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KK Chat -- 19 October 2014
« on: October 19, 2014, 07:04:37 pm »
[06:05.02] 04* KK ( has joined channel #deryni_destinations
[06:05.06] 01<01jemler> hi kk
[06:05.09] 01<01The_Bee> Hi KK
[06:05.16] 01<01Alkari> The main stadium was a 20 minute walk from the trade village - the shuttle buses were few and overcrowded ... etc etc
[06:05.16] 01<01KK> Hello, all.
[06:05.20] 64<Evie> hi KK
[06:05.21] 01<01Alkari> Hi KK
[06:05.37] 01<01Alkari> So you would have to pay me miullions to get me back to anything organised by the French
[06:05.42] 01<01jemler> happy birthday!
[06:05.51] 04* Aerlys (~ae1fdb31@971820.DC5E26.E57A87.522C17) has joined channel #deryni_destinations
[06:06.04] 01<01jemler> hi aerlys
[06:06.18] 64<Evie> hi
[06:06.59] 01<01Alkari> YOur birthday KK?
[06:06.59] 01<01The_Bee> Yes, how was your birthday, KKK?
[06:06.59] 01<01The_Bee> OOOPS!
[06:06.59] 01<01jemler> kkkeeeyyy ssstttuuucckkk???
[06:06.59] 01<01jemler> :)
[06:06.59] 01<01The_Bee> I held the key down too long.
[06:06.59] 01<01NavaWazr> Happy birthday and many, many more!
[06:06.59] 01<01KK> It was good.  Had a wonderful dinner last night at a nearby restaurant inn.  Mussels to start, and a hanger steak to die for!
[06:07.32] 64<Evie> There's a Happy Birthday thread on the forum for you, KK
[06:08.02] 01<01Alkari> mmmm
[06:08.02] 01<01KK> And creme brulee with a candle stuck in it, for afters.
[06:08.02] 01<01Alkari> love creme brulee
[06:08.02] 01<01Aerlys> mmm, almost my full tummy is almost growling again
[06:08.02] 01<01The_Bee> Why do they call it a hanger steak?  Was the steer hanged?
[06:08.05] 01<01Alkari> its always nice and light but yummy after a big main meal
[06:08.09] 01<01jemler> Roman candle? :)
[06:08.20] 01<01Aerlys> like a leather coat?
[06:08.36] 64<Evie> yum
[06:08.58] 01<01Aerlys> (the hanging steer)
[06:09.08] 01<01KK> Very tender and flavorful, cut from the area of the steer near the flank.
[06:10.32] 01<01Aerlys>  ah yes, the birthday cake is just about ready....
[06:11.43] 01<01KK> Where is the birthday thread, Evie?
[06:11.53] 64<Evie> I was about to post the link to the birthday thread, Aerlys, but if you're baking a digital cake, I'll wait until it's posted.
[06:12.04] 64<Evie> Just tell me when
[06:12.17] 01<01Aerlys> OK, let me see if I can find where I put it...
[06:12.28] 64<Evie> Aerlys has become our Rhemuth Castle baker lately, KK.  ;-)
[06:13.48] 01<01NavaWazr> <-- hiding in the hall outside the kitchen, waiting for cake
[06:13.49] 01<01KK> And how was France?
[06:14.00] 64<Evie> KK, I just found some awesome looking articulated dolls for someone much richer than I am to turn into not-so-Mini Deryni, but alas, I can't afford $600+ per doll.
[06:14.18] 01<01KK> Yike!  Gasp!  Where?
[06:14.58] 01<01The_Bee> Who would pay that kind of price?  Are your ideas for Road to Killingford starting to come together, KK?
[06:15.07] 01<01KK> Someone in chat was making medieval costumes for very large, articulated dolls.  Who was that?  And are these that size?
[06:15.26] 01<01KK> Just making character notes so far, Bee.
[06:15.35] 01<01Alkari> KK, Franc - well, Normandy and Paris - was picture postcard pretty
[06:15.36] 64<Evie>  Here's a sample one, but let me find their main page
[06:16.10] 64<Evie> And these are either 1/3 or 1/4 human scale, much larger than my 1/6 scale.
[06:16.17] 01<01The_Bee> That's a DOLL!!??
