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KK Chat - 8 Sept 2013
« on: September 08, 2013, 07:28:32 pm »

18:03 -!- KK [] has joined #deryni_destinations
18:03 < Annie> hi BtE and Bee
18:03 < the_Bee> Hi Evie and BTE.
18:03 <@Evie> hi KK
18:03 < Annie> hi KK
18:03 <~bynw> hiyas KK
18:03 < KK> Hello, folks.
18:03 < BalanceTheEnergies> Finally! i've been kicked off five times tonight.
18:03 < the_Bee> Evie, how was Dragoncon?
18:03 <@Evie> right on schedule!  my KK alarm just went off
18:03 < BalanceTheEnergies> Hello KK.
18:03 <@Evie> It was great, Bee!
18:03 < the_Bee> Hi KK
18:03 < KK> Hi, Bee.
18:04 < KK> Evie brought lots of littles.
18:04 < jemler> hi kk, bee, bte
18:04 <@Evie> Yep.  Sure did.  And they got to sit on KK's table and listen to her reading
18:05 <@Evie>  and
18:05 < jemler> we are trying to figure out Evaine's eye color.
18:05 < the_Bee> I hope they applauded.
18:05 <@Evie> There they are with their little DragonCon badges.  :D
18:05 <@Evie> It's blue, jemler.  It's mentioned in the beginning of CtH.
18:05 < the_Bee> Evain blue-eyed, IIRC
18:06 <@Evie> that's why I got sucked into re-reading half the book last night, jemler.  "Research."  :D
18:06 < jemler> ok. i'll stop looking then.
18:07 < BalanceTheEnergies> I know the feeling. I just want to look something up, and I get sucked in again.
18:07  * bynw likes sitting in on a KK reading
18:07 < jemler> if you go to and search for dragon, they show some videos clips of it.
18:07 -!- Aerlys [] has joined #deryni_destinations
18:07 <@Evie> Dang, KK, I didn't remember this book being this bloody when I read it in my younger years!  Did I just somehow miss all the gory bits because I was busy looking for Joram's scenes? ;-)
18:07 < jemler> hi aerlys
18:07 < the_Bee> Hi Aerlys
18:07 <@Evie> Hi Aerlys
18:07 < BalanceTheEnergies> Hello Aerlys
18:07 < Aerlys> Hi all!
18:07 <~bynw> hi Aerlys
18:08 < jemler> Joram?!? Duncan will be jealous! :)
18:08 < Annie> hi Aerlys
18:08 <@Evie> I have several favorites, jemler.  Duncan is just at the top of the list. 
18:09 < the_Bee> Mine are Nigel and Javan.
18:09 < jemler> well, i suppose a bishop can move you higher up on the heavenly ladder! :)
18:09 <@Evie> I do like Javan.  Smart kid!
18:09 < jemler> Rhys Michael was no slouch in the end.
18:10 < BalanceTheEnergies> Hmm. I was happy to read that Kelson and Araxie named thier son after him.
18:10 <@Evie> He eventually wised up, yes
18:10 < Annie> Kelson era favourites: Alaric and Nigel. Camber era: Joram and Javan
18:10 < Aerlys> Just took him a bit to get there
18:10 < KK> I was just looking at some of the photos.  You got some good ones.
18:10 <@Evie> I kept forgetting to take any, aside from that last day.
18:10  * bynw will have to agree with Susie and say Stefan Coram sure is an interesting person. Can't wait to find out more about him
18:10 < KK> Are they also on the website?
18:10 <@Evie> if you mean the con photos
18:10 <@Evie> they are
18:11 < KK> Oh, good.  Because flickr won't let me copy them.
18:11  * bynw just uses the handy print screen function to copy images from websites that wont let you copy them normally
18:11 < KK> YOu mean, Camber of Culdi, Evie?  Bloody? 
18:12 -!- Jerusha [] has joined #deryni_destinations
18:12 < jemler> hi jerusha
18:12 <@Evie> I posted them in the action figure project thread, KK.  the pics, that is.
18:12 <~bynw> hi Jerusha
18:12 <@Evie> Hi Jerusha
18:12 < Jerusha> Hi Everyone!
18:12 < Aerlys> Hi Jerusha
18:12 < BalanceTheEnergies> Hello Jerusha
18:12 < the_Bee> Hi Jerusha
18:12 <@Evie> and no, KK, I was rereading Camber the Heretic. 
18:12 < KK> Good.  I think I can get there ok.
18:12 < KK> That's also bloody.
18:12 <@Evie> When it starts getting really bad for Deryni towards the end
18:12 < Annie> hi Jerusha
18:12 <~bynw> CtH is when it starts to get bloody
18:12 -!- DF64 [Mibbit@4CA975.06D306.0F65FB.E945FA] has joined #deryni_destinations
18:13 <~bynw> the whole heirs is even worse
18:13 < the_Bee> HI DF64
18:13 < Jerusha> Hi DF64
18:13 < DF64> hi all
18:13 <@Evie> and to think I was just going to skim it to see if I could find good descriptions of Rhys and Evaine!
