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KK Chat--28 December 2014
« on: December 28, 2014, 07:07:59 pm »
[06:09.20] 04* KK ( has joined channel #deryni_destinations
[06:09.26] 64<Evie> hi, KK
[06:09.26] 01<01EPCarpenter> Except to cook. Got my Applejack Turkey served OK.
[06:09.33] 01<01The_Bee> Hi KK
[06:09.36] 01<01EPCarpenter> Hi KK!
[06:09.41] 01<01Jared> Good evening KK
[06:09.59] 01<01DomMelchior> Hi KK
[06:09.59] 01<01The_Bee> How was your christmas?
[06:10.01] 01<01KK> Hello, all.
[06:10.16] 04* DF64 ( has joined channel #deryni_destinations
[06:10.26] 01<01DF64> 12hi all
[06:10.28] 01<01The_Bee> hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhHi DF
[06:10.33] 64<Evie> KK, our UK members on the forum have expressed their excitement about the earlier chat time next week and other First Sundays.  :-)
[06:10.39] 01<01Jared> 'ello!
[06:10.44] 64<Evie> hi DF
[06:10.50] 01<01Dennis> Hi, KK.
[06:10.51] 01<01Jemler> hi kk, df64, bee and dennis
[06:11.00] 01<01KK> Christmas was good.
[06:11.13] 01<01Dennis> I did in three, Kildara. Got it on 12/2, finished by 12/4.
[06:11.26] 01<01The_Bee> My sister gave me your book, KK
[06:11.48] 01<01KK> And sorry I missed last week.  We were still on the way back from Florida.  But my dad is doing very well.:) 
[06:12.01] 64<Evie> Oh, good to hear it!
[06:12.02] 01<01The_Bee> good for him
[06:12.06] 01<01Kildara> HI, KK - glad to hear you Dad is better
[06:12.10] 01<01DomMelchior> Good to hear
[06:12.11] 01<01Jared> Of course, like a lot of authors, that means we have  . . . to . . . wait for the next one. But, you always seem to make it worth it, KK
[06:12.18] 01<01Jared> Glad to hear your Dad's okay.
[06:12.20] 04* Jerusha ( has joined channel #deryni_destinations
[06:12.28] 64<Evie> hi Jerusha
[06:12.34] 01<01The_Bee> Hi Jerusha
[06:12.38] 01<01Jerusha> Hi Everyone!
[06:12.42] 01<01Jared> Good evening, Jerusha
[06:12.53] 01<01Dennis> Very happy to hear, KK.
[06:14.49] 06* Jerusha taps quietly - is it very quiet?
[06:14.57] 02* EPCarpenter ( Quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
[06:14.58] 01<01DF64> 12:D
[06:15.01] 01<01DomMelchior> shhh!
[06:15.05] 01<01Jerusha> oops
[06:15.09] 01<01KK> So, how was everyone else's Christmas?
[06:15.14] 06* The_Bee replies "Yes."
[06:15.16] 01<01Dennis> Very nice.
[06:15.28] 01<01Jerusha> Very quiet, but nice
[06:15.36] 04* EPCarpenter ( has joined channel #deryni_destinations
[06:15.39] 01<01DF64> 12saw the hobbit yesterday--and Downton Abbey returns to the US next week
[06:15.44] 01<01Jerusha> wb, EPC
[06:15.53] 01<01The_Bee> Mine was very good.  Lots of small gifts, so more to unwrap.
[06:15.59] 64<Evie> Had an odd little dream about 21st Century Deryni trying to blend into the population and remain unnoticed, because there was a movement in some parts of society to encourage Deryni to "volunteer" for scientific experimentation to isolate the Deryni gene(s) and adapt regular humans to have the same powers, and a lot of argument about the ethicality or lack thereof of such experiments, etc.
[06:16.00] 01<01EPCarpenter> Thanks. Mibbetted so soon...
[06:16.24] 01<01Jerusha> Wow, Evie.  Kind of scary
[06:16.35] 01<01DomMelchior> Very pleasant, quiet.  Good to be at home, listen to music, and enjoy each other's company.
