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KK Chat -- 12 October 2014
« on: October 12, 2014, 07:24:06 pm »
[06:09.35] 04* KK ( has joined channel #deryni_destinations
[06:09.38] 01<01jemler> hi kk
[06:09.43] 64<Evie> hi KK
[06:09.45] 01<01KK> Hi, gang.
[06:09.51] 01<01Laurna> Hello KK   Happy birthday next week
[06:10.03] 01<01Shiral> Hello, KK We've got lots of virtual ice cream at the quarters. =o)
[06:10.04] 01<01jemler> yes, happy birthday!
[06:10.04] 01<01KK> Yes, thank you.
[06:10.14] 01<01Shiral> Happy ALMOST birthday =o)
[06:10.21] 01<01The_Bee> At least Haloween comes during daylight savingstime now, so the little kids don't need to go around in the dark.
[06:10.29] 01<01The_Bee> Hi KK
[06:10.58] 01<01The_Bee> Happy birthday-to-come, KK
[06:11.07] 01<01Shiral> When I was little, walking outside in the dark was part of the FUN of Halloween since I definitely wasn't allowed to do it the rest of the time.
[06:11.09] 01<01KK> So, how is everyblody?  Evie, love the beginning horse trappings on the sebsite.
[06:11.19] 64<Evie> thanks
[06:11.39] 64<Evie> I need to find some silicone glue before I can finish the saddle, since other glues won't work on silicone
[06:11.51] 01<01Shiral> Busy building the third of three structures for the Library's 10th anniversary Gateway to Learning Festival next Saturday
[06:12.15] 64<Evie> Either that or remake the tree from air drying clay, but for some reason my sculpting skills in air drying clay are pretty hopeless.
[06:12.29] 01<01KK> Are you going to post pics, Shral?
[06:12.36] 01<01Shiral> Eventually, KK
[06:13.00] 01<01The_Bee> what scale?
[06:13.12] 01<01Shiral> This past week was a bit insane. I hope the Festival will be a success and I will be SO happy when it's over!
[06:13.24] 01<01Shiral> Bee, Honestly, I don't really know.
[06:13.37] 01<01KK> What are the 3 structures, Shiral?
[06:13.41] 01<01Shiral> I think more in terms of proportion than scale
[06:15.05] 04* Aerlys (~ae1fc5d6@971820.DC5E26.E57A87.522C17) has joined channel #deryni_destinations
[06:15.08] 01<01Shiral> The first is one of Cupertino's school houses that was built around 1880 or so. The second is a building called the Petite Trianon on the De Anza College Campus. It was originally a residence, now it houses the CUpertino Historical Society. And the third is an old general store in use around the  1890s
[06:15.12] 01<01The_Bee> Hi Aerlys
[06:15.16] 01<01jemler> hi aerlys
[06:15.18] 01<01Laurna> I hate to hit and run, but I am being called away.  I really wanted to say hi toeveryong and I hope to be here next week.
[06:15.25] 64<Evie> hi Aerlys
[06:15.30] 01<01Shiral> At this point, I'm thankful I'm not building structures for a library in Boston!
[06:15.30] 01<01Laurna> Hi aerlys
[06:15.33] 01<01Shiral> Hi Aerlys
[06:15.39] 01<01The_Bee> bye laurna. enjoy your guests
[06:15.40] 01<01KK> Bye, Laurna.
[06:15.42] 01<01Laurna>  But I need to say good by  too
[06:15.51] 01<01Laurna> Have a great week
[06:15.51] 01<01Shiral> Bye, Laurna. I guess you've been found out!
[06:15.59] 01<01Laurna> lol  YEs
[06:16.04] 01<01jemler> bye laurna
[06:16.06] 01<01Aerlys> Hi ho!
[06:16.07] 03* Laurna ( has left #deryni_destinations
[06:16.16] 01<01Aerlys> hi and bye laurna
[06:16.20] 01<01Shiral> I guess that game of hide and seek is over =o)
[06:17.32] 01<01Shiral> But to give you an idea  of the size, they're about 8 inches high at the tallest point, and the foot print runs about 9x12 inches
[06:19.12] 01<01KK> So, typical size of what you usually have done.
