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21 July 2013
« on: July 21, 2013, 07:08:38 pm »

18:06 -!- KK [] has joined #deryni_destinations
18:06 < the_Bee> HI KK
18:06 < Evie> Hi, KK
18:06 < Shiral> Hi KK
18:07 < jemler> hi kk
18:07 < Shiral> Evie, I was so relieved to see Dmitri find his way home, I gave him a big supper. He was VERY hungry
18:07 < KK> Hello, all.
18:08 < KK> Yike, Dimitri got out?
18:08 < Evie> KK, I have bad news and good news re: the diorama stuff.  The bad news is that the guy who was going to make the kits for me to build Duncan's prie-dieu and other study furniture has had a major back surgery and is banned from his workshop for 18 months so he can heal and not endanger his recovery. :-(
18:08 < KK> Poor guy!
18:08 < jemler> what's the good news?
18:09 < the_Bee> I hope he makes a good recovery.
18:09 < Shiral> Yes. He went walkabout all Friday. Then about 8:30 he sauntered home innocent as you please. You'd think he'd just slipped out for milk and bread at the corner store. The little varmint!
18:09 < Evie> but the good news is that while I was showing off my miniature medieval chair on a Playscale list, one of the other members turned out to have a full four-chair set with a table, so we are now trying to track down where the furniture came from originally (i.e., who the manufacturer was), and in the meantime she has made me a copy of the missing back out of brown Fimo.
18:09 < Evie> so I can use that as a temporary chair back, and make a mold from it to cast a new back from stronger material.
18:09 -!- cynicalmedic [] has joined #deryni_destinations
18:09 -!- Jerusha [] has joined #deryni_destinations
18:09 < jemler> was dmitri doing "The Stray Cat Strut"?
18:10 < Shiral> Hi CM and Jerusha
18:10 < the_Bee> HI CM!
18:10 < Evie> Hi!
18:10 < jemler> hi cm, jerusha
18:10 < cynicalmedic> Evening, all
18:10 < Jerusha> Hi Everyone!
18:10 < the_Bee> Diss your emergency last Sunday turn out OK?
18:10 < the_Bee> Did
18:10 < Shiral> He was just showing me that that little apartment of mine is no match for a determined cat who WANTS OUT.
18:10 < cynicalmedic> Yes, luckily. The officer had a broken arm, but will be okay.
18:10 < Evie> Determined kittehs will find a way
18:10 < KK> Is this the first time he's done this?
18:10 < Evie> Oh good, CM
18:11 < Jerusha> Dmitri wants a condo
18:11 < KK> And Evie, exciting news re your chair.
18:11 < Shiral> The first time he's disappeared for a day, but all my window screens have had his attentions paid
18:11 < jemler> chair? did you get it plugged in? :)
18:11 < the_Bee> Melantha has never gotten farther than the upstairs hall.  And as soon as the door closes she wants back in.
18:11 < Shiral> I was just glad not to find him dead in the road
18:11 < Evie> I just wish I could locate another full set like hers, KK.  It's amazing.  The little table looks like one of those round-top Moroccan tables.
18:11 < Jerusha> Dmitri got loose?
18:12 < Shiral> Yes, but he's fine
18:12 < Jerusha> Oh good
18:12 < Shiral> Fortunately, no bad vet bills to pay
18:12 < Shiral> Just a bad day of worry
18:12 < Jerusha> New furniture for the littles, Evie?
18:12 < KK> Did you miss him immediately, or was it a stealth escape?
18:13 < Evie> Luke got out last week, but decided to walk slowly along the front of the house just to tease me, so I caught him easily.  But not without having to pick through some poison ivy first.  Little brat.  At least he showed me where we need to weed the stuff out again!
18:13 < Shiral> Stealth. but then he didnt' come in for breakfast.  He has a clock in his tummy, so THAT worried me/
18:13 < jemler> i've heard of a watchdog, but...
18:13 < Jerusha> Are you itching, Evie?
18:13 < Shiral> I have to have fresh air during the night in warm weather, but he waited until I was asleep then made a break for it.