18:13 < BalanceTheEnergies> Hello DF64
18:13 <@Evie> hi DF
18:13 < Annie> hi df
18:13 < Jerusha> You can't "skim" a KK book
18:13 < Aerlys> Always found CoH haunting...
18:13 <@Evie> I discovered that
18:13 < jemler> hi df64
18:14 <@Evie> For some reason I only remembered the Heirs trilogy being a bloodbath. I didn't remember it starting in CtH
18:14 <@Evie> As I said, I must have either been in la-la-land or too busy looking for those Joram scenes. ;-)
18:14 <~bynw> and then there is the year 948
18:14 < Aerlys> Made an impression on me because I was about 13 when I read it
18:14 < Jerusha> Rhys's death made me put my heart in armor
18:14 < KK> Yep.
18:15 < Aerlys> ditto
18:15 < BalanceTheEnergies> I rather thought the Legenda trilogy was as well, what with the fifty hostages and Cathan.
18:15 <@Evie> Rhys's death had me crying at 3:00 am
18:15 <@Evie> on a school night
18:15 < KK> Cathan's death was pretty awful.
18:15 < jemler> what about baby aidan at his baptism?
18:15 < Jerusha> I was sort of out of school. :)
18:15 < BalanceTheEnergies> That too.
18:15 < Aerlys> no wonder you haven't posted much lately, Evie
18:15 <@Evie> I was in college or grad school
18:15 < the_Bee> And Evaine's discovering her son Aidan's body.
18:16 < Jerusha> That was awful
18:16 <@Evie> No, I haven't posted much because work has been frantic this week
18:16 <@Evie> it's the beginning of fall term, and my assistant quit about a week before term started
18:16 <~bynw> Evie: see the PM when you get a moment
18:16 < Aerlys> I remember
18:16 < KK> And it ws a short week, too.
18:17 < Aerlys> thank God
18:17 < KK> Two short weeks, what with taking off for Dragoncon.
18:17 < jemler> no it wasn't it was still 7 days long. :)
18:17 < the_Bee> At least your assistant wasn't denounced as a Deryni heretic, Evie.
18:17 < DF64> and only 3 weeks to the return of "Once Upon a Time"
18:17 < Jerusha> Is CM3 all but finished KK?
18:17 < Aerlys> I'm juggling three different school schedules. I'm more schizo than ever
18:18 < the_Bee> student or teacher?
18:18 < KK> All but.  I've entered the edits on the first half, and am steaming along.
18:18 < Jerusha> Wonderful!
18:18 < Aerlys> techincall both. I homeschool, and have kids in school
18:18 < KK> Brave home schooler!
18:19 < Jerusha> I admire you, Aelys
18:19 < the_Bee> Did Dragoncon give you a breather, or more pressure, KK?
18:19 <@Evie> taking a break after you finish those edits and before you start the next book?
18:19 < KK> Yes, a breather, and yes, more pressure.
18:19 < Aerlys> Thanks, Jerusha,
18:19 < Jerusha> But you enjoyed, Dragoncon, KK?
18:20 < KK> And yes, I'll take a bit of a break, to file away all the little pieces of paper and catch up on some mundane things.
18:20 < Aerlys> And then...948?
18:20 < KK> Yes, Dragoncon was good, but hot in some of the big meeting rooms, and in the art show.
18:20 < the_Bee> lilke husbands, cats and dogs
18:20 < KK> But I got to meet one of my current favorite authors, Jack Campbell.
18:20 < jemler> husbands bee? busy?
18:20 < Jerusha> Did Hannah Shapiro have art on display?
18:20 -!- Alkari [] has joined #deryni_destinations
18:21 <@Evie> Do you also catch up on your reading between writing books, or are you able to read other people's stuff while in the middle of writing your own?  For me, I can't do too much reading while in the middle of writing.
18:21 < KK> No.
18:21 < jemler> hi alkari
18:21 < BalanceTheEnergies> Hello Alkari
18:21 < DF64> hi alkari
18:21 < Aerlys> Hi alkari
18:21 < Jerusha> Hi Alkari
18:21 < Alkari> Good moorning everyone.  Ho KK - welcome back from the Con.
18:21 < Annie> hi Alkari
18:21 <@Evie> hi Alkari
18:21 < the_Bee> Was Campbell the one you were fan-girling over, according to Evie?
18:21 < KK> I read some.  And speaking of reading others, I last night read about the kitten tree in Cetaganda.  Yuck!
18:21 < KK> Yes, Bee.
18:21 < the_Bee> ???