[06:16.37] 01<01Jemler> what's so odd about that?
[06:16.52] 64<Evie> yeah.  I kind of want to develop the idea, maybe for a role playing game scenario
[06:17.00] 01<01KK> Quiet at home is good.
[06:17.03] 01<01Jared> We had an early mass Christmas party with the Alabama family, then came back up here to Kentucky. We were going to see my wife's uncle up in Louisville, but he didn't feel like having company with the  flu.
[06:17.07] 01<01Kildara> Nice Christmas - and went to Nutcracker with 13 year old daughter yesterday
[06:17.08] 01<01Dennis> Sounds less like an odd dream and more like a plot seed for fanfic.
[06:17.13] 01<01Jemler> hi jerusha, dom
[06:17.20] 01<01Jared> We were just as pleased for a few quiet days.
[06:17.29] 01<01KK> Oooh, Nutcracker!  Yummy!
[06:17.34] 01<01Dennis> But the Haldanes (or at least Kelson et all) would never let that happen.
[06:18.08] 01<01Jemler> kk that's what i say. but for a different reason! :)
[06:18.16] 06* Jemler ducks
[06:18.22] 64<Evie> I'd be amazed if the Haldane dynasty survived (in the unbroken male line, at least) until the 21st Century.
[06:18.26] 06* Jerusha throws a cashew
[06:18.46] 06* Jemler takes the cash :)
[06:19.02] 01<01Jared> Oooh, Cashew Duck -- good Chinese food
[06:19.02] 01<01Jemler> keep the ew :)
[06:19.08] 01<01Jerusha> They might, Evie
[06:19.10] 01<01Kildara> Nutcracker was beautiful - and 13 year old dances, so she was able to share some insights with me that I hadn't noticed before.
[06:19.24] 01<01EPCarpenter> It wouldn't be so farfetched- A number or royal lines still survive today more or less intact.
[06:19.25] 01<01KK> Cool.
[06:19.27] 01<01Dennis> IIRC, there are still male-line descendants of Hugh Capet alive today, Evie. They had to jump around the family tree a little, though.
[06:19.30] 01<01DomMelchior> Why does Jemler have cashew coated ducks?  I thought you guys normal threw fish around?!
[06:19.39] 01<01Kildara> Why wouldn't Haldane line survive?
[06:19.58] 01<01Jemler> DM, don't do that!
[06:19.59] 01<01EPCarpenter> Then there is the whole Desposyni issue...
[06:20.10] 01<01The_Bee> It might, just not necessarily in the male line
[06:20.20] 64<Evie> It's not impossible, but not likely that the Haldanes are still the ruling family so many centuries later
[06:20.22] 01<01Dennis> Desposyni?
[06:20.30] 01<01Kelric> There were things in the last Hobbit movie that rubbed me the wrong way
[06:20.41] 02* DF64 ( Quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
[06:20.45] 01<01EPCarpenter> The alleged surviving bloodline of Jesus Christ.
[06:21.02] 01<01KK> But not in the male line.
[06:21.06] 01<01Jemler> there are things in all 3 that rubme the wrong way! 3/4 of that movie was NEVER in the book!
[06:21.07] 01<01Dennis> Oh. OK.
[06:21.09] 01<01Jared> We're going to wait to go see it till we re-watch the first two on the big screen arriving Tuesday.
[06:22.01] 64<Evie> I find it easier to enjoy the Hobbit movies if I pretend they have nothing to do with the book and are just a totally different story with the same name.
[06:22.01] 01<01Jemler> any word on the Deryni movie?
[06:22.09] 01<01KK> Haven't seen 2 & 3.  Any good?
[06:22.30] 01<01Dennis> 2 was too long. I haven't seen 3 yet.
[06:22.39] 01<01Jerusha> Yes, good, but I can't say if they are true to the books
[06:22.42] 01<01Jared> I remember reading a FanFic about a 20th century Haldane family, but that was years ago.