18:14 < Evie> Not new exactly, Jerusha, but I found someone with a whole set of chairs identical to mine, and she has cast a Fimo impression of one of the backs to send me so I can use it as a back for my chair and also make a mold from it to make another back from something stronger than polymer clay, if I need to.
18:14 < Jerusha> Did he go around a screen?
18:14 < the_Bee> You don't have screens in your windows?
18:14 < Shiral> yes. But he's pushed them out
18:14 < Alkari> back
18:14 < Shiral> He's the only cat I've ever had that has done that
18:14 < Jerusha> Hi Alkari!
18:14 < jemler> yes master
18:14 < KK> No AC, I take it.
18:15 < Shiral> Nope
18:15 < Alkari> waves
18:15 < Evie> No, I'm not allergic to poison ivy apparently, and I also washed my  hands and arms thoroughly when I came inside.  I tried to avoid brushing it, so I may have not gotten any on me to begin with.
18:15 < Shiral> But I bought one of those fancy Dyson fans. Worth every nickel I paid for it.
18:15 < KK> Hurry up, condo!  Speaking of which, any luck yet?
18:15 < jemler> i'm immune to poison ivy, too.
18:15 < Evie> Luke has broken my kitchen window screen to get out of the house.
18:15 < Shiral> No alas. Went on another open house round to five places yesterday
18:15 < Jerusha> I'm not.
18:15 < cynicalmedic> Me, too - but I'm allergic to bamboo.
18:15 < Evie> bamboo???
18:16 < Evie> That's a new one. I've never heard of a bamboo allergy
18:16 < cynicalmedic> Yep - weird, I know.
18:16 < Alkari> unusual allergy
18:16 < KK> Five in one day. Wow!  Any possibilities?
18:16 < Jerusha> Any luck, Shiral?
18:16 < jemler> cm, where are you from?
18:16 < Shiral> No, not that batch. Between tiny dark bedrooms, terrible traffic noise and questionable neighborhoods
18:16 < cynicalmedic> Maryland
18:17 < jemler> is there that much bamboo there?
18:17 < Jerusha> Bummer, Shiral
18:17 < Shiral> Everything was pretty close together, and I don't stay long in any one place
18:17 < Shiral> Especially not if it doesn't feel welcoming
18:17 < the_Bee> Allergies can develop where the didn't exist before.
18:17 < cynicalmedic> I helped my father cut some down that was growing in the yard. After that, I was covered in welts and blisters.
18:17 < jemler> shiral, are you wanted by the police, and that's why you move around?
18:18 < Evie> brb.  if I'm in and out of chat a fair bit tonight, it's because DH is en route home with a trailer full of bookcases he got at a steal ($10 each for wood bookcases, left over from a library sale...a friend of ours thought she was bidding on 10 cases and got 100 instead, so she is selling them cheaply to anyone who will take them), and I'm getting things ready for his arrival with our friend who is helping move them.
18:18 < Alkari> fugitive shiral
18:18 < Shiral> The last place was nice inside, but when I looked at the stats on Trulia, it was in a high-crime neighborhood. As a single woman living alone, that's a NO.
18:18 < Evie> sounds painful, CM
18:18 < jemler> a bamboo-boo
18:18 < cynicalmedic> Benadryl does wonders.
18:18 < Jerusha> Not good Shiral. Look for a better location
18:18 < Shiral> I'll bet your friend was surprised, Evie!
18:19 < Shiral> ;)
18:19 < KK> Bookcases, yes!  But the thought of trying to rehome 100 of them is daunting.
18:19 < Shiral> Indeed, Jerusha
18:19 < KK> Shiral, I was thinking about that.  Don't want anyone hassling you in your new home, wherever that turns out to be.
18:19 < Jerusha> That happened to a person I know that was bidding on church pews
18:19 < Dennis> I'm trying to picture a home big enough to keep 100 bookshelves.
18:19 < Dennis> Oh, well. Someday. :)
18:20 < KK> How many church pews?
18:20 < Shiral> I've been lucky where I live, but I've still had my car broken into twice over the years.  Also, this property was surrounded by not-so-nice places
18:20 < Shiral> Forget it!
