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My new Deryni magical far-speaking device
« on: October 01, 2013, 03:03:52 pm »
I recently got a new smartphone, a Samsung Galaxy SIII, which needed a protective cover.  My husband showed me an Amazon Local coupon offer that gave a great deal on a silicone cover that could be personalized with a photograph or other picture of one's choice, which gave me the idea of creating a Deryni-themed cell phone.  Forgive the somewhat blurry photos below; obviously I couldn't take photos of my own cell phone with my cell phone without using levels of magic that far exceed my abilities, so my daughter offered to take these with hers and then emailed them to me.  The photos were taken under low light conditions by a hyperactive teenage girl with shaky hands.  The actual artwork and screen pictures are actually quite crisp and clear when viewed in person.

Phone case by evian_delacourt, on Flickr

Hannah Shapero (Pyracantha of graciously gave her permission for me to use her artwork of "Magical Deryni Priest" on the back of my new phone case, just as long as I added her artist name and her gallery website to the illustration first.  After sending a prototype of the imprinted artwork to her for approval, I uploaded the altered graphic to the Printerpix website and ordered the phone cover.  The imprint was placed a little higher on the artwork than I would have preferred, but the online template insisted that the imprint would be partially covered by the silicone frame if I placed the text any lower.  Clearly the template lied!  Grrr.    >:(

Aside from that detail, I was very pleased with how it turned out.  And obviously, once the cell phone cover arrived and had been added to the phone, my spiffy new Magical Deryni Far-Speaker needed a new Deryni theme to match its back cover.   

Lock Screen by evian_delacourt, on Flickr

Here is what the lock screen looks like when the phone is powered on.  (I blurred out the personal ID information before uploading to Flickr, but otherwise this is what it looks like.)  This is actually a photo taken in a cloister walk at Gloucester Cathedral, if I remember correctly, but I imagine it as the corridor between the Rhemuth Great Hall and the Royal Chapel.  Humor me.   Just off screen, on the opposite side of the corridor from those gorgeous windows, you'll find portraits of the Haldane Kings and those door niches Jana wandered past in Jerusha's latest story.  No, really!  ;)   The touch screen unlocks when I trace a specific pattern on the screen, so in keeping with the theme, I use a sign of the Cross to unlock the phone.  See?  As I said in the subject line, it's a magical far-speaking device!  It even needs a special glyph traced upon it to open!   :D

Home Screen by evian_delacourt, on Flickr

Once unlocked, my faux "oil painting" rendition of Duncan awaits me on the phone's home screen.   (All the screens, actually, which allows me to keep at least one screen empty so his face won't get buried under app icons and widgets.)  Is anyone spotting the phone's theme yet?   ;D
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Re: My new Deryni magical far-speaking device
« Reply #1 on: October 01, 2013, 03:43:10 pm »
Jana thinks it might have something to do with that nice Bishop who blessed her Saint Camber medal.  But that's just a guess.  :)

Very nicely done, Evie!  You have such a talent for such things!
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