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KK Chat - 22 June 2008
« on: June 22, 2008, 07:49:47 pm »
[18:52] * KK has joined #Deryni_Destinations
[18:52] <&DeryniBot>  The smell from Wrengl's kitchen draws KK into the chat.
[18:52] <Kelric> oh my.
[18:52] * DeryniBot sets mode: +o KK
[18:52] <+Elim> Mornign Mrs. Kurtz.
[18:52] * Kelric is hearing thunder outside
[18:52] <~RainbowDragon> Greetings, KK!
[18:52] <+MightbeShiral> "Tis Herself!"
[18:53] <@KK> Greetings, all.  And boy, did we hear thunder last night.  A whopper of a thunderstorm!
[18:53] <@Bynw> its' KK!!
[18:53] <~RainbowDragon> Get much rain?
[18:53] <@KK> Yep.  And lots of sound and fury.
[18:53] * @Bynw gives KK a hug since he has been in a sunday chat in a while
[18:53] <~RainbowDragon> Hey, Shiral and KK at the same time!
[18:54] <@Bynw> its MightbeShiral so thats why RD
[18:54] <@KK> Hi, Bynw.
[18:54] * +MightbeShiral Quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
[18:54] <~RainbowDragon> uh oh
[18:54] * deryni_guest8914 has joined #Deryni_Destinations
[18:54] <&DeryniBot>  Gwynedd's Sheriff, Marnin, nods to deryni_guest8914 and checks their weapons at the door.
[18:55] * deryni_guest8914 is now known as Shiral
[18:55] <~RainbowDragon> rehi, anonymous Shiral
[18:55] <Shiral> Dang
[18:55] <~RainbowDragon> Don't click that!
[18:55] <@Bynw> now Shiral, if you are signing in from home you should get yourself a proper irc client after all, i can help
[18:55] <~RainbowDragon> How was your week, KK?
[18:55] * Shiral is now known as MightbeShiral
[18:56] * the_Bee has joined #Deryni_Destinations
[18:56] <&DeryniBot>  Hi there the_Bee! Welcome to the chat.
[18:56] <@KK> Not bad.  Lots of things happening, including writing.
[18:56] <@KK> Hi, Bee.
[18:56] <~RainbowDragon> Hi Bee
[18:56] <MightbeShiral> Well, I'm posting from home TODAY, but I've had to work a lot of Sundays lately
[18:56] <MightbeShiral> Hi Bee
[18:56] <the_Bee> HI Rd. Hi KK
[18:56] <@KK> From home.  What a concept!
[18:56] <MightbeShiral> Good things happening I hope, KK?
[18:56] <MightbeShiral> I know. Isn't it weird?
[18:57] <@KK> Yep.  Our new pantry is making steady progress.  Soon I'll have places to store kitcheny-type things.
[18:57] <MightbeShiral> But since you're here I'm only POSSIBLY Shiral
[18:58] <the_Bee> I hope so too.  KK, do you know Peter Tremaynee's "SSister Fidelma" novels.
[18:58] <the_Bee> ?
[18:58] <@KK> And we made our first foray to Costco.  Can we say "overwhelmed?"
[18:58] <MightbeShiral> Yup
[18:58] <Kelric> ugh.  looks like the cubs/sox game may very well get rain delayed or rained out...
[18:58] <the_Bee> those big discount stores can be SCARY.
[18:58] <@KK> I've heard of the good sister, but haven't read anything about her.  So much reading piled up.
[18:58] <MightbeShiral> But you can potentially save a lot there
[18:59] <MightbeShiral> I buy most of the meat I eat at my local Costco
[18:59] <@Bynw> speaking of writting ... i ran across an applicationg that scott might be interested in
[18:59] <@KK> Yep.  We didn't buy a lot, this first time, cause we had the Morgan, and it was getting close to closing, but I'll probably make monthly visits in the future.
[19:00] <@KK> Didn't even look at the meat, this first time, but I hear it's great.
[19:00] <@KK> Yes, Bynw?
[19:00] <MightbeShiral> In those big stores it helps to scatter white pebbles behind you so you can find your way back to the door. =o)
[19:01] <@Bynw> its only for the mac's you guys have it's called Celtx and its designed for screenplays and other types of similar writings
[19:01] <ChrisW> I just imagine some little kid following you picking up the pebbles and putting them in his pocket because they look cool.