18:21 < Aerlys> ick
18:22 <@Evie> LOL!  I was in chat last Sunday, and I mentioned you might not have wifi in your hotel, or might be too busy fangirling. :D
18:22 < Alkari> Kitten tree?
18:22 < KK> Those who have read the Vorkosian novels will know about the kitten tree.
18:22 <@Evie> Yeah, the kitten tree is a squicky concept
18:22 < Aerlys> sounds either soft or sinister
18:22 < the_Bee> sounds cruel
18:22 < KK> One has to wonder what would have happened if they'd been ripe.
18:22 < Alkari> Sounds squicky.  Haven't read those books yet.
18:22 < Jerusha> Ick
18:23 < KK> You have a treat in store.  Try to read them in order.
18:23 < Annie> I've been reading Ben Aaronovitch's Rivers of London series
18:24 < Annie> I was in London with some friends a couple of w/e ago, one of whom had read them also
18:24 <@Evie> The series is excellent, but the Cetagandans are masters of genetic manipulation, and the "Kitten tree" is one of their more...unusual developments
18:24 < KK> Vorkosigan.
18:24 < KK> The Cetagandans are just plain weird.
18:24 < BalanceTheEnergies> Hmmm.
18:24 < Annie> and we were going around Covent Garden going "And that's where he saw the ghost. And that's where..."
18:24 <@Evie> yes, yes they are, KK!
18:24 < Alkari> OK, will add to my list.  I need to visit the local library to stock up on books again.
18:24 < Aerlys> my list is growing...
18:25 < Jerusha> How is your wrist, Alkari?
18:25 < BalanceTheEnergies> I have to finish moving first <sigh>
18:25 < KK> Whare are you moving to?
18:25 <@Evie> LOL, Annie! I love books I can do that with.  There's a mystery writer who sets her books in Birmingham, AL, and I recognize all her landmarks
18:25 < KK> Where
18:26 < BalanceTheEnergies> A msaller flat in the building. The owners want to sell, and they aren't making enough money from the unit I'm in. I have a survival job as a cashier and no prospects of anything better.
18:26 < Annie> It's called something other than Rivers of London in the US, which I think is a shame
18:26 < Alkari> aMy wrist is wonderful, thanks Jerusha.
18:26 < Annie> you lot clearly won't buy books obviously set in England :s
18:26 < KK> Bummer, bte.
18:26 < Jerusha> Excellent, Alkari
18:26 < jemler> i read something yersterday. Markus Heitz, a 4 part series called Dwarfs. in order they are The Dwarves, War of the Dwarves, Revenge of the Dwarves, The Fate of the Dwearves. Has anyone read them?
18:27 < BalanceTheEnergies> Ooops smaller flat. My fingers don't want to work today. Too much typing
18:27 < the_Bee> I seldom buy, I borrow from the library.
18:27 < BalanceTheEnergies> The trouble with treading water economically is every little wave goes right up one's nose.
18:27 < Jerusha> I would buy books set in England - Margaret Frazer, for one
18:27 < KK> With some notabole exceptions, I trust.  ;-)
18:27 <@Evie> Sure we do,Annie
18:27 < Alkari> Surgeon saw me lat week, was amazed at how well I had healed, and said he doesn't need to see me again.  My bone density is also excellent.
18:27 < the_Bee> But I bought Ngaio Marsh's novels when she was alive.
18:28 < Annie> publishers clearly didn't think so, since they've called it something Riot, or Riot something
18:28 < Alkari> Love Ngaio Marsh
18:28 < Annie> Midnight Riot
18:28 < BalanceTheEnergies> Good for you Alkari. I'm putting off a doctor visit myself.
18:28 < Jerusha> That may not be a good thing, BtE
18:28 <@Evie> Weird.  Many of my books are set in England, though that could be due to me loving historicals, and there aren't exactly a lot of medieval historical fiction books set in North America. :D
18:29 < KK> Yeah, depends on what it's for.
18:29 < DF64> good for you alkari
18:29 < Annie> and where the original had a map of London on the cover in the UK, it now looks like this
18:29 < BalanceTheEnergies> I don't have halth insurance, but I suspect I have RA. Not much I can do about either.
18:29 < Aerlys> Guess they thnk American's need more "exciting" titles, Annie.
18:29 < jemler> i have to arrange to go to pittsburgh to talk to the director of the transplant institute.
18:29 < KK> How far is that for you?
18:29 < Jerusha> Is it sounding hopefull, Jemler?
18:29 < the_Bee> Are you nearing the top of the list, Jemler?
18:30 < Annie> instead of this
18:30 < Annie>
18:30 < jemler> so far yes. i have 1 small sore to finish dealing with, and then hopefully i'll be on the list.
18:30 < Annie> good
18:30 < Alkari> that's great
18:30 < Jerusha> Very good, Jemler
18:30 <@Evie> Looks good, Annie
18:31 < jemler> bee, as far as i know, i'm not even on the list yet.
