then I get to mark all the boo-boos with a sparkly red pen and pretend I like to edit
[07:32.50] <jemler> too much white-out on the screen?
[07:32.59] <KK> Speaking of which, if any of you found any typos or errors in the hardcover of TKD, please send them to me ASAP.  I've just gotten notice that they're readying electronic copy for the mass market paperback, and I've got just about 2 weeks to re-proof it--except that my sister and aunt are coming in Wednesday for 2 weeks, so I think I"ll be a bit busy.
[07:33.43] <jemler> i'm waiting for the pb version
[07:33.47] <The_Bee> too busy for chat?
[07:33.49] <Evie> Wow, that's fast.  OK, my parents are leaving tomorrow. I have a house guest who will be here until Tuesday, but maybe after that I can go through my copy of TKD and error-spot
[07:34.12] <Jerushamib_8jljs5> I apologize for my last entry. Eek!
[07:34.15] <KK> Also, if any errors of content snuck through, this is our last chance to fix them.
[07:34.30] <Evie> I had bookmarked a few things with sticky tabs at one time. I'll see if they are still in there
[07:34.39] <Evie> One was the mention of Brion's father
[07:34.53] * Shiral realizes there's no ice cream or tea, snaps fingers and produces a tea table
[07:35.01] <Evie> I think that was the reference. The book said he was Cinhil instead of Donal, or something like that
[07:35.16] <Shiral> And in another second, all the pixels settle down to show there's a tea pot and a sundae bar as well
[07:35.17] <Jerushamib_8jljs5> Yes, I remember that one
[07:35.31] <Evie> I'll see if I can find the page number
[07:35.52] * healer ( has joined channel #deryni_destinations
[07:35.59] <Evie> Hi healer
[07:36.03] <Shiral> Everyone help yourselves to the virtual ice cream
[07:36.03] <The_Bee> HI Healer
[07:36.04] <KK> I remember someone mentioning that one.  Please do send!
[07:36.06] <Shiral> Hello Healer
[07:36.11] <healer> hi
[07:36.14] <Jerushamib_8jljs5> Hi healer
[07:36.14] <KK> Hello, Healer.
[07:36.17] <FriarJohn00> Hello Healer.
[07:36.19] <jemler> 2 errors i saw in the kindle version.cinhil instead of donal 500 of the kindle version.
[07:36.41] <Shiral> Dmitri's back, but I've already put the printer box in the garage. There goes his play house
[07:36.48] <Shiral> He's giving me a resentful look
[07:37.25] <jemler> and a mention of siesyll as jamyls grandfather. on page 401 kindle
[07:37.29] <KK> Shiral, why would you do that?  At least give him a day or two to enjoy it!
[07:37.31] <FriarJohn00> How awful of you.
[07:37.42] <Jerushamib_8jljs5> You sent his papyrus house to the garage?
[07:37.42] <jemler> hi healer
[07:37.47] <Evie> Yes. Seisyll was Jamyl's uncle, not his father
[07:38.01] <Evie> Jamyl's father was Michael Arilan, IIRC
[07:38.04] <KK> Need page numbers for both of those.
[07:38.06] <Shiral> Well, it's HUGE. But maybe after chat I'll bring it back in. But there was a lot of messy packaging involved
[07:38.22] <KK> I hear you on the messy packaging.
[07:38.37] <Shiral> My houses are WAY too small even for cats to live in. =o)
[07:38.38] <The_Bee> Dennis was Jamyl's brother, wasn't he?
[07:38.41] <Jerushamib_8jljs5> Cat Apartment
[07:39.00] <DesertRose> Clear the messy packaging and let Dmitri have his play box.
[07:39.00] <Evie> Yes, Jamyl's younger brother
[07:39.24] <Dennis> I was not! I'm Francis's younger brother. :)
[07:39.27] <healer> sorry if I am off topic but I have a question about camber and Morgan
[07:39.29] <Shiral> LOL
[07:39.33] <Evie> LOL
[07:39.36] <DesertRose> You're fine, healer.
