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KK Chat -- 14 June 2015
« on: June 14, 2015, 07:12:08 pm »
[07:14.40] * KK has joined channel #deryni_destinations
[07:14.45] <Jerusha> Hi KK
[07:14.45] <Evie> Hi KK
[07:14.46] <TerryOBrien> Good evening Katherine
[07:14.49] <bynw> hiyas KK
[07:14.52] <cynicalmedic> Hi KK
[07:14.52] <KK> Hi, gang.
[07:15.02] <Shiral> I've been looking all over for it, but my house evidently doesn't have a room of requirement. So disappointing
[07:15.07] <DesertRose> Hi KK.
[07:15.13] <Shiral> Hello, Katherine
[07:15.23] <KK> A room of requirement?
[07:15.23] <Jemler> hi k
[07:15.28] <Jerusha> I have a closet of catastropy
[07:15.41] <Jerusha> Or however that is spelled
[07:15.42] <bynw> Shiral, maybe you don't require it yet
[07:15.46] <The_Bee> Hi KK!
[07:16.07] <Shiral> Harry Potter Universe, KK. There's a room in Hogwarts Castle that will provide somebody with everything they need if they happen to be passing the right corridor and are thinking hard about it
[07:16.15] <KK> So, what's everyone up to?
[07:16.25] <KK> Ah, I remember now.
[07:16.32] * bynw isn't working tonight so he can be in chat :)
[07:16.35] <Shiral> Finished my latest house last weekend
[07:16.42] * bynw dances a happy dance
[07:16.44] <Jerusha> Wonderful house
[07:16.54] <DesertRose> I need to finish washing my neglected dishes and do my neglected laundry, but that will happen after chat.  :D
[07:16.59] <Evie> trying to recover from a nasty tickle cough that's had me in bed for over a week
[07:17.00] <Shiral> Up until chat time, I was trying to sew myself a very simple summer blouse
[07:17.08] <DesertRose> So stay as long as you like KK, becuase that means I don't have to clean.  :D
[07:17.08] <cynicalmedic> Trying to prepare myself to go back to work tomorrow. I had to retire from the fire department, but 33 years is a good run.
[07:17.23] <Jemler> looking for mermaid bait
[07:17.26] <Evie> it is, CM
[07:17.31] <Jerusha> Wow, CM
[07:17.42] <KK> Yuck, Evie, that sounds serious.
[07:17.45] <Shiral> That does sound like good innings, CM
[07:17.47] <The_Bee> I had an interesting day.  Flower Communion and and church picnic at church, and a parade on my way home.
[07:17.47] <DesertRose> Jemler, see your PMs.
[07:17.50] <Jerusha> So where do you go back to work?
[07:18.34] <cynicalmedic> Johns Hopkins Centralized scheduling - my paying job. The FD was volunteer.
[07:18.47] <KK> What is a Flower Communion? They hand out flowers and everyone eats them, or smells them?  Serioiusly....
[07:18.48] <Jerusha> Ah, I see
[07:18.54] <DesertRose> That's one big hospital, so I hear.
[07:19.02] <Evie> Doctor said it was probably viral, but also prescribed an antibiotic with my other meds in case it didn't clear up by this weekend and I needed to give it a try, so I may end up needing to pick that up
[07:19.24] <cynicalmedic> Huge.
[07:19.25] <Shiral> That kind of communion would be good for a congregation of dairy cows
[07:19.26] <Jerusha> Hope you feel better, soon, Evie.  Do we need to send a Healer?
[07:19.36] <DesertRose> She'd love a Duncan visit.
[07:19.46] <Evie> Yes, send Duncan. :D
[07:19.47] <Shiral> Jerusha, you KNOW she'll just ask for Duncan. =o)
[07:19.48] <Jerusha> :D
[07:20.08] <Shiral> It's a bit stuffy here in your head right now, Evie. =o)
[07:20.20] <DesertRose> Just a tad crowded.  :)
[07:20.23] <The_Bee> Everyone brings aflower and puts them in a bouquet; then at the end of the service everyone takes a different flower than the one they brought.  Flowers are supplied for those who don't have one to bring.