[06:20.06] 01<01Shiral> Pretty much, yes
[06:20.37] 01<01Shiral> The booths will be about 10'x10'
[06:20.50] 01<01Shiral> So I can't make them too huge
[06:21.23] 01<01KK> Evie, I took my littles down to my mother's cottage today, so she could see them, since she's a doll fan.  She thought they were  cool--and immediately noted that Camber and Evaine had no underwear.  (I pointed out that often, medieval folk didn't wear same.)  She also wondered whether Camber's hair had started out white, or if you painted it.
[06:21.24] 01<01The_Bee> separate boots for the three, or all in one?
[06:21.31] 01<01The_Bee> booths
[06:22.00] 01<01Shiral> I just get one booth for me and the structures
[06:22.12] 64<Evie> I've been giving some thought to Duncan's study again, and I'm thinking of covering the lower parts of the wall (about man high or slightly higher) with wood paneling, on the idea that if I were building a hidden Transfer Portal, it would be easier to conceal it behind a sliding wooden panel than behind a solid stone wall that mysteriously manages to slide to the side, with or without magical assistance.
[06:22.35] 64<Evie> Camber's hair was white when I got him
[06:22.42] 01<01KK> That was my thinking.  It would be a wooden panel that slides.
[06:22.45] 64<Evie> and I meant to make him braies, but forgot
[06:22.58] 01<01Shiral> Stone is pretty reluctant to move on its own
[06:22.58] 01<01KK> I'll make him some.
[06:23.23] 64<Evie> You describe just about everything in the room aside from walls and ceiling, but wood paneling made the most sense to me.
[06:24.16] 64<Evie> I like the idea of stone walls beneath the paneling, but I think the niche and the door to the chapel would be much easier to hide behind paneling
[06:24.37] 01<01KK> That will probably be one of my first projects.  Oh, also, I got a fat eighth of small tartan at our local quilting store a few days ago, and plan to make Camber some trews of it.  So maybe Evaine will get the equivalent of braies first.  (Was there a feminine version?  I know that ladies often wore no undergarments.)
[06:24.44] 01<01The_Bee> You might want to put wood paneling on all the walls; one wooden wall among otherwise stone walls would stand out.
[06:25.02] 01<01Shiral> They might wear a shift, though
[06:25.11] 64<Evie> I've been watching The Tudors, and there's some rooms that show mostly paneled walls with some plasterwork between the top of the paneling and the ceiling, and that look could work well.
[06:25.15] 01<01Shiral> Women, I mean. Not walls
[06:25.42] 64<Evie> There is some evidence of women wearing braies, at least once a month.
[06:25.54] 01<01KK> That would certainly make sense.
[06:26.04] 01<01Shiral> True! Although in terms of sanitation, I'm very glad to be a modern woman
[06:26.13] 01<01KK> Oh, yes!
[06:26.30] 01<01Shiral> Nifty tartan knickers for "that time" of the month
[06:26.39] 64<Evie> and a court case of a young girl who was raped notes that her braies were torn off, and doesn't state anything to make this clothing sound at all out of the ordinary for a young girl, so apparently there were worn by at least some women
[06:27.18] 01<01KK> You'd certainly want to be wearing something if riding astride.  Side-saddles were actually a pretty late invention.
[06:27.31] 01<01Shiral> Owie, yes
[06:28.09] 01<01KK> Same for kilts.  That's why the lairds often wore trews rather than kilts.
[06:28.13] 64<Evie> Bee:  I'm making three walls of a room, so it would make sense to either panel all three walls, or one could plausibly leave the two end walls unclad, since that was sometimes done too.  The end walls are a window wall and a fireplace wall, so in either case, there'd be stonework exposed around the fireplace and window.
[06:28.59] 64<Evie> Yes, I think the sidesaddle was popularized in England by a Queen in the 1300s, or maybe even the 1400s
[06:29.06] 01<01Shiral> pieces of cardboard Egg cartons make good "Stonework" in the miniature world.
[06:29.10] 01<01KK> Trews, therefore, were a sign of upper class, since they rode.  The ordinary clansmen would usually walk.
[06:29.36] 01<01The_Bee> I was thinking how to keep non-Deryni from realizing there was a hidden room behind one wall.