[19:02] <@KK> Actually, he's got a Word template that does screenplays, which is working well so far.
[19:02] <~RainbowDragon> KK, meet ChrisW ( a new daddy ) - ChrisW meet KK  :-)
[19:02] <the_Bee> Scott's writing a play?  about what?
[19:03] <ChrisW> KK, we met once.  I think it was 1993 at a scifi convention in Halifax Nova Scotia
[19:03] <@KK> Scott's a screenwriter, Bee; don't know exactly what he's working on right now.  And welcome, new daddy ChrisW.
[19:03] <ChrisW> thanks
[19:03] <@KK> Ah, Nova Scotia is cool!  I really enjoyed that con!
[19:04] <ChrisW> Awesome, you remember it
[19:04] <the_Bee> My parents spent their honeymoon in Nova Scotia--the Gaspee Peninsula.
[19:05] <@KK> I'm not sure it's so much the actual con, or just the awesome scenery in that part of Canada.  And I do remember sleeping in the airport on the way out, along with about a dozen other people, because they'd screwed up our connection.  But I also bought one of my favorite pairs of earrings that I still wear a lot!
[19:05] <@Bynw> KK, i'll shoot you an email with the website addy and just pass it along to scott :-)
[19:06] <MightbeShiral> Good Cons, Good earrings.  Nova Scotia sounds good to me. =o)
[19:06] <the_Bee> I once attended the Highland Games there.
[19:06] <@Bynw> well the name means New Scotland after all, so it must be good
[19:06] <ChrisW> KK, You won't remember this but you signed my ratty old copy of Lammas night and we a few others talked long into the night
[19:07] <MightbeShiral> Get KK talking at a Con and you CAN talk long into the night. =o)
[19:07] <ChrisW> If you want scenery you want to visit Cape Breton in nothern nova scotia.  There is no substitute for beautiful scenery. 
[19:08] * @Bynw wishes he had the free time to get to a con again
[19:08] * Effen_Lethargic has joined #Deryni_Destinations
[19:08] <&DeryniBot>  Gwynedd's Sheriff, Marnin, nods to Effen_Lethargic and checks their weapons at the door.
[19:08] <@KK> The part they showed me was on the coast, where there was this cool lighthouse, and it looked like lunar landscape on the way there.  Ring any bells, ChrisW?
[19:08] <the_Bee> HI EL
[19:08] <MightbeShiral> Are you coming to Deryni Con, Bynw?
[19:08] <MightbeShiral> Hi EL
[19:08] <ChrisW> KK Peggy's Cove, not far from the Swiss air crash
[19:09] <Effen_Lethargic> hi everyone
[19:09] <@KK> That sounds like it!
[19:09] <@Bynw> I dont know for certain Shiral. I would like to of course. But it depends on how much time off i have available then and of course funds
[19:09] <ChrisW> The lunar landscape clued me in lol
[19:09] <MightbeShiral> Invent  a dying relative!
[19:09] <@KK> I suspected it might.  Can't be too many places like that.
[19:11] <ChrisW> You might recall the houses built sitting on the barren rock
[19:12] <Effen_Lethargic> so how is everyone?
[19:12] <@KK> Yep.  And the waves crashing against the rocks.
[19:12] <MightbeShiral> We're happy--KK is here
[19:12] <Effen_Lethargic> KK is the author you guys wanted me to meet right?
[19:12] <the_Bee> Yes.
[19:12] <ChrisW> Yeah, we loose a couple people a year off those rocks
[19:12] * Kelric hopefully will be able to make it to D-Con.
[19:13] <Effen_Lethargic> well, intros must be insued
[19:13] <~RainbowDragon> KK, this is EL, who is ambush's sister
[19:13] <the_Bee> KK, Effen is Ambush's kid half-sister.
[19:14] <@KK> I seem to recall that being mentioned, that a few folk get swept off those rocks every year.
[19:14] <MightbeShiral> And EL, this is KK
[19:14] <Effen_Lethargic> KK, im EL, i belong to ambush
[19:14] * ambush has joined #Deryni_Destinations
[19:14] <&DeryniBot>  The smell from Wrengl's kitchen draws ambush into the chat.
[19:14] <Effen_Lethargic> lol
[19:14] * Effen_Lethargic hugs ambush
[19:14] <ChrisW> KK, my wife noticed I reread the Adept series about once a year so for an engagement gift she got me a gold ring with a sapphire in it.