[07:39.46] <Shiral> And your wife would be a little puzzled if you went around in Bishop's garb, as welll
[07:39.49] <Shiral> Well
[07:39.54] <Evie> OK, Dennis, Denis was Jamyl's brother. :-P
[07:40.06] <Dennis> Considering she's a proud Wiccan, yeah.
[07:40.21] <DesertRose> LOL, yeah, that would throw her for a loop.
[07:40.25] <Shiral> Let us please keep our Denis/Dennis separate. =o)
[07:40.32] <healer> was it truly camber that mogan saw and did camber know the ties between them
[07:40.33] <DesertRose> Topic?  What's a topic?  :D
[07:40.48] <Shiral> Mixed marriages represent a certain number of challenges =o)
[07:41.39] * DesertRose drops a pin.
[07:42.14] <KK> Now, Healer, you don't really expect me to answer that one, do you? :P
[07:42.19] <DesertRose> Sorry if I seem paranoid.  The weather here is not great and I'm a little worried that my gateway is not behaving.  :)
[07:42.40] <healer> One could hope
[07:42.55] <DesertRose> That may be a mystery that lives on in the Deryniverse.  :)
[07:43.13] <Shiral> Nice try, Healer  =o) She's a little more cagey than that. =o)
[07:43.15] <The_Bee> Alaric may not be sure.
[07:43.46] <jemler> healer, how would camber know the ties between him and a man born 200 years AFTER camber died?
[07:43.52] <KK> I'm sure that Alaric is not sure.
[07:44.21] <The_Bee> Well, Camber has been hanging around for quite a while.
[07:44.22] <Evie> KK, Healer, aka HealingWaters on the forum, is one of our newer members
[07:44.41] <Shiral> Camber has a way of popping by for interesting visits, though. =o)
[07:44.50] <DesertRose> Hey, on that note, KK, is Kelson and/or Dhugal ever going to find Camber's final resting place that they saw at the end of QfSC?
[07:45.00] <DesertRose> Or will we ever find out one way or another?  :D
[07:45.17] <KK> Yes, I recognized that it was a new name. 
[07:45.38] <KK> Ditto to you, too, DesertRose.
[07:45.51] <DesertRose> LOL
[07:45.51] <Dennis> Oh, did I miss news about the new book?
[07:45.53] <FriarJohn00> I was wondering where the badge for the Gabrielites was on their habit. Of the Chest, Arm, or Cowl? Sorry to harp on a small issue, but I'm unsure, and want to get the stitching correct.
[07:46.11] <Shiral> I think KK wants to keep her options open, buy the sound of it. =o)
[07:46.16] <DesertRose> Sounds it.  :)
[07:46.25] <KK> Left breast, FriarJohn.
[07:46.26] <Evie> FriarJohn, I really want to see a picture of your habit once you make it. :)
[07:46.48] <Shiral> Are you planning to grow your hair for a proper Gabrilite Braid?
[07:46.51] <KK> Absolutely yes!
[07:46.51] <Evie> I'd like to buy a vowel, Shiral
[07:47.14] <Shiral> You want vowels? I got Vowels, name yer price....
[07:47.50] <Jerushamib_8jljs5> That would take  fair amount of hair
[07:47.57] <jemler> remember! the braid is 4 strands!
[07:48.12] <DesertRose> Maybe a wig or extensions would work?
[07:48.15] <Shiral> Well yes, although Queron keeps having to get haircuts at inconvenient times.
[07:48.22] <Dennis> Is Friar John taking Gabriellite vowels?
[07:48.25] <FriarJohn00> No. I would go nuts with that much hair.
[07:48.26] <Evie> I'd love to figure out a Healer costume sometime.
[07:48.47] <Jerushamib_8jljs5> Me too!
[07:48.54] <Evie> Do Gabrilite vowels include w and y? ;)
[07:48.56] <FriarJohn00> I just finished embroidering a lay healer badge.
[07:49.02] <healer> there is a way to do a four straind braid but never tried it with hair
[07:49.09] <KK> Of course.  Think of Welsh.
[07:49.11] <DesertRose> I felt bad for Queron having to cut his hair.  I cut mine by choice, but he was forced to cut his, and his had religious significance to him; mine was aesthetic.
