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[07:04.51] * KK has joined channel #deryni_destinations
[07:04.57] <The_Bee> Hi KK!
[07:05.01] <KK> Hello, all.
[07:05.02] <Evie> hi KK
[07:05.14] <Evie> Happy Father's Day to Scott
[07:05.28] <The_Bee> Maybe now the crowd will come.
[07:06.30] <KK> So, what's everyone up to?
[07:06.34] <Aerlys> Hello KK!
[07:06.41] <revanne> We've taken Dad to Demercia and DH and I are away  in our cottage
[07:06.41] <revanne> Hi KK
[07:06.44] <Evie> My folks arrived in town yesterday
[07:06.57] <Aerlys> 5'2", same as always
[07:07.05] <The_Bee> Melantha has a vet's appointment scheduled for Tuesday.
[07:07.06] <revanne> Thanks  for the  suggestion Evie:D
[07:08.01] <KK> I talked to my dad this AM.  He loved his present, which was an hour glass-thing with magnetic bits in side that sort of flow from one compartment to the other.  Hard to explain, but he loved it.
[07:08.04] <revanne> Poor thing- what's up?
[07:08.05] <Evie> always glad to provide ideas, revanne
[07:08.20] <KK> What's the matter with Melantha?
[07:08.51] <revanne> That sounds interesting  KK
[07:09.53] <The_Bee> She's been throwing up more than usual.  The vet duscivered a lump in her belly a few weeks ago, but didn't know if it was dangerous or just poop.  I have to withold  food after midnight Mondayf
[07:10.14] <Evie> Oh dear, I hope that's something that can be resolved easily, Bee
[07:10.42] <KK> I hope she'll be ok.  How old is she?  I know you've had her a long time.
[07:11.03] <Aerlys> Aw, poor kitty
[07:11.11] * jemler_logging ( Quit (Ping timeout: 121 seconds)
[07:11.18] <The_Bee> me too.  She doesn't act distressed.  I've had her since 2007.  She'll be 9 in August.
[07:11.55] <KK> Which isn't that old, for a cat.  Kitty prayers offered.
[07:12.07] <The_Bee> Thanks, KK.
[07:12.13] <revanne> not so old then
[07:14.50] <The_Bee> The hard part wil be when she begs for food at 5 am on Tuesday and I have to say no.  When she saw the vet before, she wanted to examine her on an empty stomach. I forgot an appointment.
[07:15.00] * Kildara ( has joined channel #deryni_destinations
[07:15.07] <Evie> hi Kildara
[07:15.07] <The_Bee> Hi Kildara
[07:15.12] <KK> What time is the appointment?
[07:15.19] <Kildara> Hello all
[07:15.24] <The_Bee> 11:55 a.m.
[07:15.30] <KK> Hello, Kildara.
[07:15.37] <Kildara> Hi, KK
[07:15.43] <KK> That's a long time to liten to a whining cat.
[07:15.59] <Kildara> sick kitty?
[07:16.22] <The_Bee> not sure.  She's been throwing up the past few days.
[07:16.51] <The_Bee> otherwise not acting sick
[07:17.22] <Kildara> Here's hoping it's just summer hair balls or something
[07:17.25] <The_Bee> She's always left quite a bit of food in herdish.
[07:17.25] <KK> We have one who does that--usually right after I've washed the duvet.
[07:17.55] <The_Bee> I find myself hopiong she'll confine her vomit to the bare floor.
[07:17.59] <revanne> Hi Kildare
[07:18.26] <Kildara> Hi, Revanne - just started reading your story - wonderful!
[07:18.35] <KK> Yes, and that the dogs will come right away and clean it up before I can get to it.
[07:18.43] <Kildara> Yuch
[07:18.58] <Evie> Ew. :D
[07:19.12] <Kildara> But you're right
[07:19.45] <Evie> Gigi and Luke's latest thing has been the occasional coughing up of a hairball while sitting on the back of one of our recliners, so we get the present just over our shoulder
[07:20.22] <Kildara> Love the little beasties but...... yeah
[07:20.44] <KK> Yuck!
[07:20.55] <Evie> and last week Luke nearly made me fall out of my chair laughing because he caught a live mouse and decided to try to give it to DH by putting it in his shoe. The mouse had other plans and temporarily escaped
[07:21.10] <Evie> but DH's face was priceless!
[07:21.18] <KK> It must be that time of year.  Of course, most of them are still grooming out the last of the winter coat; hence, hair balls.
[07:21.36] <The_Bee> Speaking of cats, KK, have you submitted thew treecat story yet? Or is that old news?
