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KK Chat - 11 August 2013
« on: August 11, 2013, 07:40:13 pm »

18:09 -!- KK [] has joined #deryni_destinations
18:09 < the_Bee> YUM!!!
18:09 < kirienne> Hi KK
18:09 < the_Bee> Hi KK
18:09 <@Evie> hi, KK
18:09 < Annie> well, it's late, and I've been ferrying K about tonight. She's just back from her orchestra trip to France
18:09 < Annie> hi kk
18:09 < KK> Hello, all.
18:09 < Alkari> Hi KK
18:10  * Evie lifts her bottle of Angry Orchard apple ginger cider in a toast to KK's health
18:10  * the_Bee lifts her beer.
18:11 < Alkari> I get to France next year, but not across the Channel
18:11 <@Evie> Alas, poor Rorik....  So, how's the book coming along, KK?
18:11 < KK> Angry Orchard apple ginger cider...made with angry apples?
18:11 < jemler> hi kk
18:11 < KK> Good progress today, getting ready to execute Rorik for treason.
18:11 <@Evie> LOL!  Made with tasty apples, though I can't attest to their emotional state.  Probably a flat affect, by now, being pressed apples..... ;-)
18:11 < Annie> they were trying to work out how to promote the concert, and ended up doing a flashmob of the Khachaturian in the town square!
18:12 < KK> Have you seen that flashmob of Ode to Joy with full orchestra, done in a town square?  Awesome!
18:13 < kirienne> Yay for good progress on book :-)
18:13 < the_Bee> sounds groovy!
18:13 < Alkari> Sounds great, Annie
18:13 < the_Bee> remind me: who's rorik?
18:13 < KK>
18:13 < Alkari> And book progress too, KK.
18:14 -!- Jerusha [Mibbit@4FC299.2DD460.2C3BC8.4CA7AC] has joined #deryni_destinations
18:14 <@Evie> Hi, Jerusha
18:14 < the_Bee> HI jerusha
18:14 < kirienne> hi Jerusha
18:14 < KK> Rorik ws the Earl of Eastmarch who rebelled against Brion and prompted Brion's trip north, whereupon he got the challenge from the Marluk.
18:14 < Annie> hi Jerusha
18:14 < jemler> hi jerusha
18:14 < Jerusha> Hi Everyone!
18:14 <@Evie> Haldanes don't seem to have much luck with their Earls of Eastmarch, do they?
18:14 < the_Bee> Earls of Eastmarch seem to have a habit of rebelling.
18:15 <@Evie> Given that Ian Howell was the next Earl, wasn't he?
18:15 < KK> I summarized this action in a couple or three paragraphs in Swords Against the Marluk, but now it's time to expand that.
18:15 < Jerusha> Eastmarch is to be watched
18:15 < KK> Ian's father was.
18:15 <@Evie> Oooh, that reminds me...I have a question about something Ian did in DR.  I just got done re-reading that story all the way through for the first time in ages.
18:16 < KK> Arban Howell is 2nd cousin of Rorik, becomes earl, and his son is Ian.
18:16 < jemler> evie, yes he was the bad guy.
18:16 <@Evie> Ah, OK.  I knew Ian had an Eastmarch connection
18:16 < the_Bee> so no attainder on the entire Howell family.
18:16 < Alkari> Hopefully the Earl in Kelson's time becomes better - didn't Kelson give the earldom to a loyal general?   Who was married to Ian Howell's sister?
18:16 < Jerusha> Yes, but I forget his name
18:17 <@Evie> Burchard, was it, or am I misremembering?
18:17 < jemler> burchard de varian
18:17 < KK> I think so.
18:17 < Alkari> That's right
18:17 <@Evie> I'd have totally forgotten that, except Alkari wrote him into a story.
18:17 < Jerusha> That was a nice scene
18:17 < Alkari> He escaped with General Gloddruth
18:18 <@Evie> Ah, I found my question about Ian, KK.  Or actually, it's about magical teleportation.
18:18 < Alkari> After the massacre at Rengarth
18:18 < KK> cfdddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd
18:18 < Jerusha> ???
18:18 < KK> That was Gus.
18:18 < the_Bee> eeeefffffggggggggggggggggggggggggggg
18:18 < Jerusha> Hi Gus
18:19 <@Evie> Gus, do you want to answer this question for KK?  :D
18:19 < kirienne> LOL
18:19 < KK> Ask, and one of us will answer.
18:19 <@Evie> OK, here's the passage in question, and then the actual questions I have.  From p 209 of DR, end of chapter 10....
18:19 <@Evie> "Quickly he stepped to the center of the room and gathered his cloak around him.  Then, murmuring the words of the spell Charissa had taught him, he made the proper pass in the air before him with an outstretched arm--and disappeared."