[07:49.18] <FriarJohn00> Thank you KK. I would think its about 3" wide then?
[07:49.24] <Shiral> Since it took me an entire evening to hem some new cloth napkins I made, I doubt my clothing abilities =o)
[07:49.41] <DesertRose> Practice makes perfect, Shiral.  :)
[07:49.49] <KK> The badge?  Yes, 3-4".
[07:50.08] <DesertRose> And I STILL have not done the sewing I meant to get done.  I still owe the kiddo garb, and I have a mostly-completed sideless surcoat for myself that I need to finish.
[07:50.14] <Shiral> Better a haircut then having to be burned at the stake at Dolban, though
[07:50.23] <DesertRose> Indeed, Shiral.
[07:50.35] <FriarJohn00> Thank you, KK.
[07:50.36] <Jerushamib_8jljs5> True
[07:50.57] <Shiral> Made a new summer top for myself that didn't fit recently. I was very very cross. I thought I'd bought the right size pattern. But poo!
[07:51.04] <DesertRose> And the second time he had to cut it so he could go to Rhys Michael incognito, so it was in a good cause, but it still was no fun.
[07:51.14] <Shiral> Exactly
[07:51.39] <KK> Shiral, did ou hem your napkins using a fancy edge-stitch with your new machine?
[07:51.54] <Shiral> Both times were for a good cause, but it's hard to braid hair when you don't have the length. Unless he wanted to try corn rows.  But I can't picture Queron with that look!
[07:52.00] <Shiral> Yes, KK
[07:52.08] <Shiral> And that's what took the time
[07:52.13] <DesertRose> Shiral, have someone else take your measurements and buy the pattern based on your measurements, NOT the size you take in mass-manufactured clothes.
[07:52.25] <DesertRose> It's super difficult to measure yourself correctly.
[07:52.39] <Shiral> They look pretty, but even when hemming napkins, I have a hard time keeping the seam straight
[07:52.47] <DesertRose> Get your mom or a friend or someone you don't mind seeing you half undressed take your measurements.
[07:53.10] <DesertRose> Keeping the seam straight is tough, and even after years of sewing, I screw that up sometimes.
[07:53.13] <The_Bee> And cloth measuring tape can shrink or stretch over time.
[07:53.24] <DesertRose> Yes, it can; that's true, Bee.
[07:53.37] <Shiral> Whatever the problem was, it has soured me on sewing at the moment
[07:54.08] <DesertRose> Understandable.  It's supposed to be fun or at least productive; if it's not, then give it a rest for a bit.  :D
[07:54.09] <Shiral> I've been doing some regular old painting, instead.  No seams to a painting!
[07:54.12] <DesertRose> LOL
[07:54.47] <The_Bee> any more houses planned, Shiral?
[07:54.52] <DesertRose> See, I'd rather sew than paint because I have a very slight hand tremor from my medications and painting small details is difficult for me.
[07:54.57] <Shiral> After working on the Oaxacan House, I need a break. That one took a while
[07:55.12] <healer> Have a good chat all, back to work for me.
[07:55.14] <Evie> but it looked amazing
[07:55.15] <DesertRose> Didn't you do a Charleston Single House?
[07:55.17] <DesertRose> Night, healer.
[07:55.23] <Shiral> I never have to worry about whether a painting fits. =o)
[07:55.23] <Evie> glad you made it, healer
[07:55.24] <jemler> night healer
[07:55.27] <Shiral> Yes, last summer
[07:55.29] <The_Bee> bye, Healer. Glad to meet you
[07:55.29] <DesertRose> True, Shiral, LOL.
[07:55.30] <Shiral> Night, Healer
[07:55.32] <KK> But have you decided yet what the next one will be?  Your brain can be working on it.
[07:55.34] <jemler> come back again
[07:55.35] <Jerushamib_8jljs5> Night healer
[07:55.37] <DesertRose> I thought I remembered that.
[07:55.43] <DesertRose> Yes, come back any old time, healer.  :)
[07:55.59] <KK> Night, Healer.
[07:56.00] * healer ( Quit (Quit: +, ajax IRC Client)
[07:56.07] <Jerushamib_8jljs5> Coroth castle?
