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KK Chat - Feb. 24, 2008
« on: February 24, 2008, 07:32:21 pm »
[18:15] * KK has joined #Deryni_Destinations
[18:15] <DeryniBot> Hi there KK! Welcome to the chat.
[18:15] <jemler> kk!
[18:15] * DeryniBot sets mode: +o KK
[18:15] <Shiral> Hello, Katherine
[18:15] <Elf> Hi KK!
[18:15] <KK> Hello, all!
[18:15] <Duck> hello kk
[18:16] <KK> And Duck is here: he who finally bails from untenable job!
[18:16] <Shiral> How's life in Virginia?
[18:16] <Elf> And the weather?
[18:16] <KK> Life in VA is great.  We went to a very nice concert this afternoon--local Waynesboro orchestra playing music from the movies.  Very nice.
[18:17] <jemler> kelric, how are you doing lately?
[18:17] <Shiral> Kelric has been very quiet, today
[18:17] <KK> Weather's been not bad.  The big storm missed us--though serious rain is forecast for Tuesday.
[18:17] <jemler> he's a librarian, natch!
[18:18] <KK> Shiral, I like your photoshop adventure.  :-)
[18:18] <Shiral> Good. =o)
[18:18] <Shiral> Poor cats get this look on their little faces of "oh crap, it's HER, again!
[18:18] <Shiral> When I'm taking pics
[18:18] <KK> Mine get the same sort of look.
[18:19] * TD-brb is now known as TheDeryni
[18:19] <Shiral> Hi TD, you're back just in time
[18:19] <Elf> wb TD!
[18:19] <TheDeryni> ty
[18:19] <TheDeryni> Hey! KK!
[18:19] <TheDeryni> Hi Katherine.
[18:19] <KK> Hi, TD.
[18:19] <Shiral> But one wouldn't expect a Teddybear to be clear on the Stockmarket concepts
[18:20] <KK> That's true.  Not bull markets, anyway.
[18:20] <Elf> not normally Shiral
[18:20] <Shiral> Unless they have a whole secret life I'm not aware of
[18:20] <KK> Well, bears do, you know.
[18:20] <jemler> hi td, happy belated birthday!
[18:20] <Elf> The secret conspiracy of Teddybears... making bear markets!
[18:20] <Shiral> They're very secretive about it, I must say
[18:21] <TheDeryni> Thanks Jem
[18:21] <KK> There were adorable bear cub pics in the Boston Globe this past week: courtesy of the annual bear census.  Very cute.
[18:21] <Shiral> But I'd expect a Teddybear market to be a little more... snuggly
[18:21] <KK> That's true.
[18:21] * Elf lives in bear country and does not want to snuggle with any bears
[18:22] <Shiral> Certainly not live ones
[18:22] <KK> BTW. I now have two baskets for snuggly cats in my office.  One was not enough.  They were--er--contending over who should have the basket.
[18:22] <jemler> why not! you hug them, they hug back!
[18:22] <Duck> shiral you need to read robert rankin's "hollow chocolate bunnies of the apocalypse" to see what teddy bears are like in toy town
[18:22] <Shiral> Naturally, it's the supply and demand thing. =o)
[18:22] <Elf> heheh jemler
[18:23] <Shiral> Wouldn't think hollow chocolate bunnies would SURVIVE an apocalypse. =o)
[18:23] * RD_resting is now known as RainbowDragon
[18:23] <KK> There's an adorable sleep shirt in some of the catalogues that has a big bear with its arms wrapped around to the back of the t-shirt, so that it looks like thke bear is hugging the wearer.  I got one for my niece for Christmas.
[18:23] <TheDeryni> wb RD
[18:23] <Shiral> Hi RD
[18:23] <Elf> Well I will be getting a cat after tax season
[18:24] <Elf> wb RD
[18:24] <KK> Oh, excellent, Elf!
[18:24] <Shiral> Psst, ELf, you can't claim them as dependents you know. I've tried!
[18:24] <Shiral> But congrats
[18:24] <Elf> time to have a mouser and pet around here
[18:24] <Elf> LMAO Shiral
[18:24] <KK> But they <are> very dependent.
[18:24] <Duck> perhaps you can try to claim them as independents
[18:25] <jemler> cats are that!
[18:25] <KK> That, they definitely are.
