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KK Chat -- 15 Sept 2013
« on: September 15, 2013, 07:06:01 pm »
[18:31] * KK ( has joined #deryni_destinations
[18:31] <EvieOnPhone> I can trace words
[18:31] <the_Bee> Hi KK!
[18:31] <~bynw> hiyas kk
[18:31] <kirienne> Hi KK
[18:31] <Annie> hi KK
[18:31] <Laurna> Hello KK
[18:31] <EvieOnPhone> Hi kk
[18:31] <irina> hi KK!
[18:31] <jemler> hi kk
[18:31] <Shiral> It's herself! The Author Traps Worked.
[18:31] <KK> Hi, guys, can't stay long, but wanted to report in.
[18:31] <Shiral> Hi KK
[18:32] <the_Bee> How goes the writing?
[18:32] <cynicalmedic> Hi KK
[18:32] <irina> oh, then I won't have to stay up to 2:30 either
[18:32] <@Evie> I have dinner with the MIL tonight, so I'm glad you made it before I have to go. :)
[18:32] <Laurna> Fun time editing?
[18:32] <@Evie> how is the book editing?
[18:32] <Shiral> I'm ignoring boxes that need unpacking.=o)
[18:32] <KK> Entering the last polishes on the last quarter of the book, still have to finish the last chapter.
[18:32] <jemler> the butler did it!
[18:33] <kirienne> :-D
[18:33] <irina> amazing that you can do that, polish before it's finished
[18:33] <KK> And it sounds like Shiral is in her new home!  Huzzah!
[18:33] <irina> cats and all!
[18:33] * bynw-irch ( has joined #deryni_destinations
[18:33] <EvieOnPhone> Closing app to concentrate on computer chat
[18:33] <Shiral> Shiral is out of the old and into the new, KK! I'm writing this in my diningroom, because my office is still a huge mess
[18:33] * EvieOnPhone ( Quit ( Quit: Bye )
[18:33] <the_Bee> Hi Bynw-irch
[18:33] * bynw-irch ( Quit ( Client exited )
[18:33] <KK> I'm polishing everything up to the last chapter, and have picked up several seriously egregious dropped story lines that I had to fix.  Not Fun!
[18:34] <Shiral> Move was last saturday, and wouldn't you know I'd pick the hottest day of the year to move?  =o)
[18:34] <the_Bee> bye bynw-irch
[18:34] <@Evie> Well, at least you found them and could tie things up neatly
[18:34] <KK> I hope.
[18:35] <jemler> you know it was 90F here last week, now it's 66F!
[18:35] <KK> I was saved from having to deal with several glitches that hadn't made it into Codex, so I was able to change them with impunity.
[18:35] * Shiral offers KK some slightly melted virtual ice cream
[18:35] <Laurna> Shiral did all the furnature fit in the new home?
[18:35] * Evie offers KK a straw for the melted ice cream
[18:35] <kirienne> I wish it was only 66 here
[18:35] <KK> It's been cool here, too, the past three days.  Never above 70.
[18:35] <Shiral> Yes, Laurna. Plus some things I'd had in storage for the last year including the sofa. Dmitri thinks it belongs to him, now, but he lets me sit on it
[18:36] <KK> Yay, Shiral
[18:36] <@Evie> It  was fairly cool here too, which was good since I was out in the yard dragging trimmed branches to the curb earlier today
[18:36] <jemler> in the words of Ned Stark "Winter is coming."
[18:36] <Laurna> lol
[18:36] <Shiral> No more storage bills and no more paying rent! =o)
[18:36] <KK> Yippee!
[18:36] <@Evie> I wouldn't mind winter coming if Ned Stark wants to show up to announce it
[18:36] <Annie> been cold here. We've had the heating on already.
[18:36] <the_Bee> Speaking of animals, there was a sad story about a baby elephant.
[18:37] <Shiral> It's amazing how much easier it is to have in-unit laundry
[18:37] <jemler> with or without his head?
[18:37] <irina> it's real autumn weather here, nice in the afternoons but nippy mornings and chilly evenings
[18:37] <KK> I'm about to turn the heat on.  Had to drag out a hoodie yesterday; shorts go tomorrow.
[18:37] <the_Bee> variable weather here.
[18:37] <@Evie> we've only had slightly chilly weather at night, when I can huddle under a blanket, but days have been pleasant
[18:37] <KK> I saw the elephant story.  But it sounds like it was ok, once rescued.
[18:37] <kirienne> I bet Shiral, that's the thing I hate the most about my apartment is having to go to the laundry room and always have enough quarters.
[18:37] <jemler> take out the ac, plus in the heater.
[18:38] <Laurna> 97 degres right now and it is 4:30pm
[18:38] <jemler> plug, sorry
[18:38] <Shiral> Yeah Kirienne. It seems like a small thing, but it can be a pain
[18:38] <KK> Where are you, Laurna?