[07:56.10] <Shiral> My brain appears to be thinking in terms of a nice little chateau. But no decisions have been made.  When I'm ready, I'll start the next project
[07:56.21] <DesertRose> Oh, a chateau would be GORGEOUS.  :)
[07:56.25] <KK> Is Healer an actual medical person, does anyone know?
[07:56.30] <Evie> brb Mom needs me to show her how to turn the oven on
[07:56.43] <Shiral> As you can see, Jerusha wants me to make Coroth Castle.  I say that's a few too many towers!
[07:56.44] <DesertRose> No idea, KK.  I don't recall if s/he said in his/her introduction.
[07:57.09] <Jerushamib_8jljs5> Mom cooked dinner tonight?
[07:57.13] <KK> OK.  Well, we have a fair number of folk in allied professions.
[07:57.16] <DesertRose> No, s/he didn't say one way or another, KK.
[07:57.57] <DesertRose> Evie's parents are visiting for a couple of weeks, so I'm guessing yes, Evie's getting Mom-cooked supper this evening.  :)
[07:58.18] <DesertRose> Yes, we seem to attract a lot of medical types.  :)
[07:58.19] <Shiral> The cats remain terrible cooks
[07:58.20] <KK> It's nice when visiting relatives pitch in.
[07:58.34] <Evie> back
[07:58.35] <Jerushamib_8jljs5> One can dream, Shiral. And I won't give up hope.
[07:58.38] <Shiral> So SOME of us have to be artists, instead
[07:58.40] <DesertRose> Almost any meal is fantastic when you don't have to cook it.  :D
[07:58.55] <DesertRose> Unless the person doing the cooking is really a horrible cook.
[07:59.03] <KK> Hey, there's an artistry to making good food!
[07:59.16] <Evie> Mom used to teach international cooking
[07:59.28] <KK> Oh, wow.
[07:59.34] <Shiral> Since I got a microwave, it's very nice to be able to pop something in to heat it up, now and then. I still enjoy cooking, but sometimes when I come  home from work, I'm just not in the mood. Or when it's hot
[07:59.37] <FriarJohn00> Yes, there is. It's the only one I've excelled at.
[07:59.39] <DesertRose> Oh, wow, Evie, I don't think you've ever mentioned that in my hearing.  That's awesome.
[07:59.48] <The_Bee> But she doesn't know how to turn on your oven?
[07:59.48] <Jerushamib_8jljs5> Awesome, Evie
[08:00.01] <Evie> back when there were fewer rules preventing people from doing that sort of thing without credentials, etc.
[08:00.02] <DesertRose> Oh, nothing wrong with that, Shiral.  I live alone, so I only cook about every third night.
[08:00.24] <DesertRose> And then I eat leftovers for a few days, get bored with that food about the time it runs out anyway, and cook something new.
[08:00.32] <Shiral> If I lived in Florida in the summer, DR, I probably wouldn't touch the stove from May through October. =o)
[08:00.44] <The_Bee> I get meals delivered 5 daysa week, but I do some cooking on my own.
[08:00.49] <DesertRose> This is why we have A/C on pretty much any structure in Florida.  :D
[08:00.59] <DesertRose> And sometimes cooking means a dinner salad.  :)
[08:00.59] <Evie> Not formal lessons, more like "Here's the list of ingredients. Bring them to my house, I'll teach you one dish per week, you take notes, and your homework is to go home and cook it for your family."
[08:01.10] <Shiral> Everyone would melt, otherwise, DR
[08:01.15] <DesertRose> That's still cool, Evie.
[08:01.23] <DesertRose> And yes, Shiral, we'd be people puddles.  :D
[08:01.37] <Jerushamib_8jljs5> Cool, Evie
[08:01.49] <DesertRose> I help organize an outdoor event that we do in October because it is too darn hot to do it in the summer.  :)
[08:02.07] <Evie> She's not familiar with how my oven works, Bee. It's different from hers. On hers, you just turn the dial to the right temp. On mine, there's a button to turn the oven on and a small knob that you have to turn to the right temp on a digital display, and that knob is finicky
[08:02.08] <Shiral> My family went to Seaside Florida on the Gulf Coast 10 years ago. We were either swimming or inside most of the time
[08:02.25] <DesertRose> Yeah, I can understand that, Shiral.