[07:20.25] <Jerusha> Interesting prescription - "Send Duncan"
[07:20.41] <Evie> :D
[07:20.54] <KK> Interesting.
[07:20.57] <cynicalmedic> That sounds lovely, Bee.
[07:21.08] <DesertRose> That might set Evie's heart to doing interesting things, if Duncan just materialized in her house.  :)
[07:21.14] <The_Bee> It's a tradition in my church.
[07:21.18] <Shiral> "Do not exceed four Duncan doses in 24 hours, or attempt to operate heavy machinery in  an infatuated state.
[07:21.25] <DesertRose> What church do you attend, Bee?
[07:21.38] <Evie> Right now my house is such a mess, I'm too embarrassed to let even Mini-Duncan see it!
[07:21.49] <Jerusha> Join the club, Evie
[07:21.50] <cynicalmedic> Priest induced palpitations?
[07:21.50] <Evie> LOL Shiral
[07:21.54] <Shiral> So is he wearing a tiny blindfold?
[07:21.59] <DesertRose> I know that feeling, particularly my kitchen and my closet.
[07:22.00] <The_Bee> we have a Water Communin in the fall.  Bring water from a place you've been during the summer.
[07:22.04] <Evie> He's in his carrying box
[07:22.08] <Jemler> evie, you need a house elf!
[07:22.21] <DesertRose> Or a wand and the ability to cast "Scourgify."
[07:22.25] <The_Bee> Unitarian-Universalist.
[07:22.41] <Evie> I do need a house elf!
[07:22.50] <DesertRose> I was thinking that.  When I attend church, it's often UU and they do things like that.
[07:22.52] <Shiral> I'm just guessing that DR is rereading the  Harry Potter series. =o)
[07:23.05] <DesertRose> No, it just stayed with me well.
[07:23.05] <Evie> yes, the wand might be more practical. More things can be done with a wand
[07:23.13] <Jemler> of all the things in harry potter, i'd rather have a patent.
[07:23.28] <Shiral> I'll take the wand, too. So many useful applications
[07:23.48] <Shiral> "Aguamenti" would come in handy right now.
[07:23.58] <DesertRose> Yes.  Scourgifying the (expletive deleted) dishes and laundry would be fantastic.
[07:24.09] <Jemler> does that mean water brains?
[07:24.19] <cynicalmedic> I would get in so much trouble - "Oh look, someone turned Dr. Feeser into a frog"
[07:24.23] <DesertRose> Dun wanna do dishes, and dun much wanna do laundry.
[07:24.41] <Evie> I need something that will both do my laundry and give me more storage space for it once it's ready to put up
[07:24.48] <Shiral> I don't want to iron my clean clothes when it's warm
[07:24.54] <DesertRose> A closet of requirement, Evie?  :)
[07:24.57] <Jemler> mary poppinsbag.
[07:25.01] <KK> brb
[07:25.02] <Jemler> mary poppins bag.
[07:25.06] <The_Bee> I send my laundry out. One of the perks of being a senior citizen in Boston
[07:25.12] <Evie> a self-filling closet of requirement
[07:25.29] <cynicalmedic> At least I could get some new toes, perhaps
[07:25.32] <Jemler> filled with all the latest fashions?
[07:25.49] <Shiral> And tiny patterns for clothes for the Littles
[07:26.13] <Shiral> Not to mention plenty of fabric in a suitable scale
[07:26.14] <Evie> I'll take tiny premade clothes, if we're wishing. :D
[07:26.15] <Jerusha> On little tiny clothes hangers
[07:26.37] <Jemler> evie more storage. moody's trunk. seven different locks, seven different boxes!
[07:26.44] <Evie> I don't sew them for the fun of it so much as because they don't miraculously appear in my house otherwise. :D
[07:26.52] <Shiral> Francesca just arrived and she's washing my fingers
[07:27.02] <DesertRose> Oh drat.  I meant to do some sewing this weekend and I'm about out of weekend.