[18:38] <Laurna> So Calif
[18:38] <KK> Oh, well, then.
[18:39] <Laurna> We had thunderstormes three days ago
[18:39] <irina> I love September weather
[18:39] <KK> I like it, too.
[18:39] <Laurna> We never have storms in Sept
[18:39] <Shiral> Perfect temp and clear skies where I am, so naturally I spent a lot of time at Ikea, today
[18:40] <kirienne> LOL
[18:40] <Laurna> Oh  new stuff for the house
[18:40] <Shiral> Yes
[18:40] <irina> we went for a walk along the river
[18:40] * Jerusha ( has joined #deryni_destinations
[18:40] <KK> I've never been to an Ikea in the States.  Our nearest one now is the D.C. ara.
[18:40] <the_Bee> WB Jerusha
[18:40] <jemler> wb jerusha
[18:40] <Shiral> It was funny, I wanted to bake some cookies for my writing friends on Thursday, only to realize I'd thrown out my old walnuts, baking powder and vanilla
[18:40] <Jerusha> I must have really offended mibbit!
[18:40] <Shiral> Zero for three!
[18:41] <kirienne> it's cooler today than it has been, but windy and my allergies are already bad, so I have stayed inside since getting home from church this morning.
[18:41] <irina> and wanted non-virtual ice cream but there was a brass-band event in town and there were crowds everywhere, including in front of the ice cream parlor
[18:41] <Jerusha> Hi KK
[18:41] <KK> Hi, Jerusha.
[18:41] <Shiral> I'm starting to feel like I'm trying to furnish Rhemuth Castle
[18:42] <irina> I got hay fever *in* church, from the flower decoration on the baptismal font!
[18:42] <kirienne> LOL
[18:42] <irina> had to run upstairs for antihistamine
[18:42] <KK> You'll be horrified how quickly your stuff expands to fill all the new available space, and then some.
[18:42] <the_Bee> I'm not sure Ikea would fit the decor in Rhemuth Castle.
[18:42] <Jerusha> Ikea has candles, though
[18:42] <irina> plain wood will do!
[18:42] <Shiral> I'm sure Jehana would never allow it in her chambers. =o)
[18:42] <kirienne> I had allergies issues while in church too, Irina, there were left over lilies from a funeral the other day, I am very allergic to lilys
[18:43] <@Evie> CASTL by Ikea. ;-)
[18:43] <irina> with  me it's mostly grass (at Pentecost, I can take a pill preventively for that) and apparently asters.
[18:43] <Shiral> You have to put it together with REALLY big tools. =o)
[18:43] <irina> I suppose everybody saw the ikea stonehenge thing?
[18:43] <Shiral> Good news is, you can pack it all on your war horse and take it back to Meara with you
[18:43] <@Evie> Ikea Stonehenge thing?!
[18:44] <the_Bee> Stonehenge thing?
[18:44] * irina searches
[18:44] <Shiral> One great new thing about my new home is that I'm not sneezing nearly as much
[18:44] <irina>
[18:44] <kirienne> I don't think I've seen that either
[18:44] <KK> Had a dog adventure Friday night, and then I've got to dash.  While I was reading in bed, about midnight, Sasha comes in with a young rabbit, releases it in the middle of the bedroom cloor.
[18:44] <KK> floor.
[18:44] <Shiral> Wow, great late night present, Sasha
[18:44] <@Evie> Eeek!
[18:44] <@Evie> poor rabbit!
[18:45] <irina> did you rescue it?
[18:45] <kirienne> LOL
[18:45] <the_Bee> O Boy!  That must have been fun.
[18:45] <KK> THen Mr. Rabbit dashes behind the dog bed (with dog in it), over by my dressing table, then back toward Mr. Dog.  (This is Warner.)
[18:45] <@Evie> LOL
[18:45] <Shiral> Poor thing must have been terrified
[18:45] <the_Bee> ?I thought Sasha was a cat.
[18:45] <kirienne> LOL, KK
[18:45] <Jerusha> Poor rabbit
[18:45] <KK> Warner catches the rabbit, carries it around proudly for several minutes, and I'm thinking, Can I get that rabbit away from him without him chomping it?
[18:45] <KK> Sasha is a cat.
[18:46] <kirienne> poor rabit
[18:46] <kirienne> rabbit
[18:46] <Jerusha> The whippets understand the command "drop it" when they catch squirrels
[18:47] <the_Bee> I bet the poor rabbit was squealing.
[18:47] <Laurna> Did you save the poor creature
[18:47] <Jerusha> Is there a happy rabbit ending, KK?
[18:47] <KK> But even coming close causes Warner to chomp the rabbit, and he then proceeds to eat it.  I can hear the little bones crunching, and there's the smell of blood.  I figured his next trick would be to barf it all up on the carpet, but he didn't, at least not in the house.  But I did have to clean up some blood on the carpet.  And he slept well, with that tummy full of rabbit.