18:20 <@Evie> Just prior to that paragraph, Ian regrets that he only has enough energy left to jump as far as the Cathedral, which seems to imply that he is planning on ending up at the sacristy Transfer Portal.
18:20 <@Evie> However, if this is a Transfer Portal scene, then why does Ian require a special spell and gesture to use the Portal, when no one else in the novels seems to do this (including Duncan a short while earlier in the same book)?
18:20 <@Evie>  Or is he using some other means of translocation that perhaps Charissa knew about and could teach Ian due to her advanced training, and which does not require a Portal to use?  And if so, is this also how Sir Se (and maybe Stefan Coram) gets from place to place without a Portal?
18:21 < jemler> the portal ian used was also used by charissa the night before kelson's crowning. it was created by the de courcy in the bastard prince. maybe he needed the gestures as a sort of focusing to use the portal.
18:21 < KK> Given that Ian is not Deryni, I think it's something Charissa taught him, keyed to something she planted in him.  (And remember that this was in the very first book, when I was still working out the details of how things worked.)
18:21 < KK> It would have been a focusing device.
18:21 < jemler> he had a least limited power, as witnessed by the guards he used.
18:21 <@Evie> Maybe, but it made me wonder because I don't recall anyone else having to use a special spell to use a TP.  Though since he's not Deryni, that makes sense.
18:22 < the_Bee> lilke the effect of merasha on normal humans
18:23 <@Evie> And I'll have to file that away in my useful tidbits file now, since Jass McArdry isn't Deryni either, but I'm sure Dhugal would find it handy to teach him how to use a Portal, if Dhugal finds out about this spell himself.  :-D
18:23 -!- Shiral [] has joined #deryni_destinations
18:23 < Jerusha> Hi Shiral!
18:23 < Shiral> Hi everyone
18:23 < jemler> hi shiral
18:24 < KK> Hey, Shiral, almost-condo-owner!
18:24 < the_Bee> HI Shiral!  How's your new home?
18:24 <@Evie> From such fun little details in minor scenes are fanfic ideas spawned. :-D
18:24 <@Evie> Hi, Shiral!
18:24 < Jerusha> How soon do you get it?
18:24 < Shiral> It's lovely. Just can't go into it yet
18:24 < kirienne> Hi Shrial, congrats on getting your condo!
18:24 < Shiral> We close the deal on August 30th
18:24 < Annie> hi Shiral
18:24 < Shiral> Thanks everyone
18:24  * Evie hands a bottle of champagne to Shiral
18:24 < Jerusha> Evie, does that mean another story? :)
18:24 < KK> And then I assume you'll take a month overlap to get stuff done and move?
18:24 < the_Bee> That will seem like a very llloonnnggg wait
18:24 < Shiral> Hi Annie,  Alkari, Jemler Jerusha, Kirienne, KK, and Bee
18:24 < Annie> so are you going to write some fanfic, Evie, or just save tidbits? :P
18:24  * Alkari waves to Shiral
18:24 -!- DF64 [Mibbit@4CA975.06D306.A02A24.C2E1D4] has joined #deryni_destinations
18:25 < the_Bee> Hi DF
18:25 < kirienne> although that's not too far off, it must seem like an eternity
18:25 < DF64> hi all
18:25 < jemler> hi df64
18:25 < Annie> hi df
18:25 < Jerusha> Hi DF64
18:25 < Shiral> It both seems like a long time and not enough
18:25 <@Evie> No present plans until I can finish the ones already in progress, Jerusha, but I always like to store ideas away just in case one takes root.
18:25 < kirienne> Hi DF64
18:25 < Shiral> Hi DF
18:25 <@Evie> hi, DF
18:25 < Jerusha> Ones in progress are good!
18:26 < Jerusha> You aren't moving yourself, are you, Shiral?
18:27 <@Evie> Everytime I type "Hi DF", I think of DLF..."Dear Little Friend," aka Trumpkin in the Chronicles of Narnia. :-D
18:27 < the_Bee> I'm glad you waited for the right place, Shiral.  I was worried that you'd let it pass you by.
18:27 < Shiral> Everything came together very fast, Bee
18:27 < DF64> i'm taller than Peter Dinklage
18:27 <@Evie> Most people are, DF
18:27 < jemler> who isn't?
18:27 < the_Bee> How tall is Peter Dinklage?
18:27 < Shiral> June and July were very discouraging until the place I bought went on the market
18:27  * jemler ducks
18:27 < Annie> I met Peter Dinklage a month or two back, and I can report that he is a very lovely man
18:28 < Jerusha> Jerusha throws a cracker
18:28  * Evie checks jemler for webbed feet
18:28 < Jerusha> Neat, Annie. Where did you meet him?