18:20 < Jerusha> I think there were close to 50 - a whole church full
18:20 < KK> Are you maybe looking for a place with a garage?
18:21 -!- Sarah [~Sarah@971820.95A8FF.43E4DB.B5F2E1] has joined #deryni_destinations
18:21 < Shiral> I'm looking for a place where I won't be worried when I come home after dark which is at least two nights a week
18:21 < Evie> LOL!  I'd love a home that could fit 100 bookcases too, Dennis!  I'm still wondering where DH plans to put the ten or so he's bringing home.  I suspect he's being rather...optimistic about how many we can accommodate.  :D
18:21 < the_Bee> Hi Sarah
18:21 < KK> Hard for normal folk to utilize more than a couple, and they need to be short ones--or else plan to cut some down.
18:21 < Shiral> Hi Sarah
18:21 < Sarah> hey everyone
18:21 < Jerusha> I was amazing what people were trying to use old church pews for
18:21 < Shiral> A garage would be nice. Failing that, a fence
18:22  * Sarah hugs bynw, jemler, Shiral, the_Bee, Jerusha and KK
18:22  * Shiral hugs Sarah back
18:22  * Sarah hugs Evie
18:22 < the_Bee> You really think a fence will keep Dmitri in?
18:22 < Jerusha> Hi Sarah
18:22 < cynicalmedic> Hi Sarah
18:22 < Sarah> hey cynicalmedic
18:22 < Evie> Uh oh.  How many church pews did your friend think s/he was bidding on?
18:22 < jemler> hi sarah
18:22 < Shiral> I'm not so worried about keeping him IN, I want to keep unsavory types OUT
18:22 < Jerusha> Not that many!:)
18:22 < KK> Pews can be nice in halls (1 or 2, max), on either side of a trestle table.  Mayme one or twp in a famly room.
18:23 < Sarah> Pews are useful, but only to a point
18:23 < cynicalmedic> Or as a kitchen nook, perhaps
18:23 < Jerusha> They were all eventually spoken for
18:23 < Dennis> My Missy-cat has suddenly decided she's interested in what's outside the apartment door. This is very disconcerting.
18:23 < Alkari> i find them awkward as they have to be one position fits all
18:24 < cynicalmedic> Could it be another animal, Dennis?
18:24 < jemler> walton family reunions
18:24 < KK> That's why, in a hall, or in a mudroom, where they don't have to move.
18:24 < Evie> DH said he wants to get rid of our massive entertainment center, now that we had a lightweight, flatscreen TV that doesn't need an enclosure that deep, and replace it with some of the bookcases.  So depending on how wide they are, that wall could take 3 or 4, I think.
18:24 < Alkari> if someone wants to move in or out, they have to climb
18:24 < the_Bee> Could DS use a bookcase?
18:25 < KK> Yeah the same problem as booths in restaurants.
18:25 < Evie> And the other side of the room has furnishings I wanted to replace anyway, so the other books could go there. Which means I could bring our lovely reference books up from the basement, where I worry about them being in a less hospitable climate for books, and have them on display upstairs.
18:25 < Shiral> So has Brion found out where Jehana ran off to, KK? (And now for something completely different, as Monty Python says.)
18:25 < Jerusha> You can't have too many bookcases - unless you have 100
18:25 < Evie> And have a shelf or two for doll dios, maybe. :D
18:25 < Jerusha> Most certainly!
18:25 < Evie> We have bookcases down in the basement, Bee, which is being converted to living space for DS, so he could use those if I move my books upstairs.
18:26 < Shiral> I need a new condo so I can display all my miniature houses, too. Urban sprawl is a problem even on my scale.
18:26 < Evie> Yes, KK, how is Brion this week?
18:26 < KK> Not yet, Shiral.  I'm still working on the transition from post-Jorian burning to Eastmarch campaign.
18:27 < Shiral> The Great Post-Jorian Era
18:27 < Jerusha> Very worrisome for Alaric
18:27 < KK> BTW, Evie, I like the ROthana head--and body.