18:31 < BalanceTheEnergies> Here's hoping, jemler.
18:31 <@Evie> Oh great, jemler!  Hope that works out
18:31 < the_Bee> Hope you make it soon, Jemler
18:31 < DF64> good luck jemler
18:31 <~bynw> if you are looking for stuff to read while we wait for KK's next book ... i've got a couple for ya ...
18:32 < jemler> if it does i'll be offline for a while. i'm not taking my ipad to a hospital.
18:32 <~bynw> and
18:32 < KK> Not secure?
18:32 < Alkari> You will have to rely on old fashioned books!
18:32 < BalanceTheEnergies> Well, they are small and portable...
18:32 < jemler> they are not responsible for a patients private belongings.
18:33 < KK> And they don't provide secure lockers...
18:33 < jemler> nope.
18:33 < KK> That sucks.
18:33 < BalanceTheEnergies> It does indeed.
18:34 < jemler> well, i was told that after i'm on the list, i could wait 5 years for a kidney. so it won't be next week.
18:34 < Alkari> Yes, they could at least provide a lockable drawer or cabinet
18:34 < Aerlys> long wait!
18:34 < KK> Seems to me that patients are among those who most need electronic devices to help pass the time.
18:34 < BalanceTheEnergies> So you'd think Alkari.
18:34 < jemler> yep. dialysuis 3 times a week until then.
18:34 < Alkari> Must admit that the two hospitals I've been in lately provided those
18:35 < jemler> but you're in Oz.
18:35 < BalanceTheEnergies> Perhaps the practice ins't widespread yet.
18:35 < Alkari> Yes, and they were private hospitals!!
18:35 < BalanceTheEnergies> Perhaps that's it then:private hospitals have to innovate and compete.
18:36 < jemler> this is part of the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center.
18:36 < the_Bee> a teaching hospital then
18:36 < jemler> yes.
18:37 < Alkari> be nice to the medical students who will undoubtedly visit you!
18:37 < jemler> the Starzl Transplantation Institute was founded by the man who did the first liver transplant. he actually works at the hospital!
18:38 < the_Bee> cool!
18:38 < Aerlys> wow
18:38 < Jerusha> Sounds like you will be in good hands, Jemler
18:38 < jemler> only to the women who want to play doctor! :)
18:38 < Alkari> LOL @ jemler!
18:39  * Evie shakes her head sadly at jemler
18:39 < jemler> i'll talk to my coordinator tomorrow about setting up the appt.
18:40 < Annie> did you happen to see my post about Brandon Sanderson, KK?
18:40 < jemler> Evie thought I was growing up! Isn't that cute! :)
18:40 < DF64> Serena Williams just won the US Open
18:40 <@Evie> I was under no such illusion, jemler.
18:40 < jemler> and the steelers lost again!
18:40 < Jerusha> Are we allowed to throw fish while you are in hospital, Jemler?
18:41 < DF64> no
18:41 < KK> I haven't had time to explore in the website, but I saw an article in my facebook feed, that he'd mentioned me in his acceptance speech.
18:41 < jemler> Noah Lugeons?
18:41 < the_Bee> only if they're mercury-free.
18:41 < Annie> he wrote a blog post about winning a Hugo, and he mentioned you
18:41 < jemler> and come with fries a medium drink!
18:41 < KK> That may have been what I read. 
18:41 < Aerlys> Only if you put on sterile gloves first, Jerusha
18:41 < Jerusha> And little tiny surgical masks
18:42 < Annie> "I’d never heard of literary science fiction cons before. I figured it was something like a Star Trek con. I was wrong, as this was something so much more. A welcoming home, a place for thoughtful discussion, and a place of learning."
18:42 < jemler> make sure the gloves are ribbed for your pleasure! :)
18:42 < Annie> " I spent that weekend in panels, listening to REAL writers who wrote stories like I liked to read. Katherine Kurtz was guest of honor, and I remember my utter amazement at how—when I asked her a question about writing—she sat me down and didn’t just answer, but talked to me and encouraged me for a good half hour while she waited for her next panel."
18:42 < KK> Yep, that's what I read.  Very kid of him.
18:42 < KK> kind
18:42 < Annie> he comes across as a nice bloke
18:43 < KK> I read his fist novel, Elantra.  Fascinating premise.
18:43 <@Evie> The ones who remember what it was like to be new at it all usually are.  It's the ones who get too full of themselves who aren't.
18:43 < the_Bee> Is he the one who's been doing the Amber novels since Zelazny's death?
18:43 < KK> I think so.
18:44 < Annie> he's been doing Wheel of Time since Robert Jordan's death. Not Amber
18:44 <@Evie> He finished Robert Jordan's series after Jordan's death
18:44 < jemler> i still haven't finished that.