18:28 < Annie> he's actually even smaller than I thought he was going to be, Bee
18:28 < Annie> he was at London Film and ComicCon
18:29 < jemler> he is 4'5
18:29 < Shiral> I'm going to get professional help moving, Jerusha, but I'll be doing most of the packing
18:29 < Jerusha> We did a self move and I will NEVER do it again
18:30 < Annie> we were there on Saturday, which is the busiest day, and on that one day he did 2 talks (one solo, one GoT), 2 photo shoots (one solo, one with Lena Headey) and still signed more autographs in a single day than anyone had ever done before
18:30 < the_Bee> Let us know how the pygmy lions take to the new place.
18:30 < Alkari> * is envious of Annie!
18:30 < Jerusha> But I think I am now a professional packer
18:30 < Annie> and at the end of the day, he was still smiling and making conversation with people
18:30 < Alkari> But I want to meet Gwendoline Christie  :)
18:30 < Annie> I'd have been snarling and biting heads off, I think
18:30 < Annie> I've met Gwen Christie too :P
18:30 < Jerusha> Very envious, Annie!
18:31 < Alkari> she has the best laugh, and such a gorgeous smile
18:31 < kirienne> Have you started packing yet, Shiral?
18:31 < Annie> you could hear her laughing clear across the conference hall!
18:31 < Shiral> Still clearing out closets drawers and cabinets, Kirienne
18:31 < kirienne> I think that's the hardest part
18:31 < jemler> who here has read the game of thrones?
18:31 < Annie> me
18:31 < Alkari> Me
18:32 < Shiral> But I struck it rich this weekend--visited my sister and got  to take away all the boxes she'd saved from her move
18:32 < Annie> I read them when they came out, however many years ago
18:32 < jemler> me
18:32 < Jerusha> I have the books, but I haven't read them yet
18:32 < KK> Not yet.  I've just discovered the Miles Vorkosigan novels.
18:32 < Alkari> though the last book got a bit tedious
18:32 < kirienne> I tried to, but after reading a couple of chapters I just couldn't get in to it and gave the book to a co-worker
18:32 <@Evie> That's my other favorite series of books, KK
18:32 < Shiral> I just sit down in front of a pile of clutter and start working at it
18:32 <@Evie> I <3 Miles!
18:32 < Annie> I haven't read the latest yet. But I'm leaving it till the end is in sight and then doing a binge, like I did with Wheel of Time
18:32 < KK> I'm reading the Vor game right now.  Really good!
18:32 < Jerusha> There should be a spell for that, Shiral
18:33 < Alkari> You might be waiting a long time, Annie!
18:33 < Annie> I've been reading Ben Aaronovitch's books recently
18:33 < KK> If there's an app, there should be a spell.
18:33 <@Evie> I discovered the Vorkosigan books because Baen Books has a habit of posting the first few chapters of their novels online, so you get totally hooked and have to buy it to find out how it ends.
18:33 < DF64> I know him from dr who
18:33 < Jerusha> I'm still reading Dame Frevisse and Player Joliffe
18:33 < Annie> GRRM read a couple of chapters from book 6 at Eastercon last year, so he's getting there
18:33 < the_Bee> Is Miles Vorkosigan the leading character or the author?
18:34 < KK> Character.
18:34 <@Evie> I got nine chapters into A Civil Campaign, which happens late in the series, had to find out how that book ended, then went and bought them all to catch up with the entire series.  Baen made a killing off that "free" preview!
18:34 < KK> And he's about Peter Dinklage-sized.
18:34 < jemler> have you read the millenium trilogy?
18:34 < the_Bee> who's the author?
18:34 < Alkari> I am reading "The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society" which is a delightful book
18:34 <@Evie> Yes, a Miles movie starring Dinklage would be my dream.
18:34 < KK> That would work!
18:35 < KK> Lois Bujold McMasters is the author.  (think I've spelled it right)
18:35 < Alkari> Gwen Christie says she would like to do a scene with Dinklage, just for the fun of the contrast between them
18:35 < Shiral> Right now, I'd love to have the Rhemuth Castle staff of servants do my packing
18:35 < the_Bee> thanks, KK
18:35 < jemler> iíll send over some house elfs
18:35 < Annie> I really didn't like the Millennium trilogy
18:35 < Jerusha> Or  a house elf
18:35 <@Evie> If you like Jane Austin and/or Dorothy Sayers, you'll be in stitches when you get to "A Civil Campaign," especially the dinner scene.
18:35 < KK> I'll send them, but they might get distracted en route.
18:35 < Shiral> They'd work too
18:35 <@Evie> I won't spoil it for you. Just trust me. :D
18:35 < Alkari> You just need a few Deryni packing spells, Shiral
18:36 < DF64> and unpacking spells
18:36 < kirienne> And unpacking spells too
18:36 < kirienne> LOL
18:36 < Shiral> Or that handy trunk packing spell from Harry Potter
18:36 < KK> I read the first two books in a 2-book edition, then got the next two second-hand.