[06:22.43] 01<01Kildara> I think a lot of the Hobbit movie stuff comes from the Silmarillion"  (spelling?) and those other "supplemental" texts - because I sort of recognize the story line and I read a lot of those back in the 70's
[06:22.49] 64<Evie> In an over-the-top special effects popcorn movie sort of way, but don't expect fidelity to the source material.
[06:23.22] 01<01DomMelchior> Andy and I went to see Into the Woods yesterday.  Ok I suppose, but a bit slow toward the end with several less than successful changes from Broadway
[06:23.26] 01<01The_Bee> Weren't they supposed to expand on the source material?
[06:23.34] 01<01EPCarpenter> Tolkein backfilled the Hobbit storyline later in the Rings trilogy.
[06:23.41] 01<01KK> I somehow never read the Hobbit.  Not that into Hobbits; more into elves.
[06:23.44] 01<01Dennis> Most of the supplemental stuff is from the appendices to the Lord of the RIngs or inferences drawn based on what the characters were like in tLotR.
[06:24.08] 01<01Kildara> I think they were drawn from Tolkien's notebooks and drafts.
[06:24.22] 02* Jared ( Quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
[06:24.27] 01<01Jemler> jerusha, they are NOT. in the book, Azog (The Pale Orc) was killed by Dain at the Battle of Azanulbizar. Bolg was his son. Radagast never appeared, one of the dwarfs did NOt fallin love with an elf!
[06:24.30] 64<Evie> There are elves in The Hobbit too. Many more in the movie version than in the book, although they were in the book too
[06:24.43] 04* Jared ( has joined channel #deryni_destinations
[06:24.49] 01<01The_Bee> wb jared
[06:25.07] 01<01Jemler> the only elved in thre book were elrond, and the wood elves. galadriel was never there .
[06:25.08] 01<01Jared> I hadn't realized I'd dropped off, but people stopped responding to me
[06:25.14] 01<01DomMelchior> H3 is unsatisfying because it has to serve as a bridge to LOTR.  There can be no resolution
[06:25.21] 01<01Dennis> Radagast is mentioned in The Hobbit.
[06:25.53] 01<01Jerusha> I never read the books, so I can't say
[06:26.07] 01<01Jerusha> I tried, but just could not get into them
[06:26.09] 01<01Dennis> Also, if Wikipedia is to be believed, there are male-line descendants of Hugh Capet still alive, in Spain through Louis XIV's grandson Philip V.
[06:26.20] 01<01Kildara> Jerusah - I've forgotten so much. I just didn't find the Christopher Tolkien books as compelling a read
[06:26.32] 01<01EPCarpenter> I read the covers off a full set in Junior High and later. Then I discovered Thomas Covenant.
[06:26.33] 64<Evie> Tolkien's books were among my first intro books into the fantasy genre, along with Lloyd Alexander's Prydain Chronicles
[06:26.50] 01<01Kildara> Have you ever read Joy Chang, Evie?
[06:26.58] 64<Evie> I haven't
[06:26.59] 01<01Jemler> just finished covenant. have you read the belgariad?
[06:27.01] 01<01Kildara> Chant, not chang
[06:27.09] 64<Evie> I read the Belgariad ages ago
[06:27.14] 01<01Dennis> Someone should make live-action Prydain movies.
[06:27.17] 64<Evie> haven't read Joy Chant
[06:27.25] 01<01Jemler> what about the mallorean?
[06:27.33] 64<Evie> yes, that too, Jemler
[06:27.43] 01<01EPCarpenter> Yup, and the other series with the 4 orders of knights of the church. Sparhawk was My Man!
[06:27.49] 01<01Dennis> So it's not time to ask my 4,000 questions about the new book yet, right? :)
[06:27.49] 64<Evie> So long ago that I've forgotten the storyline now, but I remember I liked both series
[06:27.51] 01<01Jemler> riddle-master series?
[06:27.56] 01<01Dennis> The Elenium/Tamuli.