18:44 < the_Bee> oh yes, one or the other.  I recently finished A Memory of Light.
18:45 < Annie> I read "The Way of Kings" recently, and had to stop myself going straight back to the beginning when I got to the end.
18:45 < jemler> i should figure out which books i'm missing and buy them
18:45 < Annie> and there's a new Scott Lynch out soon! Whoooot!
18:45 < KK> Haven't read any of those.  I'd stopped reading SF for a while.  Vorkosigan and Lost Fleet got me rehooked.
18:46 < Annie> The Lies of Locke Lamora is hysterical, if you don't mind somewhat fruity language
18:46 <@Evie> There's also an amazing book called Crowchanger that I hope makes it into print soon.  ;-)
18:46 < jemler> a lot of lisping?
18:46 < Annie> sshhhh!
18:46 < Annie> ;)
18:46 < Jerusha> Not to mention the follow-on
18:47  * Annie smacks Evie and Jerusha
18:47 < Aerlys> LOL
18:47 <@Evie> It's by some gal named Ann something-or-other, unless she wusses out and picks a pseudonym
18:47 < Jerusha> Jerusha grins - it was worth it
18:47 < jemler> somebody else got hit!?
18:48 < Aerlys> I don't think she used a fish
18:48  * Evie hides behind jemler, since he's used to getting hit
18:48 < Annie> lol
18:48 < jemler> wimp
18:49 < the_Bee> We're equal-opportunity fish-smackers.  Jemler just gives us more opportunities.
18:49 < DF64> :D
18:49 <@Evie> Heck, Jemler practically holds up a sign saying "Hit MEEE!  Hit MEEEE!!!"
18:50 < Aerlys> fish hog
18:50  * jemler paints a bullseye on his forehead
18:50 < Jerusha> Jerusha flings a smelt, just to be sociable
18:50 <@Evie> I think I managed around 200 words today, Annie.  Not much, but it's better than complete writer's block.
18:50 < Annie> yay
18:50 < jemler> that smelt smelt rotten
18:50 < Annie> I've been corkboarding stuff in Scrivener
18:50 < Jerusha> Yippee!  Which story, Evie?
18:51 <@Evie> The Sister Luke one
18:51 < Jerusha> Looking forward to it
18:51 < jemler> luke is a girl?
18:51 -!- DomMelchior [] has joined #deryni_destinations
18:51 <@Evie> Sister Luke who chaperoned Richenda in HD, jemler. And yes, she's a girl. :D
18:51 < jemler> hi dm
18:51 < the_Bee> Nuns can take male saints' names
18:51 < Alkari> Hi there DM
18:51 < Jerusha> Hi DomMelchior
18:52 < the_Bee> Hi DM
18:52 < jemler> kinky
18:52 < DomMelchior> HI
18:52 <@Evie> Hi, DM
18:52 < Annie> hi DomMelchior
18:52 < Aerlys> hi DM
18:52 <~bynw> hi DomMelchior
18:52 -!- Irssi: #deryni_destinations: Total of 15 nicks [3 ops, 0 halfops, 1 voices, 11 normal]
18:52 < jemler> i guess that's why there is no Father Bernadette.
18:52 < DomMelchior> How's everyone this evening?
18:52 <@Evie> Also futzing around a bit with my original story in progress, trying to figure out where it's going to progress TO.  :)
18:52 < Annie> cool
18:52 < BalanceTheEnergies> Hello
18:53 <@Evie> Fair t' middlin', DM
18:53 < jemler> how are you dm?
18:53 < the_Bee> DomMelchior, is there also a DomCaspar and a DomBalthazzar?
18:53 < DomMelchior> Trying to stay cool by hibernating in the A/C
18:53 < jemler> why not? there is a domperignon
18:53 < DomMelchior> Bee, somewhere in the world, I imagine so.
18:53 < Jerusha> Not a problem where I am.  The leaves are turning already
18:53 < the_Bee> Where do you live, DM?
18:54 < Annie> been chilly here last 2 days
18:54 < DomMelchior> Southern California
18:55 < Aerlys> mixed bag here. had some rare thunderstorms. Today we have sun!!!
18:55 < KK> brb
18:55 < Alkari> We had 30C on the weekend - in September!!   That is much too early for summer  :(
18:55 <@Evie> We've had a blessedly cool summer, but still far from cold
18:56 < Annie> we've had a hot summer for us, but it's cooling rapidly now
18:56 < DomMelchior> It's been 90's here for the last week.  Even my desert dog doesn't want to stay outside for long.
18:56 < Alkari> It dropped to 21C yesterday, but higher today and up to 29C and more tomorrow, so they say.