18:27 < Shiral> And for Denis also
18:27 < Dennis> I don't think so, Cy. This is a new apartment, but for the first month she was her usual, "Out there? I'm not going out there," self.
18:27 < Evie> Oh, good!
18:27 < Shiral> On an even more immediate basis, as he's up for ordination soon after
18:28 < Evie> Should I dig out the acetone and wipe her bindi off, or is that exotic little touch OK for a princess from Nur Hallaj?
18:28 < KK> I fear the bindi has to go.
18:28 < Jerusha> bye - bye bindi
18:29 < Evie> I have a body on order that is more like Helena's in terms of curviness, but that is destined for Richenda unless the skintones are just too far off from each other to look right.
18:29 < jemler> bindi? that crocodile guys kid? kinda harsh.
18:29 < Evie> OK, next time I have the acetone out, I'll dab it off carefully.  Have to be very careful since I don't want to mess up the rest of her face.
18:29 < Jerusha> Jerusha looks for a small crocodile to loft at Jemler
18:29 < KK> I had the same thought, Jemler.  But she's actually turning out to be a pretty young lady.  I thought she was obnoxious when he first was killed.
18:30 < Alkari> gotta go guys - seem ta have continued phone calls!   Bye all - see you next week I hope.
18:30 < Shiral> Bye Alkari
18:30 < Evie> bye Alkari!
18:30 -!- Alkari [] has quit [Quit: ajax IRC Client]
18:30 < the_Bee> Bye Alkari
18:30 < jemler> nite alkari. mind the arm.
18:30 < KK> Bye, Alkari.
18:30 < Evie> I started to type Bye Alaric. :D
18:30 < Jerusha> Bye Alkari
18:30 < Shiral> LOL
18:30 < KK> Ah, well, missed her.
18:31 < Shiral> That would be fun if he ever turned up for chat
18:31 < Evie> That could be arranged, though I hate being in two windows at once.  ;-)
18:31 < the_Bee> KK< who was obnoxious and who was killed? your characters or real-life people?
18:32 < Jerusha> Jerusha tries to imagine Alaric figuring out chat
18:32 < KK> Bindi the daughter of the crocodile guy, afater he was killed.
18:32 < Dennis> I think it's Steve Irwin, right?
18:32 < jemler> that would only work out if somebody here spoke Medial Latin, or whatever form of Celtic/Old English he speaks.
18:32 < Jerusha> correct
18:32 < KK> Yes.  Couldn't remember his last name.
18:32 < the_Bee> What was his name?
18:32 < the_Bee> Oh, Steve Irwin.  Now I sort of recall.
18:33 < KK> Sterve Irwin.
18:33 < Shiral> The guy who used to hold poisonous snakes up on camera by the tail and would say  "He's gettin' agitated!" That's one man who never could have been happy in a desk job.
18:33 < KK> Freak accident involving the spike on a anta ray.
18:33 < Evie> LOL, Shiral!
18:33 < KK> manta
18:33 < jemler> doofus. he was the guy who dangled his kid in front of a croc. could have used a condom instead.
18:33 < the_Bee> And he once held his infant son over a crocodile?
18:34 < Dennis> Very sad. After all the dangerous stuff he did, he died from an animal that's relatively harmless.
18:34 < Shiral> Murphy's law
18:34 < jemler> always thought his wife was pretty. smatest thing he ever did.
18:34 < KK> She is pretty.
18:34 < Shiral> But maybe not the smartest thing SHE ever did, considering how high-risk he was
18:34 < KK> And daughter seems to have come out of her awkward pree-teen phase and is taking after her mom.
18:35 < Evie> I've seen that shot of him and his son with the croc from a different angle, and he wasn't quite as close as he appeared to be in the shot that went viral, so not quite as foolhardy as it looked, but still a bit of a risk.
18:35 < Shiral> Since I wouldn't really want to be closer to a crocodile than say the Oregon state line, pretty risky
18:35 < Evie> LOL!  Can't say I disagree with you there,Shiral.
18:35 < jemler> still stupid. if something is big enough to eat me, it probably will, so i wont be ringing the dinner bell.