[06:28.07] 01<01Kildara> She wrote a YA fantasy called Red Moon on Black Mountain - VERY good. She also wrote another set in the same world, but not quite as compelling. I wish she had written more.
[06:28.09] 01<01EPCarpenter> Yup
[06:28.15] 04* Aerlys ( has joined channel #deryni_destinations
[06:28.19] 01<01Jemler> xanth
[06:28.20] 64<Evie> hi Aerlys
[06:28.23] 01<01Jemler> hi aerlys
[06:28.30] 01<01The_Bee> Dennis McKiernan's Mithgar series.
[06:28.40] 01<01The_Bee> Hi Aerlys
[06:29.00] 01<01Dennis> Also known as "If I file the serial numbers off, no one will say I rewrote The Lord of the Rings. :)
[06:29.11] 01<01EPCarpenter> hahahaha!!!!
[06:29.12] 64<Evie> lol
[06:29.13] 01<01Jemler> mything link?
[06:29.17] 01<01Aerlys> Sorry I'm late, guys. My Hokey Pokey Anonymous meeting ran late. I've been trying to turn myself around :)
[06:29.25] 64<Evie> lol
[06:29.27] 01<01The_Bee> LOL
[06:29.29] 01<01KK> I read Joy Chant's 1st book, Red Moon and Black Mountain--and and I were both first-published the same month and year--but she didn't do anything else for many years.  I only know of one other book she did, much later, but haven't read it.
[06:29.32] 01<01Kildara> LOL
[06:30.13] 01<01Jerusha> Hi Aerlys
[06:30.16] 01<01DomMelchior> BRB
[06:30.17] 01<01Jemler> uh-oh aerlys! the hokey pokey anonymous is not so anonymous!
[06:30.43] 01<01Jemler> didn't clinton invent that dance with monica lewinsky?
[06:30.45] 01<01Kildara> I didn't realize that KK - I found you later, maybe the next summer. When I found Joy Chant's book I was writing a BA thesis on images of good and evil in contemporary fantasy.
[06:31.01] 01<01Aerlys> BTW, I am coming to you today on my Brand New Shiny MacBook Pro!
[06:31.13] 01<01KK> I wasn't that impressed at the time.
[06:31.15] 01<01Jared> Congratulations!
[06:31.15] 01<01Jerusha> Yea Aerlys!
[06:31.28] 64<Evie> yay!
[06:31.38] 01<01Aerlys> I thought Clinton sang Devil in a Blue Dress...
[06:31.50] 01<01KK> Sounds like Santa was good to you, Aerlys.
[06:31.54] 01<01Jerusha> Now you can write fanfic, right Aerlys? :D
[06:32.03] 01<01Jared> I read Red Moon, Black Mountain, but I'll be blessed if I can remember anything about it.
[06:32.05] 01<01Dennis> Aerlys, shouldn't that be Jemler's line?
[06:32.21] 01<01Jerusha> I had the same thought, Jared
[06:32.40] 01<01Aerlys> Sorry, Dennis, the new keyboard smell has gone to my head
[06:33.23] 64<Evie> Mini-Duncan has a mini MacBook
[06:33.55] 64<Evie> it's actually a mirrored compact designed to look like a MacBook
[06:33.59] 01<01DomMelchior> Back.  Sorry, the puppy DEMANDED to be fed.
[06:34.02] 01<01Jerusha> KK, I'm a bit late, but thank you for the dedication in tKD
[06:34.12] 64<Evie> complete with itty bitty USB ports and everything
[06:34.13] 01<01DomMelchior> Likewise KK
[06:34.17] 01<01Aerlys> Actually, DH and my two oldest sons pitched in to get it. It was getting really nerve-wracking waiting for the old one to commit hair kari while I was using it
[06:34.26] 01<01The_Bee> Yes. It wasquite gratifying.
[06:34.30] 64<Evie> yes, the dedications were a lovely surprise
[06:34.36] 01<01Jared> I just had a strange vision of the young Duncan McLain sitting in the courtyard on a MacBook Air.