[19:14] * MightbeShiral is now known as Shiral
[19:14] * the_Bee tickle-pounces Ambush
[19:14] * ambush tackle-pounces KK with Bee attached
[19:15] <@KK> Ah.  I, too, have a half-sister.  In fact, she was here for about 6-8 hours on Mother's Day.
[19:15] <Shiral> So Ambush, did you ambush your sister a lot?
[19:15] * Effen_Lethargic laughs and backs away from kids.
[19:15] <Effen_Lethargic> koo;
[19:15] <Effen_Lethargic> l*
[19:15] <ambush> lol
[19:15] * Shiral ambushes Ambush
[19:15] <ambush> :)
[19:16] <ambush> hiyas guys n gals
[19:16] <Effen_Lethargic> lol
[19:16] <@KK> Ah. Sapphires are cool.  Besides being a symbol of fidelity--which is why cardinals' rings have sapphires--I have one in my engagement ring.
[19:16] <the_Bee> Who you calling a kid, EL?  Some of us are old enough to be your grandparents.
[19:16] <Effen_Lethargic> hey ambush
[19:16] <Effen_Lethargic> like i care much.
[19:16] <Effen_Lethargic> lol age is meaningless
[19:16] <ambush> lol. i try to beat manners into her
[19:16] <ambush> i fail
[19:16] <Effen_Lethargic> who, me?
[19:16] <Shiral> Sapphires are fine with me. Wouldn't turn down rubies, either
[19:16] <Effen_Lethargic> lol
[19:16] <@KK> Not that a sapphire did Princess Diana much good....
[19:16] <the_Bee> sounds like a losing cause, ambush
[19:17] <~RainbowDragon> How about emeralds, Shiral?
[19:17] <@KK> I had an emerald....before our burglary.
[19:17] <Effen_Lethargic> hey now, i can be the perfect young lady when the time calls for it. right down to the heels and dresses.
[19:17] <Shiral> Perhaps Sapphires will be more  beneficial to Araxie Haldane. RD, Emeralds are VERY good. =o)
[19:17] <ChrisW> KK I can't help but wonder if Princess Di fit into the Lammas night theme....hmmm
[19:18] <Shiral> But I'm a sucker for sparkly rocks
[19:18] <Effen_Lethargic> Sapphires and rubies cost too much, emeralds arent what they used to be and topaz comes in all those colors and is cheaper and prettier.
[19:18] <the_Bee> I lke colored gems
[19:18] <@KK> I've heard a lot of people try to make it fit, but the bottom like is just that her driver screwed up royally.
[19:18] <Shiral> I like  pearls, too. My mom gave me nice pearl earrings for my birthday in Feb
[19:19] <ChrisW> nice pun.  And the year didn't fit either, and I have tried to make it fit.
[19:19] <the_Bee> Yup.  People want someone to blame
[19:19] <Effen_Lethargic> i have one pair of pearl earrings, and my favortie stone is blue topaz and amethyst.
[19:19] * TypoRexAway has joined #Deryni_Destinations
[19:19] <&DeryniBot>  Gwynedd's Sheriff, Marnin, nods to TypoRexAway and checks their weapons at the door.
[19:19] * TypoRexAway is now known as Temprus
[19:19] <the_Bee> HI Typoresaway
[19:19] <Effen_Lethargic> intros?
[19:19] <@KK> They don't want to accept that an icon they've made could just be the victim of piss-poor judgment and bad luck.
[19:20] <Shiral> Hi Temprus
[19:20] <ChrisW> Everyone should have a pet conspiracy theory.
[19:20] <@KK> True.
[19:20] <Effen_Lethargic> lol
[19:20] * Shiral would not want to be pursued by paparazzi everywhere
[19:20] <Temprus> hi all
[19:20] <Effen_Lethargic> hi thr.
[19:20] <ChrisW> "...a consquence of being the mortal creatures we are..."
[19:21] * Effen_Lethargic wouldnt be caught dead being famous in any way althought she is intrigued.
[19:21] <ChrisW> Shiral, have you seen the movie paparzzi?
[19:21] <the_Bee> KK, I have a question about the Celtic Christian Church.
[19:21] <@Bynw> hi Temprus
[19:21] <Shiral> No, Chris
[19:22] <ChrisW> I recommend it.  The main character takes out some really bad paparazzi. 
[19:22] <@KK> Yes, Bee?