[06:16.39] 64<Evie> Laurna made a gown that was 1/2 scale, although I think she just has a mannequin, not an actual ball-jointed doll
[06:17.01] 64<Evie> Yes, Bee, and hence the reason for that startling price
[06:17.27] 01<01The_Bee> It looks like a real human
[06:17.39] 64<Evie> fully customizable, fully articulated, and the most expensive ones also tend to have very lifelike face painting and body blushing
[06:18.31] 64<Evie> is the main page for the site, I think
[06:18.47] 64<Evie> Way out of my league, but I like to browse and daydream
[06:19.52] 01<01KK> Beautiful, but I think our scale is more fun, not to mention affordable.
[06:20.02] 04* Jerusha ( has joined channel #deryni_destinations
[06:20.04] 64<Evie> and much easier to make props and rooms for
[06:20.06] 01<01The_Bee> The clothes would probably fit a small child.
[06:20.06] 01<01Aerlys> Ready, Evie! :)
[06:20.19] 01<01The_Bee> Hi Jerusha
[06:20.20] 01<01NavaWazr> I just want the jewelry and costume for the belly dance
[06:20.27] 01<01Jerusha> Hi Everyone!
[06:20.35] 01<01KK> Hi, Jerusha.
[06:20.38] 01<01Jerusha> Alkari, you are back!
[06:20.39] 64<Evie> A very skinny child, maybe.  They have adult body proportions for their height, so children's clothing might not work
[06:20.44] 01<01Alkari> Hi Jerusha
[06:21.02] 01<01jemler> hi jerusha
[06:21.16] 01<01Alkari> Yes, back 2 weeks ago but Mum has been in hospital and I was away last week at a school reunion so have hardly stopped
[06:21.24] 64<Evie> Isn't that one lovely, NavaWazr?  I wish I could recreate that in 1:6, but at a smaller scale it's harder to get the small details right.
[06:21.30] 01<01KK> I hope your mum is better.
[06:21.33] 01<01Jerusha> Hope all is going well
[06:21.37] 01<01The_Bee> Your Mum was sick?  what ws it?
[06:21.40] 64<Evie> Sorry to hear your Mum has been unwell
[06:21.47] 01<01Alkari> Thanks KK - yes, she's a lot better and comes out of rehab tomorrow, which is her birthday
[06:21.59] 01<01Alkari> So we are taking her to lunch and then home!
[06:22.03] 64<Evie> Perfect timing! :)
[06:22.04] 01<01Jerusha> Nice
[06:22.09] 01<01Aerlys> Well, hope it's a happier birthday for her
[06:22.20] 01<01KK> How long was she in hospital?
[06:22.31] 01<01Aerlys> (Evie, Cake is ready)
[06:22.42] 01<01Alkari> A week or so, then 2 weeks in rehab
[06:22.45] 01<01Aerlys> What happened, Alkari?
[06:23.03] 01<01Alkari> Oh, just leg issues
[06:23.35] 01<01Aerlys> three weeks soud like more than "just" anything...
[06:23.39] 64<Evie>,1318.msg10699.html#msg10699
[06:24.13] 64<Evie> Pretty cake, Aerlys!
[06:24.14] 01<01Aerlys> Oh dear, the cake pic posted WAAAAY bigger than it looked. More cake to go around!
[06:24.21] 64<Evie> LOL
[06:24.30] 01<01Alkari> there can never be too much cake
[06:24.34] 64<Evie> It looks fine on my screen
[06:24.40] 64<Evie> and I'm on a tablet
[06:24.54] 01<01Aerlys> I have it on good authority that it's chocolate cake :)
[06:25.08] 01<01Alkari> mmmm
[06:25.14] 01<01Jerusha> Chocolate?  Even better!
[06:25.15] 01<01KK> That's a cake?  Wow!
[06:25.32] 64<Evie> If there's too much for here, maybe Alkari can bring some of the virtual cake home to her Mum.
[06:25.36] 01<01Aerlys> They do some amazing things with cake decorating these days.
[06:25.49] 01<01Jerusha> Yes, Alkari's Mum should have some cake
[06:26.05] 01<01KK> Yes, it's only right to share.