[08:02.49] <The_Bee> My oldewr sister used to be in charge of church suppers when she lived near Chicago.
[08:03.01] <DesertRose> I was in Lakeland over this weekend until this morning (got home early afternoon), and they were saying on the weather report that the gulf water temperature was about 90F.
[08:03.07] <DesertRose> That's the WATER.
[08:03.11] <Evie> the place my folks are moving to once they return home has 3 meals a day offered, but also a small kitchenette if Mom would prefer to cook her own meals
[08:03.16] <FriarJohn00> Ugh.
[08:03.20] <Shiral> When we were on our way home, when we stepped off the plane in LA, we all took this deep breath and said  AAAAH!"  We were so relieved to get away from the humidity.
[08:03.45] <DesertRose> I bet.
[08:03.57] <Shiral> And Los Angeles ain't no meadow!
[08:04.01] <Jerushamib_8jljs5> We hope for hot weAther to kill off the mosquitoes
[08:04.01] <Evie> wow, DR, that's pretty hot seawater
[08:04.18] <DesertRose> The humidity kills me, even though I've spent the majority of my life on the southeastern Atlantic coast.
[08:04.35] <Shiral> We were saying before you arrived KK that California could REALLY use Ariella's help with her weather working!
[08:04.40] <DesertRose> Yeah, I was saying to a friend of mine, going to the beach to cool off wouldn't even work with the seawater that warm.
[08:05.13] <FriarJohn00> I lived in TX for 5 years. I remember the times where the coolest moment of the day was 2:30 and it was 96 with 80% humidity.
[08:05.13] <Evie> it's still cooler than body temperature, but not that much cooler
[08:05.14] <KK> I remember when I was a kid, sitting in the ocean up to my neck in warn Florida water, and you couldn't tell where the water ended and skin began, the temperatures were so similar.  Haven't done that in a Loooong time.
[08:05.22] <KK> warm watre
[08:05.28] <DesertRose> We need the rain we've been getting lately, otherwise I'd offer to share, Shiral.
[08:05.30] <KK> water.  Rented fingers tonight.
[08:05.31] <Evie> My folks live in TX, FriarJohn
[08:05.57] <DesertRose> Eh, it happens, KK.
[08:05.58] <FriarJohn00> I was in Austin.
[08:06.04] <Shiral> I even save the cat's water to pour on plants before giving them fresh water in the mornings
[08:06.10] <Evie> They're down in McAllen
[08:06.18] <FriarJohn00> I've been there.
[08:06.40] <Evie> Pretty darn uncold
[08:06.45] <Shiral> I was at a family wedding in Austin late last April. Don't think I could make it through a summer there
[08:07.18] * Jerushamib_8jljs5 (Mibbit@4CA975.E72DF0.5E7A95.DF1F0C) Quit (Quit: +, ajax IRC Client)
[08:07.21] <Evie> They keep wanting me to move there, but Alabama is hot enough
[08:07.34] <Shiral> I should think so, Evie
[08:07.51] <DesertRose> We lost Jerusha.
[08:07.54] <Shiral> And it would be a longer commute home for DH
[08:08.03] <KK> There's the old saying, If I owned Hell and I owned Texas, I'd live in Hell and rent out Texas.
[08:08.03] <Evie> LOL Shiral
[08:08.10] <DesertRose> LOL, KK
[08:08.11] <Evie> LOL, KK
[08:08.21] <Shiral> I'd have to agree!
[08:08.31] <DesertRose> I think I know some people who'd agree with that.  :)
[08:08.35] <FriarJohn00> Yup KK.
[08:08.56] <FriarJohn00> They teased me in grad school for the mid day cold shower.