[07:27.06] <Evie> Oh, speaking of sewing reminds me, Laurna said hi
[07:27.17] <DesertRose> I need to finish my sideless surcoat and work on DD's bodice and skirt.
[07:27.18] <Jerusha> Hi Francesca
[07:27.31] <DesertRose> Hi Francesca.  *offers petting*
[07:27.37] <Evie> that reminds me because IIRC she's not able to be here at chat times most weeks anymore due to a sewing class
[07:27.45] <Jerusha> I have to make my jewelry for my nieces wedding in August
[07:27.49] * The_Bee skritches Francesca
[07:27.53] <Shiral> Francesca purrs her thanks, DR and Jerusha and Bee
[07:27.53] <DesertRose> KK's not even at her keyboard right now, Evie.
[07:28.21] <KK> I'm back.
[07:28.31] <The_Bee> WB KK
[07:28.34] <Evie> wb
[07:28.34] <KK> What kind of jewelry, Jerusha?
[07:28.44] <DesertRose> WB. Laurna was in a bit ago and said to say hi to you.
[07:28.56] <Jerusha> Something beaded, hopefully with multiple strands
[07:28.58] <bynw> No Laurna? darn I was gonna tell her 25 days and counting
[07:29.11] <DesertRose> You missed her while you were at the store, bynw.
[07:29.13] <Jerusha> 25 days?
[07:29.17] <KK> What color?
[07:29.20] <bynw> dang it!
[07:29.23] <DesertRose> Until the Rush concert he's going to attend.
[07:29.52] <Jerusha> Hot pink and black.  To go with my dress, not the Brides!
[07:29.55] <cynicalmedic> I'm jealous. I would love to see Rush
[07:30.02] <DesertRose> Oh, that'll be cool, Jerusha.
[07:30.05] <Evie> cool
[07:30.14] <bynw> cynicalmedic, 40th anniversary tour
[07:30.19] <DesertRose> My mom would probably fight you for the dress.  She loves hot pink and black together.
[07:30.26] <Jerusha> I need to get creative - don't want it to look bland
[07:30.31] <KK> Hot pink and black?  Is the dress hot pink?
[07:30.36] <cynicalmedic> Awesome.
[07:30.38] <KK> Yours, not the bride's.
[07:30.48] <Shiral> I'd say you're on the right track to un-blandness with that color choice.=o)
[07:30.57] <Jerusha> Black with discreet pink flowers
[07:31.04] <Evie> speaking of beadwork I made an Anglican chaplet this weekend (prayer beads), but thought that a similar sort of tradition might arise in the Deryni world with a St Camber's chaplet.
[07:31.16] <Evie> +,
[07:31.23] <Jerusha> Large flowers, though
[07:31.46] <Evie> discreet large pink flowers?
[07:31.48] <KK> Very nice.
[07:32.04] <cynicalmedic> Michaels has some beads shaped like flowers - I bought some for a project yesterday.
[07:32.13] <Jerusha> If it turns out well, I'll post a pciture
[07:32.20] <The_Bee> Do the chaplet's colors have any significance, Evie, or do you just like them?
[07:32.36] <DesertRose> KK, would the Gwyneddan church eventually have gotten round to rosaries or chaplets?
[07:32.55] <Evie> I like blues and greens, and they didn't have any suitable amber-colored beads in the store, since I was originally looking for "shiral"
[07:33.02] <Jerusha> Just on the border, Evie
[07:33.10] <Evie> ah
[07:33.11] <DesertRose> I know the rosary per se didn't come about until I think the 14th C., but prayer beads have been a tradition for a long time.
[07:33.27] <Shiral> Michaels....the place I go for things I didn't know I needed
[07:33.35] <KK> They have them, though I avoided the term rosary.  Remember that Jehana has prayer beads?  Many religions have the tradition of using beads for keeping count of prayers.
[07:33.38] <Evie> this one has beads at the "four quarters" if you open the circle up
[07:33.51] <Evie> which made me think of the Deryni
[07:33.55] <DesertRose> Right, she gave Kelson the St. Gabriel string of beads during KKB.