[06:26.15] 01<01Aerlys> KK should see the b-day cake I posted for Bwnw
[06:26.24] 01<01Alkari> Mum says thanks in advance!    She will be 89
[06:26.40] 01<01Jerusha> Happy, happy birthday!
[06:26.40] 01<01Aerlys> Bynw...drat these rented fingers
[06:26.50] 64<Evie> My daughter is fascinated by the cake decorating shows on TV. She's made a few really cool looking cakes herself, if beginner-level compared to the fancy ones she likes to see on TV
[06:26.53] 01<01jemler> where is chris tonite?
[06:27.00] 01<01KK> Ah, she's just slightly younger than my mom, who was 89 in July.
[06:27.25] 64<Evie> He might have had to work, jemler
[06:27.26] 01<01Alkari> One of my school friends has a decorating business, and is now going overseas to teach classes in Europe and also started in the USA
[06:27.41] 01<01Aerlys> My dad would've been 81, cme to think of it. Wow...
[06:27.54] 01<01Jerusha> My dad is 96
[06:28.12] 01<01NavaWazr> I love seeing (and eating) decorated cakes. But I can't tolerate lots of sugar anymore
[06:28.15] 01<01KK> Wow, that's great innings!
[06:28.18] 01<01Aerlys> Think of all the changes they have seen in their lives
[06:28.24] 01<01The_Bee> My dad would have been 109
[06:28.41] 01<01Aerlys> That's the great thing about virtual cakes. They are entirely tolereable and no calories
[06:29.10] 64<Evie>  That was DD's birthday cake for me last year.  My kitchen also looked like a rainbow after she was done making it. :D
[06:29.10] 01<01NavaWazr> have you seen the decorated savory pastries and the meat pies decorated with mashed potatoes & vegetables?
[06:29.14] 01<01Jerusha> Then I could eat the whole virtual cake :)
[06:29.29] 01<01Aerlys> I have. Yum
[06:29.32] 01<01Alkari> The only trouble is, its virtual taste   :(
[06:29.53] 01<01Aerlys> Seen the savory passtries, not eaten the whole cake...
[06:30.06] 01<01KK> Wow, that was one colorful cake!
[06:30.09] 01<01Jerusha> Virtual chocolate is still chocolate
[06:30.11] 01<01Aerlys> Need a little Never Land food
[06:30.33] 01<01NavaWazr> I will try the decorated pies soon, it's fall and time for meat pies, roasts and winter dinners
[06:30.51] 64<Evie> She's enjoying her Culinary class this year. 
[06:31.38] 01<01Aerlys> I still need to upload our real cakes. We had a beaver cake for DS3. And Mini Mister turns 4 on Friday. Not sure if his cake will be a hippo or a robot
[06:31.39] 01<01jemler> winter dinners. filet of Frosty. Sirloin of Santa. Rudolph Rump Roast.
[06:31.42] 01<01KK> Is that what used to be called Home Economics?
[06:32.20] 01<01Jerusha> Wow, 4 years old!
[06:32.22] 01<01Aerlys> (I thought Santa Flambe was what we ate on Christmas Eve
[06:32.22] 01<01jemler> i had foods 1 and 2 in high school.
[06:32.46] 01<01Jerusha> Is that after he comes down the chimney, Aerlys?
[06:32.46] 64<Evie> Not exactly.  It's actually taught by someone who was a sous chef,and who teaches it from a full food service standpoint, including health regulations, proper food prep for a commercial kitchen, etc.
[06:32.57] 64<Evie> Not just home cooking and sewing like when I took home ec in school
[06:32.59] 01<01Aerlys> 4 years goes by so fast! DH and I are having baby withdrawals
[06:33.09] 01<01Aerlys> Yep, Jerusha
[06:33.55] 01<01jemler> have another! :)
[06:33.57] 01<01Jerusha> He's a proper mini mister now
[06:34.10] 01<01Aerlys> I had a friend who was a professional chef, but couldn't bake a cake to save her life. Not her thing
[06:34.23] 01<01Aerlys> We're trying, jemler.
[06:34.31] 01<01KK> A mini mister--I like that.