18:56 < Alkari> No rain for weeks - the 'showers' never arrived
18:57 < Aerlys> I'll be glad to send you some
18:57 < Jerusha> That's not good
18:57 < KK> back
18:57 < Alkari> I was loking at my winter clothes and realised there were lots that I had not worn this season, as it simply hadn't been cold enough
18:57 < DomMelchior> Rehi KK
18:57 < Jerusha> WB, KK
18:57 <@Evie> wb
18:57 < the_Bee> rehi KK
18:57 < Alkari> hi again KK
18:58 < KK> Shenandoah Valley has been wet and only a few days hotter than 85-90.
18:58 < Alkari> It will probably be horrid and cold when I go to Europe next year
18:58 < Annie> where/when are you going?
18:58 < the_Bee> which months, Alkari?
18:59 <@Evie> KK, did any of those potential hair colors for Rhys that I sent you look like what you had in mind?
18:59 < KK> I'll have to get back to you on that, Evie
18:59 <@Evie> Or should I aim for a darker red? (Or a lighter one?)
18:59 <@Evie> OK
18:59 < Alkari> France for 3 weeks in late August - we fly out here on 20th, and then in Normandy for 2 1/2 weeks followed by Paris and Amsterdam, then cruise from Amsterdam to Budapest 15-30 Sept.
19:00 < the_Bee> Didn't you once say that you imagined Rhys's hair like David Caruso's,KK?
19:00 <@Evie> that sounds like a fun vacation, Alkari
19:00 < Annie> hard to judge then
19:00 < Alkari> Couple of days in Budapest, then home.   With no money!
19:00  * Aerlys contemplates how she can squeeze into Alkari's suitcase...
19:00 < KK> Expecy hot.  They've had a very hot summer, pumctuated by bouts of heavy rain and flooding.
19:00 < KK> expect
19:00 < Annie> could be nice, or not. Paris weather very similar to ours
19:00 < Jerusha> I'll carry the suitcase :)
19:00 < Alkari> We are going to the World Equestrian Games in Normandym which will bbe great fun - so many people we know are going
19:01 < jemler> what games do they play? checkers, chess, poker?
19:01 < Jerusha> Horseshoes
19:01 < jemler> lol
19:01 < Aerlys> lol
19:01 <@Evie> lol
19:01 < DF64> :D
19:02 < Alkari> But it means something like 2 weeks sitting outside (plus tramping a cross country course), so we just hope the weather is reasonably kind
19:02 < jemler> watch were you're going.
19:02 < Alkari> Naturally!
19:02 < Jerusha> Still sounds like a great time
19:03 < the_Bee> Will there be polo matches?
19:03 < Alkari> No, not polo.
19:04 < Alkari> Dressage and para-dressage, eventing, showjumping, vaulting, carriage driving, reining and endurance
19:04 < the_Bee> ah.
19:04 < Annie> vaulting?
19:04 < jemler> ah yes. polo. golf on horseback.
19:04 < Alkari> Yes  :)
19:04  * Annie now has images of horses with long poles going very high in the air
19:04 <@Evie> Also reverse water polo, with the horses on top, and pool noodles for polo sticks.
19:04 < Alkari> Golf courses are just wasted galloping territory, jemler!
19:05 < Aerlys> LOL Annie
19:05 < DomMelchior> Annie, that sounds like jousting that has gone very, very wrong
19:05 < DF64> VERY WRONG!!
19:05 < Annie> lol
19:05 < Annie> maybe *that's* how pole vaulting was invented!
19:05 <@Evie> :D
19:06 < jemler> "Country clubs and cemetaries are two of the biggest wasters of prime real estate" Rodney Dangerfield - Caddyshack
19:06 <@Evie> It started as polo vaulting
19:06 <@Evie> and then something got lost in translation
19:06 -!- Laurna [] has joined #deryni_destinations
19:06 < jemler> hi laurna
19:06 < the_Bee> Hi Laurna
19:06 < Aerlys> hi laurna
19:06 < DF64> hi laurna
19:06 < Annie> I'm checking out Venice. Last went there 20 years back, and have been desperate to return since.
19:06 < DomMelchior> Hi Lauma
19:06 < Laurna> Good day everyone
19:06 < KK>  So, how do they vault, in your world, Alkari?
19:06 < Annie> hi Laurna
19:07 < Alkari> The Los Angeles Olympics actually used a golf course for the cross country - cheaper for them to hire the whole place build the jumps and then restore it, than to build a totally new facility
19:07 <@Evie> My husband's grandfather had a role in Caddyshack as a background extra.  He was a band leader, and that's him and his band in the background of some scenes.
19:07 <~bynw> neat
19:07  * bynw likes KK's role as an extra
19:07 < KK> That akes sense to hire a golf course.
19:07 < jemler> the ones radney told to take some more lessons?
19:07 < KK> makes
19:08 <@Evie> hi Laurna
19:08 < Laurna> Hi back
19:08 < Alkari> Hi Laurna
19:08 <~bynw> hi Laurna
19:08 < Jerusha> Hi Laurna
19:08 <@Evie> KK, to give proper credit, Laurna was the one who steered me towards the Barbie Galadriel doll as a possible head source for Evaine's action figure.