[08:08.58] * Jerusha (Mibbit@4CA975.E72DF0.5E7A95.DF1F0C) has joined channel #deryni_destinations
[08:09.06] <Evie> rehi Jerusha
[08:09.08] <jemler> hi jerusha
[08:09.10] <The_Bee> rehi jerusha
[08:09.15] <Shiral> Glad to be in my new place which is much more comfortable in really hot weather than my former apartment.  Which was kind of like living in a  REALLY big HP box!
[08:09.21] <Shiral> WB, Jerusha
[08:09.26] <DesertRose> Rehi Jerusha.
[08:09.30] <Shiral> I still haven't built Coroth Castle
[08:09.36] <The_Bee> Do you own or rent now, Shiral?
[08:09.42] <KK> But you DO have AC now, yes?
[08:09.43] <Shiral> Own. =o)
[08:09.46] <Shiral> no
[08:09.57] <KK> No?!  Gak!
[08:10.00] <Shiral> Except for a rolling unit which I keep in my bedroom
[08:10.13] <KK> Well, at least there's some respite.
[08:10.28] <Shiral> The painter had expressed interest in it, but nobody mentioned that to me. So I had my movers put it upstairs when I moved
[08:10.30] <DesertRose> I have no A/C in my car, which SUCKS.  A lot.  (It has an air conditioner.  It just doesn't work.)
[08:10.31] <The_Bee> I can make do with a fan.
[08:10.35] * Jerusha (Mibbit@4CA975.E72DF0.5E7A95.DF1F0C) Quit (Quit: +, ajax IRC Client)
[08:10.44] <DesertRose> Mibbit is not being nice to Jerusha tonight.
[08:10.46] <Shiral> Oh dear. Poor Jerusha's having a time
[08:10.57] <The_Bee> Mibbit really has it in for Jerusha!
[08:11.03] <Shiral> I couldn't live without AC in the car
[08:11.49] <DesertRose> I wish I didn't have to, but unfortunately, the compressor is shot and it's more money than I have to repair it, besides which, as my brother put it, my car needs a new automobile anyway.  :)
[08:12.05] <Evie> :D
[08:12.26] <DesertRose> I was telling him something about my car, and he said that, and I about fell over laughing.
[08:13.04] <jemler> we always said to check the nut behind the wheel.
[08:13.14] <DesertRose> No, that's not the problem.
[08:13.15] <DesertRose> :P
[08:13.30] <DesertRose> It's that the car is 15 years old and she's just wearing out in general.
[08:13.59] <The_Bee> The nut behind the wheel is responsible for more accidents than anything else.
[08:14.04] <DesertRose> This is true.
[08:15.00] <jemler> i didn't get a license until i was 30. i walked everywhere.
[08:15.24] <The_Bee> I've never had a license.
[08:15.37] <FriarJohn00> I had my first accident the day I got my license.
[08:15.46] <The_Bee> OOOPS!
[08:15.47] <FriarJohn00> Ran over a sapling.
[08:15.49] <jemler> convenient.
[08:15.55] <Evie> Oops
[08:15.57] <KK> Oh, dear.
[08:16.08] <Shiral> Hope it didn't hurt you or the car
[08:16.28] <KK> Hope it was a small and supple sapling.
[08:16.41] <FriarJohn00> Up, over the curb, over the tree and landed on the other side in a parking space. My friend who was watching applauded.
[08:16.47] <jemler> was it on the crosswalk?
[08:17.23] <jemler> strange way to paralellel park.
[08:17.33] <DesertRose> Oh dear, FriarJohn00.
[08:17.38] <Evie> Hopefully you didn't honk at it. I had a classmate who failed Drivers Ed after going off the road at a curve and hitting the lone oak tree in the middle of a grassy field. Though he did honk the horn at it before impact
[08:17.51] <DesertRose> ROFL, Evie.
[08:17.54] <FriarJohn00> No, I took a turn to fast on a wet street.
[08:17.59] <Shiral> I take it, the tree didn't move
[08:18.01] <DesertRose> I'm glad I had finished my sip of tea before I read that.
[08:18.02] <Evie> The instructor braked in time to avoid a major crash, but there was still a small bumper bump
[08:18.08] <FriarJohn00> Lol
[08:18.11] <Evie> Oddly enough, the tree didn't
[08:19.07] <Evie> ok, dinner is ready I think
[08:19.35] <The_Bee> Enjoy your mom-cooked meal, Evie
[08:19.55] <jemler> enjoy, evie.