[06:34.44] 64<Evie> Her Culinary teacher last year was a pastry chef, and this year the teacher is a savory chef
[06:34.46] 01<01Aerlys> :)
[06:35.19] 01<01Aerlys> He won't be mini much longer
[06:35.19] 01<01Jerusha> Give away all the baby stuff, Aerlys.  That may work
[06:35.37] 01<01NavaWazr> is there a culinary manifestation of Deryni powers?
[06:35.39] 01<01Aerlys> Just did! Cross your fingers...
[06:35.54] 64<Evie> Yum, I like how you think,NavaWazr. ;-)
[06:36.00] 01<01Jerusha> Crossed. :)
[06:36.01] 01<01Aerlys> NavaWazr hasn't seen my cakes :)
[06:36.33] 01<01Jerusha> Richenda whips up dinner in a flash
[06:36.45] 01<01NavaWazr> powers such that roasts are not overdone, pots don't boil over
[06:36.52] 01<01Aerlys> was it a flash n the pan?
[06:36.59] 01<01Aerlys> in
[06:37.01] 01<01Jerusha> flambe
[06:37.05] 01<01The_Bee> My mother and aunt took turns having babies. they passed the clothes back and forth.
[06:37.27] 64<Evie> If you put a wooden wand across the top of the pot, it won't boil over.  (Well, OK, a wooden spoon, but I assume a wand would also work. :D)
[06:37.27] 01<01jemler> hand-me-overs?
[06:37.33] 01<01Jerusha> Without the Santa
[06:37.46] 01<01NavaWazr> more importantly, is there a Deryni Diaper clean up spell?
[06:37.50] 01<01Jerusha> Does that really work, Evie?
[06:38.02] 64<Evie> Last time I made spaghetti, I tried it and it worked
[06:38.25] 64<Evie> I got tired of the pot boiling over, so I finally tried it, and it boiled up to the top but never spilled over
[06:38.27] 01<01Aerlys> I had enough clothes saved for both a bow and a girl, not because I'm sentimental, just practical. It's a lot to replace. Now I'll have twins. One boy and one girl. Still, the clothing went to a pregnancy crisis center/homeless shelter
[06:38.27] 01<01Jerusha> I will remember that
[06:38.31] 01<01NavaWazr> thanks Evie, I'll try that
[06:38.47] 64<Evie> I suspect the spoon breaks the surface tension of the boiling water or something.  Not sure how it works, but it worked for me.
[06:39.05] 01<01Jerusha> Of course it will be twins, Aerlys
[06:39.05] 01<01Aerlys> does it have to be wood
[06:39.40] 01<01Aerlys> from your lips to God's ears, Jerusha, though I'd ever get any writing done
[06:40.01] 64<Evie> If you need more baby clothes, I'll make little tutus from the leftover tulle from my Halloween costume this year.  I can't imagine I'll end up using it all.  My Mini-Deryni might end up getting a tutu just so I can use up scraps
[06:40.10] 01<01KK> Frederick and Mary of Denmark had a boy, a girl, and then twins of one each.  And she's still got a fantastic figure.  Go figure.
[06:40.47] 06* Aerlys imagines Dennis in a tutu after his next bender...
[06:40.54] 64<Evie> You'll either need to have a girl or a boy who is very secure in his boyhood, though, since it's hot pink tulle
[06:41.01] 01<01Jerusha> Left over from Morgan, Evie? :D
[06:41.14] 64<Evie> LOL!
[06:41.17] 01<01Alkari> MOrgan in pink tulle?!!!
[06:41.25] 01<01Alkari> * dies*
[06:41.28] 64<Evie> You don't remember those bizarre chats, Alkari? :D
[06:41.30] 01<01Jerusha> No one will dare laugh
[06:41.32] 01<01KK> And Charlene of Monaco is expecting twins; no announcement yet of how the succession will be determined.
[06:41.33] 01<01Aerlys> my sis in law just had #11 (or is it 12) and she looks like a Barbie doll.
[06:41.58] 01<01Aerlys> not my favorite in law
[06:42.02] 01<01NavaWazr> he meant plaid tartan, but you know how difficult it can be to understand those Border accents...
[06:42.11] 01<01Aerlys> LOL
[06:42.12] 64<Evie> LOL
[06:42.14] 01<01KK> That's a lot of babies for one lady, Aerlys.
[06:42.28] 64<Evie> My mother was the baby out of 13
[06:42.51] 01<01Aerlys> no twins, either. She started young and has them close together.