[07:33.56] <Jerusha> I bought some cool amber beads that are supposed to glow in the dark - but they don't
[07:34.00] <Shiral> And now Kelson has those beads
[07:34.05] <Evie> the fifth large bead could be for a prayer to St Camber
[07:34.05] <The_Bee> Is Michaels a nationwide chain?  I'm not familiar with it.
[07:34.15] <DesertRose> So more along the lines of a chaplet-type thing?
[07:34.16] <Evie> I think it is, Bee
[07:34.22] <Evie> or at least pretty widespread
[07:34.32] <DesertRose> It's a craft supply store.
[07:34.45] <Evie> that's disappointing, Jerusha
[07:34.46] <Jerusha> We actually have one in North Bay
[07:34.50] <The_Bee> Is it an arts and crafts store?  online?
[07:34.51] <Evie> I'd love glowing amber beads
[07:35.01] <DesertRose> yes, the website is just
[07:35.15] <Shiral> Yup
[07:35.24] <Evie> they have regular stores, but also a website
[07:35.44] <Jemler> +,
[07:35.46] <cynicalmedic> Tulip makes a colorless glow in the dark paint - I used it on some googly eyes to decorate my niece's Halloween bag.
[07:35.52] <Shiral> Both are dangerous to your bank balance
[07:35.56] <Jerusha> I had hoped to send a neat glowing shiral to you for Duncan, but it didn't glow!
[07:35.56] <DesertRose> Indeed, Shiral.
[07:36.10] <Evie> that's handy to know, CM. I'll look for that
[07:36.16] <KK> Yes, Michael's is a dangerous place for one's bank account.
[07:36.24] <Shiral> Always, KK
[07:36.25] <DesertRose> Almost as bad as a bookshop.  :D
[07:36.30] <Jerusha> Especially when bead are on sae
[07:36.33] <Jerusha> sale
[07:36.42] <The_Bee> My fingers are a bit clumsy for crafts.
[07:36.48] <Evie> I have a marble that glows when you shine UV light on it, and it came with a UV LED flashlight
[07:36.55] <KK> There's always a coupon or two in the SUnday paper.
[07:36.55] * EPCarpenter ( has joined channel #deryni_destinations
[07:36.58] <DesertRose> Hi EPCarpenter.
[07:37.00] <Jemler> hi epc
[07:37.01] <Evie> hi EPC
[07:37.02] <The_Bee> soun ds pretty1
[07:37.06] <KK> Hi, EPC.
[07:37.10] <The_Bee> Hi EPC
[07:37.14] <Jerusha> Hi EPC
[07:37.19] <Shiral> They've always been dangerous to me for mini-house supplies, and now that I've taken up crochet, a whole new part of their stores have become danger zones
[07:37.20] * EPCarpenter ( Quit (Quit: +, ajax IRC Client)
[07:37.26] <DesertRose> We scared him.
[07:37.32] <Shiral> Oops, EPC is having problems.
[07:37.39] <Evie> we're a scary lot
[07:37.41] <DesertRose> Oh yes, Shiral, the yarn section will draw you in and take all your money away.
[07:37.44] <The_Bee> Mibbit got him.
[07:37.45] <cynicalmedic> I have three places I have to avoid - Michaels, AC Moore, and now Joann's. I found some peacock feather patterned material, and I'm making my sister s beach bag.
[07:37.54] <Jerusha> What are you crocheting, Shiral?
[07:37.56] <Shiral> Well Evie EVERYONE knows we're terrifying. =o)
[07:37.59] * EPCarpenter ( has joined channel #deryni_destinations
[07:38.01] <DesertRose> I've been trying to re-learn to knit, but I apparently have lost the knack.
[07:38.02] <DesertRose> Rehi Epc.
[07:38.07] <Shiral> Little snowflakes, Jerusha
[07:38.07] <Evie> rehi
[07:38.09] <The_Bee> rehi, EPC
[07:38.28] <Evie> fortunately for my budget, JoAnns and Hancocks Fabric are across town
[07:38.38] <Jerusha> Little snowflake in California? :)
[07:38.39] <Evie> but Michaels is in my area
[07:38.41] <DesertRose> I miss Cloth World, but I think Joann bought them out.