18:35 < KK> Yeah, I think crocs are meaner than alligators.
18:36 < Jerusha> I would rather not get close to either one
18:36 < Shiral> Same goes for alligators, piranhas and most varieties of shark
18:36 < the_Bee> I'd rather not get close enough to tell the difference.
18:36 < Sarah> Actually, KK, they are, simply because of their living environments.
18:36 < jemler> the only good alligator is a belt!
18:36 < Sarah> Or a purse
18:36 < Evie> The only fierce predator I care to get close to is a pygmy lion, like the one curled up under my desk lamp
18:37 < Sarah> boots...
18:37 < Jerusha> Shoes
18:37 < the_Bee> or shoes
18:37 < Sarah> lol
18:37 < Jerusha> Luke?
18:37 < Sarah> I'm with Evie on this one
18:37 < jemler> what did i do?
18:37 < Evie> Yep.  He's the Mighty Mouser.
18:37 < Shiral> My pygmy lion will be lying on his back inviting a tummy rub, and two seconds later he's acting like he wants me for lunch
18:37 < Evie> Gigi decided to donate a lizard to the cause as well last week.
18:37 < KK> I have a mini-lion on my lap right now.
18:37 < the_Bee> Gus?
18:38 < KK> Yep.
18:38 < Sarah> My mini-tiger (Spider-man) likes to chew on my pockets when I'm cudding him, does that count as dangerous?
18:38 < Shiral> Francesca is not interested in hunting, but Dmitri got a lizzard a few weeks back
18:38 < Dennis> Our pygmy panther is currently guarding the kitchen from invasion.
18:38 < Evie> I had one on my lap, but with Luke having a serious case of PMS today, she decided to give him some space and find someplace else to be.
18:38 < KK> Shiral, did Dmitri even bring you a treat, after being gone so long?
18:38 < Shiral> Do male cats GET PMS???
18:38 < cynicalmedic> Mine looks more like a mini panther
18:38 < Jerusha> Luke is confused
18:39 < the_Bee> Melantha's a mini-panther.
18:39 < Shiral> No. The little brat. He came home and told me he was VERY hungry.  SO happy to see him, I actually did feed him
18:39 < Evie> Luke apparently does.  But then again, Luke loves veggies.  He ain't quite right in the head, my Luke.
18:39 < Jerusha> Sure he
18:39 < Sarah> Evie: my kitties ALL eat ALL veggies.
18:39 < Jerusha> He's not a Lukette?
18:39 < Shiral> My cats LOVE white cheddar popcorn
18:39 < cynicalmedic> Whisper likes potato chips, graham crackers, and black raspberry ice cream
18:39 < the_Bee> Melantha seems to have regained her appetite, now that the heat wave is over.
18:39 < Shiral> I can't eat it in peace
18:39 < Evie> He's very oddly constructed in the aft end if he's a Lukette, Jerusha. :D
18:40 < KK> Edgar used to like single baked beans.
18:40 < Shiral> Isadora, the late  and lamented, used to love a game of pea hockey on the kitchen floor
18:40 < Sarah> I had a kitten that liked cotton candy dumdum lollipops once...
18:40 < KK> LOL
18:40 < Evie> Peas would not survive on my kitchen floor long enough to play hockey with them, if Luke is in range.
18:40 < jemler> are you saying they were baked once, or he only ate them one at a time?
18:41 < KK> Both.
18:41 < Evie> I thought he liked baked beans that were unmarried. 
18:41 < Evie> j/k
18:41 < KK> I have to ask, what is a dumdum lollipop?
18:41 < Shiral> LOL
18:41 < Sarah> the little suckers you can get at any dollar store in the world basically
18:42 < Evie> Those very little, round lollipops, KK.  DumDum is the brand name.
18:42 < Sarah> the brand she liked was called Dumdums
18:42 < Sarah> were*
18:42 < Shiral> Hard candy shell, chocolate fudgy inside
18:42 < Sarah> no these were solid candy
18:42 < Evie> They're around a half inch around, or just slightly larger.  Smaller than a Tootsie Roll Pop
18:42 < Sarah> YES
18:42 < jemler> they looked kinda like a tootse pop
18:42 < Jerusha> I thought those were tootsie pops, Shiral
18:42 < Shiral> You're right. they were
18:42 < KK> Is that a west coast thing?