18:36 < jemler> iíd rather have them packing a gun.
18:36 < Jerusha> My house is still decorated in "just put it over there for now"
18:36 <@Evie> Lois McMaster Bujold.  McMaster was her married name.  She's divorced, but kept her husband's name since she was married when her first books were published, I think.
18:37 < the_Bee> like Agatha Christie.  She wrote under her ex's name.
18:37 <@Evie> My house is still decorated in "if we really need that, we'll unpack it and bring it up from the basement," which explains the state of my basement, unfortunately!
18:37 < Alkari> LOL @ Jerusha.  I still have stuff in boxes from my renovations last year, when I haven't decided where to put or hang things
18:37 < jemler> her exes name was agatha?
18:37 < the_Bee> no, Christie.
18:37 < Alkari> So I just shut the door of the spare room on them.
18:37 < jemler> :)
18:37 < jemler> spare oom!
18:38 <@Evie> speaking of Narnia.... ;-)
18:38 < Shiral> I wouldn't want to be the people who have to pack whenever Haldanes go to war
18:38 < KK> Scott says that if you close the door on  room, it becomes virtual, and therefore not really there.  That's his argument when we look at a big house and I say it has too many rooms.
18:38 <@Evie> LOL
18:38 < Alkari> I like his way of thinking  :)
18:38 < jemler> so you have virtual real estate?
18:38 < Jerusha> You can always grow into more rooms
18:38 < Shiral> The "Not required at present Room."
18:38 < KK> He doesn't seem to accept that the rooms are still there, and have to be cared for, at least minimally.
18:39 < the_Bee> Do you have plenty of virtual rooms now?
18:39 <@Evie> Yes.  I used to think that there was no way we'd have enough stuff to fill this house.  Mind, that was before we had children, who are stuff magnets.
18:39 < Jerusha> And ten bookshelves
18:39 < Shiral> Are you STILL looking at houses, KK? I thought were all moved in and happy!
18:39 < KK> And when you have a coupel who are also stuff magnets....
18:39 < Alkari> Books aren't 'stuff' - they are essentials
18:40 < KK> No, this is just hypothetical, at this point.  We still like to look.  And we'd really like to have another gothic someday.
18:40 <@Evie> I thought I had beat the "stuff magnet" problem...and then I discovered Mini-Deryni....  *sigh*
18:40  * Shiral is thrilled to be able to STOP looking!
18:40 < KK> That's because you're eager to move.
18:40 < Jerusha> Until it starts again
18:40 < KK> You've probably forgotten how owful it is, since it's been so long since you did it.
18:41 <@Evie> I can build you a gothic, but it would be 1:6 scale or smaller, and preferably only one room....  ;-)
18:41 < kirienne> LOL
18:41 < Shiral> True, however I'd like to be able to do something ELSE with my weekend afternoons than look at open condominiums =o)
18:41 < DF64> :D
18:41 < jemler> a nice little place by a lake...
18:41 < KK> True.  It's best if the looking is voluntary.
18:41 < Jerusha> Now you can get settled and expand Papyrus Acres
18:42 < Shiral> KK, why do you think I haven't moved for almost 24 years? =o)
18:42 < jemler> papyrus grows on the riverbank.
18:42 <@Evie> Yes.  Is there enough space for Papyrus Acres to have its own room?
18:42 < KK> Our present house is lovely federal/colonial revival, but it isn't as companionable as Holybrooke, even though Holybrooke was much bigger.
18:42 <@Evie> Or at least a designated space in one?
18:42 < Shiral> I don't like the process of moving, but I'm eager to get into the new place. So....I must accept temporary turmoil
18:42 < Jerusha> Turmoil brings tranquility
18:43 < KK> Yes, and at least it's temporary.  Are you having the painting done before you move in?  I'd advise it, if you can afford to do it.
18:43 < Jerusha> At least that is the theory :D
18:43 < Shiral> Papyrus Acres will have a LOT more space, but not a dedicated room of its own
18:43 < Alkari> Are you happy with the place you bought, Shiral?
18:43 < jemler> the turmoil is temporary. when you move to the new plave you have to unpack and arrange everything, then you have to remember where you arranged it!
18:43 < Shiral> The paint is pretty new all over. The only room I'll be painting before I move is my bedroom
18:43 <@Evie> What you need, KK, is a nice rambling Gothic mansion...and then Duchess Richenda's maids to maintain the housekeeping aspects for you!
18:43 < Shiral> VERY Happy, Alkari
18:43 < Shiral> Can
18:43 < Alkari> sounds OK to me, Evie
18:43 < Shiral> Can't wait to go live  in it
18:44 < KK> Yes!  Alas. our Lucy retired, so we can't have our old Irish housekeeper.
18:44 < Jerusha> Excellent!