[07:38.46] <EPCarpenter> We'll see it it takes this time- Hello all
[07:38.53] <Shiral> Well, I haven't found any rain drop patters. =o)
[07:38.57] <bynw> hello EPCarpenter
[07:39.01] <Evie> hello, welcome back
[07:39.12] <Shiral> We'll take preciptation in whatever forms we can get
[07:39.14] <DesertRose> How are you doing, EPCarpenter.
[07:39.16] <DesertRose> ?
[07:39.25] <DesertRose> Weren't you about to retire?
[07:39.41] <Jerusha> How I wish....
[07:39.52] <EPCarpenter> Retired and reveling in it!
[07:39.56] <Evie> :D
[07:39.58] <KK> I have to go nearly 50 miles for the nearest JoAnn's.
[07:39.59] <The_Bee> Shiral, are you hoping to invoke a precipitation spell?
[07:40.00] <Jerusha> Congratulations
[07:40.13] <DesertRose> Yeah, my mom said it took about 10 minutes to get used to being retired.  :D
[07:40.16] <Shiral> We might, Bee. If I knew any!
[07:40.19] <Jerusha> That far, KK?
[07:40.23] <EPCarpenter> Thanks :-)
[07:40.26] <Jemler> wash your car.
[07:40.32] <KK> Excellent, EPC.  Congrats!
[07:40.40] <cynicalmedic> It just finished raining here -lots of thunder.
[07:40.40] <DesertRose> That's quite a drive, KK, just to go fabric/craft shopping.
[07:40.50] <Shiral> I think I'll buy a map of California and try Ariella's sympathetic magic method. I might just get a soggy map of course
[07:40.53] <DesertRose> We had a little baby thunderstorm yesterday but blue skies today.
[07:41.17] <Shiral> Congrats on your retirement, EPC
[07:41.22] <Jerusha> It's raining again, here
[07:41.31] <DesertRose> Share that rain with Shiral, Jerusha.
[07:41.37] <Shiral> KK, Francesca is sending you her purrs of greeting
[07:41.39] <The_Bee> They're saying El Nino MIGHT bring you some rain this summer, Shiral. But they said the same thing last year.
[07:41.53] <Shiral> We're hoping for a wet winter
[07:42.08] * Jerusha tries a water transfer spell for Shiral
[07:42.09] <bynw> you should have gotten the rain texas got
[07:42.11] <The_Bee> What are you planning to do with your retirement, EPC?
[07:42.12] <Shiral> Although we did get a sprinkle last week
[07:42.47] <Shiral> We'd just as soon do without the floods. Nice, gentle soaking rains would be a big help
[07:43.02] <bynw> oh KK, I gave out one of my copies of the Chronicles of the Deryni to a friend ... hopefully she becomes a fan :)
[07:43.56] <EPCarpenter> I will be writing, traveling, model making and acting as full time support staff for my dear wife, the 1st Grade Teacher.
[07:44.06] <Evie> :D
[07:44.14] <Shiral> Sounds like a good program, EPC
[07:44.15] <Evie> all of that sounds good, EPC
[07:44.24] <The_Bee> Rain neweds to be distributed more evenly across the world.
[07:44.29] <Shiral> Dang, here I am back in Evie's head....
[07:44.31] <Jemler> give her a gold star
[07:45.01] <Shiral> Thanks for the effort, Jerusha but alas, it's still not raining
[07:45.09] <KK> Thanks, Bynw.
[07:45.23] <KK> You do need rain in California.
[07:45.25] * Jerusha loads a water balloon in a trebochet
[07:45.37] <Shiral> For about 40 days and nights, KK
[07:45.53] <KK> Maybe not quit that much.
[07:45.57] <Shiral> And even then, we'd be looking up at the sky and saying "Is that all you've got, up there?
[07:46.05] <Evie> wow, the cough syrup must be kicking in. Found myself slipping into a trance state with only the chat screen brightly lit while the surrounding world went dark. Maybe I AM Deryni! :D
[07:46.05] <KK> quite
[07:46.24] <Shiral> We've got a lot of reservoirs to fill, so actually.... that might be what it takes!