[06:34.39] 01<01Jerusha> Hair kari?  Impaled on curlers?
[06:35.11] 01<01Jemler> was your old computer tonsured? hair today, gone tomorrow?
[06:35.26] 01<01Jerusha> Or flattened by a straightening iron?
[06:35.31] 01<01Aerlys> ick. my typing hasn't improved with the new computer, apparently
[06:35.45] 01<01Dennis> So did I hear tell of a possible online Codex with CM updates?
[06:35.47] 01<01Jemler> new computer, old fingers
[06:35.50] 01<01DomMelchior> The wait must have been hair raising
[06:36.10] 01<01Aerlys> now it can go curl up and dye :)
[06:36.20] 01<01Jerusha> :D
[06:36.24] 01<01Jared> Jemler, I sympathize. Not only am I 60, but I had a minor stroke in March, and some function are still not completely back on line.
[06:36.27] 01<01Aerlys> typo intended
[06:36.28] 01<01Jemler> punitentary
[06:36.42] 01<01Jared> Pundits, all of you!
[06:37.06] 01<01Aerlys> Get thee to a punnery!
[06:37.10] 01<01Jemler> aerlys is very punny.
[06:37.18] 01<01Dennis> But I'm trying to break the habit?
[06:37.31] 64<Evie> You can see the mini-MacBook in this little comic:
[06:37.34] 01<01Jerusha> Oh my!
[06:37.38] 01<01Jared> OOoohhhhh . . . (grabs nose, runs screaming into the street)
[06:37.40] 01<01Jemler> dressing as a nun can be habit forming.
[06:38.13] 64* Evie aims the mackerel launcher at all and sundry
[06:38.21] 01<01DomMelchior> We'll have nun of that
[06:38.39] 01<01EPCarpenter> That is thinly veiled as humor.
[06:38.54] 01<01KK> Love it, Evie.
[06:39.23] 64<Evie> Less than $5 from eBay, so I had to add it to the collection
[06:39.29] 01<01Dennis> Like you're so superior.
[06:39.44] 01<01Jemler> i took a voew of silence and i can't stop talking about it.
[06:40.17] 01<01DomMelchior> Put it back!
[06:40.40] 01<01Jared> Testing, testing: have I dropped off again?
[06:40.46] 64<Evie> no
[06:40.46] 01<01DomMelchior> nope
[06:40.49] 04* Aerlys2 ( has joined channel #deryni_destinations
[06:40.58] 01<01Jemler> no jared
[06:40.58] 64<Evie> rehi Aerlys
[06:41.01] 01<01Jared> Okay. Just checking
[06:41.04] 01<01Jerusha> No, you are here
[06:41.12] 01<01Jerusha> wb Aerlsy
[06:41.17] 01<01Jerusha> and Aerlys
[06:41.26] 01<01Jemler> now, just where 'here' is, is a problem.
[06:41.26] 01<01Jared> Ah, but where is Here?
[06:41.32] 01<01The_Bee> Which one is the real Aerlys?
[06:41.34] 01<01Dennis> Any news on tRtK?
[06:41.47] 01<01Jemler> here is where we are. here is here.
[06:41.54] 01<01DomMelchior> No matter where you go, there you are -- Buckeroo Bonzai
[06:41.55] 01<01Jerusha> I read that as Irik
[06:41.56] 01<01Aerlys2> Haven't used Safari in ages (it quit working on the old mac), and for some reason after I followed the link, I couldn't get bak to chat...
[06:42.06] 64<Evie> have you begun writing the next book yet, KK, or still in planning stages?
[06:42.13] 01<01Dennis> I am he as you are he as you are me or something.
[06:42.22] 01<01Jemler> oh trtk, the return of the king21
[06:42.23] 64<Evie> Dom, that's one of my DH's favorite movies
[06:43.05] 64<Evie> The Road to Killingford, I presume
[06:43.06] 01<01KK> No new writing yet.  I've been concentrating on getting my eyes sorted and making it through the holidays.