18:44 < DF64> there's Highclere Castle
18:44 -!- Dennis [] has joined #deryni_destinations
18:44 < KK> Too many rooms!
18:44 <@Evie> hi Dennis
18:44 < jemler> hi dennis
18:44 < the_Bee> Hi Dennis
18:44 < Jerusha> Hi Dennis
18:44 -!- imladris [] has joined #deryni_destinations
18:44 < Dennis> Hi!
18:44 < Annie> hi dennis
18:44 < imladris> greetings
18:44 < jemler> thatís ok kk. theryíre virtual!
18:44 < Jerusha> Hi Imladris
18:44 < the_Bee> Hi Imladris
18:44 < Annie> hi imladris
18:44 < KK> Hi, Dennis and Imladris.
18:44 < Shiral> Actually, the place is all pretty move-in ready. Just need to do a few things
18:44 < Alkari> I can't do any proper housework yet - had to get a cleaner in these last couple of weeks
18:44 < DF64> hi dennis and imladris
18:44 < kirienne> HI Dennis
18:44 < jemler> hi imladris
18:44 <@Evie> hi Imladris
18:44 < Shiral> Hi Dennis and Imladris
18:44 < kirienne> Hi Imladris
18:44 < Dennis> Hi, Imladris!
18:45 < imladris> read last weeks chat.... gonna try and make darkover
18:45 < Alkari> Ho to Dennis and Imladris
18:45 < KK> It's the last one.
18:45 < Jerusha> No housework, Alkari?
18:45 < jemler> no more darkover?
18:45 < imladris> Will leave the lizards home..  is why I am going to try.
18:45 < Dennis> The last time you're going to Darkover, KK?
18:45 < the_Bee> Darkover is changing
18:46 < KK> No, it's the last Darakover. Jaelle passed away earlier this year.  THere will be a new con in that atimeslot and location, but reincorporated under a new name.
18:46 < imladris> I had to look up what steampunk was
18:46 < Alkari> Can't yet wield broom or vaccuum cleaner, or scrub
18:46 < jemler> then iíll go to Darkmoon Faire.
18:46 < Dennis> Ack! I'm so sorry.
18:46 < KK> What is Darkmoon Faire?
18:46 < Shiral> Thanksgiving weekend--I always wished Darkover had been at some other time of year
18:46 < jemler> World of Warcraft
18:47 < KK> But it had no real competition from other cons, rpecisely because it's a difficult weekend for many.
18:47 < Shiral> Francesca has come to ask me where I was all weekend, and why do I smell like DOG???
18:47 <@Evie> LOL
18:47 < imladris> daughter going to Disneyworld w/ her inlaws for thanksgiving... and I have always wanted to go when you were there, KK. 
18:47 < Jerusha> Dog is bad???
18:47 < Shiral> Yes, if you're a cat
18:47 < KK> Well, I'll be there.
18:48 < jemler> just tell her you ate 45 chili dogs, but she didnít know any of them! :)
18:48 < imladris> spouse suggested we do it this year, looked up last weeks chat. 
18:48 < imladris> and saw what you had said.
18:48 < KK> Yike, what did I say that caused this decision?
18:48 < imladris> that was last year for Darkover, and that would be steampunk.
18:49 < KK> Ah.  Well, tis true.
18:49 < Dennis> Ah. Any plans for steampunk Deryni? That would be wild.
18:49 <@Evie> It doesn't turn into a steampunk con until next year, though, right?
18:49 < KK> Noooo.
18:49 < imladris> I thought steampunk was some weird music.
18:49 < imladris> had to look it up.
18:49 < KK> Right, 2014.
18:50 < Dennis> Haldanes fighting off Furstans in steam powered zeppelins.
18:50 < Alkari> No steampunk Deryni ... please   :(
18:50 < Shiral> I would think the world of the Adept might lend itself better to steampunk
18:50 < KK> Think JUles Verne, 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, Earth to Moon....
18:50 < kirienne> I agree, Alkari
18:50 <@Evie> I actually got into looking for Deryni fandom online because I was in Second Life trying to be a (secret) Deryni in the steampunk city of New Babbage. :-D
18:50 < Shiral> No Deryni, no
18:50 < Dennis> You're probably right, Shiral.
18:50 < jemler> they use magic to heat the water! :)
18:50 < KK> eppelins!  Yes!
18:50 < Shiral> And at that, I don't know how Adam would handle Steam Punk
18:50 < KK> Zeppelins.  (Rented fingers.)
18:50 <@Evie> and then I took two weeks off from my online hobby in SL to write a Deryni fanfic that wouldn't shut up, and had to discover Rhemuth Castle forum to find readers for it!
18:51 < Jerusha> Well, you found us :)
18:51 <@Evie> and somehow never quite made it back to Second Life because I got sucked into writing Deryni fanfic instead, which ate up my free time I used to spend inworld.