18:42 < Sarah> i havent the foggiest, KK
18:42 < Shiral> Getting my lollipops mixed up
18:42 < Evie> No, we have DumDums here in the South too
18:42 < Sarah> lol
18:42 < Jerusha> No, I think they are universal
18:43 < jemler> i used to get them in ohio, so no
18:43 < Shiral> almost called them lolliepups
18:43 < Sarah> hang on a sec ill find a link to them or something via google
18:43 < Sarah> LOL Shiral
18:43 < Evie>
18:43 < cynicalmedic> and here, too - one of my doctors loves them
18:43 < jemler> well hello lollie
18:43 < KK> Maybe because I have no interest in those round lolliops, I've never paid much attention.
18:43 < jemler> that's them cm!
18:43 < Sarah> yes it is!
18:43 < Shiral> I think I od'd on tootsie pops during the halloweens of my childhood
18:43 < jemler> just like Kojak!
18:44 < Shiral> Now I can't stand the things
18:44 < Sarah> I love dumdums but they kill my teeth now
18:44 < KK> OK, I recognize them,though I don't think I've ever bothered to read the wrapper.
18:44  * jemler shuts up
18:44 < Sarah> Never got into tootsie pops, but my b/f loves them
18:44 < Jerusha> I swallowed one almost whole.  Haven't had one since
18:44 < Evie> DD's cardiologist used to give them to her when she was a toddler so she would lie still for the ultrasound.
18:44 < Sarah> Smart doc
18:44 < Shiral> When all else fails, try bribery
18:45 < Evie> He advised me not to give them to her on a regular basis, so she'd consider them a treat and lie still for them during her checkups.
18:45 < the_Bee> Did DD have heart problems, Evie?
18:45 < cynicalmedic> My favorite pops are Wockenfuss' molasses paddles
18:45 < jemler> say what!?!?
18:45 < Shiral> I've always wished I could visit Willy Wonka's chocolate factory
18:45 < Evie> She was born with pulmonary stenosis, which means the valve that lets blood go from the heart to the lungs to get re-oxygenated was closed up.  She had surgery when she was four days old (just a balloon catheterization), and again at four months.  She's fine now, though.
18:46 < KK> Were they a reward for good behavior or something to occupy her during the ultrasound?
18:46 < Evie> That valve will always be a little narrower than it ought to be, but she's able to do any normal activities.
18:46 < cynicalmedic> Toffee covered in dark chocolate - they are flat, so they call them paddles
18:46 < Jerusha> Glad she's OK now, Evie. 
18:46 < Evie> To occupy her so she wouldn't be too wiggly while he was checking out her heart function, KK
18:46 < KK> I like dark chocolate and toffee,so they'd probably be good.
18:47 < Shiral> Toffee--love almost every form of it I've tasted
18:47 < cynicalmedic> they are made by the same company that made the truffles I brought you, KK
18:47  * Shiral snaps fingers and adds toffee to the chat room table
18:47 < KK> Ah.  Yum!
18:48 < Evie> The only sign now that DD has a heart problem is that she has to have antibiotics before any dental work, including just getting her teeth cleaned, or before any surgery (which she's not needed since she was 4 months old, but I have to add that to her school forms every year in case of an emergency).
18:48 < KK> Sounds like a medical problem she can live with pretty easily.
18:48 < Evie> and the flu shot is pretty much mandatory rather than optional for her.
18:49 < Evie> Or at least I make it mandatory. :-)
18:49 < KK> I consider it mandatory.
18:49 < KK> Really seems to cut down on winter colds.
18:49 < Evie> She's needle phobic, so I can't leave it as optional.  I want her to continue getting it even when she's old enough to leave home, and if I give her the idea it's optional, she won't.
18:50 < Evie> The rest of us usually get it as well.