[19:23] * Effen_Lethargic sits quietly in corner watching you all while munching happily away on a miniscule cookie.
[19:23] <the_Bee> I've been reading Peter Tremayne's novels about a 7th century nun in the Irish church, before it was absorbed by the Roman church.  Is that basically the same one you and jasta belong to?
[19:24] * Shiral gives EL a miniscule, doll-house sized cup of tea to go with the tiny cookie
[19:24] <Effen_Lethargic> thanks, Shiral.
[19:24] <Effen_Lethargic> im on a self diet thingy nad it doesnt permit normal sized cookies.
[19:25] <@KK> I'm sure there are similarities, but I haven't read the books, so can't say for sure.  But this is the 21st century, so I'm sure there are big differences as well.
[19:25] <@KK> But we are so not-Roman....
[19:26] <the_Bee> Tremayne begins each book with a histoical introduction.  He calls it a feminist paradise:  priests and nuns can marry and raise their kids together.
[19:26] * Kelric is cooking rice to go with some ground beef and tortilla chips for dinner
[19:27] <Effen_Lethargic> sounds yummy, Kelric
[19:27] <@KK> The presiding bishop of the CCC is a former RC priest, married to a former nun who is now a priest, and they have a daughter who graduated from BU a couple of years ago.  :-)
[19:27] <the_Bee> wow!
[19:28] <Shiral> I'd say that yes, that is a departure from the Roman church. =o)
[19:28] <Effen_Lethargic> wow. lol
[19:28] <the_Bee> in the book, the idea of priestly celibacy is just getting started.  The heroine, Sr. Fidelma, doesn't believe it will catch on.
[19:29] <@Bynw> so how far down the totem pole does are favorite CCC bishop rank?
[19:29] <@Bynw> er our
[19:29] <@KK> Sacramentally, though, they're pretty mainline.
[19:29] <ambush> KK, see, the big issue, venturing off topic for a moment, with my short little sister there, is that she hasn't read any of your books. :)
[19:29] <@KK> Very low-key, Bynw, and I like it just fine that way.
[19:29] <Effen_Lethargic> ambush, there is nothing wrong with my height you dweeb.
[19:30] <Temprus> then get her some :P
[19:30] <@Bynw> ambush, i'm getting some copies of deryni rising from harvey ... want one for your sister? so do you want one Effen_Lethargic?
[19:30] <Shiral> Virtually, I can't tell the difference in your heights. But EL, it's time you got reading. =o)
[19:30] <Effen_Lethargic> i could use some more books and i think from, from this, that i mightr enjoy them.
[19:30] <Effen_Lethargic> lol
[19:30] <the_Bee> What are the requirements for becoming a CCC priest or bishop?
[19:31] <Effen_Lethargic> i would like books of almost any kind right now. im running low on books. Bynw
[19:31] <ChrisW> Is there going to be more in the Adept line?  How much begging would it take to get a sequel to Lammas night?
[19:31] <@KK> If you google it, that will give you a starting idea.
[19:32] <the_Bee> I did once.  I found Jasta's web-page.
[19:32] <@KK> ChrisW, Debby and I are working on the proposal for a prequel set in 1879, when the Hunting Lodge resurfaced.  And I would LOVE to do a prequel to Lammas Night, about Philippa's work during the war.
[19:32] * Effen_Lethargic kicks ambush in the shin and runs.
[19:33] * ambush locks the door
[19:33] <Effen_Lethargic> Oh, jee thanks.
[19:33] <the_Bee> resurfaced/  when how and why did it go underground?  during witchcraft persecutions?
[19:33] <ChrisW> KK, those would be awesome.
[19:33] * Effen_Lethargic jimmies the lock.
[19:34] <Shiral> Any new news on the Adolescent Alaric Morgan Front?
[19:34] <ambush> bynw and gang, do you think we could get together a full set of KK's books and ship em off to my midget....err...little sister?
[19:34] * Effen_Lethargic glares at ambush.
[19:34] <Temprus> how tall are you ambush?
[19:34] <the_Bee> Do you still have copies you want to sell off, KK?
[19:34] <ambush> 6'
[19:34] * Effen_Lethargic calls ambush a dweeb.
[19:34] <@Bynw> let me wait till i see what harvey is sending me ... he might send me more stuff
[19:35] <ambush> that's geek, thank you.
[19:35] <@KK> It would have been another manifestation of the Inner Circle we talked about in the Templar books.