18:51 < jemler> +-get duncan a new mattress!
18:51 < KK> That's called Serendipity.
18:51  * Evie swats jemler
18:51 < jemler> i thought you werenít paying attention!
18:52 < imladris> any michaelines there this year?
18:52 < KK> We all keep an eye on you, Jemler.  ;-)
18:52 < KK> Michaelines are always there.
18:52 <@Evie> You realize that was an off-the-cuff example imagined up by Duncan while he was in his cups and in private conversation with Alaric, and not something he ever actually did, right jemler?  :-D
18:52 < Alkari> And a frozen mackerel or six ready to throw!
18:52 < jemler> i always feel like somebodyís watching me!
18:53 <@Evie> jemler, my targeting computer is always focused on your location
18:53 < imladris> well, I have never been there..... so wasn't sure.
18:53 < jemler> have Luke use the Force!
18:54 < Dennis> Sadly, I have no feel for steampunk as a genre, or I'd say that would be a perfect fanfic. Steampunk Gwynnedd in the 17th or 18th century.
18:54 <@Evie> Steampunk is my husband's love.  We've got lots of odd brass bits and pretty carved wooden bits in storage waiting for him to work his propmaking magic on them.
18:55 < Dennis> Nice!
18:55 <@Evie> which he usually does in a frantic rush when DragonCon is nearly upon us
18:55 <@Evie> though since we're not likely to go this year, he's not littered my dining room with cast off brass parts yet. :D
18:55 < imladris> other than the darkovercon site.  is there anywhere that gives an idea as to what Deryni track events may be and when?
18:55 < Dennis> I have to say SP is one of those things that I like the idea of better than the reality. It *sounds* cool, but there aren't many examples I like.
18:57 < jemler> Robert Fulton was tjhe first steampunk.
18:57 <@Evie> Yeah, we don't really like the commercially produced stuff, since a lot looks like someone just tried gluing gears and odd bits to an object and calling it "steampunk."  DH likes for his props to look like they'd actually function.
18:57 < Dennis> Not true. Robert Fulton had impeccable manners. Not link that despicable James Watt.
18:57 < KK> There will be a reading, an hour with KK to talk about Deryni stuff, and I'll undoubtedly be on 2 or 3 other panels.
18:58 < Shiral> Sad though, an era is passing
18:58 < jemler> isnít it better to have peccable manners?
18:58 < Dennis> No. Peccability is not highly prized.
18:58  * kirienne is sad she can't go to darkover
18:58 < imladris> wouldn't want some one pecking your manners now would you,
18:58 < KK> Think about the root of that word, Jemler.
18:58 < jemler> i did ;P
18:59 < jemler> hehehehehe
18:59 < the_Bee> ssomething about "sin"
18:59 < KK> Peccavi.
18:59 < imladris> wonders what day is best to get there.
18:59 < imladris> (grabs his latin dictionary)
19:00 < KK> Starts Friday midday, if all is the same as before.
19:00 < jemler> sign on the Westboro Baptist Church: The Bible says Homosexuality is in
19:00 <@Evie> Do you know yet what you will be doing at DragonCon, KK?  On the off chance that we might actually make it (not holding my breath)
19:00 < Dennis> The 'peccata' in the Agnus Dei comes from that root, right?
19:00 < Annie> Yay! Yay! Yay!
19:00 < imladris> is peccata  a forme of that>
19:01 < Annie> (sorry)
19:01 < Shiral> I just love Veal Peccata, but it's so sinful
19:01 < KK> I believe peccare is to sin.  So Peccavi is I have sinned.
19:01 < Annie> doing a little happy dance here
19:01 < jemler> peccavi = i have sinned (Shades of Jimmy Swaggart!)
19:01 < Dennis> Good news, Annie?
19:02 < Annie> my MS just came back from my editor :)
19:02 <@Evie> YES!
19:02 < Jerusha> Good news?
19:02 < jemler> is that good?
19:02 < KK> And?
19:02 < Alkari> That was the famous code message in one of those British military campaigns - the general who captured Sind just sent the one word message 'Peccavi'
19:02 < Annie> and it's probably full of edits LOL.
19:02 < Dennis> Fill us in?
19:02 < KK> I was just going to mention that.  I remember a beloved professor telling us about that.
19:02  * jemler throws mackerel at alkari
19:02 <@Evie> LOL, Alkari!  Nice pun code there
19:02 < Jerusha> But there is hope for publishing?
19:02 < Annie> "This was delightful. It's a solid story, a believable setting, and I would certainly be willing to copyedit the next one in the series."
19:02 < Dennis> Tjat
19:03 < Dennis> That's very clever.
19:03 < KK> And saves on the cost of the message, when you pay by the word.