[06:43.21] 01<01Jared> And how are those eyes?
[06:43.28] 01<01DomMelchior> It has its moments, Evie  I've always wondered that they never made a sequel
[06:43.29] 01<01Dennis> How are your eyes? Everything continuing to go well?
[06:43.31] 01<01Jerusha> One on the left, KK, and one on the right?
[06:43.33] 01<01The_Bee> Are your eyes working perfectly yet?
[06:44.03] 64<Evie> "The blue eyes are over here, the green ones are there, the gray ones are in the box, and the brown eyes...oh bother, where did I leave those?"  <--KK sorting her eyes
[06:44.04] 01<01KK> Eyes are doing great.  I doubt I've ever seen this well.
[06:44.19] 01<01Jared> That's good to hear.
[06:44.30] 64<Evie> And the well was in the back yard the whole time.  (I couldn't resist. ;-) )
[06:44.37] 01<01Dennis> Hurrah! That's wonderful!
[06:44.50] 01<01The_Bee> I've ordered new glasses to fix my double vision.
[06:44.54] 01<01Jerusha> Excellent, KK
[06:44.57] 01<01Jemler> evie have a fish
[06:45.23] 01<01Dennis> How much planning do you do before you dive into the story?
[06:45.36] 02* Aerlys2 ( Quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
[06:45.45] 64<Evie> In just another month or so, my insurance will pay for vision care again, and I can stop wearing these dratted maladjusted glasses daily and go back to wearing multifocal contacts
[06:45.45] 01<01Aerlys> found myself
[06:45.53] 01<01KK> I have to at least sort out the timeline and the cast of characters.
[06:46.03] 01<01KK> Bee, that's great news about the new glasses.
[06:46.12] 01<01Jerusha> It will be a large cast, won't it KK?
[06:46.23] 01<01KK> Prisms work pretty well for most people who need them.
[06:46.33] 01<01Jemler> ot for long
[06:46.49] 04* anlarye (~fenix@45386A.7BC17F.38B57B.613FD1) has joined channel #deryni_destinations
[06:46.50] 03* derynibot sets mode +qao anlarye anlarye anlarye for #deryni_destinations
[06:46.57] 64<Evie> hi
[06:47.10] 64<Evie> off work early, bynw?
[06:47.18] 01<01Dennis> Well, it's Killingford, so it has to be a large cast, the better to kill them off. :)
[06:47.23] 01<01Jemler> hi bynw
[06:47.35] 01<01The_Bee> Hi Bynw
[06:47.36] 01<01Aerlys> hi bynw
[06:47.37] 01<04~anlarye> no at break
[06:47.45] 01<01Jerusha> Hi Bynw
[06:47.57] 01<01Dennis> Hi, Bynw!
[06:48.27] 01<04~anlarye> hi all
[06:48.34] 01<01Aerlys> I know I probably missed this, but how was everyone's Christmas?
[06:48.50] 64<Evie> Bynw, have you checked out Storium yet?  It's a website for story-based RPGs.
[06:48.52] 01<01Jemler>  mine was quiet
[06:48.57] 01<01KK> Lots of kings and princes die.
[06:49.02] 01<01Jerusha> I had to carve the turkey, but still have all fingers and thumbs
[06:49.09] 64<Evie> Mine was quiet too, aside from some travel earlier in the week
[06:49.17] 01<04~anlarye> great I got a new book to read
[06:49.27] 01<01Jerusha> I'll probably be very sad, KK
[06:49.36] 01<01Aerlys> I got a new MacBook, Bymw :)
[06:50.08] 01<01Jerusha> And you will make me really like them before you "off" them
[06:50.25] 01<01Aerlys> We had 15 people come over for Chrsitmas, and DH's sister and her hubby and 10 kids almost came, too, but had to bail.
[06:50.27] 64<Evie> LOL! Yeah, sounds right, Jerusha
[06:50.27] 01<04~anlarye> Evie: email that to me no way to catch it here
[06:50.39] 01<01Jemler> kk, any plans on a book telling about 948. queron, joram and several old faves die then.
