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Been lurking around for ages (signed up some time ago - in fact 4 years ago yesterday) but never really got round to speaking. Mainly to do with personal stuff - adoption takes a lot out of you. I am another UK person - based in West Yorkshire and an a university lecturer in electronic engineering for my sins - married to a pharmacist (we smile at the reversal of genders between us and the norm in our professions). My husband and I adopted our son (who will be 4 shortly) just over a year ago - he has been living with us coming on 20 months now (moved in October 2013).

I first read KK in my teens (so about 26 years ago) and have on/off re-read her ever since. Do not own all the books (missing the Camber & just after Camber era ones) - mainly due to fun of getting them at times in the UK.  I am an avid reader - fantasy, crime, historical (Age of Sail, WWI, WWII) - in fact I will try anything. Mum taught me to read at 2.5 and as she says I have never stopped - I had special dispensation at 10 to borrow books from the adult section fo the library because I was not interested in the children's stuff which I found too easy to read.

One day I may make it to chat but with having to be up for work at 6.30am on a  Monday (I work 7.30-4/4.30 Mon-Thurs) even the first one of the month is a little late for me.

I hope you'll be able to make it to chat sometime, at least maybe on a bank holiday. I've seen your name in the Who's Online section a few times, so it's nice to see you delurk. Some of us can be found in the chatroom at other times besides Sunday chats (lunch hour in the US, whatever that may be for our various time zones, is often a popular time, and that would translate to early evening on your side of the world). If you see someone has posted an "I'm in the chatroom" message in the shoutbox in the past few minutes, that's usually a good time to check. If you hear a chiming sound while on the forum, check the shoutbox; that may be an alert from someone saying they are in the chatroom. (BTW, I usually right click on the chatroom link and choose the option to open it in a different tab or window so that I can chat but still peek in on the Forum from time to time.)

Even if you can't make it to chat at any of the times people are there, we'd love to see you post here on the Forum. We don't bite except upon special request, but you'll have to pay in shillings for that. Gold ones. From Turkey. Because we're silly that way. ;D

Welcome to the forum, Gilreth, and glad you are no longer lurking.

Welcome to another UK resident.

Don't be afraid of popping into chat - it took me ages to do so but am so glad I did.

I find early evenings 6-7pm our time generally good to find someone there, although if you have a small child that may not be perfect.

Likewise on a Sunday folk are often around in the chatroom earlier even if KK chat is too late - on early chat I usually show up 9 ish our time and generally there are a few folk around

It's always worth putting a shout out.

Meant to say that I have got all of my KK books through Amazon shipped over from the US - some have been as cheap as 3 including P&P and they have all been perfectly good second hands copies.


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