19:03 < DF64> sounds like good news
19:03  * Evie high fives Annie
19:03 < Jerusha> Yay!
19:03 < kirienne> :-)
19:03 < Dennis> Woo! Excellent!
19:03 < the_Bee> bravo, Annie!
19:04 < Jerusha> Eager to read it when it comes out
19:04 <@Evie> KK, Annie cut her writing teeth writing Deryni fanfic, and then got enough confidence to start doing original stories
19:04 < jemler> annie, ]so when can we buy it
19:04 < KK> Excellent.
19:04 < Alkari> And what is the title?
19:04 < Annie> I haven't even opened the file yet, guys
19:04 < the_Bee> We'll need your ful lname and title to find it.
19:04 < Dennis> I'm going to go with "not for a while," but it sounds like Annie's closer than she was before she got the file. :)
19:04 <@Evie> So now will you believe us when we tell you that your writing isn't "pants"?  ;-)
19:04 < jemler> they translated every word into pig latin!
19:05 -!- DomMelchior [] has joined #deryni_destinations
19:05 < jemler> hi dm
19:05 <@Evie> hi, DM
19:05 < the_Bee> Hi Dom
19:05 < DomMelchior> Good Evening all
19:05 < Jerusha> Hi DomMelchior
19:05 < Shiral> Hi Dom
19:05 < kirienne> Hi Dom
19:05 < DF64> hi dom
19:05 < Alkari> hi Dom
19:05 < imladris> hi Dom
19:05 < KK> Hey, Dom Melchior!
19:06 < Dennis> Hi, Dom!
19:06 < imladris> or .. hi Melchior
19:06 < Dennis> AFK for a few
19:06 < DomMelchior> How's everyone this fine evening?
19:06 < KK> We're good.  How is the Rory?
19:06 < DF64> good, other than having to go to work in the morning
19:06 < kirienne> Doing well, how are you?
19:07 < the_Bee> doing ok
19:07 <@Evie> I would say the same, except that going to work is what supports my mini-Deryni addiction. ;-)
19:07 < DomMelchior> He's doing good, thanks.  Hard to believe he just turned 5  Tempus fugit!
19:07 < imladris> wished I could have been at Darkover when they had the Michaeline-styled Eucharist.
19:07 < KK> Thre will be Mass this year.
19:07 < DomMelchior> Doing well, thanks KK
19:07 < imladris> when, KK?
19:07 < KK> Five.  No longer a puppy.
19:08 < KK> Sunday morning.
19:08 < imladris> :-) will be there.
19:08 < KK> Does Rory swin in the pool?
19:08 < DomMelchior> Always a puppy...for good or ill   ;-)
19:08 < KK> swim
19:08 < DomMelchior> No, he's a desert dog...he hates the water
19:09 < KK> LOL, I'd forgotten about that.
19:09 < KK> Has he tried?
19:09 < DomMelchior> That's probably why pharaoh hounds never escaped Malta!
19:09 < KK> lol
19:10 < imladris> that would be a lonnng swim
19:10 <@Evie> :D
19:10 < Shiral> Dog paddling all that way would have to be exhausting
19:10 < DomMelchior> We made sure he knew how, and how to get out soon after we got him, so yes, he CAN swim.  He just would really rather not
19:11 < Annie> Blah. Can't concentrate on checking edits at this time. It will have to wait till the morning. At least, it *is* the morning, technically, but you know what I mean!
19:11 < KK> YOu guys who have never seen a pharoah hound should look them up.  Looks like he just stepped off an Egyptian tomb.
19:11 < jemler> Anubis
19:11 <@Evie> The other end of the morning
19:11 < Jerusha> Anubis look alile
19:11 < Jerusha> alike, I mean
19:11 < Shiral> Yes, the breed looks like it should be painted on a pyramid wall
19:11 < KK> Well, he's got a nice, short coat, so he doesn't really need to go in the water to cool off.
19:11 < DomMelchior> Since they're native to Malta do you suppose that makes them honorary Hospitillars?
19:12 < Annie> Oh, yes, pharaoh hounds are definitely straight out of a pyramid or something
19:12 < KK> Could be.  Are they really native to Malta?
19:12 < jemler> just like the Falcon.
19:13 < jemler> Weíll always have Paris.
19:13 < KK> Ah, yes, this could be the start of a beautiful friendship.
19:13 < imladris> as long as it isn't Paris Green.
19:13 < jemler> Bogie!
19:13 < jemler> or paris Hilton!
19:14 < KK> Puleese.
19:14 < jemler> canít stand her.
19:14 < KK> She's famous for being famous.
19:14 <@Evie> Yay, the lady who made my 1:6 scale medieval feast has said she can make the candles for Duncan's study! 
19:14 < Annie> cool, Evie
19:14 < KK> Excellent.