[18:25] <Shiral> Demanding, even. And mine never lift a paw to help around the house, the deadbeats!
[18:25] <jemler> timing KK, timing!
[18:26] <KK> What kind of cat will you get, Elf?
[18:27] <TheDeryni> One with pointy ears?
[18:27] <Elf> I almost got one during my week off... but a buddy raised a good point... Crazy season means I will not be at home as much
[18:27] <Elim> TheDeryni, he could get one with floppy ears....
[18:27] <TheDeryni> True
[18:27] <Elf> I don't know there was a tortie in the shelter but it may not be there in two months
[18:27] <Elf> Elim my ears are not that big...
[18:27] <Elf> just pointy
[18:27] <Shiral> Alas, possibly not, Elf
[18:28] <Shiral> Shelter cats tend to either get adopted, or sadly....not adopted
[18:28] <KK> But torties are very fine.  They have catitude, though.
[18:28] <Elim>
[18:28] <Elim> Like that.
[18:28] <Shiral> I'm a tabby person, but torties are awfully nice
[18:29] <Elf> That just looks wrong somehow
[18:29] <TheDeryni> lol
[18:29] <Shiral> But I've never met a cat yet that didn't have something endearing about it
[18:29] <Elf> The dog will be for when I buy land instead of being in a trailer park
[18:30] <Elf> Just so TD does not feel left out... :)
[18:30] <TheDeryni> heh
[18:31] <Shiral> I like dogs, but they're not the most practical animals for apartment dwellers
[18:32] <Duck> c'mon shiral - a great dane in your apartment would go a treat
[18:32] <Elf> agreed. I firmly believe you either need a big yard or have some land or good park near by for a dog
[18:32] <Shiral> Nah, couldn't afford to feed one!
[18:32] <Shiral> The space issue all aside
[18:32] <TheDeryni> Well, my yorkie is okay for my cobo
[18:33] <TheDeryni> condo
[18:33] <TheDeryni> Wow, I really can't type today
[18:33] <Shiral> My cats would probably bully a yorkie
[18:33] <KK> Nah, you just need to be able to make the time to walk them regularly--and take them to dog parks or the like.  We didn't have that problem at Holybrooke; Oswald was a free-range dog.  Here, he has an invisible fence.  Fortunately, our back yard is huge.
[18:34] <TheDeryni> :)
[18:34] * Elf nods
[18:34] <Shiral> Oswald also has the advantage of NOT being a Great Dane. =o)
[18:34] <Elf> We had a fair size yard for our dog and we were within a mile of a provincial park
[18:35] <KK> Not a great dane, but he eats.  Remember that he's a big dog with short legs.  He weighs about 80 lbs.
[18:36] <Shiral> That's true. He's a compact fellow
[18:36] <Shiral> It's the food AND the space issue, around here
[18:36] <Duck> ok shiral a saint bernard then - at least you can get a bit of whiskey at the end of every walk
[18:36] <Shiral> I can do cats, I think I'll stick to them
[18:37] <Shiral> Not as much air or floor space required.
[18:37] <Shiral> Sooo.. KK dare we ask about the week in writing terms?
[18:38] <KK> I got out the files.  They're on my desk now.  Tomorrow, we actually start writing.
[18:39] <Shiral> Progress is always good. =o)
[18:39] <TheDeryni> :)
[18:40] * Shiral rubs her hands in anticipation
[18:41] <jemler> i was flipping thru codex 2 the other day, and found an error. Camber Allian MacLaen is lister as a Saint.
[18:42] <KK> Oops.
[18:42] <jemler> little one :)
[18:42] <Shiral> Well, he was a nice guy and all, but a saint?
[18:43] <Duck> well perhaps in the post-cinhil church they canonised him on the grounds that compared to his namesake he was a saint
[18:43] <KK> I just made a note of that in my working copy.
[18:44] <jemler> are you writing version 3, kk?
[18:45] <KK> No, but if there ever is one, cocrrections will need to be entered.  It's such a huge compendiom, it's inevitable that a few errors crept in.
[18:45] <KK> corrections, too
[18:46] <Shiral> =o)
[18:46] <KK> In the meantime, it's a useful desk-side reference for me, too.