[06:42.58] 01<01KK> Evie, you're dressing in a hot pink tutu for Halloween?!
[06:43.05] 64<Evie> although only 10 children were my grandmother's.  My grandfather had three from his first marriage, then he was widowed and married my grandmother a short time later
[06:43.16] 64<Evie> I'm going to be a flamingo
[06:43.28] 64<Evie> but the tulle is going to be used to make my "feathers"
[06:43.39] 01<01Aerlys> I can see you thrick or treating on one foot, Evie
[06:43.39] 01<01Alkari> I believe flamingos are very fashionable
[06:43.45] 01<01Jerusha> I want to see a picture!
[06:43.53] 64<Evie> it was either that or dye and hand sew thousands of feathers, and I don't want to dress as a flamingo THAT badly
[06:44.08] 01<01KK> Yes, you <must> post a pic!
[06:44.25] 01<01Aerlys> just buy some pink feather boas from Dollar Tree and improvise
[06:44.29] 64<Evie> It's for work. My new boss is very much into Halloween and has strongly encouraged us to wear a costume. And I wanted to do something more creative than just wear an SCA costume to work
[06:44.46] 01<01KK> That will be creative, all right.
[06:44.48] 01<01Aerlys> I think you nailed it, Evie
[06:44.58] 01<01NavaWazr> flamingo sounds fabulou
[06:45.02] 01<01NavaWazr> s
[06:45.07] 01<01Jerusha> However are you going to do the beak?
[06:45.39] 01<01Aerlys> I would say a flamingo is about as far as one can get from an SCA costume
[06:45.44] 01<01KK> I'd do a feathered headdress with the beak done like a ball cap bill.
[06:45.44] 64<Evie> then I remembered a time when I showed up at work the Monday after a con, and still had pink streaks in my hair. I realized it that morning but didn't have time to shampoo them out, so I stuck a pink feather fascinator in my hair and went to work that way....
[06:46.10] 01<01Jerusha> Did anyone notice?
[06:46.26] 64<Evie> My coworkers teased me about the pink hair, so I told them, "By day I am a mild mannered secretary, but at night, I become....(striking pose)...THE FLAMINGO!"
[06:46.27] 01<01Aerlys> knowing Evie, no one even blinked
[06:46.32] 01<01KK> Surely by then, they knew you were weird, Evie....
[06:46.48] 64<Evie> They nearly fell over laughing.  So I have to do proper homage to my new alter ego.  :D
[06:46.57] 01<01KK> LOL
[06:47.05] 01<01Aerlys> I have a friend who has a successful flamingo flocking business
[06:47.06] 01<01Jerusha> :D
[06:47.21] 01<01Jerusha> Flamingo flocking?
[06:47.35] 64<Evie> So how do you flock a flamingo?  Dip them into Elmer's glue and then into pink flocking? ;-)
[06:48.05] 64<Evie> Sorry...I automatically think of craft flocking.  Ludicrous image. :D
[06:48.20] 01<01Aerlys> she gets paid to plant a flock of lawn flamingos on people's lawns while they are sleeping, along with a note and sometimes otjer goodies
[06:48.26] 64<Evie> LOL
[06:48.31] 01<01KK> I've heard of that!
[06:48.37] 01<01Jerusha> Birthday greetings
[06:49.13] 01<01KK> (I was horrified a few years ago when I drove past my old house in California and saw that the new owners had pink flamingos in the front yard.
[06:49.14] 64<Evie> One of my husband's former high school classmates is a professional mermaid
[06:49.36] 01<01Alkari> Flamingo fashion
[06:49.54] 01<01Alkari> But she IS 6'3":)
[06:50.02] 64<Evie> If I suddenly had a flock of flamingos in my yard, I swear they'd all have Mini-Deryni riders and their own photostory within the hour!  :D
[06:50.07] 01<01Jerusha> A neighbor celebrated his wife's 40th birthday by hangning 40 bras on the tree in their front yard
[06:50.14] 01<01KK> Entirely too tame.  I want to see Evie as a flamingo, standing on one leg in her office.
[06:50.23] 01<01The_Bee> How did the wife react?
[06:50.30] 01<01Alkari> Um ... where did he get the 40 bras?!