[07:46.27] <Jerusha> Must be a centering spell, Evie
[07:46.33] <DesertRose> LOL, Evie.
[07:46.38] <EPCarpenter> I may be writing a true crime thriller. In my research travels, I hit on the possible connection between the Black Dahlia, the Cleveland Torso Murders and a few other identical killings- And I have a suspect no one ever twigged to.
[07:46.56] <Evie> interesting
[07:46.56] <KK> Ooooh, good luck, EPC.
[07:47.01] <Jemler> Rush Limbo?
[07:47.02] <DesertRose> That sounds interesting, EPCarpenter.
[07:47.13] <cynicalmedic> I would love to read that, EPC
[07:47.14] <Jerusha> Sounds like Criminal Minds
[07:47.16] <bynw> my wife would like that
[07:47.27] <The_Bee> Sounds fascinating.  You should look for a publisher.
[07:47.29] <EPCarpenter> Even if I'm wrong, it's great fun so far.
[07:47.50] <Jerusha> The chase is a lot of the fun
[07:48.23] <Evie> and I want to know how Albin is doing in Byzantyun
[07:48.31] <Jemler> Sue Grafton is coming out with a new one in August.
[07:48.47] <Jerusha> Yes, how is Albin?
[07:48.49] <EPCarpenter> So, as you can see, my Deryni FanFic has been lagging...
[07:48.52] <DesertRose> LOL
[07:49.22] <EPCarpenter> Albin will be making an appearance soon.
[07:49.23] <DesertRose> I would think whoever killed the Black Dahlia is probably dead himself by now.
[07:49.30] <DesertRose> That's been a long time.
[07:49.41] <Jemler> maybe it was Dexter.
[07:49.52] <EPCarpenter> Yes, my suspect died in LA in 1952
[07:49.55] <Jerusha> Good, EPC
[07:50.00] <Evie> If i stare at the screen long enough, the outlines of my hands turn silver. yep, Deryni. :D
[07:50.05] <Jerusha> Good for
[07:50.07] <Shiral> LOL
[07:50.14] <Jerusha> Albin,not your suspect
[07:50.15] <DesertRose> LOL, Evie.
[07:50.24] <bynw> that might just be the cough syrup talking too Evie
[07:50.33] <Evie> could be, wabbit
[07:50.39] <DesertRose> Evie casts silver handfire.  :)
[07:50.39] <Jerusha> Syrup-ticious
[07:50.40] <The_Bee> Are you sure the cough syrup didn't contain merasha, Evie?
[07:50.45] <KK> It's still cool to figure out a long-ago crime, even if the chief suspect is now dead.
[07:50.59] <DesertRose> Yes, I didn't mean that it was any less cool.
[07:51.03] <Evie> no headache, Bee, so it's not merasha
[07:51.17] <The_Bee> Yes. People are still speculating on who Jack the Ripper was.
[07:51.30] <Shiral> Writing fiction can occasionally mean "It happened this way because I'm the author, and that's the way I wanted it. So Pb-b-b-b-t!!
[07:51.37] <EPCarpenter> I find that Albin channels well with a big mug of very strong tea leavened with a wee dram...
[07:51.39] <Evie> sounds like something I'd want to read, so feel free to get on that story, EPC :D
[07:51.39] <DesertRose> LOL, yes, Shiral.
[07:52.16] <DesertRose> I got the idea for my main paper for my Shakespeare class from reading one of John Douglas' true-crime books (more on the criminal psychology end of it).
[07:52.19] <Jerusha> Thumbs up for the wee dram
[07:52.42] <Shiral> I'm thinking about that Lower Decks idea that Elkhound suggested on the forum, but haven't actually written anything yet
[07:52.54] <The_Bee> One of the pitfalls of authorship is PIS--plot-induced stupidity
[07:52.54] <Evie> Shiral, in my case writing fiction means "It happened this way because despite my original plan, the characters all plotted against me and this it what turned out, but it's much better than what I originally came up with anyway, so that's all good."