[18:46] <Shiral> There's also a name change for Alaric and Richenda's third child
[18:47] <Shiral> IN the timeline, she's entered as Grania Marie Araxelle, but she's Sophonisba in Alaric and Richenda's entries
[18:47] <jemler> i keep it handy. it's fun to read, re-reread, re-re-read, etc. I especially like the jokes, like Coquus Boiardius.
[18:48] <Shiral> It's the Encyclopedia Derynianica
[18:48] <Elf> LOL
[18:48] <jemler> check Kelson kids in Kalson, Araxie, and the timeline.
[18:49] <jemler> other than KK, who knows about Coquus Boiardius?
[18:49] <Shiral> I do
[18:49] <jemler> yeah?
[18:49] <Elf> Not I
[18:49] <TheDeryni> Nor I
[18:49] <Elf> sounds latin
[18:50] <Shiral> Chef Boyardee
[18:50] <Elf> ROFL
[18:50] <TheDeryni> ROFL
[18:50] <jemler> there was a cook named Boiardi, he changed the spelling to Boy-ar-dee!
[18:50] <Shiral> There's also a Kermit Count von Frughy
[18:51] <KK> I'd actually told Rob to take out a third child--but if there's to be one, it should be Grania Marie Araxelle.
[18:51] <Shiral> Used to drive his wife crazy catching flies at the dinner table with his tongue
[18:52] <Shiral> Thank goodness. I can't imagine Alaric imposing "Sophonisba" on a child of his.
[18:52] <jemler> what about Kale Pemberly, mother named Lettice, wife Lady Kress, sons Brockleigh, Parsleigh!
[18:52] <KK> No.  He did come up with some unusual names.
[18:52] <Shiral> Just a few
[18:53] <Elf> LOL
[18:54] <Shiral> Some creative illness names, also
[18:54] <KK> Yes, interesting to try to figure out what some of them actually were.
[18:55] <KK> Children did die young in those days, though.
[18:55] <Shiral> Alroy was actually pretty strong to have survived his infancy
[18:56] <KK> Yep.  But like young Edward VI, those teen years were a bitch.
[18:56] <jemler> to bad Archbishop Hubert did.
[18:56] <KK> Yes, well.
[18:56] <Shiral> Especially when battling consumption
[18:57] <Shiral> The bad guys seem a pretty hardy lot
[18:57] <Shiral> You have to hang 'em to get rid of them
[18:57] <jemler> i got that from Kelson!
[18:57] <KK> Javan was lucky they didn't put him out on a mountaintop to die as an infant.  If he hadn't been royal, he might have met a different fate.  He did anyway, actually.
[18:58] <TheDeryni> Yeah, thabks KK
[18:58] <Shiral> Cinhil wasn't much of a father, but at least he tried to provide for Javan's physical health as best as circumstances allowed
[18:58] <TheDeryni> thanks
[18:59] <Shiral> I would hope that if any of Kelson's children are clubfooted that he'd do even better by them than Cinhil did
[18:59] <KK> I don't think that most kings were much of fathers to their children.  Running a kingdom takes a lot of time and energy.
[19:00] <Shiral> Brion did okay, though.
[19:00] <KK> It's got to be something of a love-hate relationship, especially as the boys get older--future rivals for the crown.  Look at Henry II.
[19:01] <KK> Yes, Brion did ok.  I think Kenneth's example may have had something to do with it.
[19:01] <Elf> yeah
[19:01] <Shiral> For one thing, he involved Kelson more in his daily life--didn't just shunt him off to the nursery
[19:02] <KK> I'm currently reviewing Kenneth's character as thus-far revealed, as I get back into the next part of the story.  Kenneth was cool!
[19:02] <Shiral> Is he still alive when the new book starts?
[19:03] <KK> Oh, yes!
[19:03] <Shiral> You  had me worried, referring to him in the past tense. =o)
[19:04] <KK> Which means, unfortunately, that I'm going to have to put you guys--and Alaric--through the pain of losing him!
[19:04] * TheDeryni doesn't want to like Kenneth. If TD likes, Kenneth dies.
[19:04] <TheDeryni> See!
[19:04] <TheDeryni> :)
[19:04] <Elf> LOL!
[19:04] <KK> But I don't <always> kill off characters you like....
[19:04] <Shiral> But Alaric will still have Jared and Vera--And Duncan, Kevin and Bronwyn. Then Brion
[19:05] <Shiral> Except oops, they all die. Darn
[19:05] <Shiral> Except for Duncan
[19:05] <KK> Everybody dies eventually.