19:14 < the_Bee> YAY
19:14 < Jerusha> Neat
19:14 < Annie> 'tis a night for 'yay's
19:14 < kirienne> Wonderful
19:14 < DomMelchior> That's what the Maltese say.  The prevailling theory is that the Phoenicians traded with the egyptians and took some of their dogs to their various Med. colonies, which is why the Cirnecho dell Etna, the Ibizan Hound, and the Pharaoh hound all like alot alike.  The PH's are supposed to be the closest to the Egyptian Tesem tho
19:14 <@Evie> Here's some candles she made for someone else:;topic=2493.0;attach=1181;image
19:14 < jemler> just use candles from a kids birthday cake!
19:14 < Shiral> More convincing than sawed off birthday cake candles, Evie? =o)
19:14 <@Evie> polymer clay, Barbie and Ken scale
19:14 < imladris> Copper acetate triarsinate = Paris Green
19:15 < Annie> can't see without a login
19:15 < jemler> i saw that
19:15 < KK> Me, either.
19:15 <@Evie> Drat.  Oh well.
19:15 < jemler> at least it didnít ask for Facebook!
19:16 < Annie> right, since I need to get DD up for work in... urk... 5 hours and 45 minutes, I'm going to bed
19:16 < Dennis> back
19:16 < jemler> nite Annie
19:16 <@Evie> They look like genuine pillar candles, with used wicks, "wax drips," etc., only they're translucent polymer clay and tiny.
19:16 < Jerusha> Night Annie! 
19:16 < imladris> nite
19:16 < DF64> nite annie
19:16 < the_Bee> nighters, Annie
19:16 < KK> Sleep weeel, then, Annie.
19:16 <@Evie> good night, Annie!
19:16 < Annie> night folks
19:16 < kirienne> Night Annie
19:16 < Dennis> Night, Annie! Good luck with the MS!
19:16 -!- Annie [Mibbit@5E691D.9A57B4.1A7D4C.C423C5] has quit [Quit: ajax IRC Client]
19:16 < Shiral> Night Annie
19:16 < jemler> sleep well and wake
19:16 < Shiral> KK, did I miss any book news earlier?
19:17 < DomMelchior> Nighters, Annie
19:17 < Alkari> Night Annie
19:17 < jemler> anyone read sue grafton?
19:17 < KK> On that note, I'd better go, too.  I've left the trial going on to condemn Rorik, and I want to get him dead before I knowck off for the night.  I've decided to have Brion be merciful, and let them hang hium dead before drawing and quartering him, which is the penalty for treason.
19:18 <@Evie> Just that you're in the next book playing a crystal, Shiral.
19:18 <@Evie> ;-)
19:18 < Dennis> Nice!
19:18 < Jerusha> Er, sleep well, KK?
19:18 < Shiral> Die, Rorik, Die!
19:18 < Dennis> Have a good night, KK!
19:18 < Shiral>  =o)
19:18 <@Evie> That's nice of Brion
19:18 < Alkari> LOL - 'sweet dreams' = kill Rorik!
19:18 < jemler> nite kk. rip rorik
19:18 < DF64> nite kk
19:18 < kirienne> Night nite KK
19:18 < KK> Hey, small mercies.
19:18 < Dennis> Is this pre or post-Marluk?
19:18 < the_Bee> thanks for coming, KK.  Good week and good writing
19:18 <@Evie> is that r.i.p Rorik or "rip Rorik"?
19:18 < Shiral> Very small, when you're the one wearing the noose. =o)
19:18 <@Evie> or both?
19:18 < Alkari> Night KK.   Hope you finish him off properly!
19:18 < DomMelchior> G'Nighters KK
19:18 < Dennis> Thank you, KK! Have a good night!
19:18 < imladris> bothe evie
19:19 < KK> Just pre-Marluk.  Brion gets the challenge on his way back from this scene.
19:19 < jemler> r.i.p. not riproril good time!
19:19 < imladris> night, KK
19:19 < Shiral> Write well this week, KK
19:19 < jemler> r.i.p. not riprorik good time!
19:19 < Jerusha> Sleep well, KK
19:19 <@Evie> happy writing!
19:19 < KK> Eventually.  Nighters, all.
19:19 < Shiral> Yes Rorik must be dispatched before you're on to more important things
19:19  * KK steps onto her Portal, waves goodnight, and disappears in a shower of green sparkles.
19:19 < Shiral> Evie, LOL.  Hanging drawing quartering and Duels arcane!
19:20 < jemler> like starting the next book in the series?
19:20 <@Evie> Yep!
19:20 < Shiral> Night, LL
19:20 < Alkari> Authors are clearly mad ... "I must kill off such and such before I can go to sleep" or other gruesome ideas.
19:20 <@Evie> Let her finish this one first!
19:20 <@Evie> Been there, done that. :D
19:20 -!- KK [] has quit [Quit: ]


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