[06:30.07] 64<Evie> I'd think she'd prefer linen braies, both for comfort and because they could be laundered in hot water without shrinking, unlike woolen tartans
[06:30.23] 01<01KK> Yep, and the 1st sidesaddles were essentially a chair on the horse's back.  The jumping horn, which made side saddle even more secure than riding astride, was a fairly late development.
[06:30.54] 01<01Shiral> Doesn't sound comfortable for either horse or rider
[06:31.10] 64<Evie> I think as long as the paneling in the room was consistent with how the other rooms in that part of the building were paneled, nothing would stand out as unusual
[06:32.01] 64<Evie> I have a reference photo of a medieval sidesaddle, and it's really uncomfortable looking.  Just, as you say, a brocade covered chair perched sideways on a horse
[06:32.46] 64<Evie> It might be fun to make one, though.  Maybe Araxie uses one when processing through Rhemuth or something.  :-D
[06:32.57] 64<Evie> with someone else leading her horse.
[06:33.11] 01<01KK> Not much speed possible on that kind of saddle.  Murder on the horse as well as the rider.
[06:33.19] 64<Evie> Since it's utterly impractical to actually ride in that sort of saddle
[06:33.39] 01<01Shiral> And you'd always have to have your head turned to see whwere you were going
[06:33.45] 01<01The_Bee> Well, Gwynedd ahd telescopes before they  were invented in our world, so why not side-saddles?
[06:33.53] 64<Evie> but for the short jaunt from Cathedral to Castle, might work for some sort of ceremonial parade
[06:34.10] 01<01KK> Very little improvement on a sedan chair.  And I understand that those had their own issues, such as the passenger getting equivalent of seasick.
[06:34.31] 01<01Shiral> The Middle Ages were not for sissies
[06:34.33] 64<Evie> Yes, the earliest ones didn't really have any sort of suspension system
[06:35.21] 64<Evie> so you'd get jostled around a lot.  I think by Elizabeth's time, there was some sort of rudimentary suspension system built in, but still not the most comfortable means of transport
[06:35.32] 01<01The_Bee> I'm sure Araxie is quite capable of riding astride.
[06:35.50] 64<Evie> I'm sure she is.  I was just looking for an excuse to make a sidesaddle. ;-)
[06:36.07] 01<01Shiral> Being comfortable would have been hard in the Elizabethan era. Certainly the clothes they wore weren't about comfort!
[06:36.39] 01<01The_Bee> tight or stiff under-garments. the Norman were more sensible.
[06:36.51] 01<01Shiral> Riding astride would have been a lot more practical for women. Especially if they're trying to make it to Rhemuth for Christmas Court. =o)\
[06:36.55] 64<Evie> I'm honestly not too uncomfortable in full Elizabethan kit, except right after a large meal, but then again, I can only wear it in very cold weather here
[06:37.33] 01<01Shiral> It would be very stiff, heavy and hot in summer, yes
[06:37.33] 64<Evie> I've driven a stick shift car while wearing corset and farthingale.  I don't recommend it, but Elizabethan undergarments are more flexible than they look, if made right
[06:37.34] 01<01KK> True.  All that corsetry is hot.
[06:38.14] 01<01Shiral> Driving Stickshift in Elizabethan Garb---well if you'd been pulled over, the traffic cop would have had an eyeful!
[06:38.26] 64<Evie> Here, it's best worn for air conditioned events, and/or between December and March.
[06:38.36] 01<01KK> Yes, it is more comfortable than it looks.  Good costume details in Outlander, showing her getting dressed and undressed.
[06:39.12] 01<01The_Bee> "I'm sorry, officer!  I must have made a wrong turn a few centuries back."
[06:39.21] 01<01Shiral> LOL
[06:39.35] 64<Evie> Granted, lack of corsetry is always more comfortable than any corset, but a properly fitted corset shouldn't hurt
[06:39.44] 64<Evie> LOL, Bee!
[06:40.07] 01<01Shiral> "Does  Your Highness happen to have a driver's license?"
[06:40.29] 64<Evie> When my daughter was little, she saw a picture of me in my Elizabethan garb and asked, 'Is that how people dressed when you were a little girl?"