[19:05] <Elf> No one gets out alive!
[19:05] <TheDeryni> heh
[19:05] <KK> You got it, Elf!
[19:05] <Shiral> We're all terminal on this bus
[19:06] <Shiral> Hopefully Duncan won't die until he's a very old archbishop
[19:06] <TheDeryni> TD begs Alaric to get off the bus before KK sees him.
[19:07] <KK> I would hope that both Duncan and Alaric will die in their beds, as very old men.
[19:07] <Elf> Hopefully!
[19:07] <Shiral> =o) I like that fate
[19:07] <Elf> and in their sleep!
[19:07] * TheDeryni wipes the sweat off his foreheads. "Phew!"
[19:07] <TheDeryni> err, singular
[19:08] <Duck> but one never knows where the plot will take you eh kk?
[19:08] <Shiral> Kelric Morgan will have a long wait for his duchy
[19:08] <TheDeryni> If he lives.
[19:08] <KK> True.  But he'll probably get his county when he comes of age, since Kenneth will be long gone by then.
[19:09] <jemler> now Kelric should start singing "Rubber Duchy" by Ernie.
[19:09] <jemler> :)
[19:09] <Shiral> Being an Earl will keep the little rascal busy
[19:09] <Shiral> "Rubber Duchy I'm awfully fond of youuuu..."
[19:10] <jemler> lol
[19:10] <Elf> LOL
[19:11] <Elf> oops my Sunday game is about to start... I will be in lurk mode
[19:11] * Elf is now known as Elf-gaming
[19:11] <Shiral> Look out! Lurking Elf!
[19:11] * Elf-gaming smiles
[19:11] <TheDeryni> Have to rebbot, brb
[19:12] <TheDeryni> reboot!Arg!
[19:12] <Shiral> No, that's "Ribbit" TD
[19:12] <TheDeryni> heh
[19:12] <Elf-gaming> heh
[19:12] * TheDeryni waves goodbye to all as he steps on the portal and disappears in a shower of obsidian and silver sparks....
[19:12] * TheDeryni Quit (Quit: Winning the lottery equates to the Hubble Space Telescope discovering that in the center of every Black Hole is a little man, holding a flashlight, looking for the circuit breaker. [Sheldon, TBBT: Sort of])
[19:14] * Shiral is looking forward to knowing Brion better
[19:14] <KK> I've gotta go, too.  Large orange & white cat has just jumped on my lap and is tryig to eat the rings off my fingers--and Husband is looking for dinner.  So is the cat, for that matter.)
[19:14] <RainbowDragon> I am too.
[19:14] <jemler> well folks, seeing as how I have to get uo early tomorrow (but at least after the doctor!) i'm gonna take off. i'll see you all next time.
[19:14] * TheDeryni has joined #Deryni_Destinations
[19:14] * ChanServ sets mode: +h TheDeryni
[19:14] <DeryniBot> Sedina gives a highland welcome to TheDeryni as they join the chat
[19:14] <jemler> wb td
[19:14] <Elf-gaming> Night KK! Have a good week!
[19:15] <Shiral> I'm subject to feline scrutiny also
[19:15] <Elf-gaming> Night RD!
[19:15] <Shiral> Thanks for popping by, KK
[19:15] <Elf-gaming> Night Shiral!
[19:15] <jemler> night kk
[19:15] <Duck> cheers kk
[19:15] <TheDeryni> :(
[19:15] <KK> Nighters, all.
[19:15] <Elf-gaming> night jemler!
[19:15] <TheDeryni> Bye KK
[19:15] <Shiral> Have a good week, KK
[19:15] <Shiral> Write lots
[19:15] * Shiral says hopefully
[19:15] * jemler Quit
[19:15] * jemler has left IRC
[19:15] * TheDeryni nods
[19:15] * KK steps onto her Portal, nursing gnawed knuckles from cat, and disappears in a shower of green sparkles.
[19:16] <TheDeryni> lol
[19:16] <Shiral> They're little predators, cats
[19:16] <Shiral> At least Scott hasn't tried that trick
[19:16] <RainbowDragon> I've heard of a knuckle sandwich before but in a totally different context!  ;D
[19:16] * KK Quit
[19:16] * KK has left IRC