[19:35] <Effen_Lethargic> you are my dweeb, ambush and i still think you are one.
[19:35] <@KK> Not that I want to sell them off, but I have copies available for sale....
[19:35] * Ishmayl ( has joined #Deryni_Destinations
[19:35] <&DeryniBot>  The smell from Wrengl's kitchen draws Ishmayl into the chat.
[19:35] <the_Bee> Hi Ishmayl
[19:35] <Shiral> Hi Ishmayl
[19:36] <ChrisW> KK, any chance you could convince them to rerelease Lammas Night.  To get it second hand on amazon is about 9.00 and "like new" for 30.00
[19:36] <@KK> Childe III is coming along, Shiral.  I've been beefing up the plot outline, filling in gaps and such.
[19:36] <Shiral> =o)
[19:36] <Ishmayl> Hello
[19:36] * Shiral is pleased
[19:36] <@KK> I plan to approach Ace about reissuing it, as soon as I'm more caught up on Childe III.
[19:37] <Effen_Lethargic> hi Ishmayl
[19:37] <@Bynw> KK, on the writing front ... how is scott coming on book 3 on knights of the blood?
[19:37] <the_Bee> Ishmayl, are you new here?
[19:38] <ambush> you're what, 5'3", little sister of mine?
[19:38] * @Bynw thinks he should help scott get here too so he can chat with us sometime
[19:38] <Effen_Lethargic> your point is?
[19:38] <ambush> just asking
[19:39] <ambush> :P
[19:39] <Effen_Lethargic> lol
[19:39] <@KK> He's working on another project right now, Bynw.
[19:39] <Effen_Lethargic> yes i am, 5'2" or 5'3"
[19:39] <Shiral> So is Sir Kenneth sill alive?
[19:39] <@Bynw> ok
[19:40] <@KK> So far, he's still alive, but I now know how he dies, and when.  Not there yet, though.
[19:41] <Shiral> So Alaric is not yet at court
[19:41] <Effen_Lethargic> did ambush happen to mention that im in the process of writing my own novel?
[19:41] * Shiral is eager for more Brion
[19:42] <ambush> Honey, i havent mentioned anything about you
[19:42] <@KK> Actually, he is--at least temporarily--to participate in Brion's knighting ceremony and birthday court.
[19:42] <Temprus> other than that she is your sister, has not read kk, and make height jokes :p
[19:42] <Shiral> Ooooooooooooo. =o)
[19:42] <ChrisW> KK, I was looking through Deryni Magic and was wondering if you found more info on Ward Cubes
[19:42] <Effen_Lethargic> lol lol lol
[19:43] <Effen_Lethargic> well, ambush you need to catch them up.
[19:43] <Shiral> You don't have to be tall to write novels, though
[19:43] <Effen_Lethargic> at least try to brang on me instead of picking on my height.
[19:43] <@KK> Nope, ChrisW.
[19:43] * Shiral will try to be patient, but makes no guarantees
[19:44] <Effen_Lethargic> im glad you dont cuz im on chapter three, Shiral.
[19:44] * ChrisW is now known as CW_feeding_baby
[19:44] <Shiral> You just have to have arms long enough to reach the keyboard, EL
[19:44] <Temprus> get a wireless keyboard, ack, now he has me doing it ;(
[19:45] <Shiral> So Alaric would be in the neighborhood of 7-8?
[19:46] <@KK> Yep, 7 1/2.
[19:46] <Effen_Lethargic> lol
[19:47] <the_Bee> do you have a title for Childe III< KK?
[19:47] <@KK> Not yet.
[19:48] <Shiral> I'll bet Alaric and Duncan lead Vera a vigorous life
[19:48] <Shiral> And Kevin too
[19:49] <the_Bee> someone remind me: what is the liturgical color(s) for the West in Deryni rituals?
[19:49] <@KK> They do.  But they also have lessons and training, and that takes up a lot of energy--fortunately.
[19:49] <Shiral> Blue
[19:49] <Shiral> It takes a castle to raise Alaric Morgan...
[19:49] <the_Bee> LOL
[19:50] <the_Bee> Shiral, I recall something about lavender as well.
[19:51] * CW_feeding_baby is now known as ChrisW
[19:51] <Shiral> I just recall that its yellow in the east, red in the south, blue in the west and deep green in the north
[19:51] * ChrisW raises an eyebrow.   Lavender?