[06:40.45] 01<01The_Bee> "SIR!  How dare you accuse me of licentiousness!"
[06:40.49] 01<01jemler> well, was it? :)
[06:43.26] 01<01KK> Well, time travel would be cool--as long as one could return at will.
[06:43.43] 64<Evie> True
[06:43.58] 01<01Shiral> I'd love to visit Gwynedd through one of those Star Trek Holodecks.=o)
[06:44.08] 64<Evie> and as long as there was some decontamination function to prevent transporting plagues forward or backwards in time
[06:45.20] 01<01jemler>   in the time machine by hg wells, you moved thru time, not space. so iof wanted to see 15th rome, you have to go to rome firts.
[06:45.37] 01<01jemler> first.
[06:45.40] 01<01jemler> sorry
[06:45.56] 01<01The_Bee> Yes.  We don't want to bring HIV or Ebola to our ancestors, or we might never be born.
[06:45.59] 01<01Aerlys> hm, has me thinking about reading Simon Hawke's Time Wars series again. Brain candy
[06:46.34] 64<Evie> My other set of littles are time travelers who are at least temporarily stranded in this century
[06:46.54] 01<01jemler> there are only 2 ways to give someone hiv. blood or sex. if you can hold off screwing everybody it should be ok! :)
[06:47.05] 01<01The_Bee> from which stories, Evie?
[06:47.24] 64<Evie> My own story, Bee
[06:47.33] 01<01The_Bee> Ah, cool!
[06:47.44] 01<01jemler> you're a time traveller!?
[06:47.51] 64<Evie> Not written yet, but I hope to eventually do it in photostory form. Sort of like a graphic novel, but in doll photography
[06:49.14] 01<01Shiral> wow, for a moment, I though you said  "In upholstery form" Evie. =o)\
[06:49.21] 64<Evie> lol
[06:49.37] 01<01Shiral> That's going to be a WEIRD couch!
[06:49.43] 64<Evie> yes, I'm telling a story in upholstery.  I haven't worked out how yet, but when I do, I'll let you know. ;-)
[06:50.05] 01<01jemler> evie, there are 12 books inthat series!
[06:50.22] 01<01The_Bee> Each seat cushion can be a page.
[06:50.23] 64<Evie> In what series, jemler?
[06:50.28] 01<01jemler> timewars
[06:50.40] 64<Evie> OK.  What about it?
[06:50.57] 01<01jemler> 12 books in the series.
[06:51.07] 01<01Aerlys> I think he was talking to me, Evie
[06:51.13] 64<Evie> Ah, OK
[06:51.31] 64<Evie> I wondered why it mattered there are 12 books in the series. :D
[06:51.34] 01<01jemler> that was aerlys. sorry.
[06:51.36] 01<01Aerlys> I know, jemler. But again, they are short and essentiallu brain candy
[06:52.17] 01<01Aerlys> the crossover aspect are amusing
[06:52.23] 01<01Shiral> Dmitri has arrived to try to prevent me from chatting
[06:52.35] 01<01The_Bee> Hi Dmitri
[06:52.46] 64<Evie> Luke has arrived to sit on my chest
[06:52.47] 01<01Aerlys> scritches for Dmititri so he lets you chat
[06:53.05] 64<Evie> (I'm in a recliner, so that's easier to do than it sounds.)
[06:53.19] 01<01KK> Gus has finally settled down on my lap, after several minutes of pizza paws.
[06:53.35] 01<01Shiral> He's purring you a happy birthday wish, KK He can't wait for The King's Deryni to arrive so he can prevent me from reading it. =o)
[06:53.50] 01<01jemler> buy him a copy.
[06:53.59] 64<Evie> I've gone ahead and preordered the book
[06:53.59] 01<01The_Bee> Melantha is ensconced on her scrath pad.
[06:54.05] 01<01The_Bee> scratch
[06:54.16] 01<01Shiral> Pizza Paws?
[06:54.19] 01<01KK> I've started mapping out the Killingford book.  Woke up this AM with most of the pitch in my head.
[06:54.24] 01<01jemler> fever?
[06:54.29] 64<Evie> Oh!  I told Annie you're reading her book, KK.  She's terrified.  :D
[06:54.39] 64<Evie> Oh, cool!!!