[06:50.39] 64<Evie> will do, bynw
[06:51.05] 01<01KK> That's on a back burner, but I might eventually get around to it.
[06:51.18] 01<01Aerlys> yes, I think most of us are dying to know more about 948
[06:51.19] 01<01Jerusha> Please do if you can, KK
[06:51.21] 01<01Jemler> ok. thank you.
[06:51.26] 01<01Dennis> Oh, yes.
[06:51.44] 01<04~anlarye> got to go :(
[06:51.56] 01<01The_Bee> bye anlarye
[06:51.57] 01<01Aerlys> short break
[06:52.01] 01<01Jemler> it's almost time for the steelers game. go cincy!
[06:52.06] 01<01Dennis> The ones I want are the one we're getting (Killingford), 948, and Orin and Jodotha/the first Haldane Kings.
[06:52.14] 01<01Jemler> happy new year, bynw!
[06:52.14] 01<01Jerusha> Drat.  Bye Bynw
[06:52.22] 03* anlarye (~fenix@45386A.7BC17F.38B57B.613FD1) has left #deryni_destinations
[06:52.35] 01<01Dennis> I'd make sad puppy-dog eyes, but on me it's not convincing. :)
[06:52.38] 01<01Jared> I'm with you, Dennis
[06:52.56] 01<01Jared> I've been wanting to see Orin and Jodotha for a LOOONNNNNGGGGG time
[06:52.58] 01<01Kildara> I agree, Dennis
[06:52.58] 64<Evie> Don't forget next week's chat is two hours earlier to accommodate our UK members
[06:52.59] 01<01Jerusha> And a short story on Duncan's ordination
[06:53.09] 01<01KK> I do want to work on the update of Codex, so you guys could start finding discrepancies and sending them to me.  Also, the material from books written since the original Codex came out needs to extracted and sent to me so I can integrate it into the undated Codex.
[06:53.11] 01<01Dennis> Your puppy-dog eyes aren't convincing either, Jared? :)
[06:53.13] 64<Evie> yes, I'd love to see that one, Jerusha
[06:53.31] 01<01Kildara> And now there's a few years left between TKD and Deryni Rising.......
[06:53.32] 01<01Jared> Nah, she's known me too long.
[06:53.33] 64<Evie> There's a whole thread on the subject that is being collected for you, KK
[06:53.40] 01<01Jerusha> Thought so, Evie :D
[06:53.50] 01<01KK> Excellent, Evie.
[06:53.58] 01<01Jemler> has everyone read the book?
[06:53.59] 01<01DomMelchior> As long as we're doing a wish list, I'd love to see more from those parts of the 11 kingdoms we haven't seen too much of yet, like the Connait, Howicce, and Llanedd
[06:54.04] 01<01Dennis> Do you want someone to coordinate the discrepancies the way Rebecca did for the second codex?
[06:54.11] 64<Evie> also a few errata from TKD that you might want to correct before a second printing
[06:54.34] 01<01Jerusha> What extracts do you need, KK?
[06:55.00] 01<01DomMelchior> yes
[06:55.03] 01<01KK> Did I ever see the Rebecca material?
[06:55.43] 01<01KK> Send me anything from more recent books that doesn't mesh with the paperback Codex.
[06:55.43] 02* EPCarpenter ( Quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
[06:55.48] 01<01Dennis> I think so. Rebecca did the King Kelson's Bride codex when it looked like there wouldn't be a second codex. I think she passed it on to you for questions and review.
[06:56.35] 04* EPCarpHatesMibbet ( has joined channel #deryni_destinations
[06:56.39] 01<01Dennis> Things like Ahern and Kenneth succeeding as Earls of Lendour before Alaric, which aren't in Codex, yes?
[06:56.46] 01<01The_Bee> rehi EPC
[06:56.46] 64<Evie> LOL, EPC
[06:57.17] 01<01Aerlys> hey, I want that name,
[06:57.31] 01<01Jerusha> ???