[18:47] <irina> poor rabbit!
[18:47] <KK> Happy ending for Warner, not to much for rabbit.
[18:48] <Jerusha> Oh no!
[18:48] <kirienne> Poor rabbit...well fed Warner
[18:48] <Shiral> God rest the former bunny!
[18:48] <Jerusha> I don't suppose you slept well that night, KK?
[18:48] <Laurna> Oh rabbit stew  I bet your dog was happy.  but not you.
[18:48] <the_Bee> When I was a child I had a pet rabbit that was killed by dogs, but I didn't have to see it.  They carried him off to the woods.
[18:48] <Jerusha> Sleep
[18:48] <KK> Of course Booker came up and was sharking around, but Warner was not about to give up that rabbit.  I've seen Booker eat squirrels, rabbits, chipmunks, often taken away from a cat, usually Gus of Sasha.  They seemto be the tweo mighty hunters.
[18:49] <irina> the cats do the hunting and the dogs eat the prey? tsk tsk!
[18:49] <KK> Actually, I slept just fine.  :-)
[18:49] <@Evie> "Take dinner somewhere else; I need to sleep."
[18:50] <KK> I was hoping he'd take it downstairs to eat it, but no such luck.
[18:50] <Shiral> Rabbit tartare
[18:50] <@Evie> When you live with predators, predation sometimes happens.  That's just nature.
[18:50] <Laurna> Yick crunch crunch
[18:50] <Jerusha> I have a vision of a hiccup and little tufts of fur coming out
[18:50] <KK> Oh, Booker also ate a badger.  And he's eaten a small snake.  These are just the things that I've Seen.
[18:50] <irina> a whole badger? how big is that dog?
[18:50] <@Evie> Gigi usually gets her fur fix by playing with furry kitty toys.  But Luke is a mouser or lizard hunter when he gets a chance to be
[18:51] <Laurna> My dog had puppies once she brought them a rabbit to eat when she started running out of milk
[18:51] * Shiral wonders why she suddenly has another idea for a fanfic involving an incident with a dog and a rabbit....
[18:51] <@Evie> LOL Shiral
[18:51] <@Evie> and Kelric?
[18:51] <KK> Well, he didn't eat the whole thing.  He weights about 65-79 lbs.
[18:51] <Jerusha> A Deryni rabbit?
[18:51] <kirienne> LOL, Shiral
[18:51] <Shiral> The rabbit? Oh, the dog
[18:51] <jemler> kill the wabbit!
[18:51] <@Evie> The rabbit did?  That's a huge...oh, wait, the dog
[18:51] <irina> back when we had cats, the tortie used to catch the mice and then the black one sat over them looking like "See? A mouse. What now?"
[18:51] <@Evie> LOL
[18:52] <Shiral> Or Derry has a date that REALLY doesn't end well...
[18:52] <irina> wabbit season!
[18:52] <jemler> shades of watership down!
[18:52] <@Evie> LOL, Shiral!  Poor Derry
[18:52] <irina> Derry season!
[18:52] <KK> I had a black lab cross named Derry long ago.  He was about as dumb as a box of rocks.
[18:52] <@Evie> the hazards of courtship in Shiral's alternate Deryniverse. :D
[18:53] <@Evie> LOL
[18:53] <kirienne> LOL
[18:53] <@Evie> Yeah, my granddad had a black lab who fit that description. He got him hoping he'd be a good hunting dog.  My Chihuahua ended up being a better hunter. :D
[18:53] <KK> Anyway, I need to get back to work.  It's going to be a long night.  See you all next week.
[18:53] * cynicalmedic ( Quit ( Quit: ajax IRC Client )
[18:53] <@Evie> See you!
[18:53] <Shiral> And what happens when your date's shrieks awaken the Duke and Duchess..
[18:53] <kirienne> Nighters KK, thanks for stopping in
[18:53] <Jerusha> Have a good week, KK
[18:53] <the_Bee> Thanks for coming, KK.  Have a good week.
[18:54] <@Evie> Happy editing
[18:54] <Shiral> Bye, KK! Happy writing, tying up loose ends and polishing!
[18:54] <Laurna> Good night  have a great editing  eveing
[18:54] <irina> happy writing!
[18:54] <Shiral> Look out for rabbits
[18:54] <jemler> nite kk
[18:54] * KK steps onto her Portal, waves goodnight, and disappears in a shower of green sparkles. And one of the bulbs just blew in my overhead light. So now I have to go change it.
[18:54] <@Evie> It's about time for me to grab a quick shower before dinner with the MIL
[18:54] <Jerusha> Enjoy, Evie
[18:54] <kirienne> night Evie, have fun at dinner
[18:54] <KK> Nighters, all.
[18:54] <Annie> I think it's bedtime
[18:54] * KK ( Quit ( Quit: )
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