[19:52] <Shiral> Arilan has a blue-violet aura
[19:52] <ChrisW> hmmm those color associations sound familiar
[19:52] <the_Bee> IIRC The Western archangel came in a mixture of shades, from blue-green to blue-violet.  Gabriel or Raphael?
[19:53] * Effen_Lethargic hugs ambush.
[19:53] <Shiral> Rafael is in the east. Gabriel is in the west
[19:53] <ChrisW> Gabriel I think
[19:53] * Ishmayl Quit (Client exited)
[19:54] <@Bynw> werent you one the warder's back in 2001 there sis?
[19:54] * Effen_Lethargic munches cookie.
[19:54] * ambush hugs backa nd goes back to being a villain
[19:54] <Shiral> Yup
[19:54] <Shiral> I was Gabriel
[19:54] <Shiral> And I couldn't really see what happened during the ceremony. =o)
[19:55] * Shiral gives Ambush a villain cookie
[19:55] <the_Bee> no Divine manifestations?
[19:55] <Shiral> Alas, not that I was aware of
[19:56] <@KK> They were there.
[19:57] <@KK> Chris, how old is the baby you were just feeding, and what's his/her name?
[19:58] * Effen_Lethargic didnt opent he virtual backery today so is low on cookies.
[19:58] <ChrisW> KK, four weeks old yesterday, and her name is Lily Elizabeth Selene
[19:58] <the_Bee>                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     23             =as                                                               
[19:59] <@KK> Pretty name.
[19:59] <the_Bee> ,        rfttttttttttttttt[p--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------IK;
[19:59] <ChrisW> Thanks. 
[19:59] <Effen_Lethargic> the_Bee, are you ok?
[19:59] <@KK> Bee, you OK?  Is a cat helping you?
[20:00] <@Bynw> yep having help from a cat
[20:00] <@Bynw> my leopards dont like to help type
[20:00] <the_Bee> She also hit the CAPS lock
[20:00] <ChrisW> I'm not sure what Bee just siad but I think my baby said something similiar just before a diaper changing
[20:00] <Effen_Lethargic> lol
[20:00] <Effen_Lethargic> lol lol
[20:00] <@KK> Yep, figured that was what it was--though I was momentarily worried that you might have conked out over your keyboard.
[20:01] <Shiral> LOL
[20:01] <Shiral> Cats are great at interesting interjections in chat
[20:01] <Effen_Lethargic> lol my mother in laws cat Mozart likes to help me sometimes when im over there.
[20:01] <@KK> This is very true.  Gus was hedelping me out earlier today.
[20:01] <Effen_Lethargic> lol
[20:01] <@Bynw> that was a coded message to all other cats watching of course
[20:01] <Shiral> "DEMAND SHRIMP!"
[20:01] <Effen_Lethargic> lol i believe it.
[20:02] <@KK> Of course.  And your very clever girls are some of the ring-leaders!
[20:02] <Effen_Lethargic> rofl
[20:02] <@Bynw> lol
[20:02] <Shiral> Oh the Pygmy lions are TRYING to tell me they're hungry
[20:02] <Shiral> They're not making much progress, alas for them. =o)
[20:02] <the_Bee> aren't they always?
[20:03] <Shiral> They'd try two minutes after breakfast, yes
[20:03] <the_Bee> Melantha wants to go out on the balcony.
[20:03] <@KK> Is she allowed?
[20:04] <@KK> How high is it?
[20:04] <the_Bee> only if I'm with her.
[20:04] <@Bynw> kagi meows at the door sometimes but shes not allowed out
[20:04] <@Bynw> but she will scream if i just go out the door to check on laundry down the hall or get the mail or anything
[20:04] <ChrisW> Oh my, I'm afraid my little princess has don't something very messy, smelly, and unlady like. bbs
[20:04] <the_Bee> 2nd story, with a nearby ledge that's off limits.
[20:05] <Shiral> Nina was in a very snuggly mood yesterday. but it was  like holding a heater in a fur sack. And it was in the high 90's here yesterday
[20:05] <the_Bee> we're between heat waves here.
[20:05] <@KK> Ours come & go thorugh the cat/dog flap.  Someone, probably Sasha, caught and ate a squirrel on our bedroom carpet, a couple of days ago.  It was either him or Gus. 
[20:06] <Shiral> I wasn't fit for much more than lolling in my easy chair but she kept hopping in my lap to say hello.