18:50 < Jerusha> I understand needle phobic
18:50 < Shiral> Well, you can be hopeful that she'll never get a lurid, visible tattoo, if she's needle phobic
18:50 < Shiral> I've always hated needles since I was little, since I am hypothyroid.
18:50 < jemler> check out this needle:
18:50 < KK> And also that she'll stay away from drugs.
18:50 < cynicalmedic> I get it every year, along with the pneumovac, and I have to get the hep B titers checked, too.
18:50 < the_Bee> I have no use for needless needles.
18:51 < Evie> LOL!  Oh, she's already told me the only tattoos she'll ever get will be henna "tattoos" that wear off in a month or less.  She had enough of a problem just getting her ears pierced; there's no way she'd sit through a tattoo.
18:51 < Shiral> Excellent
18:51 < jemler> forget the link. i u/l a photo of  a dialysis needle.
18:51 < Jerusha> Good, Evie.
18:52 < Shiral> I didn't get my ears pierced until I was in college
18:52 < KK> CM, you get the pneumovac every year?
18:52 < cynicalmedic> A requirement of the fire department
18:52 < KK> Interesting.  Is that because of possible smoke inhalation?
18:52 < Jerusha> What is the pneumovac?
18:53 < Evie> She's gone to Celebrate Recovery meetings with me for years and knows lots of people who are recovering from substance abuse, so she's not in the least bit tempted to experiment with that.  She knows how it can mess someone up, in every possible way.
18:53 < Shiral> Smart girl your DD
18:53 < cynicalmedic> Possibly. I also have to have an echo and a treadmill stress test, too
18:54 < KK> Well, they can't have you conking out from stress.
18:54 < cynicalmedic> to prove that I'm not going to drop dead at the top of the extension ladder
18:54 < KK> Makes sense to me.
18:54 < Shiral> Very sensible
18:54 < Shiral> Do you have to also sign papers saying you're not afraid of heights?
18:55 < cynicalmedic> No - the height phobic don't make it through rappelling class
18:55 < KK> Interesting, re yearly pneumovac.  I've had two, one when I first was diagnosed with adult onset asthma, and another last year, as a booster. 
18:55 < jemler> heights isn't he problem. falling from them is.
18:55 < Shiral> Well, there goes my firefighting career. Yup ypu
18:56 < KK> I don't do heights anymore.
18:56 < Sarah> lol
18:56 < Shiral> yup
18:56 < Jerusha> I'm out
18:56 < Shiral> I'd never make it as a New York City Window Washer
18:56 < the_Bee> How is a pneumovac administered?  I'm having images of something blown into you lungs.
18:57 < KK> A shot, isn't it?
18:57  * Evie glances at clock and nearly squees, since she knows her, that is, her husband is nearly here....
18:57 < Jerusha> Our house never has Christmas lights higher than the top of the front door
18:57 < cynicalmedic> All of my honorary nephews squawk about when they have to get their shots
18:57 < cynicalmedic> It's a shot, Bee
18:57 < the_Bee> Ah, ok
18:58 < Evie> Jerusha, if you move into one of Shiral's houses, you can decorate them all the way to the top.  Oh, wait....
18:58 < Shiral> LOL
18:58 < KK> Shots are nothing, these days.  Showing my age here, but I barely remember the days of glass syringes and needles that were reused after sterilization, and inevitably were dull.  So naturally they hurt.
18:58 < Shiral> Which is still about ankle height
18:58 < Jerusha> That works for me, Evie and Shiral
18:59 < Shiral> Except that if you used electric lights, the house would eventually burn, probably
18:59 < Evie> How tall is your Hagios Iob, Shiral?
18:59 < Jerusha> I remember those horrible syringes that the dentist used for novocaine.  They looked suitable for horses
18:59 < Evie> use LEDs.  No heat.
18:59 < the_Bee> Whenever we had shots in school, the alleged size of the needle grew to harpoon proportions.
18:59 < Shiral> About 15 inches at the highest point, Evie
18:59 < jemler> check out my facebook page. you'll see a needle. i use them in dialysis.