[07:52.56] <DesertRose> Yeah, that does sound like a cool idea, Shiral.
[07:53.09] <Shiral> Yes, that can happen too, Evie
[07:53.27] <Jerusha> Whatever works, Evie
[07:53.40] <Evie> whoa, why are only my last two lines of text appearing on my screen?
[07:53.52] <bynw> Evie, I have that same problem in gaming. It's the player characters that make me have to change the game on the fly
[07:54.13] <Jerusha> It's the vortex, Evie
[07:54.17] <Shiral> Some poor new maid in the Queen's household thinks one of the grooms is teasing her, because, well HOW can a bishop have a son, and still be in good standing with the church?
[07:54.33] <Evie> Yes, but you expect that from characters being run by other people. In theory all my characters come from my brain, but try telling THEM that!
[07:54.37] <EPCarpenter> I have to see some surviving family members and talk to them about the suspect. They may be tough to get interviews with since they're related to the long time star suspect that the Cleveland Torso writers have made their bones villifying...
[07:54.52] <bynw> Evie, even my own NPC's do it too
[07:55.34] <DesertRose> Sometimes the line between imagination and insanity is very thin.  :D
[07:55.48] <EPCarpenter> Razor thin!
[07:55.49] <Jemler> there's a line?
[07:55.52] <DesertRose> LOL
[07:56.01] <TerryOBrien> Its an overlapping Venn diagram
[07:56.01] * Shiral doesn't know what DR means..... =o)
[07:56.03] <Evie> I'm creatively crazy
[07:56.08] <Jerusha> That would be the saying for my House
[07:56.12] <bynw> there is a line?
[07:56.39] <TerryOBrien> The intersection of imagination and insanity is eiher a prophet or a writer
[07:56.48] <EPCarpenter> Imagination is the pressure safety valve on the boiler that is insanity  ;-)
[07:56.51] <DesertRose> :)
[07:56.56] <cynicalmedic> Or a musician.
[07:57.09] <DesertRose> Or an artist of some sort.
[07:57.54] <The_Bee> What's a Venn diagram?
[07:58.22] <cynicalmedic> My son talks to himself a lot when he's in the creative mood. Sometimes he says a trip to the range is the only way to empty his mind.
[07:58.27] <bynw> i diagram with circles that intersect
[07:58.46] <TerryOBrien> A Venn diagram is a visual representation of set intersection
[07:58.48] <Evie> picture overlapping circles, Bee, with each circle representing something (In this case, imagination and insanity), and the overlap showing where the two coexist
[07:59.06] <DesertRose> +,
[07:59.10] <Jerusha> That would be  my brain
[07:59.22] <DesertRose> There's a whole bunch of pictures of Venn diagrams.
[07:59.33] <The_Bee> Ok.  I think I learned something about that in Boolean mate in college
[07:59.33] <Shiral> Oh, I always thought that was called " picture overlapping circles, Bee, with each circle representing something (In this case, imagination and insanity), and the overlap showing where the two coexist"
[08:00.01] <Evie> LOL
[08:00.03] <The_Bee> or three things
[08:00.16] <Evie> that's the wordier name for it, Shiral
[08:00.24] <DesertRose> Yes, you can do fairly complex Venn diagrams.
[08:00.35] <Evie> but it's easier to say Venn diagram
[08:00.44] <The_Bee> I didn't know what they were called, but I remember  them now.
[08:00.53] <Shiral> I knew what you meant as soon as you described it, but I never knew it was called a Venn Diagram
[08:00.58] <DesertRose> I was thinking you probably knew the concept but not the term.
[08:01.27] <The_Bee> Yes
[08:01.33] <Evie> and normally the description wouldn't have the name "Bee" in it either. :D
[08:01.51] <DesertRose> LOL
[08:01.53] <Shiral> Oh, picky, picky,picky!