[07:21.58] <KK> We discovered today that my mother has some mice in her house.  Need to loan her one of the cats for a few days, and overnight.
[07:22.12] <KK> Nope, just starting on the writing.
[07:22.47] <The_Bee> Which cat is your best mouser?
[07:22.59] <KK> But I do plan to go ahead and submit the proposal for the 1025 book, hopefully by the end of the week.
[07:23.06] * revanne (Mibbit@842092.C19ECF.753F56.69BFD7) Quit (Quit: +, ajax IRC Client)
[07:23.09] <Evie> oh good!
[07:23.24] <KK> Probably Gus, who also visits my mom regularly anyway.
[07:23.34] * The_Bee stings mibbit up thewazoo.
[07:24.28] <Kildara> Looking forward to it (1025)
[07:25.09] * Jerusha (Mibbit@A2BA3E.ADDBBB.FD705D.200EA0) has joined channel #deryni_destinations
[07:25.17] <The_Bee> Hi Jerusha
[07:25.21] <Evie> Hi Jerusha
[07:25.33] <Jerusha> Hi Everyone!
[07:26.02] <Jerusha> Sorry to be late - called my Dad to wish him a happy father's day
[07:26.18] <Aerlys> hi jerusha
[07:26.27] <Jerusha> Hi Aerlys
[07:26.47] <The_Bee> Is that where all the other regulars are?
[07:27.06] <Jerusha> could be
[07:27.40] <Kildara> Hi, Jerusha
[07:27.45] <Jerusha> Or maybe I should have said "could Bee" :D
[07:28.21] <The_Bee> No, you shoouldn't.:O
[07:28.30] <Jerusha> Shucks
[07:28.51] <KK> If so, I think it's great that so many are spending time with their dads.  We don't get to keep them forever.
[07:28.55] <The_Bee> My dad dies in 1993.  He'd be 110 this year.
[07:29.06] <Jerusha> Mine is 96
[07:29.06] <The_Bee> died
[07:29.35] <Kildara> Mine died in 2000 - do miss him still
[07:30.11] <Kildara> Oops - looks like short visit this time. Gotta run - DD2 is calling for me to run errand with her.
[07:30.15] <Kildara> Bye, all.
[07:30.22] <Jerusha> Bye Kildara
[07:30.22] * Kildara ( Quit (Quit: +, ajax IRC Client)
[07:30.23] <The_Bee> bye Kildara
[07:30.26] <KK> Mine is 90, and my mom will be 90 on the 4th.  We're taking her on a cool train trip into the WV mts., with dinner on a restored club car and fireworks at one of the stops.
[07:30.41] <Jerusha> Nice, KK
[07:30.52] <Evie> sounds like fun
[07:31.07] <The_Bee> a very patriotic birthday
[07:32.40] <KK> Well, what else could one do, being born on the 4th, besides have a patriotic birthday.  And the whole country celebrates your day.
[07:33.01] <Evie> :D
[07:33.05] <The_Bee> Does she wear red, white and blue?
[07:33.07] <Jerusha> Nice to have your birthday celebrated by a whole country!
[07:34.24] <KK> I think she has a few outfits....;)
[07:35.21] <Jerusha> Anything new on the writing front, KK?
[07:36.11] <KK> Alas, no.  I'm just starting on the treecat story, and will submit the proposal for the 1025 book hopefully by the end of the week.
[07:36.39] <Jerusha> Looking forward (or should I say backward) to 1025
[07:36.41] <KK> Haven't heard back yet on whether we'll be able to do the expanded electronic Codex.
[07:37.05] <Jerusha> I hope we can do the Codex
[07:38.03] <Evie> Even if the publisher doesn't want to do the Codex for some reason, maybe there could be a fan created electronic version similar to some of the other fan created wikis
[07:38.54] <KK> I believe we're negotiating with Rob Reginald's widow, as to what percentage we have to give her.
[07:39.01] <Evie> ah
[07:39.06] <Jerusha> Ah
[07:39.07] <Evie> makes sense
[07:40.07] <Jerusha> I would settle for a romantic scene with the Duke of Corwyn, but normal people would not. :)
[07:40.58] <Evie> a lot of abnormal people here, then. :D
[07:41.22] <Jerusha> Somehow, I think you are holding out for Duncan.  In a spiritual sense.
[07:42.12] <Evie> Did someone say Duncan McLain?
[07:42.15] <Evie> :D
[07:43.50] <Jerusha> Very quietly, it seems
[07:44.47] <Evie> LOL
[07:44.59] * The_Bee wonders if stinging folks will wake them up.
[07:45.00] * You are now known as DesertRose
[07:45.03] <DesertRose> Hi y'all.