[06:54.40] 01<01KK> Why?  It's good.
[06:54.49] 01<01jemler> i've read both. where's the third?
[06:54.51] 06* Shiral does happy dance about Killingford
[06:55.06] 01<01KK> Pizza paws, when they knead with their paws like they're making pizza.
[06:55.21] 64<Evie> Because she's Annie.  Lots of talent, but doesn't see herself that way.  :)
[06:55.22] 01<01KK> AKA starfish paws, which is especially applicable to kittens.
[06:55.46] 01<01Shiral> Ah, I see. "Making biscuits" and "Pizza Paws" are the same motion. =o)
[06:55.58] 01<01KK> Yes.  Ad making bread.
[06:56.08] 01<01KK> And
[06:56.27] 64<Evie> Gigi loves to knead my tummy, then circle on it and then finallly settle down.
[06:56.45] 01<01KK> And on that note, I'd better head out, because it's nearly 8 PM.
[06:56.49] 64<Evie> it's like she's preparing a nest
[06:56.51] 01<01Shiral> Night, KK
[06:56.56] 64<Evie> Goodnight!
[06:56.59] 01<01jemler> nite kk
[06:57.09] 01<01Shiral> Have a good birthday. Tell Scott we said to treat you right on your big day. =o)
[06:57.10] 01<01The_Bee> Bye KK. Thanks for coming and have a good week.
[06:57.16] 06* KK steps onto her Portal, waves goodnight, and disappears in a shower of green sparkles.
[06:58.20] 01<01KK> Eyes have been pronounced excellent by my surgeon, BTW, and I now have temporary stick-on prisms until I can see the muscle surgeon.  No appointment yet.
[06:58.31] 01<01Shiral> Excellent!
[06:58.33] 64<Evie> glad they are doing well
[06:58.57] 01<01The_Bee> I have prisms built into my prescription
[06:59.09] 01<01KK> But with prisms, no more double-vision.  Just hazy, looking through the plastic prisms.  Much clearer with naked eyes, but also double vision.  Swings and round-abouts.
[06:59.30] 01<01jemler> now you see rainbows. they don't know they are rainbows.
[06:59.30] 01<01Aerlys> 
[06:59.38] 02* Aerlys (~ae1fc5d6@971820.DC5E26.E57A87.522C17) Quit (Quit: CGI:IRC)
[06:59.43] 04* Aerlys (~ae1fc5d6@971820.DC5E26.E57A87.522C17) has joined channel #deryni_destinations
[06:59.49] 01<01KK> I'm avoiding ground-in prisms until I see whether surgery will help.  Those glasses are expensive, especially if one may mot need them after surgery.
[06:59.57] 01<01The_Bee> WB Aerlys
[07:00.08] 01<01jemler> bye/hi aerlys
[07:00.16] 01<01KK> Nighters, all.
[07:00.24] 01<01Shiral> Night, KK
[07:00.31] 01<01Aerlys> oopa. too much going on today. accidentally closed the laptop
[07:01.06] 64<Evie> getting squished by a cat
[07:01.36] 01<01Shiral> It's amazing how much heavier they are when they're relaxed
[07:01.44] 01<01Aerlys> been there, but it was a 20 lb cat
[07:01.48] 01<01jemler> nite kk
[07:02.43] 01<01The_Bee> and Happy Birthday, KK
[07:02.49] 64<Evie> Gigi just showed up to say Happy Birthday
[07:03.21] 01<01Shiral> Hope the Killingford book continues to inspire
[07:03.55] 64<Evie> I'll read it when it comes out, even though I'll go into it knowing there's no Duncan.  *sigh*  ;-)
[07:04.26] 01<01Shiral> There will be Haldanes, tho. And probably other cool people even if there's no Duncan.
[07:04.31] 01<01jemler> maybe duncan can go back in time as a healer from the future
[07:04.32] 64<Evie> Will there be McLains?
[07:05.14] 01<01The_Bee> Was Jared McLain around then?
[07:05.15] 64<Evie> Yes, I'll settle for some nice Haldanes. :D
[07:05.42] 64<Evie> I think Killingford would have been well before Jared's time, was it not?
[07:05.56] 02* KK ( Quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
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