[06:50.32] 64<Evie> I'll do my best to see you get that wish, KK
[06:50.47] 01<01KK> Tee-hee!  Please do!
[06:50.50] 64<Evie> If I needed 40 bras in a hurry, I'd try the thrift store
[06:50.50] 01<01jemler> were they the right size?
[06:50.53] 01<01Jerusha> I have no idea, but they are still married
[06:51.04] 01<01Alkari> That was my next question Jerusha!
[06:51.26] 01<01Jerusha> My DH would be planed under the tree
[06:51.32] 64<Evie> LOL
[06:51.34] 01<01Jerusha> planted
[06:52.03] 01<01Aerlys>
[06:52.05] 64<Evie> When I was a teen, we had a Chihuahua who adored bras. He would fish them out of the laundry hamper and run up and down the hall shaking them in his teet
[06:52.05] 01<01KK> One could have a flock of flamingoes holding bras in their beaks....
[06:52.26] 01<01KK> LOL, Aerlys!
[06:52.27] 01<01jemler> h
[06:52.41] 64<Evie> So I cut the straps off one and then embroidered "Andre's Living Bra" on it
[06:52.45] 01<01Jerusha> I hope you meant feet
[06:52.58] 01<01The_Bee> or teeth
[06:53.21] 64<Evie> I was worried the straps would be a strangulation hazard, but he prefered bras that had straps to flop around when he shook them.
[06:53.28] 64<Evie> LOL!  Yes, teeth.  TEETH.
[06:53.29] 64<Evie> :D
[06:53.47] 01<01jemler> flopping around? :0
[06:53.51] 06* jemler ducks
[06:53.57] 64<Evie> So anyway, he never played with his special "Living Bra" until one particular evening...when we had our pastor over for dinner!
[06:54.08] 01<01Aerlys> hate to say it, but I saw that one coming
[06:54.18] 01<01Aerlys> of course
[06:54.20] 64<Evie> We're all sitting at the table, and here comes Andre with his "Living Bra," and he drops it at the pastor's feet.
[06:54.24] 01<01jemler> how did he taste?
[06:54.30] 64<Evie> Pastor was immensely amused.  :D
[06:54.52] 01<01Aerlys> Total Murphy Moment
[06:55.02] 64<Evie> Said that was definitely a first for him.  :D
[06:55.13] 01<01Aerlys> I should hope so...
[06:55.13] 01<01Alkari> special offering
[06:55.18] 64<Evie> LOL
[06:55.48] 01<01KK> Well, since it obviously was one of his favorite toys, the offering clearly came from the heart.
[06:55.53] 64<Evie> :-D
[06:56.00] 01<01Aerlys> or close to it
[06:56.07] 01<01Jerusha> :D
[06:56.20] 01<01jemler> or cross your heart
[06:56.25] 01<01Aerlys> lol
[06:56.29] 01<01Jerusha> Like the Doctor - two hearts
[06:56.30] 01<01The_Bee> Maybe he wanted the pastor to play fetch with it.
[06:56.50] 01<01Aerlys> there's an image
[06:56.52] 64<Evie> It was the first and last time that mutt ever played with that particular over-the-shoulder boulder holder, although he would gladly play with all the others if we didn't fold them and put them up immediately
[06:57.15] 01<01KK> Whoops, it's that time, gang.  See you all next week.
[06:57.29] 01<01The_Bee> I was eathing lunch on Boston Common one day, and a dog came up and asked me to play frisbee with her.
[06:57.29] 01<01Jerusha> Bye KK.  Thanks for coming!
[06:57.32] 01<01Aerlys> mph. my friend's pug used to eat her nylons
[06:57.34] 06* KK steps onto her portal, waves goodnight, and disappears in a shower of green sparkles.
[06:57.37] 64<Evie> Happy birthday, KK!
[06:57.42] 01<01Aerlys> Bye, KK
[06:57.45] 01<01The_Bee> Bye KK. glad you came.
[06:57.52] 01<01KK> Me, too.
[06:58.05] 02* KK ( Quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
"In necessariis unitas, in non-necessariis libertas, in utrisque caritas."

I have a vocabulary in excess of 75,000 words, and I'm not afraid to use it!


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