19:08 <@Evie> I ended up buying one, Laurna
19:09 < Laurna> Hope it works
19:09 <@Evie> can't remember if I told you
19:09 < KK> Ah.  Well done, Laurna!
19:09 < Aerlys> Barbie Galadriel?
19:09 < Laurna> I bought one this week she is pretty
19:09 <@Evie> Yes. She'll need ear points sanded off, probably, but other than that she makes a nice stand-in
19:09 < the_Bee> Is there also a Barbie Arwen? or a Barbie Gollum?
19:09 < jemler> the elves had barbies?
19:09 < Jerusha> Barbie had pointed ears?
19:10 < Aerlys> the orc Barbies didn't sell too well
19:10 <@Evie> Galadriel Barbie does
19:10 <@Evie>
19:10 < KK> The Galadriel Barbie does.
19:10 <@Evie> or at least I assume she does, since Legolas Ken evidently does
19:10 <@Evie> not that you can tell under all that hair
19:10 < Aerlys> eww
19:11 < Jerusha> Ah, I see
19:11 < Laurna> Yes but the ears are only slightly pointy
19:11 < jemler> could you imagine pierced pointy ears?
19:11 <@Evie> I suspect they'll be very easy to modify with sandpaper and/or a craft knife
19:11 < Jerusha> Jerusha winces
19:11 < jemler> ah, plastic surgery!
19:12 < Aerlys> Legolas Ken...that whirring sound you hear is Tolkien rolling in his grave..
19:12 <@Evie> I got a very odd action figure head with the action figure body I bought for her.  The head comes with pierced ears (or at least one, since she's only got one earring) and a bandanna that was unfortunately molded on as part of her forehead.
19:12 < jemler> looks like ken is losing all his parts! :)
19:12 < jemler> now he's loge-less
19:12 <@Evie> I am trying to figure out if there's any way to re-use the head if I disguise the bandanna to look like a coronet instead
19:12 < jemler> lego-less
19:13 < Alkari> We just call Evie 'Evie Frankenstein'
19:13 < Aerlys> he has no legos
19:13 < Annie> I'd best go to bed, since I have to get DD up for school in less than 6 hours
19:13 < KK> You could put hi in a helm, Evie.
19:13 < Alkari> or should that be Frankenfurter?
19:13 < jemler> nite annie
19:13 < Aerlys> G'nite Annie
19:13 < Jerusha> Sleep well, Annie, and write lots!
19:13 < KK> Nighters, annie.  Sleep well.
19:13 < Annie> so I'll maybe see you next week
19:13 < Alkari> Night Annie
19:13 < the_Bee> Nighters, Annie
19:13 < Laurna> night Annie
19:13  * jemler tucks DD into bed
19:13 < Annie> behave, Evie and Jerusha!
19:13 <@Evie> Bye, Annie
19:13 < Annie> night
19:13 < DF64> nite annie
19:14 <@Evie> It's a female figure's head, KK
19:14 -!- Annie [Mibbit@BF1DC3.742278.D5BBED.011FF1] has quit [Quit: ajax IRC Client]
19:14 < DomMelchior> nighters Annie
19:14 < Jerusha> Ah, do we have too?
19:14 < KK> Oh.  How about a nun?
19:14 <@Evie> There's a thought
19:14 < DomMelchior> Let's have none of that
19:14 < KK> What kind of a fool would mold a bandana on a head?
19:15 < jemler> don't you mean 'nun of that'?
19:15 <@Evie> It's a headband style of bandanna, not a full head cover, so it's just a band across her forehead at the hairline, but it's annoying because it's part of her face, not just added on.
19:15 < Jerusha> The nun idea might work
19:15 < KK> Could maybe do a coronet, then, if it doesn't come down too far.
19:15 < Laurna> lol Jemler
19:15 < jemler> you could ask the taliban for a barbie sized burka.
19:15 <@Evie> Here's the type of figure it came from.
19:16 <@Evie> I got it to use the body, so if I can't use the head, it's not a great loss, but still, you'd think there'd be some way to make her work out
19:16 < Laurna> Not to pretty  need to cover her, she might make a good nun.
19:17 < the_Bee> but then you'll need another body, and a use for that body's head...
19:17 < Alkari> what are you going to make with all the body parts you have left over?!
19:17 < Aerlys> I get it. Rambo Barbie.
19:17 < KK> A sniper nun.  Now, there's a thought.
19:17 <@Evie> Oh, the body is going to Evaine.
19:17 < jemler> FrankenBarbie
19:17 <@Evie> LOL, KK!
19:17 < Jerusha> Jemler!  You beat me too it
19:17 < jemler> sorry
19:17 <@Evie> It's a nice ZC body like the ones on Helena and Richenda. It's just the head that is weird.