[07:45.07] <The_Bee> Hi DR
[07:45.11] <Evie> chatting with two cats draped over me while watching Bizarre Foods with my parents
[07:45.12] <Jerusha> Welcome back, DR
[07:45.18] <DesertRose> Back from having Father's Day dinner with my family.
[07:45.19] <Evie> so I may be a little distracted
[07:45.26] <KK> Hi, DR.
[07:45.29] <DesertRose> Hi KK!
[07:45.31] <Jerusha> Your parents are visiting, Evie?
[07:45.36] <Evie> yes
[07:45.37] <DesertRose> Glad to see you!
[07:45.44] <Evie> they got here yesterday afternoon
[07:45.58] <Jerusha> Nice.  You are on vacation?
[07:46.21] <Evie> For almost two weeks
[07:46.36] <Evie> I have to go in on July 2, but then off again until July 6
[07:46.37] * Jerusha turns slightly green with envy
[07:48.06] <KK> That's yucky, Evie.  Don't you have another vacation day you could stick in there, so you don't have to go in for just one day.
[07:48.54] <KK> Of course, you have to save a day or 2 for Dragoncon.
[07:48.58] <Evie> No, my coworker put in for July 2 to 6 off, and the 3rd is a university holiday, so I have to go in on the 2nd so she can have her requested days off
[07:49.20] <DesertRose> Makes you wish they could call in a one-day temp for July 2.
[07:49.22] <Evie> so it has nothing to do with how much vacation time I've got accrued
[07:50.14] <Jerusha> A little annoying, but just one day
[07:50.36] <Evie> yes. And there's a chance we will close early that day anyway
[07:50.44] <Jerusha> Maybe your mother will make something special for dinner for you  in compensation
[07:50.45] <Evie> if it's a slow day
[07:50.47] <DesertRose> Evie, we have GOT to stop that.
[07:50.59] <KK> But I guess that some offices just have to be manned regularly.
[07:51.01] <DesertRose> I was about to say, maybe it being the day before a holiday, they'll spring you early.
[07:51.17] <DesertRose> LOL
[07:51.25] <KK> Getting off early is good.  And it sounds like you aren't going away anyway.
[07:51.41] <Evie> Yes, she's the other front office person, so we have to take turns taking days off
[07:52.15] <Evie> If we go anywhere, it would be no more than a few hours' drive away
[07:52.35] <Evie> my folks will be seeing DS's new place tomorrow
[07:52.36] <The_Bee> There was news story about some businesses tha let you haveas much time off as you want, as long as you get your work done.
[07:52.57] <Evie> what I do can't really be done from home though
[07:53.11] <Evie>  since a lot of it involves greeting clients and answering calls
[07:53.12] <Jerusha> Not if you are front office
[07:53.21] <DesertRose> Yeah, that doesn't work so well.
[07:53.40] <Jerusha> Holographic Evie at the front desk
[07:53.47] <Evie> LOL
[07:54.02] <Evie> I'll leave a Little at the office in my place
[07:54.28] <Jerusha> If you leave Duncan, no client will ever leave
[07:54.45] <Evie> No, he stays with me. :D
[07:54.50] <KK> Ah, well.  I'm going to sign off now, because PBS has a special at 8 PM on royal wardrobes, involving the V&A and actual clothing.  Sounds like a can't-miss.  SOme of you would probably enjoy it too.
[07:55.01] <Evie> Cool!
[07:55.17] <KK> And I'll see you next week, same time and same station.  :)
[07:55.38] * KK steps onto her Portal, waves goodnight, and disappears in a shower of green sparkles.
[07:55.39] <Evie> about to have dinner at MILs house
[07:55.41] <The_Bee> It covers the perils of being careless with your clothing, according to the preview.
[07:56.07] <Jerusha> Night, KK!
[07:56.12] <The_Bee> bye KK, glad you came.
[07:56.16] <KK> Ah, then some of you already know about it.  Evie, I think you'll particularly enjoy it.
[07:56.19] <KK> Nighters.
[07:56.20] <Evie> Goodnight KK
[07:56.33] <Evie> maybe I can find it online
[07:56.44] <Evie> have dinner at MIL's tonight or I'd look for it
[07:56.44] <KK> Bee, good luck with Melantha.
[07:56.52] <The_Bee> thanks, KK
[07:56.53] <DesertRose> Night, KK!
[07:56.56] * KK Quit (Quit: +, ajax IRC Client)
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James Herriot (James Alfred "Alfie" Wight), when a human client asked him if animals have souls.  (I don't remember in which book the story originally appeared.)


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