[08:02.38] <Evie> I'm wondering if I can brave more soup or if it will just make me hack up a lung like the last bowl
[08:02.47] <Jerusha> Ew
[08:03.06] <Shiral> Hot things usually calm my throat
[08:03.12] <Evie> I think Duncan needs to come spoon feed me
[08:03.27] <DesertRose> Try some hot tea first, Evie, with honey and lemon if you've got it.
[08:03.31] <Shiral> He's at Vespers, sorry Evie
[08:03.40] <Jerusha> It's worth a try, Evie
[08:03.51] <Evie> I have some Throat Coat tea I'll try with some honey
[08:03.59] <Shiral> Baked lemons with honey are also good
[08:04.20] <Shiral> I love throat coat
[08:04.20] * EPCarpenter ( Quit (Quit: +, ajax IRC Client)
[08:04.22] <Evie> I've not tried baking a lemon
[08:04.26] <DesertRose> That just sounds yummy, Shiral.  I love that tart-sweet combination.
[08:04.43] <DesertRose> BRB, snack attack.
[08:04.49] <Shiral> Oh dear, maybe the suspect in the Black Dahlia case is after EPC
[08:04.55] <Evie> oh noes
[08:05.23] <Shiral> You need a lot of honey for baked lemons, I find.
[08:05.35] <Shiral> But it is soothing on the throat
[08:05.44] <The_Bee> how about a hot toddy?
[08:06.14] <Evie> I can manage the hot part but lack the necessary ingredients to make it a toddy
[08:06.31] <cynicalmedic> My friend Mac says Macallan is his favorite cough syrup.
[08:06.59] * EPCarpenter ( has joined channel #deryni_destinations
[08:07.04] <DesertRose> Rehi EPCarpenter.
[08:07.05] <bynw> Macallan is a bit costly for cough syrup
[08:07.08] <The_Bee> rehi, EPC
[08:07.08] <Evie> rehi EPC
[08:07.09] <DesertRose> Mibbit is being mean.
[08:07.10] <Jerusha> wb epc
[08:07.42] <Jerusha> Alas, I must go.  Laundry calls - well, more like screams
[08:07.42] <EPCarpenter> Extra mean since I'm trying this from an iPhone
[08:07.58] <DesertRose> Okay, see you Jerusha.  Have a good week.  :)
[08:08.01] <The_Bee> bye, Jerusha
[08:08.09] <EPCarpenter> Gnight
[08:08.12] <Jerusha> Thanks!  Hope everyone has a good week!
[08:08.13] <Evie> in that case it seems to work well for phone IRC chat
[08:08.15] <bynw> night Jerusha
[08:08.18] <Evie> bye Jerusha
[08:08.19] <cynicalmedic> Night, Jerusha
[08:08.37] <Shiral> Try roasting the lemon at abou 350 F for 20 minutes. then juice it and drink the juice with honey added to taste
[08:08.37] <KK> Oh, eeek, it <is> late.  See you guys next week.
[08:08.42] <Jemler> night jrtusha\
[08:08.44] * Jerusha steps on her portal and disappears in a cloud of bubbles
[08:08.45] <Shiral> Bye, KK
[08:08.48] <Shiral> Have a good week
[08:08.49] <bynw> have a good night too KK
[08:08.49] <Evie> bye KK
[08:08.49] <DesertRose> Okay, see you KK.  Thanks for coming to see us!  :)
[08:08.58] * KK steps onto her Portal, waves goodnight, and disappears in a shower of green sparkles.
[08:09.03] <cynicalmedic> Night, KK
[08:09.08] <KK> Nighters, all.
[08:09.08] <The_Bee> night, KK. Thanks for coming and have a good week.
[08:09.11] * Jerusha (Mibbit@4FC299.2DD460.529F30.437C1A) Quit (Quit: +, ajax IRC Client)
[08:09.12] <EPCarpenter> Bye KK
[08:09.17] <DesertRose> Have a good week, KK!
[08:09.19] * KK Quit (Quit: +, ajax IRC Client)
"If having a soul means being able to feel love, loyalty, and gratitude, then animals are better off than a lot of humans."

James Herriot (James Alfred "Alfie" Wight), when a human client asked him if animals have souls.  (I don't remember in which book the story originally appeared.)


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