19:17 < KK> She's got lots of bodies and heads, Bee.
19:17 < Alkari> That's what worries up, KK
19:17 < Alkari> us.
19:18 < KK> (Homeland Security's going to have a field day with this conversation, re heads and bodies.)
19:18 < Laurna> As long as there in 1/6 scale I'm not too worried
19:18 < Alkari> LOL.  Expect a knock on your door any time!
19:18 < Jerusha> And sniper nuns
19:18 < jemler> with pointed ears
19:18 < KK> And sniper nuns.
19:19 <@Evie> Yeah, I like the sniper nuns myself. :D
19:19 < Alkari> "Famous author arrested on suspicion of magical terrorism"
19:19 < KK> It's been done before.
19:19 < Aerlys> New branch of the Michaelines
19:19 < jemler> the Michellines
19:19 < Alkari> A snipe nun sounds a great weapon against Teymuraz
19:19 < Alkari> * sniper
19:20 < Aerlys> so does a t-rex...
19:20 < Alkari> What spare weapons do you have in your arsenal, Evie?
19:20 < the_Bee> a nun on a snipe hunt
19:20 < DomMelchior> brb
19:20 <@Evie> lots of modern guns and stuff.  Also swords and daggers.  No missile weapons yet
19:21 <@Evie> Oh wait, I have one figure with a bow and arrow!
19:21 < jemler> a Nun walks up to the mayor and says, "I'm looking for a man"
19:21 < KK> The arsenal is growing.
19:21 <@Evie> I may have a grenade launcher
19:22 < KK> A grenade launcher?!
19:22 < jemler> you also have a fish catapult.
19:22 <@Evie> None of which I bought, btw.  I got a package of action figure accessories from a friend who thought I might be able to use them
19:22 < Laurna> And where would a self respecting Deryni get a grenade launcher?
19:22 < KK> Boy, don't mess with <those> sniper nuns!
19:22 <@Evie> they were all of his cast-off bits and bobs from his action figure collection
19:22 < jemler> illgal arms trade
19:22 <@Evie> LOL, KK!
19:22 < Jerusha> Ninja nuns
19:22 <@Evie> Yes, a grenade launcher will make a nice fish catapult. I'll get them to work on that right away
19:22 < KK> I think you're right, Jemler.
19:23 < the_Bee> and legs trade and heads trade
19:23 < DomMelchior> back.  had to let the hound out
19:23 <@Evie> parts is parts
19:23 < jemler> lol bee
19:23 < Jerusha> Except in this case, it's real arms (as in human)
19:23 < DF64> who let the dogs out
19:23 < DomMelchior> I did!
19:23 < jemler> oh, so YOU lets the dofs out
19:23 < Alkari> let loose the dogs of war?
19:23 < jemler> Havoc!
19:23 <@Evie> cry havoc! and let slip the dogs of war....
19:23 <@Evie> :D
19:24 < DomMelchior> Naw, he's a peace lovin' hound...
19:24 < DomMelchior> ...unless you're a bunny
19:24 < Jerusha> Speaking of which, how is Jessa, Laurna?
19:24 < jemler> Evie, get out of my head! There's too many of me in here already!
19:24 < KK> Does he swim, DomMelchior?
19:24 < Laurna> She is sooooo cute and growing bigger.
19:24 < DomMelchior> He knows how, KK, but he does NOT like it
19:24 < Laurna> Found a plastic bottle and chases it every where around the house
19:25 < KK> (I think I actually asked you that before.)
19:25 < Jerusha> Is he a Pharaoh hound, DM?
19:25 < DomMelchior> Yes Jerusha
19:26 < KK> Yike, I need to get back to the hand-editing, guys.  Next week I expect to be able to report that it's all off to the editor.
19:26 <@Evie> Yay!!!
19:26 < jemler> ok kk. nite
19:26 < Laurna> Wow that is fast
19:26 < DomMelchior> Good luck KK
19:26 < Jerusha> Yah!
19:26 < the_Bee> Thanks for coming, KK. Have a good week.
19:26 < DF64> nite kk
19:26 < DomMelchior> G'nighters
19:26 < KK> Fast?  Surely you jest!
19:26 < Jerusha> Night, KK, and happy editing
19:26 < jemler> just 6 more months until the new book?
19:26 < Laurna>  enjoy editing
19:26 < KK> With luck.
19:27 < KK> See you next week.
19:27 < DomMelchior> I never jest (much), and don't call me Shirley
19:27 < BalanceTheEnergies> Good night KK.
19:27  * Evie aims the fish launcher at DM
19:27  * KK steps onto her Portal, waves goodnight, and disappears in a shower of green sparkles.
19:27 < Alkari> Night KK
19:27 -!- KK [] has quit [Quit: ]