[06:57.35] 01<01Kildara> Oh I wish I had more time on my hands, because this kind of nitpicky stuff I just love!
[06:57.59] 01<01KK> The Rebecca material doesn't ring a bell.  Can someone send it to me again?
[06:58.04] 01<01Jemler> whAT name aerlys?
[06:58.37] 01<01Aerlys> EPC
[06:58.37] 01<01Kildara> EPCarpHatesMibbet
[06:58.39] 01<01KK> Yes, Dennis.  That material appeared after the original Codex.
[06:59.09] 01<01Jemler> mibbethateseverybody
[06:59.12] 01<01Jerusha> Sounds like a huge historian project.  Count me in!
[06:59.13] 01<01Aerlys> Me to, Kildara
[06:59.16] 01<01Dennis> I may have the results.
[06:59.28] 01<01Dennis> How do we send it to you? Through here?
[06:59.45] 01<01Jemler> if i can help, count me in! it means i get to read the books again! :)
[06:59.58] 01<01Jerusha> I had the same thought, Jemler
[07:00.07] 01<01KK> Send to my e-mail at  That's fairly well known.  (I have two other private e-mails.)
[07:00.12] 01<01Jemler> get outta my head! :)
[07:00.21] 01<01Dennis> Sounds good. Let me see if I can find anything.
[07:00.23] 01<01Jerusha> Nope!
[07:00.24] 64<Evie> KK, this may also help:,453.0.html
[07:00.32] 01<01Aerlys>  Wish I had time. And now I have the crazy inkling to go back to school...
[07:00.33] 01<01KK> So, go forth and read, and take notes!
[07:00.54] 01<01Jerusha> Back for what schooling, Aerlys?
[07:01.25] 01<01Kildara> We hear and will obey - gladly!
[07:01.55] 01<01Jerusha> "Go forth, read and take notes" - manna from heaven!
[07:02.04] 64<Evie> I saw this week that the CM era books are in audiobook form, although with my least favorite narrator.  But I'll probably get them anyway
[07:02.32] 01<01DomMelchior> Time for me to go.  Have a Happy New Year everyone!
[07:02.38] 01<01Aerlys> Occupational Therapy. With two kids in OT, and tearing out my hair with DS3's recent reverting to previous problems, I'm beginning to thing I may as well get myself thoroughly educated so I can help him. I already have some medical background, anyway
[07:02.40] 01<01KK> On that note, I'll deploy to watch The Librarians, which I haven't yet gotten a chance to watch.
[07:02.42] 01<01Jerusha> Same to you, DM
[07:02.43] 01<01The_Bee> Happy 2015 to you
[07:02.48] 01<01Jemler> to bad robin williams is dead. he would've done them in voices. :)
[07:02.49] 02* DomMelchior ( Quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
[07:02.56] 01<01Dennis> Will get cracking on that. Sounds like fun!
[07:02.59] 01<01Jared> Take care, all!
[07:03.01] 01<01Jerusha> Night, KK
[07:03.08] 01<01Dennis> By all! Night KK! Happy New Year!
[07:03.10] 01<01Jemler> i have them recorded kk.
[07:03.11] 01<01KK> See you next year at the earlier time.
[07:03.15] 64<Evie> goodnight, KK
[07:03.16] 02* Jared ( Quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
[07:03.20] 01<01The_Bee> nighters, KK. Thanks for coming and Happy new year!
[07:03.22] 01<01Jemler> happy new year!
[07:03.25] 01<01Aerlys> Nighters, KK Happy New Year!
[07:03.28] 64<Evie> Happy New Year!
[07:03.30] 06* KK steps onto her Portal, waves goodnight, and disappears in a shower of green sparkles.
[07:03.47] 01<01KK> Happy and healthy New Year, all.  And prosperous!
[07:04.12] 02* KK ( Quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
"In necessariis unitas, in non-necessariis libertas, in utrisque caritas."

I have a vocabulary in excess of 75,000 words, and I'm not afraid to use it!


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