[20:06] <Shiral> How caring--they brought you the hairy beast
[20:06] <Effen_Lethargic> lol
[20:06] <the_Bee> Awww! I bet you loved it.
[20:07] <@Bynw> i dont want mine even roaming the apt complex's hall with supervision. being bengals they might be stolen real quickly
[20:07] <@KK> We've had a nice break from the heat for the past couple of days, but it'll be up again in a few days--and horribly hot, I'm sure, by July 4th weekend, when we have to go to Shepherdstown, WV for a Morgan meet.
[20:07] <the_Bee> same as last year?
[20:07] <Shiral> The temp is fortunately MUCH cooler today
[20:07] <@KK> A heater in a fur sack; I like the imagery, Shiral.  Wouldn't like to experience it, though.
[20:08] <@KK> Yep.
[20:08] <@KK> Next year, it will be here in Staunton.  Scott is helping organize it.
[20:08] <Shiral> She's so cute, but when you're sweating when sitting still watching TV,  a heat-seeking cat is NOT what you want to be holding!
[20:09] <@KK> She <is> cute; one of the prettiest cat-faces I've ever seen.
[20:09] <Shiral> It was definite flat cat season.  Most fo the time, the girls were being striped pancakes
[20:09] <Shiral> She's darn near irrestistable. =o)
[20:09] <@KK> Striped pancakes; another apt image!
[20:09] <Shiral> I'll have to send you some recent photos of her
[20:09] <@KK> Do, please!
[20:10] <the_Bee> and putthem on the website
[20:10] <~RainbowDragon> KK, will you post some of your pet pics?
[20:10] <Shiral> I finally got to do some more messing around with photoshop, yesterday
[20:10] <@KK> Yep, but hafta figure out how to do it.  Bynw will help, I'm sure.
[20:10] <Shiral>  Pleeeeeaase? =o)
[20:10] <@Bynw> yes Bynw will help KK even if he has to call her to do it
[20:11] <Shiral> Do you have a digital camera, KK?
[20:11] <@KK> Yep.  And I've got pics in the computer.  Just have to learn how to post them.
[20:11] <the_Bee> or a CD with photos?
[20:11] <Shiral> Ah
[20:11] <Shiral> Well most of the hard work is already done
[20:12] <@KK> I imagine it must be sort of like attaching to an e-mail, only different buttons.
[20:12] * Effen_Lethargic mumbles something unintelligible about missing her cat and commences and recreating jewelry.
[20:12] <ambush> lol
[20:12] * Effen_Lethargic throws a crimp tool at ambush
[20:12] <Shiral> Got some good recent pictures of Francesca having a fit of the rollies on the living room carpet
[20:13] <Effen_Lethargic> aww
[20:13] <Shiral> It's usually hard to get a picture of that spotty little tum
[20:14] <Effen_Lethargic> i have very few pics of my mini tiger i call Ketchup. he sweet though.
[20:15] <Shiral> This time, I had the presence of mind to run and grab the camera while she was in a playful mood
[20:15] <@KK> Whoops, thunder.  Sounds like another storm coming, so I'd better sign off.  Will try to be here next week; will NOT be here in 2 weeks, though, as we'll be on our way back from WV.
[20:15] <Effen_Lethargic> ok. nice meeting you KK
[20:15] <Shiral> Thanks for popping in, KK
[20:16] <the_Bee> have a good morgan-con
[20:16] <Shiral> Good writing to you in the coming week
[20:16] <@Bynw> ok
[20:16] * @KK steps onto her Portal, waves goodnight, and disappears in a shower of green sparkles.
[20:16] <@Bynw> good seeing you again!
[20:16] <~RainbowDragon> Thanks for stopping by, KK
[20:16] <Shiral> And write lots about the Morgan without wheels!
[20:16] <@KK> Nighters, all!
[20:16] <@KK> LOL.  That Morgan.  Definitely.  :-)
[20:16] <Shiral> Hello to Scott, and scritches to the cats
[20:16] <Temprus> cya KK
[20:17] <Temprus> be well
[20:17] * @KK Quit (Quit: )
"If having a soul means being able to feel love, loyalty, and gratitude, then animals are better off than a lot of humans."

James Herriot (James Alfred "Alfie" Wight), when a human client asked him if animals have souls.  (I don't remember in which book the story originally appeared.)


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