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Happy Birthday DF64

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Happy Birthday DeryniFanatic64!

We miss you around here!
I barely get a chance to say Hi on Sundays.
So here is a shot-out for you on your birthday.

Have a very happy birthday, DF64!

Wow, that's some cookie, Laurna!

Happy birthday, DF64!  Warm wishes from altogether too cold Alabama! 

Laurna, that's an amazing cake? cookie?  very spiky dessert.  :D  Although Winter is not merely coming, it is most definitely HERE.  ;D

**pouts because Laurna's amazing cookie won't show up on my computer...*

I know I missed a whole bunch of birthdays with al the craziness here at home, so here is one for all to share:

I know it's just a little past the twelfth day of Christmas, but, darn it, it took a long time to finish...

Happy Birthday DF64, Evie, Alkari, and anyone else I missed.

Wow Aerlys! I think that will fairly well cover the entire year of birthdays.

Personally, I put a claim on Animal at his drum set at the bottom.

Try this link for the gingerbread Iron Throne.


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