18:59 < Shiral> Or maybe 2 ft, never actually measured
19:00  * Shiral reluctantly steps onto her portal and waves farewell.
19:00 < Evie> Bye Shiral
19:00 < the_Bee> bye shiral
19:00 < Shiral> Until next week, all. I am at work and must go be on desk for the last hour
19:00 < cynicalmedic> Bye Shiral
19:00 < jemler> nite shiral
19:00 < Jerusha> Bye Shiral!  Good luck condo shopping!
19:00 < KK> Nighters, Shiral.
19:00  * Shiral waves farewell and disappears in a cloud of blue steam
19:00 < Shiral> Have a good week all, write lots, KK!
19:00 < Shiral> BYE
19:00 -!- Shiral [Mibbit@504018.A7BCBA.6044E5.E2E484] has quit [Quit: ajax IRC Client]
19:01 < Evie> Yes, we want to see CM3 in print soon.  :-D
19:01 < Evie> with an actual title
19:01 < KK> I'll do my best.  I've GOT to get this book out of my hair!
19:01 < Jerusha> And pages and pages about Alaric
19:01 < jemler> kk, take a break and make them wait.
19:01 < KK> The title I'm leaning toward is The King's Deryni.
19:02 < Jerusha> Although he is a page.  :)
19:02 < Evie> Sounds like a good title to me
19:02 < the_Bee> Are you still considering The King's Deryni as a title, KK?
19:02 < KK> He's a squire now.
19:02 < Jerusha> I like that
19:02 < KK> Haven't come up with anything I like better.
19:02 < cynicalmedic> I have to go, too. This is my final week at the "real job" I've had for ten years - it's going to be weird to be a rookie.
19:02 < the_Bee> I don't hink you'll find a better title.
19:02 <~bynw> That does sound like a good title name
19:02 < Evie> see you later, CM
19:03 < Jerusha> You are going to be a rookie?
19:03 <~bynw> cya CM
19:03 < the_Bee> What will you be doing next, CM?
19:03 < KK> Rookie at what?
19:03 < cynicalmedic> Centralized Scheduling for all of Hopkins' surgery practices - we're writing the protocols as we go
19:04 < Jerusha> That sounds like a significant change
19:04 < Evie> wow
19:04 < the_Bee> Quite a job!  You'll be busy.
19:04 < jemler> i hope surgery isn't "learn as you go" thing!
19:04 < KK> Yike!  Sounds tamer than what you've been doing.
19:05 < KK> That's the Baltimore Hopkins?
19:05 < Evie> I will need to go soon as well, and get ready to welcome my bookcas--my husband home.  :-D
19:05 < jemler> i'm not comforable with the phrase "Practicing surgeon" just sounds creepy.
19:05 < cynicalmedic> Well, I work for eleven cardiologists as my day job - my fire/ems is volunteer
19:05 < KK> Ah.  Well, good luck!
19:05 < cynicalmedic> Yes, but they have a division of community physicians, KK
19:05 <~bynw> everyone is leaving :(
19:06 < Jerusha> Say hi to your bookcases, I mean DH, Evie :D
19:06 < Evie> I was just going to ask if you were here, bynw. :-)
19:06 < jemler> give DD a lollipop.
19:06 < KK> Yeah, it's about that time.  Good luck with your various endeavors, folks.  See you next week.
19:06 < cynicalmedic> Have a good week, all - I always enjoy talking to all of you. :)
19:06  * bynw is always here, part of the furnishing :)
19:06 <~bynw> cya KK, Evie, et al
19:06 < Evie> I don't want her to lie still, jemler. I need her cleaning her room,since we have a guest staying over. :D
19:06 -!- cynicalmedic [] has quit [Quit: ajax IRC Client]
19:06 < Jerusha> Just a bookcase, Bynw?
19:06 < the_Bee> Thanks for coming, KK.  Good week and good writing!
19:06  * KK steps onto her Portal, waves good night, and disappears in a shower of green sparkles.
19:06 < Evie> Bye KK
19:07 < jemler> give it to her after!
19:07 < KK> Nighters, all.
19:07 -!- KK [] has quit [Quit: ]


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