[08:19.58] <Shiral> Ask her if we can pop by for dinner =o)
[08:20.01] <FriarJohn00> Enjoy, Evie.
[08:20.37] <Shiral> Dang.... I think my watch has stopped
[08:20.53] <Evie> you'll have to be fast, Shiral; they leave in the morning
[08:20.56] <Shiral> Appropos of nothing
[08:21.04] <KK> Yeah, I think I also need to go rattle a few pans.  I may or may not make it to chat next week--which I know will be at 5 if I do make it.  But that's the big 90 birthday weekend.  And the next weekend, I'll definitely be away, at the Michaeline Retreat.
[08:21.19] <Shiral> Well, I guess we'll have to take a rain check on dinner, then =o)
[08:21.32] <DesertRose> Okay, KK, have a good week or two or three.  :)
[08:21.35] <FriarJohn00> Michaeline retreat?
[08:21.35] <Evie> OK. Hopefully you'll be able to make it, but have fun if you can't
[08:21.46] <Shiral> We'll see you when you get back....whenever that happens to be
[08:21.47] <The_Bee> Thanks for the heads-up, KK.  We'll' see you when we see you.
[08:21.52] <Dennis> Have a (or several) great week(s), KK!
[08:22.00] <Shiral> Tell LBM Happy Birthday from me!
[08:22.03] <jemler> the michaelines retreat! never!
[08:22.14] <DesertRose> Is it LBM's birthday or your dad, KK?
[08:22.18] <Evie> It's advancing to the rear, jemler. ;)
[08:22.23] <jemler> who is lbm?
[08:22.30] <DesertRose> KK's mom. It means Little Bitty Mom.
[08:22.32] <The_Bee> little bitty mom
[08:22.39] <jemler> ah.
[08:22.47] <DesertRose> KK's mom is a petite lady.  :)
[08:23.17] <Shiral> Thanks for popping by, KK
[08:23.28] <DesertRose> Thanks for coming to hang out with us, KK! :D
[08:23.36] <jemler> i don't know. if she's kks' mom, she would be BAM. Bad Ass mom.
[08:23.36] <KK> Yep, it's LBM's, AKA Margaret.  We're taking her on a train ride into WV, with a gourmet dinner aboard and fireworks.  It'll be a long day, but I know she'll enjoy it.
[08:23.52] <DesertRose> Oh, excellent!  That sounds like fun!
[08:24.01] <Shiral> Sounds like a great time to be had by all =o)
[08:24.07] <KK> No, that would never describe my mother, Jemler.  Shiral has met her.
[08:24.09] <jemler> IN wv?
[08:24.11] <FriarJohn00> Sounds fantastic
[08:24.19] <The_Bee> Sounds like fun. Thanks for coming today, KK.
[08:24.30] <jemler> NITE KK
[08:24.37] <Shiral> Margaret is a petite sweet woman. =o)
[08:24.43] <DesertRose> I love train travel, even though I can't manage to read on a moving train.
[08:24.44] <KK> See you in a few weeks.  And do send me those typos and errors, please!
[08:24.46] <Evie> Goodnight KK
[08:24.49] <Shiral> Hope she has a great time on her birthday
[08:24.54] <The_Bee> good night, KK
[08:25.02] <DesertRose> We will do it.  I'll make an announcement on the board for it.
[08:25.14] <DesertRose> Nighters, KK!  :)
[08:25.18] * KK steps onto her Portal, waves goodnight, and disappears in a shower of green sparkles.
[08:25.22] <FriarJohn00> Good night, and thank you.
[08:25.23] <Shiral> Have a fun fourth!
[08:25.33] <KK> Good night, all!
[08:25.38] * KK Quit (Quit: +, ajax IRC Client)
"If having a soul means being able to feel love, loyalty, and gratitude, then animals are better off than a lot of humans."

James Herriot (James Alfred "Alfie" Wight), when a human client asked him if animals have souls.  (I don't remember in which book the story originally appeared.)


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